Cath Palug

Primate Murder (プライミッツ・マーダー, Puraimittsu Mādā?)  — also known as the White Beast (白い獣, Shiroi Kemono?) and Altrouge's Demonic Dog (アルトルージュの魔犬, Arutorūju no Maken?) — is a Monster of Gaia. Within the setting of the original Tsukihime series, he is the first of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors[1][2], but he is not listed as one in the Tsukihime Remake series.



Primate Murder is the form taken by Cath Palug in worlds where he was not able to obtain a different perspective on humans by staying with Merlin. Primate Murder came to be under Altrouge Brunestud's control at some point.[3]


Fou claims that if he were allowed to mature normally, he would degenerate into "an unsightly monstrosity." It's possible he would have horns, as all other Beasts do and Fou is sometimes depicted with horns such as on Fate/Grand Order's stat up cards. Lancelot and Gawain compare Cath Palug to Barghest's demonic hound form.[4]


Primate Murder has yet to appear directly in any works. Avenger briefly references it in Fate/hollow ataraxia, calling it a better murderer than himself.[5]


Primate Murder, the Murderer of Primates (霊長の殺人者, Reichō no Satsujinsha?), has the "absolute right of killing over man", a "super advantage" over primates, so it is counted amongst the world's strongest beings.[1][2][6] Compared to Angra Mainyu who would normally be the best existence at killing humans, Primate Murder, along with Type Mercury, is a better murderer who far surpasses him in terms of the speed with which it is able to kill humans.[5] It takes seven guardians to control it, and like Type Mercury, it is considered to be in a league of its own compared to beings like Servants and other Dead Apostle Ancestors.[6][7] It is owned by Altrouge and only listens to her, so she can be said to be a greater monster than Crimson Moon in a way.[2][3] While not a Dead Apostle, it has, in mimicking its master, developed a taste for human blood.[2]


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    Below is a brief introduction.

    1/ Primate Murder
    Details unknown. Murderer of primates. The White Beast. Altrouge's demonic dog (the Beast of Gaia).

    2/ The Dark Six
    The very first Dead Apostles. The six royals of darkness.
    Currently resuscitating.
    It is said that their revival will unite the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors, but not a single Dead Apostle knows their true colors.

    3/ Crimson Moon Brunestud
    Ultimate One. Currently vacant.

    4/ Wizard Marshal Zelretch
    One of the five existing magicians. Also called Zelretch of the Jewel.

    5/ ORT
    Details unknown. Seems to be a mutant species that crash landed in South America sometime before the Common Era. As an attack-type organism, its power is on a completely different level.

    6/ Rizo-Vaal Strout
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    The Sentient Woods. A mobile, predatory forest.

    8/ Fina-Vlad Svelten
    White Knight Vlad. One of Altrouge's bodyguards. The Vampiric Count. Devil of Stratovaris.

    9/ Altrouge Brunestud
    Hybrid of a True Ancestor and a Dead Apostle. Vampire princess of the Dead Apostles. "Black". Master of blood and contracts.

    10/ Nrvnqsr Chaos
    A living mass of chaos. A magus whose research ultimately led him to become a bloodsucker.

    11/ Stanrobe Calhin
    The Duke of Predation. Wraith. Also known as the "City Devourer". …The First Wraith (Stantia).

    13/ ?????
    Tatari. A Dead Apostle purported to exist. Only the name "Night of Wallachia" remains as a legend handed down through the ages.

    14/ Van Fem
    One of the longest-serving Dead Apostles. Dark Lord of the Business World. Puppet Master. He created seven great golem castles.

    15/ Rita Rozay-en
    A self-proclaimed artist. Indulges in a distinctive hobby even among the Dead Apostles. A second-generation Dead Apostle that inherited her castle from the Dead Apostle that made her.

    16/ Gransurg Blackmore
    Peng. The Black Wing Lord. A Dead Apostle known as the Moon Eater. Uses the reality marble Nevermore.

    17/ Trhvmn Ortenrosse
    One of the longest-serving Dead Apostles. The White Wing Lord. A magus who became a bloodsucker. The quintessential vampire. King of the Dead Apostles. As the official representative of the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors he has the greatest influence – formally, at least.

    20/ Merem Solomon
    The Great Four Demon Beasts. Despite being a Dead Apostle, he is the fifth member of the Burial Agency. Goes by the alias of Crown. For Ciel, he is something like a pesky senpai.

    21/ Sumire
    Aquatic Demon Sumire. Water Bottle. An oddball Dead Apostle that lives underwater. A reformed vampire that has overcome the weakness to running water.

    24/ El Nahat
    Background unknown. The artifact called the Book of the Stomach World. Regarded as the Burial Agency's ultimate anti-Dead Apostle trump card.

    27/ Caubac Alcatraz
    Dead Apostle of the Millennium Lock. A magus whose research ultimately led him to become a Dead Apostle.

    EX/ Michael Roa Valdamjong
    The Serpent of Akasha. The Infinite Reincarnator.
    Though the Church counts him among the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors, the Ancestors themselves despise him as one who overstepped his bounds.



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    Invincible killer. White beast. Gaia's monster that follows only Altrouge.
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    Has absolute authority over whether to kill or let live a person.


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    A: All I can is they're both powerful.... They're both beings that live in mystery, so the only thing that can be said is that it all depends on the situation the moment it comes done to ""having the means of killing the other guy somehow". Among those, Earth rules won't even apply to ORT in the first place and Primate Murder has the super advantage against primates so they're in a league of their own, I suppose. Speaking of which, for one Primate Murder, seven Guardians would be the appropriate amount.


    A:どっちもどっち、としか・・・・・・。どちらも神秘に生きるものたちなので、"なんとかして殺す手段がある"時点で状況次第としか言えません。そんななか、 ORTはそもそも地球上でのルールが成立しないし、プライミッツマーダーは霊長に対して超有利なので別格でしょうか。ちなみに、プライミッツマーダー1匹に対して守護者七騎であたるのが妥当なところです。

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    Q: About the power comparison between Arc and Servants, would the Arc being compared be the 30% one or the full one?

    A: That would be the 30% Arc. It takes 7 Counter Guardians to control the Primate Murder and the Servants of the Grail War are based on these.