Rama (ラーマ, Rāma?), Class Name Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), is a Saber-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Identity[edit | edit source]

The protagonist of the "Ramayana", one of the two major epic poems from India.[1][2]

Granting the appeals of the gods, Vishnu reincarnated as Rama, born as the imperial prince of a certain country, an ordinary human that had forgotten about everything.[1][2]

Such is Rama.[1]

Legend[edit | edit source]

Rama was naturally wise, but he ended up being deprived from his succession rights to the throne and was expelled from his country due to a scheme of a relative.[1][2]

Having his beloved, queen Sita, who was travelling together with him, snatched away by the hands of Demon King Ravana, Rama boldly resolved himself to fight.[1] Ravana, who could enslave even the gods due to a power he acquired by deceiving a great god, was a Demon King famed for the fact that only humans had the qualifications to defeat him.[1][2]

Borrowing and receiving powers from the gods and the sages, Rama tried to take back Sita, the queen he loves, from the hands of Demon King Ravana.[2] Together with an army of monkeys that included the famous Hanuman, Rama, who was bestowed with many weapons by a sage, continued to fight against Demon King Ravana and his army for over 14 years.[1]

But even someone unique such as Rama had committed a fatal blunder. Intervening into a fight between fellow monkeys to rescue his ally monkey, Sugriva, he performed a cowardly sneak attack on the enemy monkey, Vali. Unable to forgive that, Vali's wife placed a curse upon Rama.[1][2]

« Even if you were able to take back your queen, you will never share joy together with her again. »

(Vali's wife as she placed a curse upon Rama)

That curse still continues on even after having rescued Sita and defeating Ravana. Rama, who is the reincarnation of the god Vishnu, will continue to pass by the queen he loves, Sita, for his entire lifetime. On the day the two can cuddle close together is when they must take back their original forms and ascend to the heavens.[2]

But on the other hand, that meant eternal separation from Sita until then. Even while recapturing her from the hands of Ravana, Sita left Rama's side during that situation as the nation's people voiced suspicions about her being unfaithful to him.[2]

Even after death and becoming a Heroic Spirit, the effects of the curse that keeps binding him, even now, has not grown dim. And that curse will continue on so long the two continue to love one another. One could say that such curse is, at the same time, a proof of their love.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The reason why Rama is summoned as a young boy is because, just like it was alluded to in the main scenario, the period when he fought in search of Sita is indeed in his golden age.[1]

A warrior in his younger years. Rama's eyes are crimson red and match the color of his hair for the most part, as it is blonde-white at the top section. It has bangs that fall over his face, parted between his eyes, and possesses a tall strand curved upwards at the very top (ahoge), while a long ponytail extends at the end of it, reaching past his waist. In addition, he wears a pair of earrings.

Rama is seen always carrying his Noble Phantasm, Brahmastra, his hands.

His clothes consist of a sleeveless top, exposing his shoulders, divided into three sections. The left and right ones' alignment and the decorative fashion of the top one make it resemble more feminine clothing. The top section connects to a tall collar around his neck. Rama also wears disconnected sleeves that go all the way down to his hands. They are black, with orange rings of metal at the start and ending on metallic-looking golden gloves with sharp ends for the fingers and orange pieces protecting the forearms. His stomach is protected by a golden sash-like piece of armour with an ornament on the front. Said piece holds two large pieces of cloth on either side, white and whittish-red sashes, the left one having an unknown object attached to it. Finally, he wears black trousers on his lower half that seemingly link with the boots of the same color. The trousers have red strips as a pattern, more prominent on the right leg compared to the left. The boots are addorned with a silver line by the centre of each one.

In his 2nd Ascension, Rama's sashes are replaced by a silky piece of cloth open on the front, golden mixed with white and adorned with a pattern of symbols. In addition, both the left and right section of his top gained two strips of cloth resembling his new 'cape' in both material and color. His sleves gained pieces of orange armour for the upper arm that extend outwards.

In his 3rd Ascension, his hair is freed from the ponytail, revealing its true length and volume. The left and right sections of his top, the pieces of armour of his fore and upperarms, trousers and boots change to white. His 'cape' turns into a black mixed with red.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Although he has somewhat an arrogant section for his personality, fundamentally, Rama is a young boy who keeps up his efforts everyday and is probably a splendid being as a “great king”.[2] Although Rama is gentle to his subordinates and animals, doing things such as curing squirrels with healing spells and helping others in creating a bridge, his attitude becomes quite obstinate towards Servants that are widely-known tyrants.[1][2] He hates evil, but he is aware of how dangerous such a line of thought can be. Even so, he thinks that people should still sing of justice.[3]

In regards to the Master, Rama will consider them as "a person who linked up as comrades-in-arms", but he will also fundamentally take a somewhat haughty behavior towards him or her.[1][2] Due to that, he might give off the impression of an impertinent brat. Even though he is like your average elder in terms of knowledge, his mentality simply does not catch up with it. Such peculiar circumstances as a Servant are probably making him have such an attitude.[1] Naturally with this attitude, he will not allow himself, a king, to be treated as someone of a lower rank even if he recognizes himself as a Servant and his partner as the Master, for he believes that is not how the way the world works, but he will put his trust in his Master as a brethren to the very end.[2][3]

Rama's wish for the Holy Grail is for the "undoing of the Curse of Separation with his wife Sita" and "a reunion with Sita", but up to the present time, that wish has not yet been granted.[1][2] He wants to see Sita. He wants to meet and talk to her. Just that is good enough for him.[3]

Rama is primarily not a Saber, and it would be better to summon him as an Archer. As far as he is concerned, Brahmastra is an arrow that eliminates all things demonic. However, an exemplary anecdote concerning Sita is her bow and arrows (her Noble Phantasm is Haradhanu Janaka). Considering the likelihood that she would be summoned, Sita would be unable to get the role of Saber, so Rama takes that Class instead so that Sita can get the Class of Archer.[2]

… But then, since the Saber Class is famed to be the most superior of all the Classes, it may not be known that it was inevitable for Rama to choose this Class because as a young boy, he would try to put on a show for Sita.[2]

Rama likes anything that he enjoys, such as dance, music, martial arts and meditation, while he is weary of depravity. However, the one thing that he abhor the most is himself for the time when he suspected his beloved wife of infidelity. Sometimes, he would like nothing more than to wring his own neck for that judgement.[3]

Back in his lifetime, Rama once saw war as a source of pleasure, where swinging swords and loosing arrows were mere amusement to him. But only when Sita was abducted by Ravana that the youth finally came to know the terrors of war. While he did not fear death or harm, he recognized that if he were to die, then he would lose his friends, his younger brother, and his beloved Sita. From the bottom of his heart, he was deeply afraid of throwing away the lives of his brother and his subjects. War was frightening, but Rama did not shrink from battle, nor did he flee. He would wound, he would kill, he would be hurt, and he might even be killed. He accepted all of this, and challenged the Demon King. Swallowing one's fear, stepping into the fray, and crying out the name of your love; he believes that is the essence which makes a hero.[4]

Relationships[edit | edit source]


Rama dreams of that one day where he meets with her.[2]


"Also, it is said that for a short time, you were sharing your wife. Moreover, the reason for that is sort of comedic..."[2] Rama finds Arjuna sharing a wife something hard to overlook, even if they are countrymen.[3]


Rama notes his gaze that seems to pierce through anything. He wants to compete with Karna in archery.[3]


"I'm fine! I'm healed! My wounds are perfectly healed! So because it's good now, put that bag away!"[2]

Role[edit | edit source]

Fate/Grand Order[edit | edit source]

Fifth Singularity: E Pluribus Unum[edit | edit source]

Rama is summoned into the Singularity along with his wife, Sita. Normally they couldn't be summoned simultaneously, as a result of the curse on Rama that keeps them forever separate, but the Singularity is an exception.[5] While searching for his wife, Rama fights Cú Chulainn Alter, struggling against him. He says it shouldn’t be possible for the former to be corrupted if he transcended good and evil by obtaining strength through sheer will and determination alone. Cú Chulainn Alter refutes he is like this because he transcended good and evil, saying he only kills his enemies as per the sole law of the battlefield. Rama points out how Cú Chulainn Alter brutally slaughtered the weak. Cú Chulainn Alter criticizes Rama for sparing the weak, yet he’ll kill the strong. Rama launches Brahmastra at full power, but it’s ineffective and he is struck by Gáe Bolg. To Cú Chulainn Alter’s surprise, Rama is still alive and standing despite having 80% of his heart destroyed. Geronimo and his resistance then rescue Rama.[6]

The Resistance brings Rama to their hideout in Deming, and he joins them. Geronimo later asks Florence Nightingale to heal Rama when he brings her, Ritsuka, and Mash to Deming. Rama introduces himself and tells the others about how Cú Chulainn Alter caused his injury. Romani Archaman says Rama reserved his state of death through sheer willpower, as him being alive is an “error” in the proper flow of cause and effect. The only way to save him is to destroy Gáe Bolg, but fighting Cú Chulainn Alter is near suicidal. Rama agrees with Romani’s assessment, saying he’d only be killed if he staged a one-man attack. The group agree to find a Servant related to Rama to remove the curse. Rama suggest Sita, who is imprisoned somewhere. Nightingale then carrieshim off to prepare a special belt. The group later leaves to recruit Servants to help them assassinate Thomas Edison and Medb.[7]

During the journey, Geronimo explains how the Western American citizens are forced to work on the mechanized infantry mass production lines. The group soon comes across enemy scouts, whom Nightingale charges despite carrying Rama. Mash tells her they planned to surrounding them, and Rama tells her not fight with him on her back. Nightingale merely replies healing her patients is her only priority.

During the journey, Geronimo explains how the Western American citizens are forced to work on the mechanized infantry mass production lines. The group comes to Lubbock, where two Archers, who are members of the Resistance, are being besieged by Celts. They help them repel the attack. The two introduce themselves as Robin Hood and Billy the Kid. After Mash gives them the details, Geronimo suggests the group needs Saber and Lancer to help. Robin confesses he met two problematic Servants who fit the aforementioned classes earlier.[8]

Later, the group arrives at the entrance of Dallas, where one of the Servants Robin met is located. After defeating some unexpectedly weak Celtic soldiers, they hear a disturbing song that Ritsuka, Mash, and Robin recognize. Entering the town, they meet with Elizabeth Báthory as she continues her singing. They deduce that is the reason the soldiers they were so weak. Mash convinces Elizabeth to join them by saying it will help promote her art. Passing through a forest to Alexandria, the group witness Nero Claudius being confronted by Fergus mac Róich, who was sent to kill her. Robin uses No Face May King to ambush him when Nero reveals his presence. The others then arrive to defeat Fergus. Before disappearing, Fergus tells Rama that Sita is being held on Alcatraz Island.[9]

Later in the evening, Nightingale warns Rama that the heart is spreading faster. Unable promise to she can keep him alive past a few days, Nightingale prepares to inject Rama with a double dose of painkillers to help him rest. Rama asks not to be rendered unconscious, so she gives a normal dose instead. She reprimands him for saying his suffering in his punishment for losing against Cú Chulainn and those sacrificed to save him. Those who sacrificed themselves to save him wouldn’t enjoy his suffering, instead they would for his safety and good health. Nightingale tells him to recover and fight to honor those who saved him.[10]

Later that night, Geronimo informs the others that the Celtic stronghold is the White House. He states the group will split into two. One with Nightingale to rescue Sita, and another to infiltrate the White House and assassinate Medb. Geronimo decides Ritsuka and Mash will accompany Nightingale and Rama; Nero convinces Elizabeth to go with them. Taking the others with him, Geronimo is given a communication device by Mash. The next morning, the group split into their respective teams to carry out their missions.[10]

Ritsuka’s party arrives at the coast near Alcatraz. They then take a boat to the island. Coming ashore on the island, the group head for the prison while slaying wyverns sent by Beowulf. Rama vows to Nightingale to recover, refusing to die until his wish is fulfilled. The group soon arrives at the prison, where they confront Beowulf. He refuses to release Sita, so the group fight him and his dragons. During the fight, Rama convinces Nightingale to let him fight. After he’s defeated, Beowulf allows them to enter the prison.[5]

Inside the prison, the group meets Sita as Rama faints from his wound. Sita then sacrifices herself by taking the curse into herself to dispel it. After Rama wakes up, Nightingale confirms his deduction that his wife sacrificed herself for him. He thanks Nightingale for saying he’s alive because of Sita’s love, calling it his salvation. With Rama fully recovered, the group leave to rendezvous with Geronimo’s group.[11]

They escape the prison when they’re confronted by Fionn and Diarmuid. After killing the pair, they receive a transmission from Robin. He informs them that the assassination plan failed. He tells them to meet with him at the abandoned United Western States base he is heading for. Receiving his coordinates, the group leave to meet with him.[12]

The group eventually locate Robin to see him under attack by Celts. After they help him, Robin tells them of the failed assassination of Medb. He also says a Servant saved him from Arjuna and Cú Chulainn Alter’s pursuit. That same Servant then introduces herself as Scáthach. She originally intended to destroy the era until deciding a human needs to end the war upon seeing Ritsuka. Though she refuses to join the group, Scáthach offers her help all the same. She admits even she cannot defeat Cú Chulainn Alter, as his power granted by Medb’s wish rivals her own. She could destroy the Grail along with Medb, but that would delay the repair of the era greatly. While fighting more Celts, the group come across Li Shuwen. To convince Scáthach to duel him and test the group’s strength, he fights Mash to a standstill. He refuses to join the group, though he’s an ally. He then leaves, saying Edison seems to be possessed. The group then departs for Denver to confront Edison.[13]

Travelling back west, the group arrives at Kearney while its being attacked by Celts. They capture a few of them at Robin’s behest. Ritsuka and Robin take the prisoners to a mechanized infantry robot. Robin claims he is Second Lieutenant Anderson Komadori, and he is transferring prisoners to headquarters. As the prisoners are Celts, the robot allows him to pass. The group proceed to Edison’s castle.[14]

The group breakthrough the robot guard and enter the castle. They fight Karna until Edison calls him back to the throne room. There the group defeat Edison, along with Helena Blavatsky and Karna. Edison refuses to give up and tries to drink an elixir to transform himself, but Karna throws it on the floor. Nightingale informs him the Celtic army is infinite while his is limited. It is then revealed that Edison’s tyranny resulted from his mind being affected by accumulated thoughts of the presidents entrusting him with America’s future. Everyone eventually convinces Edison to join the group.[15]

Later, the group strategize on how to defeat the Celts. The Celts will be invading Denver via the northern and southern routes. If they conquer any more of America, the era will no long withstand its separation from reality and collapse. The group eventually decides with a two prong attack with two armies to attack along the northern and southern routes. One army will hold its ground against the Celts while the other will breakthrough to the White House. The group leave the decision of what Servants will go with what army to Ritsuka.[16]

Ritsuka announces their decision the next day. The north army will have Elizabeth, Robin, Edison, and Helena, while the south army will have the others. The north army then departs to await the battle three days from now at dusk. After testing Ritsuka and Mash’s resolve, Scáthach orders Rama to lead the army since she isn’t joining the battle. Instead, she will monitor Medb and Cù Chulainn Alter, who she’ll stop from entering the frontlines. After she leaves, the south army starts their advance toward Washington.[16]

As the south army arrives in Montgomery, Mash relays a message from Karna that his vanguard defeated an enemy vanguard, yet a few broke through.[17] After defeating the stragglers, the south army continue their advance when a scout reports the Celtic army ahead is led by Arjuna. Rama orders him to tell all troops not to engage with Arjuna. Arjuna orders his troops to attack the south army while he fights Karna. The south army and Celtic army clash while Karna and Arjuna fight.[18] Eventually the south army defeat the Celtic army, while Karna and Arjuna’s battle continues. However, Karna is struck from behind by Cù Chulainn Alter. He reveals he killed Scáthach, and fights the group. He prepares to kill Mash when Merlin, projecting himself through Fou, traps him in an illusion. Karna takes advantage of that to launch Vasavi Shakti at Cù Chulainn Alter with the last of his strength. However, it wasn't strong enough to kill Cù Chulainn Alter, and Karna disappears. Cù Chulainn Alter then retreats to Washington to heal his wounds. The group tries to chase after him when Arjuna stops them to fight them. After defeating him, Mash asks Arjuna to join them, but he declines and leaves. The south army then continue their advance.[19]

As the group near Washington, Rama expresses he loves everyone whose fought alongside him. He loves Sita from the bottom of his heart, as she gave her life for his. Love wants him to protect, and to not give into fear. He believes a hero starts their journey from those feelings; something he came to understand when he returned to his youth.[20]

The group eventually reaches Washington. They slay Medb’s summoned monsters and chase after her when she retreats to the White House. At the White House, the group sees it was transformed from its original state. Inside, Rama vows to slay Medb to name of Sita and his devoted god. The group then fights her and Cù Chulainn Alter. Though mortally wounded by Brahmastra, Medb uses the Grail to summon Clan Calatin to attack the north army. She then gives the Grail to Cù Chulainn Alter before disappearing. Cù Chulainn Alter’s Magical Energy weakens due to the self-correction of the era strengthening with Medb now gone. The group then fight Cù Chulainn Alter.[21]

As Clan Calatin is destroyed, the group has defeated Cù Chulainn Alter. However, he uses the Grail to incarnate himself into Halphas. Nightingale uses Nightingale Pledge to heal the group. They then defeat Halphas, and Mash retrieves the Grail. In response to Mash’s grief at the sacrifices made, Rama reminds her Servants are summoned to fight, and destined to fight for salvation. Some might regret not being able to never finished the fight, buy they never fled. Rama therefore asks Mash to see them with a smile. After Nightingale disappears, Rama admits his wish hasn’t been fulfilled yet. He is proud though of the things he accomplished, such as rescuing Sita. He is mostly proud though that he met Ritsuka, comparing the bond as precious as Sita and his younger brother, Lakshmana. Becoming Ritsuka’s Servant would bring him the greatest joy possible. Rama then disappears hoping to meet Ritsuka and Mash again.[22] 

Final Singularity: Solomon[edit | edit source]

Rama is amongst the "E Pluribus Unum" Singularity Servants assisting Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[23]

Interlude[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Rama is primarily not a Saber Class Servant, and it would be better to summon him as an Archer. However, in order to increase the possibilities of him reuniting with his beloved Sita, who has great compatibility with the Archer Class, he takes the Saber Class instead.[2] In the E Pluribus Unum SingularityGeronimo claimed Rama at full power would be an equal match to Karna.[7] Cú Chulainn Alter, managed to destroy 80% of his heart with Gae Bolg.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Class Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Magic Resistance (A Rank): Thanks to the teachings he received from the sacred sage, all magic was rejected from Rama, canceling out all spells ranked of A or below. In fact, modern mages would not be able to wound him with magecraft.[2]
  • Divinity (A Rank): Rama, the Hero-Saint who surpasses many legendary heroes, is one of the avatars of Vishnu, one of the Three Greater Gods of India.[2]

Personal Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Blessing of Martial Arts (A Rank): Rama, whose fate is to defeat Demon King Ravana, not only excels in swordsmanship but also with all forms of martial arts. Also, due to this, he can bring out his prided spear and bow with powers close to a Noble Phantasm while as a Saber.[2]
  • Charisma (B Rank): The natural talent to command an army. Increases the abilities of allies during group battles. A rare talent, it is possible to say that having Rank B in this is sufficient for one to lead a whole country as its sovereign. After the battle with Ravana and his triumphal return with Sita, Rama became a king who widely imposed his virtuous rulership, having devoted his life to protecting his country.[2]
  • Curse of Separation (A Rank): Due to this curse that was put on him by the wife of the monkey with the name of Vali, all because of an incident where Vali was murdered by him, Rama can never meet with his wife Sita, who can possibly be said to be also his other half, for all of eternity. Simultaneously, the circumstances of this curse will, at the time of being summoned by the Holy Grail, result in “Sita” being summoned as a different side of Rama. In other words, it is but a sign that even being summoned due to the Holy Grail will not be able to make the two stand side-by-side.[2]

Noble Phantasms[edit | edit source]

Despite having manifested as a Saber, Rama still has access to the Brahmastra Noble Phantasm. Originally an arrow, something to be nocked on a bow and shot with, Rama, who wanted to become a Saber, forcibly remodeled it into a sword. However, its ability as a thrown weapon has not been discarded, and this sword can be violently thrown too.[1][2]

Rama's second Noble Phantasm, Vishnu Bhuja, gives him access to the numerous weapons granted by the sage Vishwamitra for opposing all kinds of gods and demons. These weapons include; Discs (chakrams), which are throwing weapons, the javelin Shuuravara, the clubs (gada) Modhaki and Shikhari, the trident Trishula possessed by the god Shiva, Shiva’s bow Pinaka,.. and so forth. The higher Rama’s Divinity, the more his existence is regarded as something close to Vishnu’s, and the maximum limit of the number of the many weapons he can bring out grows. If his Divinity is at Rank A, then it is also not impossible for him to operate as an Archer and a Lancer while being a Saber.[2]

Development[edit | edit source]

Creation and Conception[edit | edit source]

Rin Kususaga is the character illustrator for Rama.[1][2] Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for his character.[2]

Comment from Illustrator[edit | edit source]

"The world’s number one for three consecutive years by being an androgynous pretty boy. For you, the finest handsome man one can think about right now! His concept is like the trailer of a western movie (there is no such western movie though). Drawing a shy expression, I thought “you are super cute!” When playing the game, during the great king’s tendencies, given that the contents of those tendencies are of a great princess-like character, does that hit a moe point too?"[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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    He refers to himself "yo*"

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    Rama was wise from birth, but he ended up being deprived from his succession rights to the throne and expelled from his country due the schemes of a relative.
    Having his beloved Sita - who was traveling together with him - snatched away by the hands of the Demon Lord Ravana, Rama boldly resolved himself to fight.
    Together with an army of monkeys that included the famous Hanuman, Rama - who was bestowed with many weapons by a sage - continued to fight against the demon lord Ravana and his army for over 14 years.

    Level 3 Bond
    And even such Rama had once committed an fatal blunder.
    Upon intervening into a fight among monkeys, in order to save his ally monkey Sugriva, he performed a coward sneak attack upon the enemy monkey Vali. Unable to forgive that, Vali's wife placed a curse upon Rama.

    "Even if you take back your empress, you'll never be able to share joy with her again."...such curse is binding him even now.

    Level 4 Bond
    In regards to the Master, he fundamentally takes a somewhat haughty behavior. Due to that, he might give off the impression of an impertinent brat.
    Even though he is like your average elder in terms of knowledge, his mentality simply does not catch up with it - such peculiar circumstances as a Servant are probably making him have such attitude.
    Although gentle towards animals and his subordinates, his attitude becomes quite obstinate towards Servants that are widely-known tyrants.

    Level 5 Bond
    "The Indestructible That Bores Rakshasas"
    Rank: A+  Type: Anti-Demon
    Range: 1~10  Maximum Targets: 1 person
    The "indestructible blade" that he was born with in order to defeat the Demon Lord Ravana.
    It boasts tremendous power against demonic existences.
    Originally an arrow; something to be fired from a bow, but Rama - who wanted to become a Saber - forcibly remodeled it.
    However, the function as a thrown weapon has not been discarded and this sword can also be violently thrown. One must not point out "so you throw it after all".

    His wish for the Holy Grail is "a reunion with Sita".
    He already died and became an Heroic Spirit, yet the effects of curse that keeps binding him has not grown dim.
    And that curse will continue on so long the two continue to love one another. One could say that such curse is, at the same time, a proof of their love.
    The reason why Rama is summoned as a young boy is because, just like it was alluded in the main scenario, the period when he fought in search of Sita is indeed his golden age.

     *An archaic, more formal japanese first person pronoun. Also, the same used by Iskander and Nero.

    ラーマ - セイバー



    武の祝福 A
    カリスマ B
    離別の呪い A

    対魔力 A
    騎乗 A+
    神性 A



    属性:秩序・善   性別:男性





    ランク:A+ 種別:対魔宝具
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