Prydwen (プリドゥエン, Puriduen?) is a treasure owned by King Arthur, said to be a wonder tool able to become both a ship and a shield, or something like that.[1] Stored away in Camelot's treasure vault, Mordred stole it from Artoria during her temporary rule while the latter was away.


Prydwen Tube RidingEdit

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« Now, that's a large wave!"
"It's here, Wednesday's legendary wave! Let's go, partner!"
"Prydwen Tube Riding!"
"Yahoooo~! »


Prydwen Tube Riding: Kingly Mood of Reining in Surging Waves! (逆巻く波濤を制する王様気分!プリドゥエン・チューブライディング, Sakamaku Hatō wo Seisuru Ōsama Kibun!Puriduen Chūbu Raidingu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Mordred in her swimsuit. Bringing forth Prydwen and modifying it into a surfboard because she sought for a surfboard that could withstand her power, she rams the opponent head-first with Prydwen while tube riding, a surfing technique where she runs through the gaps of the waves. Boasting a top-class degree of difficulty among the surfing techniques, she feels exactly like a king that rules the sea, or something like that, while in the middle of performing the technique.[1]


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