Pseudo-Servants (疑似サーヴァント, Giji-Sāvanto?) are Servants that have manifested utilizing humans as their vessels. While similar to Demi-Servants in the end result, the process of forming one is different.



Pseudo-Servants are the result of Heroic Spirits and Divine Spirits that cannot become Servants normally.[1] There are those like Muramasa whose Saint Graph isn't worthy of being a Heroic Spirit,[2] Divine Spirits that cannot manifest in the modern age without a host,[1][3] and other Saint Graphs that cannot be created by Chaldea's FATE Servant summoning system.[1] In such cases, human vessels are utilized to allow the spirits to manifest, the human body acting as a catalyst to forcibly summon the spirit.[1] Sherlock Holmes speculates that there may be Heroic Spirits only summonable in the form of a Pseudo-Servant taking over a deceased body.[4] While the result is the same as a Demi-Servant, a human empowered by a Heroic Spirit, the idea behind each is different.[1]

Personality and abilities[]

Most Pseudo-Servants merge into a single entity,[5] their personalities combining to become a third, new personality.[1] In the case of Divine Spirit Pseudo-Servants, they should generally manifest simply utilizing the host as a vessel, placing a small portion of their power into them and forcing them to manifest as a Servant.[6] For those that do merge with their host, the Divine Spirit's memories will be at the forefront of the fusion of personalities, but the effect of the host's personality on the Divine Spirit varies.[6][7] It is possible to manifest in such a way that it is akin to the "goddess using a human as her core" in the case of Ishtar or a "human using a goddess as her own core" in the case of Parvati, but the goddess' mind will still be at the forefront of the manifestation due to the Divine Spirit possessing more spiritrons.[6][3] As humans are unable to handle the full weight of a Divine Spirits memories and mind, the memories and past of the human host are typically sealed upon merging.[6]

There are special cases where the host and possessing spirit remain completely separate[1], generally due to the personal preference of the possessing spirit.[5][1] They are the rarest pattern of Pseudo-Servant.[8] In the case of Divine Spirit Pseudo-Servants, Ganesha in particular is an exemption where the host is the one in full control.[9]

Being placed into a host can reduce the rank of certain Skills like Divine Core of the Goddess.[10][7] Other skills may be modified due to influence from the host, such as Mana Burst (Gem)[7] and Protection of the Scales.[11] The host can also have Skills entirely unique to themself, such as Supreme Mystic Code: Volumen Hydrargyrum.[12] Abilities unique to the host have ability for growth, differing from normal Servants that are complete records on the Throne of Heroes, due to the special nature of Pseudo-Servants, beings who are simultanously deceased and alive.[8]

Host selection criteria[]

Pseudo-Servant hosts are generally individuals connected to a Holy Grail in some capacity.[13][5] Most hosts will be magi who already possess some power of their own.[1] Hosts and the possessing spirit require similar personality traits and mentality,[10] compatible qualities such as Magic Circuit quality and talent,[3] and similarities in their "shape of the soul",[3] so the host will typically closely resemble them.[1] There can be secondary criteria depending on the possessing spirit, such as Jaguar Man requiring "the person who carries the fate of the wildness and the wildest force is elected."[13] Particular circumstances like the Noble Phantasm Chu Shi Biao can allow for individuals not directly connected to a Holy Grail to manifest or for hosts with no personal connection to the possessing spirit to be summoned.[14] Divine Spirit Pseudo-Servants may have the ability to choose their own host, but they do require commonalities in personality.[15]

Pseudo-Servant hosts do not need to be from the same world into which they are summoned, Lord El-Melloi II originating from the World of Fate/stay night and being summoned as the host of Zhuge Liang in the World of Fate/Grand Order.[16] Those that retain the personality of the host may encounter alternate versions of people they know from their original world, which may be a weakness to them depending on the relationship with said individual.[8]

Within the parody work Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World, the personification of the Counter Force acts as an intermediary to help hosts find a suitable Heroic Spirit.[17]

Saint Graph[]

Pseudo-Servant possess two Saint Graphs, the possessed human and the possessing spirit.[18] In the case of Pseudo-Servants that maintain separation between the human and spirit, it is possible for the human to separate from the spirit.[18][19] In the case of Lord El-Melloi II and Zhuge Liang, this allows Lord El-Melloi II, with permission from the Heroic Spirit, to grant the power of Zhuge Liang to his younger self from an alternate world temporarily[19], and to sacrifice much of Zhuge Liang's power to create a false corpse to hide himself from his enemies.[18] The removal of the spirit leaves the power of the Servant around that of the possessed human, but also makes them difficult to identify as a Servant.[18] The human Saint Graph can sleep while the Heroic Spirit Saint Graph remains awake.[8]

Medusa speculates that recently manifested Pseudo-Servants may be forcibly separated from their vessels if hit with a sufficiently powerful spiritual attack.[6]

Psuedo-Servants need more rest than normal Servants, benefiting from sleep.[8]

Other uses[]

The terminology Pseudo-Servant is used in other contexts that may not be connected. The term was first utilized to refer to Nursery Rhyme being a "pseudo-Servant dreamt up by her Master." Titan Altera, utilizing her Familiar Creation, is able to create Pseudo-Servant Hero Altera as her human-sized avatar. Space Ishtar, part of a goddesses' Spiritual Core reborn in a human-sized form, uses the term to refer to herself as a "Pseudo-Servant who really, truly believes herself to be a real Servant."[20]

Known Pseudo-Servants[]

Pseudo-Servant Class Possessed human War Series
Amour Ruler Caren Hortensia Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Amelia Jenks Bloomer Caster Kane Himuro Grand Order Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World
Astraea Ruler Luviagelita Edelfelt Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Ereshkigal Lancer Rin Tohsaka Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Ganesha MoonCancer Jinako Carigiri Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Friedrich Nietzsche ??? Yukika Saegusa Grand Order Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World
Ishtar Archer Rin Tohsaka Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Jaguar Man Lancer Taiga Fujimura Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Kama Assassin Sakura Matou Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Kama/Mara Beast Sakura Matou Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Manannán mac Lir Alter Ego Bazett Fraga McRemitz Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Odin Caster Cú Chulainn Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Parvati Lancer Sakura Matou Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Rasputin Alter Ego Corpse of Kirei Kotomine Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Senji Muramasa Saber Shirou Emiya Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Shiki Ryougi Assassin Herself Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Shiki Ryougi Saber Herself Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Sima Yi Rider Reines El-Melloi Archisorte Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Sitonai Alter Ego Illyasviel von Einzbern Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Takuboku Ishikawa Assassin Kaede Makidera Grand Order Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World
Unknown ??? Monji Gatou Grand Order F/GO Drama CD: The Blue Bird
Yaobikuni MoonCancer Kiara Sessyoin Grand Order Fate/Grand Order
Zhuge Liang Caster Lord El-Melloi II Grand Order Fate/Grand Order

Characters that have similar characteristics to Pseudo-Servants but have not been officially classified as such.

Servant Class Possessed human War Series
Angra Mainyu Avenger Shirou Emiya Heaven's Feel Redux Fate/hollow ataraxia
Black Iri Avenger Irisviel von Einzbern Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War Fate/Zero
Jeanne d'Arc Ruler Laeticia Great Holy Grail War Fate/Apocrypha
Alakshmi Saber Lakshmibai Grand Orders Fate/Grand Order


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