The Gentleman Who Travels Through Time and Space (時空を旅する紳士, Jikū o tabi suru shinshi?), also going by the names Randolph Carter (ランドルフ・カーター, Randorufu Kātā?) and Chandraputra (チャンドラプ, Chandorapu?), is a figure appearing in Salem in Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant.



Salem is the land of his ancestors, a place where he is deeply connected to.[1]




Fate/Grand OrderEdit

His body was stolen by the Demon God Raum when he had to go into a deep sleep in order to chase after the Evil God of the Abyss, who is related to the sea and octopi, and that he would be a threat to the world.[1]

Salem: The Taboo Epiphany GardenEdit

Raum Carter

Raum holds possession of his body for the majority of the Singularity after the Gentleman temporarily left it to complete a task. Raum claims that this man is Randolph Carter.[2]

After the Chaldea group defeated Raum, the crow separates from Carter's body.[3] The gentleman reclaims his own body, once Raum was dead.[1]

After Abigail Williams and the Chaldea group buried Lavinia Whateley. The gentleman appears in front of the group, which put everybody was on guard. He doesn't introduce himself as Randolph Carter and he starts off by introducing himself as "Chandraputra" but stops himself halfway through and tells you to call him "a gentleman who travels through time and space". The man says that he's unfortunately very easily possessed. The gentleman says that when Raum possessed his body, it also transmitted information to him, and so he knows about Abigail. He came here looking for her and make a suggestion. Abigail is a living "Silver Key" that can open gates throughout time and space, he suggest to take her with him on his journeys to the abyss of the universe. He says Abigail can learn to master her powers, and that it is a strength that is indispensable to mankind in confronting and defending themselves against the gods. It would be a shame to have it lost here. He also plans to take the cats of Salem with them. Still, that is merely his suggestion, and he is willing to let Abigail choose. Whether to use her power of the key to be fully sealed, part of her memory wiped, and sent to an era she desires. In the end, Abigail decides to travel with the gentleman.[1]

As they prepare to depart, the gentleman having brought along the cats of Salem with him and they prepare to bid a farewell to the Chaldea group. He apologizes again for the trouble his body has caused, and is about to tell you about a certain false god. Before he adds on, he says it's nothing at all and that it's his responsibility.[1]

Hokusai Trial QuestEdit

When Katsushika Hokusai was called by the Evil God of the Abyss unto the waters of the Deep. The Gentleman manifests, warning him not to go any further.[4]




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