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Primate Murder (プライミッツ・マーダー, Puraimittsu Mādā?)  — also known as the White Beast (白い獣, Shiroi Kemono?) and Altrouge's Demonic Dog (アルトルージュの魔犬, Arutorūju no Maken?) — is a Beast of Gaia (ガイアの怪物, Gaia no Kaibutsu?) and the first of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.[1][2] In the worlds wherein the Common Sense of Man (人理, Jinri?, lit. "Human Order") pulses with vitality, it may be referred to as the Beast IV (ビーストIV, Bīsuto IV?), being of a species of organism known as the Breed of Calamity (災害の種, Saigai no Shu?).



Primate Murder is the form taken by Cath Palug in worlds where he was not able to obtain a different perspective on humans by staying with Merlin. Primate Murder came to be under Altrouge Brunestud's control at some point.[3]

Appearance Edit

Cath Palug claims that if he were allowed to mature normally, he would degenerate into "an unsightly monstrosity." It's possible he would have horns.


Primate Murder has yet to appear directly in any works. Avenger briefly references it in Fate/hollow ataraxia, calling it a better murderer than himself.


Primate Murder, the Murderer of Primates (霊長の殺人者, Reichō no Satsujinsha?), has the "absolute right of killing over man", a "super advantage" over primates, so it is counted amongst the world's strongest beings.[1][4][2] Compared to Angra Mainyu who would normally be the best existence at killing humans, Primate Murder, along with Type Mercury, is a better murderer who far surpasses him in terms of the speed with which it is able to kill humans.[5] It takes seven guardians to control it, and like Type Mercury, it is considered to be in a league of its own compared to beings like Servants and other Dead Apostle Ancestors.[4][6] It is owned by Altrouge and only listens to her, so she can be said to be a greater monster than Crimson Moon in a way.[3][2] While not a Dead Apostle, it has, in mimicking its master, developed a taste for human blood.[2]


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