Prisma Causeway: A Magical Girl's Travelogue refers to an event, part of a collaboration between Fate/Grand Order and Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!!, which occurred during the Human Order Incineration Incident. It involved a Reality Marble where Magical Girls from different parallel worlds waged war against each other.


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The first Magical Girl was a demon who was raised in the human world, deciding to save people despite her origins. She became best friends with a girl named Mila, but was forced to kill her when Mila became the first corrupt Magical Girl. Eventually, forgotten by humans and her fellow demons, she would eventually pass into legend as the First Lady, the first Magical Girl. After she died, her regret over killing Milla caused a Reality Marble to begin to manifest. However, the First Lady still wished to help people through the magic of Magical Girls, which attracted Echoes, the spirits of failed Magical Girls from various parallel worlds. Furthermore, their despair and their obsession to remain as Magical Girls became a flow of magical energy. Using this flow, the First Lady formed and sustained the Reality Marble, and gave the Echoes temporary bodies and magical energy. Instigated by the First Lady, the Magical Girls killed each other as they each tried to establish their own kingdoms based on their differing ideals. Only a few survived this war to prove strong enough to create their own the kingdoms, and were each given a jewel that granted them absolute authority in their respective kingdoms. The survivors included: Medb, Nursery Rhyme, Medea Lily, and Helena Blavatsky, each of whom founded their own kingdoms. Medb founded the Land of Snow and Honey, becoming the strongest Magical Girl. Nursery Rhyme founded the Land of Sweets, where she became playmates with the Demon God Glasya Labolas after tiring of her candy citizens. Medea founded the Land of Dragons and Sea, where she isolated herself due to her despair of killing other Magical Girls. Helena founded the Land of Dead Bookshelves, serving as the gravekeeper for the Echoes. Eventually, Medb became the First Lady's servant and is made to gather more Magical Girls for her plan. However, none of them are found to be satisfactory, so the First Lady searches for a real Magical Girl.

Meanwhile, Mila existing in the Reality Marble as an Echo, opens a leyline to the outside, and summons Chloe von Einzbern in an effort to help her friend. Chloe witnessed the battles between Magical Girls while hiding her presence from them. Unfortunately, this act eventually causes her to be drained of magical energy to point of disappearing. It is that point when she met the First Lady through a familar, and becomes her vessel. The First Lady found a way to peer into parallel worlds in her search for a real Magical Girl, and eventually discovered Miyu Edelfelt to be perfect for her plan. She then confronted Miyu and Illyasviel von Einzbern as they were travelling to the Mirror World, and summoned them into the Reality Marble. Seperated from Illya, Miyu is imprisoned in the First Lady's castle, where she is restrained and tortured by the Anti-Magical Girl Mystic Code, Voile de Deuil. Meanwhile, Medb decided to rebel against the First Lady, and began to build her army of Magical Girls. Then, using her magical energy greater than the First Lady at the time, she opened a leyline to Chaldea, and inadvertently summoned Mash Kyrielight and Ritsuka Fujimaru as the latter's familiar into the Reality Marble.


Ritsuka and Mash Kyrielight awaken to find themselves in an unknown location. They decide to explore when something bumps into Mash. The strange object asks for their help, and introduces itself as Magical Ruby. Suddenly, the trio are attacked by barrage of spells from the air by Medb. Ruby reconginze her as the one who defeated its master earlier. Ritsuka and Mash find her different from her usual self. Medb introduces herself as the Magical Girl of Honey and Geis, Connacht★Medb, the queen who rules the Land of Snow and Honey. She demands Ritsuka and Mash hand over Ruby as she summons monsters. Ruby refuses to let her be its master, prompting Ritsuka and Mash to fight the monsters. After her monsters are slain, Medb realizes her monsters aren't at full strength in the neutral zone. Mash tries to stop her from summoning more, but her attack proves to weak for some reason. As Mash's attacks are continuously blocked by Mebdb, Ritsuka tells her to retreat, but she refuses to give up. A tired girl then appears, who Ruby recognizes as its master. Impressed she survived being hit by her chariot, Medb asks for her name, and invites her into her army. The girl introduces herself as Illyasviel von Einzbern. She refusees Medb's invitation, and demands she return her friend, Miyu Edelfelt. She then transforms into a Magical Girl with Ruby. Medb tries to kill her, but Illya easily overwhelm her. However, her next attack meant to finish Medb off is blocked by Mini Cú with his own body. After they leave, Illya's transformation suddenly wears off due to the Magical Energy feed from Ruby not stabilizing for some reason. Illya then explains that while traveling from her world to the "Mirror World", she and her friends encountered an unknown force that placed them in her current location. Miyu was immediately kidnapped by a magical creature, and Illya was quickly attacked by Medb afterwards. Mash believes Miyu's kidnapping is connected to her and Illya sharing the same Magecraft. When Ruby calls her a Magical Girl, Ritsuka and Mash are suddenly contacted by Romani Archaman, and reveals they're inside a Reality Marble.[1]

Ritsuka asks Romani if he can get them back to Chaldea, which he says is fine along as Mash is with them. Mash asks him to give Illya temporarily refuge in Chaldea. He refuses though as only her, Ritsuka, and Ritsuka's Servants can rayshift back. Chaldea cannot intervene too much with other eras, but Mash reveals Illya is from a parallel world. There would no interference with an era since events are inside a reality marble. Illya however points out she needs to save Miyu, thus she cannot take refuge in Chaldea. Leonardo da Vinci then contacts the group. She theorizes the Reality Marble is preventing Mash from using her full strength as she doesn't fully meet its conditions. Romani orders Ritsuka and Mash to return to Chaldea, but Mash stays to protect Illya.[2]

Upon returning to Chaldea, Ritsuka is shown a video by Romani that was recorded when they and Mash suddenly rayshifted into the Reality Marble. The video shows Ritsuka taking a nap in the command room, with Mash trying to wake them up. It also shows Mash suddenly shifting back and forth between her regular and Servant form. Romani then tells them Da Vinci wants to give them something in her lab. After picking up the aforementioned item from da Vinci, Ritsuka returns to the Reality Marble.[2]

However, Ritsuka finds Mash and Illya to be missing. Ruby tells them that the girls were abducted by the residents of the Land of Sweets. Meanwhile, in the Land of Sweets, Mash and Illya are begged by its residents to stay with them forever. When Ritsuka and Ruby arrive, Mash explains she tried asking the people for information before being abducted by them. The group then fight the canylanders. Most of the candylanders flee upon learning Illya is a Magical Girl, which she takes advantage to get information from a candylander. Learning the Queen of the Land of Sweets may know more, the group head for her Candy Castle.[3]

While heading towards the castle, the group are confronted by what appears to be Tamamo Cat.[4] However after defeating her, they discover her to be a Mystic Code copying Cat's form before breaking under the strain. Arriving in Candy Castle, the group are greeted by the Queen of the Land of Sweets, Nursery Rhyme. Romani confirms that she isn't the owner of the Reality Marble. Illya asks her if she or any of her citizens know anything about Miyu. Nursery Rhyme promises to tell what she knows in exchange for playing with her. Illya replies they can play later, but Nursery Rhyme refuses as her only playmate is a black sheep. However upon summoning it, her black sheep turns out to be the Demon God Glasya Labolas. Before fighting the group, she reveals the the Land of Sweets's citizens were her previous playmate but they broke too easily, and they were once human.[4] After she's defeated, Nursery Rhyme tells Illya to give up on finding Miyu upon hearing she's a Magical Girl. She explains the Reality Marble is a world where Magical Girls gather, who'll disappear when they stop playing as its the rule. She, like Medb, is one of the Magical Girls who were able to create their own kingdoms. As thanks for playing with her and Glasya Labolas, Nursery Rhyme gives the group a jewel, which she says may help finding Miyu. After leaving the castle, Mash realizes her attack against Nursery Rhyme were more effective than against Medb, which Ruby attributes to her Magical Girl power increasing. Suddenly, the jewel begins to glow, and points the group in the direction of the Land of Dragons and Sea.[5]

As the group sail through the ocean, Romani asks Illya how she plans to return to her original world. Illya doesn't know, as Ruby explains neither Illya nor Miyu can use spells advanced to transfer between parallel worlds. They lack the skill and knowledge to precisely select a location to return to. Romani states their world and Illya's world being connected magically is a dangerous situation. After slaying a swarm of wyverns, the group notices a galley charging towards their ship.[6] They defeat the Dragon Tooth Warriors that boarded their ship when they're greeted by Medea Lily. She proclaims herself to be the Magical Girl of Love and Healing, Medical★Medea. She demands to know which kingdom's Magical Girl the group killed to obtain her jewel. Illya explains it was given to her by Nursery Rhyme without them trying to kill each other. Realizing they've come to take her jewel, Medea invites the group to her castle.[6]

Inside her castle, Medea is convinced by Jason to cease her sneak attack on Illya upon recognizing her good nature. Medea offers to never interfere with the group's affairs in exchange for them never interfering with her kingdom. She refuses to hand over her jewel, which she calls the Tomoi Stone, as it supports her kingdom, and grants her power. She reveals the Reality Marble once had many Magical Girls, but they warred against each other trying to establish their own kingdoms. As she continued fighting the other Magical Girls, her jewel grew in weight and shone brighter, which serves as the catalyst of her kingdom. She reveals the Neutral Zone is a buffer zone where a Magical Girl cannot receive the blessings of her power. Equating the loss of her jewel to her own death, Medea demands the group leave her kingdom. She tells Illya to use her jewel to create a kingdom filled with friends. Illya refuses to do so as she only wants to get Miyu back and return to her world with her. However, Medea reveals Magical Girls cannot leave the Reality Marble, and believes Illya will use the jewel's power in the end. She also reveals Nursery Rhyme disappeared after giving her jewel as they're what keep Magical Girls alive. Illya refuses to give up though, which makes Medea finally snap and fight the group.[6] She refuses to be defeated though, and prepares to transform into her adult self to Mini Jason's dismay. Illya stops her though, saying she'll finding a way to save Miyu without Medea's jewel. She also believes Medea created her kingdom to fight for something she holds dear to her. But Jason reveals Medea created her kingdom due to being indebted to him, and she's been protecting her jewel out of fear of other Magical Girls. She isolates herself in her kingdom to stop herself from becoming a witch at Jason's advisement. Jason then gives Medea's jewel to Illya, not wanting Medea to become a witch. Medea accepts the outcome, but remains silent on the subjects of Magical Girls fighting. Returning to the ship, Illya realizes they need to find Reality Marble's owner to get a clue on Miyu's whereabouts.[7]

Following the light of the jewels, the group arrive in the Land of Dead Bookshelves. Mash notices a large black wall that Romani cannot scan past. A ghost then appears, but the group ignore it since it seemed passive. After the ghost departs for the black wall, the group continue onto the center of the ruinous land. Illya transforms to get an overview of the area when the jewel's light stops leading them. Meanwhile hostile ghosts appear, so the group fight them. Unfortunately, the ghosts prove too numerous and strong for them. Helena Blavatsky then arrives, curious that a Magical Girl would come to a land drained of its Magical Energy. She confirms that she is the Land of Dead Bookshelves's Magical Girl. She reveals the land is the graveyard of Magical Girls, and the ghosts are those of Magical Girls. Recognizing Romani's communications as a leyline directly linked to a parallel world, Helena realizes "she" found a way to the outside world. She tells the group to come to her library so she may continue talking without danger.[8]

Inside her library, Helena introduces her partner, Mini Edison, whose been silent for a long time. Romani realizes every book in the library is a grimoire, to which Helena reveals they were once Magical Girls. The ghosts of Magical Girls are called Echoes, who normally sleep as grimoires. Helenta then reveals the Reality Marble was created by a Magical Girl named the First Lady. She is located in the center of the Reality Marble beyond the black wall, which cannot be destroyed nor perceived beyond by any magic. Helena wonders if the First Lady influenced Medb's kidnapping Miyu since she previously only had interest in the jewels. She then reveals the Magical Girls in the Reality Marble were once girls from parallel worlds, who couldn't become Magical Girls anymore in their own. Mash is revealed to been summoned as Magical Girl, and Ritsuka is her familiar. Helena then gives her jewel to the group, unconcerned the Echoes will attack her without it. She tells Illya that Medb didn't kidnap Miyu, isntead it was the First Lady disguised as one of Medb's familiars. When Illya refuses to take the jewel, Helena reveals the jewels are needed to bypass the black wall as they're the crystallized emotions that grant wishes. She warns though the First Lady is likely gathering the jewels to use them to escape to the outside world. Realizing the First Lady made the Magical Girls fight each other to get their jewels, Illya vows to stop her. Helena warns however that task is impossible since the First Lady's power in the First Lady's power in the Reality Marble is absolute. In response Illya transforms and fights Helena when the latter demands Illya take her jewel.[9] After she's defeated, Helena accepts Ritsuka's offer to join their group.[10]

Returning to the Neutral Zone, Helena states Medb is the strongset Magical Girls since belief in onself is the source of a Magical Girl's power. Medb is thus able to maintain self unlike the other Magical Girls. Helena traveled with her before she became obsessed with control. Helena then reveals Medb is forming a rebellion against the First Lady when Illya mentions Medb wanting her in her army. After the group slay Medb's monsters, Ritsuka and Mash fear they'll be unable to Chaldea when they're unable to contact Romani. Fortunately, Romani reestablishes contact with them. He reveals Chaldea was attacked by hostiles using its leyline connection, but the Servants there repelled the assault albeit barely. Romani demands Ritsuka and Mash return to Chaldea immediately, but he knows they won't easily leave Illya alone. Before cutting the connection prevent any effects from their side, he gives them five minutes to make a decision before contacting them again. Suddenly it start to snow, which Helena sees as a sign of Medb attacking the surrounding lands. Ruby has Mash return to her regular as her power is now solely dependent on Ritsuka's magical energy since the connection with Chaldea is cut. Helena agrees with Ritsuka they need to pinpoint the cause of the assault on Chaldea. After the group decide to stay to help Illya, Ruby has Illya teach Mash how to recharge her magical energy through kissing. Romani then reestablishes contact with them to hear Ritsuka and Mash's decision.[11]

After hearing Ritsuka and Mash's decision to stay behind, Romani cuts the connection for the time being. The group then travel to a snowy field that was once the Land of Sweets. Mini Cu reveals it is the result of it becoming part of the Land of Snow and Honey. Ritsuka asks him if he and Medb were ones who sent the hostiles into Chaldea. Mini Cu realizes Medb no longer needs to steal the First Lady's power if that is the case. The group then fight monsters summoned by him despite Mash being weakened in Medb's territory. After his monsters are slain, Mini Cu prepares to unleash his Noble Phantasm, Gentle Bite Coinchenn on Illya despite knowing Medb wants her in her army. Mash protects Illya when Magical Sapphire suddenly appears. Sapphire agrees with Ruby's request to temporarily contract with Mash since she is Illya's ally. After Sapphire contacts with Mash, Mini Cu retreats as Helena tells him to tell Medb Illya has two jewels. Sapphire then plays a message from Miyu revealing she is a prisoner in the First Lady's castle beyond the black wall. Miyu reveals the First Lady had lured Magical Girls into the Reality Marble, having found technology capable of interfering with parallel universes. She warns Illya shouldn't go to the castle. The message is then cut as a patrolling familiar nears, and Miyu sends Sapphire to deliver the message. Observing that Miyu's transformation hasn't reverted despite her distance from Sapphire, Ruby realizes the First Lady has special powers over Magical Girls. Sapphire believes Miyu doesn't want Illya to come because she knows something about about the First Lady's true identity. Helena also doesn't know the First Lady's true identity, only hearing that she is the first Magical Girl.[12]

While Helena stays behind, the group travel to Medb's castle. They enter the castle after Helena gives her jewel to Illya. Inside the throne room, the group confront Medb who tells Mash to join her. She fails to trick Illya into believing Ritsuka and Mash are secretly trying to take over her world. Ignoring Mini Cu's request to kill the pair, she reveals she was the First Lady's servant to grant her wish to leave the Reality Marble, which led to the demise of many Megical Girls. Illya recognizes that Medb is trying to invade Chaldea, though Ritsuka knows the First Lady is at fault. Mini Cu launches his Noble Phantasm at Ritsuka, but it's blocked by Mash and Illya. Reinvigorated by Mini Cu, Medb fights the group.[13] After being defeated, she reveals she made her army for those Magical Girls who had no where left to go. Her castle then starts to collapse, so Ritsuk and Illya plead with her to come with her. However, Mini Cu says that's impossible as Medb can no longer bare the strain of forcibly interfering with parallel worlds. After escaping the castle, Medb's jewel appears in her hand, and Illya returns Helena's jewel to her. With all four jewels, the group can now bypass the black wall and enter the First Lady's kingdom.[14]

Returning to the Neutral Zone, the group watch as the black wall disappears. Illya, Ruby, and Sapphire fly up to get overview of the First Lady's kindgom. Sapphire realizes the castle changed when the black wall disappeared. Helena senses all of the Reality Marble's magical energy is gathering to the First Lady's location. She wonders if the First Lady found a vessel capable of containing that much magical energy. Romani then contacts the group to tell them they'll be given Chaldea's full support. Da Vinci calls the Reality Marble a dumping ground for failed Magical Girls, who she considers dangerous normally as they possess overwhelming magical energy able to use magecraft intuitively. However, the despair and obsession of those Magical Girls who failed became a flow of unformed magical energy. This flow eventually became a stagnant pool, with the First Lady becoming its locus, and the Reality Marble forming mostly on its own. The group realize everything will return to normal if they defeat the First Lady when large group of the First Lady's familiars approach.[15] They eventually breakthrough and enter the First Lady's kingdom.[16]

As the group head closer to the First Lady's castle, Helena notices the familiars shifting form and becoming stronger. Mash attributes this the First Lady reacting to their presence in order to prevent their approach. She wonders if the First Lady deactivated the black wall instead of the jewels. She wonders further if the First Lady intentionally made the Magical Girls fight each other from her kingdom. The group are then ambushed by a large number of enemies. Helena stays behind to hold them off, while the others proceed to the First Lady's castle. She laments that she forgot to tell them they need the jewels to return to their original world. Though she won't give them her jewel, she is confident they can return home if Illya and Miyu have two jewels. As Helena realizes the true power of the jewels, like Medb did accidentally, Mini Edison appears to fight with her.[17]

Inside the castle, the group head to the First Lady's throne room where they see a girl on the throne. Illya recognizes her as Chloe von Einzbern. Chloe reveals that she and Miyu have been in the world for a very long time, though she been in it since the beginning. The group find Miyu restrained by lace ribbons, which a part of transforms into hostile familiar when Mash tries to check her condition. Chloe calls it a defensive reaction of the Voile de Deuil, an Anti-Magical Girl Mystic Code. She reveals that she followed Illya and Miyu into the Mirror World unnoticed. She ended jumping into the Reality Marble, but became trapped long before Illya and Miyu arrived. She witnessed various Magical Girls fight each as she hide her presence from them, but her magical energy drained to the point of her disappearing. That was when she met the First Lady through her familiar. She confesses she hoped Rin Tohsaka and Luviagelita Edelfelt would save her, but they didn't notice her disappearance in the first place. However, Chloe calls her appearance in the Reality Marble an inevitability as the First Lady turned her against Illya by calling her an accessory to Illya. Illya denies that, but Chloe projects a weapon in response and fights Illya.[18] However, Chloe's shared pain with Illya puts her at a disadvantage when she reveals herself to be the First Lady's vessel. Unsure if it was the First Lady's idea to abduct Miyu, Chloe's body is completely overtaken by the First Lady. She reveals herself to be a demon raised in the human world. Hiding her identity, she fought for the people, but she lost her homeland, and was forgotten by humans and her fellows demons as a result. Her desire to spread the Magical Girls's magic of love and hope throughout the world attracted Echoes to the Reality Marble. The First Lady reveals she is also an Echo, having needed an invisible presence to form and sustain the Reality Marble. She gave the Echoes temporary bodies and magical energy to create their kingdoms, but they couldn't make her wish come true. She needed to a real Magical Girl to accomplish that, which is when she met Chloe and made her into her vessel. Using Miyu's power, the First Lady will give the Echoes new incarnations to spread them across parallel worlds as Magical Girls to save people and defeat real enemies. Not allowing interference in her plan, she reveals she'll soon absorb Miyu, and Chloe is still resisting assimilation with her. Illya refuses to let Miyu and Chloe be sacrificed. Miyu asks Illya to help Chloe and the First Lady both, saying the latter has an impossible wish in her heart. Chloe then briefly takes back control of her body to tell Illya do something before the First Lady takes control back. The First Lady reveals her and Chloe's desire for Miyu allowed her to break through the latter's mental wall and fully control her body. She continues that once Miyu is emotional broken by seeing the group's defeat before her, she'll use Miyu to reach infinite parallel worlds. The group then fight her to save her from herself.[18]

With the First Lady's defeat, Chloe slowly regains control of her body, and Miyu is freed from her restraints. The First Lady recalls how she killed her best friend to protect the world when she redused to be a Magical Girl. Helena and Mini Edison then arrive, and Helena has the group take the Frst Lady outside. There they encounter the passive Echo from before. Ruby has it possess Illya, and the First Lady recognizes her as her friend Mila. She ecame an Echo since she was a Magical Girl even if it was for a brief time. Ruby realizes Mila is possibly the first corrupted Magical Girl. Mila confesses to the First Lady that she chose her over the world as the people were causing her to despair with their greed and dissatisfaction. She reveals the Reality Marble to be the manifestation of the First Lady's regret, and confesses she wanted to go beyond the black wall in order to bring peace to her friend's heart. She was the one who opened a leyline to the outside world, and summoned Chloe to the Reality Marble as her wish. The First Lady reveals Medb was once stronger than her, and used her vast magical energy to open a leyline to Chaldea, making Mash to sleepwalk before her and Ritsuka's arrival in the Reality Marble. The First Lady then begins to disappear causing her Reality Marble to begin collapsing. Helena convinces the First Lady to give her ownership of the Reality Marble so it serve as a refuge for wounded Magical Girls to stop them from becoming like the First Lady. After the First Lady and Mila disappear, Ritsuka, Mash, and Illya use the jewels to return to their respective worlds. However, upon returning to Chaldea, Ritsuka, Mash, and Romani find Chloe there now as one of Ritsuka's Servants.[19]

Later, Ritsuka, Mash, and Chloe are suddenly summoned back into the Reality Marble. Blackbeard and the Phantom of the Opera then appear before them, wearing miniskirts on heir regular outfits. They proclaim their love for Magical Girls to the point of wanting to be with them and become one. Unable to become Magical Girls in reality, they found a way into the Reality Marble, and formed the Magical Gentlemen with two other Servants. The group notice the Reality Marble has changed since the last time, with Chloe noting the spatial connections and enemies being different. She also notices that Helena isn't around despite becoming the Reality Marble's new owner. Although considering Blackbeard and Phantom's desire to be with Magical Girls harmless, Chloe nonetheless attacks them for turning her first mission into a farce. She misses however, even with Caladbolg III, forcing the pair to retreat. The group decide they need to defeat the Magical Gentlemen.[20]

Encountering the Phantom in the candy castle of the Land of Sweets, Mash begins to believe he is harmless. Chloe, however, asks him what he'd do with a bird that stopped singing, as he used songbirds as an analogy for girls earlier. After hearing his answer that he'd kill the bird if it didn't sing, the group fight and defeat the Phantom.[21] Next, the group confront Blackbeard inside the castle of the Land of Dragons and Sea. They fight and defeat him after he declares the greatest Magical Girl of all is about to appear.[21] Later, they encounter Gilles de Rais inside the library of the Land of Dead Bookshelves. The group questions his interest in Magical Girls instead of something more akin to him, such as saints and witches and the like. Gilles answers he considers Magical Girls to be miracles of God, even calling Jeanne d'Arc a Magical Girl when she lead armies after hearing God's voice. Seeing he considers everyone to be Jeanne, the group fight and defeat Gilles.[22]  Next, they encounter Diarmuid Ua Duibhne in the Land of Snow and Honey, witnessing him crying blood as he tells all adult women to stay away. Diarmuid believes Magical Girls to be better than adult women as they possess a dauntless sense of duty and battle instead of manipulating like the former. Unlike Blackbeard and the Phantom's desire to be Magical Girls, he wishes to only serve Magical Girls loyally. After he advises Mash and Chloe to never become adult women, the group fight and defeat him.[23]

With the Magical Gentlemen defeated, the group return to the Neutral Zone, and prepare to return to Chaldea. However, some occurrence throughout the Reality Marble prompts them to go into the Land of Crystals and Stars, the former kingdom of the First Lady.[23] Inside the castle, they witness a girl form from shadows before them. The girl names herself Testament, and the group note how she looks exactly like Illya. She reveals the wishes of the Magical Gentlemen created her. She is the crystallization of their obsessive desire for a pure and ideal Magical Girl. However, Testament shows herself to be absolutely impure with the desire to spread despair. After the group defeats her, Testament reveals the group were summoned into the Reality Marble to serve as spectators and her enemies. She continues the alterations to the Reality Marble will be undone when she disappears, and the group will be returned to Chaldea once the Reality Marble returns to normal. After she disappears, the Reality Marble is returned to normal, and the group return to Chladea.[24]

Participants Edit


Designation Identity Affiliation
Caster Illyasviel von Einzbern Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker (Fake) Tamamo Cat
Rider (Fake) Astolfo
Caster Nursery Rhyme Land of Sweets
Assassin (Fake) Shuten-dōji
Berserker (Fake) Ibaraki-dōji
Caster Medea (Child) Land of Dragons and Sea
Saber (Fake) Okita Sōji
Archer (Fake) Oda Nobunaga
Caster Helena Blavatsky Land of Dead Bookshelves
Saber (Fake) Atilla
Assassin (Fake) Jack the Ripper
Rider Medb Land of Snow and Honey

First Lady (Former)

Archer Chloe von Einzbern Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Phantom of the Opera
Rider Edward Teach
Caster Gilles de Rais
Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
Caster Testament


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Mystic Code Magical Ruby Illyasivel von Einzbern
Magical Girl Miyu Edelfelt
Mystic Code Magical Sapphire Miyu Edelfelt
Magical Girl First Lady
Demon God Glasya-Labolas Nursery Rhyme
Familiar Mini Cú Medb
Familiar Mini Jason Medea Lily
Familiar Mini Edison Helena Blavatsky

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