Pseudo-Servants (疑似サーヴァント, Giji-Sāvanto?) are Servants that have manifested utilizing humans as their vessels. While similar to Demi-Servants in the end result, the process of forming one is different.


Pseudo-Servants are the result of Heroic Spirits and Divine Spirits that cannot become Servants for some reason, so they are instead summoned by using a human body for their vessel. The resulting Servant cannot be called either individual, but rather a combination of the powers of both individuals mingling together that add abilities not present in the original Servant. The thoughts and personality may fully conform to that of the human vessel as well should the spirit decide that it is best to give over control.

The vessel is typically the most suitable person from people related to Holy Grail Wars, but there are exceptions like Astraea and Sima Yi's hosts being brought forth by the Noble Phantasm Chu Shi Biao.

Known Pseudo-ServantsEdit

Pseudo-Servant Class Possessed human War Series
Amelia Jenks BloomerCasterKane HimuroGrand OrderFate/Grand Order x Himuro's World
AstraeaRulerLuviagelita EdelfeltGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
EreshkigalLancerRin TohsakaGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
GaneshaMoonCancerJinako CarigiriGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
Friedrich Nietzsche???Yukika SaegusaGrand OrderFate/Grand Order x Himuro's World
IshtarArcherRin TohsakaGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
Jaguar ManLancerTaiga FujimuraGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
KamaAssassinSakura MatouGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
ParvatiLancerSakura MatouGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
RasputinAlter EgoKirei KotomineGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
Sengo MuramasaSaberShirou EmiyaGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
Shiki RyougiAssassinHerselfGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
Shiki RyougiSaberHerselfGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
Sima YiRiderReines El-Melloi ArchisorteGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
SitonaiAlter EgoIllyasviel von EinzbernLostbeltFate/Grand Order
Takuboku IshikawaAssassinKaede MakideraGrand OrderFate/Grand Order x Himuro's World
Zhuge LiangCasterLord El-Melloi IIGrand OrderFate/Grand Order
Unknown???Monji GatouGrand OrderF/GO Drama CD: The Blue Bird

Characters that have similar characteristics to Pseudo-Servants but have not been officially classified as such.

Servant Class Possessed human War Series
Angra MainyuAvengerShirou EmiyaHeaven's Feel ReduxFate/hollow ataraxia
Angra MainyuAvengerIrisviel von EinzbernFourth Fuyuki Holy Grail WarFate/Zero
Jeanne d'ArcRulerLaeticiaGreat Holy Grail WarFate/Apocrypha


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