Prophecy of Future Enlightenment - Buddha of Sandalwood Merit (記別・旃檀功徳
, Kibetsu - Sendan Kudoku?) is the Noble Phantasm of Xuanzang Sanzang.

It is "Xuanzang Sanzang as a kind of Buddha in the future" as prophesized in the final stage of "Journey to the West"; in other words, a Noble Phantasm derived from the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit. The whole body of Xuanzang is wrapped in an aureole, and she temporarily attains a limited Buddha Mode. Although her offensive ability is not that much, she has high resilience by being able to repel most attacks, as well as repel mental interferences, push aside abnormal status attacks, and on top of that, apply a large recovery ability continuously around her own position. However, after using this, her entire Saint Graph will be destroyed and Xuanzang will disappear.[1]


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