Rêve de Durandal: Peerless Sword of Dreams (絶世の儚剣
, Zessei no Bō-ken
Rēbu de Durandaru
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Mandricardo.

An Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm that becomes possible to activate upon release of the Oath of Durandal .

Once again, I hold in my hands the sword with no rival, Durandal.

Furthermore, Armor of Nine Worthies which was only a skill, is able to take form as Hector’s holy relic, allowing for a massive increase in defensive power.

In a typical Holy Grail War, for this Noble Phantasm to be activated, he must have full confidence in himself that he is truly able to wield Durandal. As even the information for this Noble Phantasm has been sealed away, even Master cannot comprehend what it is.

During the Fifth Lostbelt, only after having received Durindana (Durandal) from Hector and holding the feeling of wanting to save a dear friend made during his travels, does this Noble Phantasm become possible to activate. In what was a miracle, he successfully blocked the arrow of Artemis and perished.

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