A Psychic (超能力者, Chō Nōryokusha?) refers to one who has a mutation, an Abnormal Ability (異能, Inō?) gained as a result of the brain being able to comprehend a "channel" (common sense, or perception of reality) not native to humans. It is a different type of Mystery than Magecraft, although similar in nature.

Psychic PowerEdit

Psychic Power (超能力, Chō Nōryoku?), also referred to as Extrasensory Perception (ESP), is a catch-all term to refer to the circuits that cause supernatural phenomena to occur. It is a form of nature interference that to the psychic comes as naturally as breathing. Unlike Magecraft, which can be taught and practiced, inherent ability is an absolute necessity. Psychic powers are the ultimate ability of humans, who have become an existence independent of nature. However, these powers are generally incomparable to the great abilities possessed by Demons or Mixed-Bloods. In the end, they are only human.

Psychic powers only appear by chance, they can be the result of an accident causing a permanent change in the brain, and are limited to one generation, although families such as the Nanaya or Ryougi have discovered ways to keep them perpetuated throughout the generations. Generally, a psychic possesses both a "normal" perception (channel) that allows one to function in society using society's own common sense, as well as an "abnormal" psychic perception (extra channel). However, there rarely exist those who only possess the latter who cannot live within society's rules of common sense, eventually degenerating into what normal people would call murderers. These are known as Unfit Existences (存在不適合者, Sonzai Futekigōsha?) - for example, Fujino Asagami.[1] In order to cure an Unfit Existence so they are able to fully adapt to society, one must remove his or her only channel and take away their ESP; however, doing so permanently is impossible with current technology without destroying the brain entirely. To imitate this purpose of removing their ESP, measures such as removing their sense of pain or Mystic Eye Killers exist.

Known PowersEdit

Mystic Eyes are well-known examples of psychic powers on the level of magecraft; there are methods to artificially induce their formation such as magecraft or vampiric influence, even if the user has no innate ability, though the result will be weaker than an inborn power. The members of the Demon Hunter Organization are also known psychics - refer to that page for specifics.

Note that Touko actually described 'extra senses' as a regression. Modern societies are so complex and contain so much information that normal humans would disregard anything not necessary for them. Those who can see beyond normal perception, on the other hand, will irrevocably record everything in their memories - an information overload.


Clairvoyance (透視能力, Tōshinōryoku?) is the ability to flawlessly perceive and observe the world around them; objects, people, locations, events, with one's mind, with no mistakes and 100% accuracy.  Achieved by Fujino Asagami. Possibly related to the Servant skill of the same name.

Masochistic Spiritualist DispositionEdit

Masochistic Spiritualist Disposition (被虐霊媒体質, Higyaku Reibai Taishitsu?), is the genetic condition of Caren Hortensia, if there is a person nearby who has been possessed by a daemon, her body will take the same spiritual hindrance as the posssesed host. This ability can't be gained from training since it's purely genetic, which is why people born with these traits are valued by the Holy Church as daemon detectors.

Mystic Eyes of Death PerceptionEdit

Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are a hybrid power, taking aspects of both Mystic Eyes and Pure Eyes,[2] but they are classified as a Psychic ability.[3][4] They are acquired through a near-death experience, gained by being immersed in "death." They are extremely unique Mystic Eyes possessed by Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi.

Pure EyesEdit

Pure Eyes (淨眼, Jō gan?), also called Eyes of Purity, are the ability to see that which normally cannot be seen. They are similar to Mystic Eyes, and, while both are inheritable, Pure Eyes differ from them.


Precognition (未来視, Miraishi?) is the ability to perceive the future. There are two main types, Future Prediction (未来予測, Mirai Yosoku?) and Future Calculation (未来測定, Mirai Sokutei?), with the majority of users being able to Predict instead of Calculate. There also exists a rare third type known as Divination (予言, Yogen?) that does not require information processing and is considered "true" precognition.

Prediction is the ability to unconsciously gather information and automatically absorbs data about one's surroundings, and comparing it to past events and experiences, to use it to flawlessly predict future events and their outcomes. Touko Aozaki describes it as being the "more human" kind of Precognition.

Calculation, on the other hand, is the ability to purge possibilities from occurring by choosing from a certain pathway of choices, a number which will ensure the highest likelihood of making them succeed in any kind of the possible futures, thereby bringing to fruition the events one desires. It can thus be described as forging the path to achieve a desired future, enabling its user to flawlessly calculate and define the future with perfect accuracy. In Mitsuru Kamekura case, his 'Calculation' is limited by his requirement of directly observing the targeted area. It also makes the normally formless and ever-shifting concept of "the future" tangible, making it vulnerable to be killed by Shiki Ryougi's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

  • Shizune Seo - She is able to "predict" the future of those around her randomly and without prior notice. While she is initially hesitant to use this ability, she eventually accepts it with the help of Mikiya.
  • Akira Seo - She is able to "predict" the future based on the past of those she meets.
  • Mitsuru Kamekura - His Right Eye was capable of seeing the future he desired, while his Left Eye could see "the path" to achieve that future. This allowed him to actually "calculate" and define the future with a 100% accuracy. As it is a future backed by calculation, gathering the evidence of actions, he had to physically see the target to see the future. A power that exceeds simple prediction; however, it is a contradiction as a future that becomes certain cannot be defined as 'the future', which is by nature uncertain. Shiki remarks that he "can't actually see anything" due to this. When Shiki Ryougi killed the future he envisioned, his abilities were killed as well.
  • The "Mother of Mifune" - Unlike others who rely on information processing for seeing the future, the Mother of Mifune is a "real" prophetess who can see the future using "Divination." She generally sees tragedies, and she gives advice on how to avoid those tragedies. Thus, she notes that she is not making accurate predictions, as they can be changed. However, if her advice is not followed, then the tragedy will definitely occur with no exceptions. By the year 2010, she has lost her precognitive ability in her old age.
  • Ryougi Shiki under the influence of her self-suggestion - Based on Shizune Seo's remarks, she is assumed to use "divination."

It is said that Servants with a high rank of Clairvoyance are capable of a sort of precognition. Powerful instinct, both naturally and as a Servant skill is also a form of subconscious precognition. Characters who possess such skills are:


Retrocognition (過去視, Kakoshi?) is the ability to perceive the past.

  • Fake Shiki (Plus-Disc) - The ability to see the records (memories) of one's life upon meeting. Also capable of sharing perceptions to an extent.
  • Shiki Tohno has displayed a similar ability, having been able to see the past of the original SHIKI Tohno, implied to be due to a telepathic connection established since childhood. This ability mainly took the form of seeing his "death" by SHIKI's hands through his eyes in his memories.

Spontaneous CombustionEdit

Spontaneous Combustion is Azaka Kokutou's magecraft specialty, though in her case, it is an innate pyrokinetic ability that directly causes the target to combust.[5]


Synchronization (感応能力, Kan'nō Nōryoku?), is the ability of Hisui and Kohaku to transfer energy. This transference of energy is performed by the exchange of bodily fluids, such as another drinking their blood, but it is strongest in the act of intercourse.[6]


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