Raiga Fujimura (藤村 雷画, Fujimura Raiga?) is the boss of the Fujimura Group, a yakuza group operating in Fuyuki City. He is the grandfather of Taiga Fujimura, and the father-in-law of Taiga's father.


Raiga leads the Fujimura Group, which consists of people with an "anything-goes attitude." Taiga's father was adopted into the family as a son-in-law. After the Fourth Holy Grail War ended, Kiritsugu Emiya befriended Raiga and Issei Ryuudou's father. After Kiritsugu's death, Raiga and Ryuudou put a great deal of effort into the funeral plans and chose the temple graveyard for his tombstone.[1] As a favor, he began managing Kiritsugu's estate, taking care of the inheritance and property taxes, and watching over Kiritsugu's adopted son, Shirou Emiya.


Shirou describes Raiga as "energetic and scary", and while not a bad person, Shirou has chosen to ignore the troublesome fact that Raiga is a yakuza boss. He enjoys sumo wrestling and hunting, and he will often give Shirou spending money for accompanying him to such events.[2] He also pays Shirou a lot of money for tuning up his motorcycle. He is said to have a "downright murderous" relationship with Issei Ryuudou's father.


Fate/stay nightEdit

Raiga does not directly appear in Fate/stay night. Shirou mentions him at the start, explaining his role in managing the Emiya estate. He is mentioned in the Fate route epilogue where Illya is "freeloading" off of them. Illya is frequently spending time with Raiga, and he praises her as being "cuter than Taiga." He gives Illya permission to take money out of Taiga's allowance from the family if Taiga doesn't pay back what she owes Illya.


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