Rani VIII (ラニ=Ⅷ?) is the Master of Berserker in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA. She appears as a Berserker-class Demi-Servant in Fate/EXTRA Last Encore.



Sialim Eltnam Re-Atlasia created the homunculus known as Rani VIII with the intention to see if it was possible for not just alchemists but for humanity to continue existing in the cyber world, which would mean having to give up their physical bodies.[4][5]

Rani the Eighth signifies “the eighth woman.” She is different from the homunculus created through DNA engineering that are popular on the black market. Rani’s design is based on old world Magus theory, and she was made with cutting edge science and technology developed by the Atlas Institute. She was made as a Magus so she could be sent to the cyber world. In other words, she is nothing short of being a new form of mankind. By using nano-sized fibers called Etherlite, Rani can directly send herself into to the cyber world without any direct physical connection. Her computational power is equivalent to the power required to generate all of the Holy Grail War's arena and schools. She can go head to head with the High Level AI who are in charge of managing the Holy Grail War.[5]


Rani is a young girl who appears to be of Indian descent with wavy light purple hair with part of it tied into a ponytail. She has purple eyes, a tan complexion, wears glasses and has a bindi on her forehead as worn in India. She wears a purple fable collar with a dark purple gem in the center. Under that she wears a white shirt with a deep V, leaving a portion of her chest bare, and black tight shorts. Over that, she wears a white lab coat with the emblem of Tsukimihara Academy on it. On her hands are multiple golden bracelets and small thin white gloves. On her legs she wears long white and purple socks and black shoes. She seems to be from southern part of India due to her complexion.

In Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, she wears a combined outfit of her original and parts of her Atlas Academy Uniform.

In Fate/EXTRA CCC, Rani is seen wearing the alternate navy sailors uniforms she wears black tights with her normal bracelets and wears black shoes.

She considers her height to be average height for a girl and her weight to be rather thin. Her three sizes are optimized for activity and portability. She wears no underwear because she considers wearing them as forbidden.[3] Ironically enough, however, she is depicted as wearing one beneath her skirt and pantyhose in Fate/EXTRA CCC EXTRA Garden.

It is stated that Rani looks similar to Lu Bu's wife in his lifetime, which is why it is doubtful that Lu Bu would kill her.[6] It is also worth noting that she bears huge resemblance to Chen Gong, with it being speculated to be one of the reasons Lu Bu is so attached to her.


Rani is an intelligent, calm, polite, yet emotionless young girl. She doesn't seem to follow any will of her own, and instead refers herself as a tool of her professor. Depending on the situation, Rani can end up showing emotions such as rage, as Hakuno felt Rani's anger being directed at them when Hakuno interfered in the latter's fight with Rin.

Because of her inhuman origins, Rani often speaks in riddles.


Hakuno Kishinami
Rani develops an immediate interest in Hakuno when the stars fail to provide Rani with an explanation as to what Hakuno is, and for the sake of finding the answer, Rani begins assisting Hakuno during the war. Rani becomes even more interested in Hakuno after they rescue her in the 4th round.
Rin Tohsaka
Rani and Rin are rivals as well as opponents in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. Both girls are smart and pretty and both compete for Hakuno's affections. In Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, Rani and Rin form a truce after becoming trapped on the sixth floor.



Rani is, like Sion, an Atlas alchemist, but also a homunculus like Illya. She was created specifically to take part in the Holy Grail War.

Her servant is Berserker. Like most of his class, he has barely any personality left, although he does seem to follow her orders without question and willingly protects Rani during the battle with Rin, even giving her a "gentle smile" before being destroyed if you choose to save her. If he weren't summoned as a Berserker, he would have the qualifications to be any other class besides Caster.

As noted during the game, a crisis will occur and the player is given the choice of coming to the aid of either Rani or Rin Tohsaka. While both will survive regardless, if you choose to save Rani, her Berserker will sacrifice himself and she will become their ally during the latter stages of the Holy Grail War. After recovering from the shock of being deprived of what she saw as her one purpose for existing, she comes to support and care for the main character.

If the player sides against her, she survives Lancer's Gáe Bolg attack. She hands over a knife-shaped pendant to help identify Hakuno, the knife absorbs residual magical energy while doing so, it puts phenomenal amount of stress to the brain. The feedback would normally be enough to kill someone if a magic circuit was not present. This confirms Rani's suspicion about Hakuno's existence as a self-aware NPC. They will also end up fighting Run Ru and her Lancer in the fourth round as a result. They must fight her and Berserker in the sixth round of the Holy Grail War. After her defeat, she slightly smiles, showing signs of sadness and says goodbye to Hakuno.

In the manga adaption, both Rani and Rin survived and they both help support Hakuno. However, it is later revealed that her Berserker survived. In Chapter 26, Rani and her Servant later attack Hakuno and Saber, but they defeat her. The scene that later plays out after is similar to that of the game when she is defeated. In Chapter 28, a grave was made for her and both Rin and Saber pay their respects.

Last Encore[]

Rani was the Master of Berserker. On the sixth floor, Berserker battled Rin's Servant Lancer, but the two ended up killing each other and leaving behind no clear victor.

Shortly afterwards, the Moon Cell was shut down by Twice H. Pieceman, forcing the Moon Cell to go into preservation mode. Rani and Rin were put to sleep and copies of them were made to act as a part of the sixth floor itself. These copies possessed the power of their respective Servants, making Rani a Berserker-class Demi-Servant.

Rani and Rin fought each other in hopes of finding a clear victor between them, but as with their Servants, they too only ended up in a draw. Their only solution to escaping their miserable existence was to find a Master from the lower floors and bring them up to the sixth floor. The original plan was to defeat said Master, but the two decided to leave a recording which explained their situation in case the Master could find another solution.

After a thousand years, Rani and Rin found a potential savior in HAKUNO Kishinami. The two sent various copies down to HAKUNO to assist him in his various battles. On one floor, a copy of Rani chose to stay behind to mourn fallen Masters. She also revealed to a bewildered HAKUNO that they weren't living in the 21st century.

As planned, HAKUNO and his Servant Saber arrived on the sixth floor, shocked to discover numerous copies of Rani and Rin attacking them and each other. A copy of Rin led the pair to the dome at the center of the floor, where the recording was and where their real bodies were. HAKUNO attempted to free both of them, but Rani died almost immediately after she woke up.

Rin created a memorial for Rani and promised to live on and help HAKUNO for Rani's sake.


Rani appears in Fate/EXTRA CCC and is the boss of Chapter 2. Like the majority of the Masters on the Far Side, Rani has lost her original Servant, Berserker.

After her defeat, Rani joins the Student Council and remains there until the end.

In this timeline, Rani was the one Hakuno had chosen to rescue during Rani's battle with Rin Tohsaka. She is thus an ally of Hakuno in the Near Side.

Melty Blood Back Alley Alliance Nightmare[]

Other appearances[]

In the backstory of Fate/EXTELLA, Rani was defeated in the 6th-7th round.


She is an Atlas Alchemist, Rani claims that she possesses the knowledge of the Atlas Alchemist but it pales compared to her professor. She is also skilled in Astrology that surpass even Caster, she uses her Astrology to help Hakuno learn more about Archer's identity.

She can create the Vorpal Blade with her alchemy but she requires a Malachite as the catalyst to recreate the blade. The Vorpal Blade has an effect on types of monstrosity such as the Jabberwock. Even with her skills, the blade would shatter when it is used and she can only transmute it once.

Rani also created Dust of Osiris (オシリスの砂塵, Oshirisu no Sajin?), the all-purpose Mystic Code that Rani develops for Hakuno to use in your battle against Passionlip. Hakuno uses this in order to avoid instant death from Lip’s cube compression attack. This Mystic Code is a raging sand storm that blocks anything that would try to affect/change your status. As to why it has the name “Osiris,” please refer to the last boss of the fighting game Melty Blood Actress Again. It blocks Robin Hood’s poison, and even Karna’s meteorite attack. What is the point of having Aromatic Wood of Healing, when Rani-san alone is good enough, right?

Rani's pure computational ability surpasses Leonardo B. Harwey.[7]

At her core is Hermes, which is a 6th generation spiritron computer that shouldn’t even be completed and exist in this world yet.[5] She has a self-destruct mode called "Helm to the Northern sky: Mode Osiris", it is a last resort move in the case of her mission failure. It was intended to destroy the Moon Cell. Her body was design to have her Magic Circuits overload and her Etherlite heart would explode causing meltdown to the arena and causing shockwaves of data corruptions.

  • gain_con(128); - A Codecast that strengthens her Servant's defense.
  • gain_mgi(128); - A Codecast that raises her Servant's magic.

In the Fate/EXTRA Manga, Rani had the ability to observe others remotely from mirrored surfaces, such as the water in a fountain.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


Within the world of Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, Rani VIII's various bodies created during the Unlimited Raise Dead phenomenon have become Berserker-class Demi-Servants. Fused with Lu Bu, she has access to God Force, can increase her size to where people are only as tall as her shins and she towers over buildings, increase God Force's size to match her, and create two massive gauntlets to crush her enemies with overwhelming strength. She can also manifest a pair of black googles with small, round, orange visor windows, though their function is unknown beyond their relation to her Demi-Servant form. Rin later shows that the gauntlets can turn into Gatling guns that rapid-fire purple magical projectiles, as well as become an explosive homing rocket that continues to fire projectiles as it flies at its target until it hits or is destroyed.




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    Child of Atlas
    In a different world and another time, the earth’s last homunculus was created. In order to follow through with her creator’s orders, the girl participated in the Moon Holy Grail War. While she knew that it was going to be a one-way trip, she still dreamt of meeting her destiny.

    Eltnam Rani VIII.
    The soul of the Child of Atlas still waits at the bottom of the Lunar Sea.


    地球最後のホムンクルス。 少女は師の使命を遂行する為、月の聖杯戦争に趣いた。 それが帰らぬ旅である事を理解しながら、 ただ、運命の星と出逢える事を夢見て。

    エルトナム・ラニ=Ⅷ。 アトラスの嬰児の魂は、今も月の海の底に。

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    • Height: 157cm
    • Weight: 45kg
    • Blood type: A
    • Birthday: 1st January
    • Image colour: Purple
    • Talents: High-speed thinking, Division thinking
    • Likes: Astronomy
    • Dislike: Gambling
    • Enemy: Gatou


    • 身長:157cm
    • 体重:45kg
    • 血液型:A型
    • 誕生日:1月1日
    • イメージカラー:紫
    • 特技:高速思考、分割思考
    • 好きな物:占星術、数式、無駄の無い物
    • 嫌いな物:ギャンブル
    • 天敵:ガトー

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    NAME Rani VIII “It is a name my professor gave me.”
    HEIGHT 157cm “A quite average height for a girl.”
    WEIGHT 45kg “It could be called rather thin, but I have no health problems.”
    3SIZE B80/W58/H81 “These sizes were also decided by my professor. They are optimized for activity and portability.”
    HOME The Atlas Institute “I was trained at the Atlas Institute.”
    BIRTHDAY January 1st “Perfect. An incredibly beautiful start.”
    WEAK POINT Armpits, back, abdomen, etc. “Please avoid touching these, they are sensitive points on the human body. They’re very tender.”
    FETISHISM I have no perverted tastes. “I am a proper homunculus. For my functionality to possess any special eroticism would be unthinkable.”

    ◆What do you look for in a partner?

    • A warm, generous heart, perhaps “Directed only at me. I would like to be told ‘I will walk alongside you.'”

    ◆What’s your favorite color of underwear?

    • Are you seriously asking that? “I will say it however many times necessary. Underwear – is – forbidden.”

    ◆How do you spend your free time?

    • There is no such thing as free time. “Though I may make plans for ‘fun time’ for engaging in hobbies. What?”

    NAME ラニ=Ⅷ
    HEIGHT 157cm
    WEIGHT 45kg
    3SIZE B80/W58/H81
    HOME アトラス院
    BIRTHDAY 1月1日
    WEAK POINT わき、背中、腹部など
    FETISHISM 変態的な嗜好はありません


    • 心の豐かさ、でしょうか


    • 正気で聞いているのですか?


    • 余分な時間など存在しません

    1. 管理願望"


    "他人を支配したい願望" ではないものの、




    2. 露出癖"


    ラニが口にしたスローガン、『ぱんつ はかせ ない』は


    その根底には "自然のままの姿" に美しさを感じる、

    3. 最強厨"





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    Sialim Eltnam Re-Atlasia [Person's name]
    Rani's teacher. The last alchemist and the one who created Rani. After sending Rani to the moon, she succumbed to disease.
    As an Atlasian alchemist she was devoted only to her own research, but in the end as a human being, she made Rani and fell into eternal slumber.
    Why she ordered Rani to go to the moon was to see whether it was possible for not just alchemists but for humanity to continue existing in the cyber world, which would mean having to give up their physical bodies.
    Unlike other magi, the Atlasian alchemists do not have the objective of evolving into a higher state of existence. The top priority of Atlas is to avoid the future of destruction. Essentially, this means that it's okay for humanity to change or decline as a species if it means surviving, and she stuck to that thinking.
    As one manifestation of that side of her, she also left Rani with the cold order of incinerating the Moon Cell along with herself if it proved to be a monster that couldn't be controlled.
    In EXTRA, Rani might have referred to her as a “teacher”, but, sorry, just forget that happened.
    Also, there might have been something about Sialim having a twin elder sister who died at birth.

    アトラスの錬金術師として自己の研究にのみ沒頭していたが、最後に“人問として” ラニを作り出し、永眠した。
    彼女がラ二に「月に行きなさい」と命じるのは、自分たちを含めた人類にとって、肉体を捨てる事になる電脳世界に人類存続の可能性はあるのか、 と見極めるためでもあったどか。
    アトラフスの錬金術師は他の魔術師たちとは違い、“生命体として高次の段階ヘ の進化”を目的としていない。
    アトラスの最優先事項は “滅びの未来を回避する”こと一占。要は長く生き延びられるのなら、種として変休・退行てもかまわない、という考えであり、彼女もその思相を守り通したのだろう。

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    Rani the Eighth.
    Rani is a Master in the Holy Grail War.
    Her nationality is Egyptian. Her Servant is Berserker.
    Her most impressionable features are her tan skin, white coat, purple hair and glasses.
    She only seems slightly human, and expresses very little emotion. She is a young girl who is like a innocent doll.
    Since she has so sense of “self” in combination with her lack of common sense, she is always on a different wavelength from the protagonist. Rani only values her creators orders.
    She is the ultimate homunculus, and her specs (fundamental abilities) exceed Leo’s.
    At her core is Hermes, which is a 6th generation spiritron computer that shouldn’t even be completed and exist in this world yet.
    (Hermes is the crystallization of the Atlas Institute’s innermost secret techniques of fundamental Alchemy. We can assume that this is probably the Philosopher’s Stone.)

    Rani is not human.
    She is an alchemist of the Atlas Institute, and also a homunculus that was made by the head of the institute, Sialim Eltnam Re-Atlasia.
    Rani the Eighth signifies “the eighth woman.”
    She is different from the homunculus created through DNA engineering that are popular on the black market.
    Rani’s design is based on old world magus theory, and she was made with cutting edge science and technology developed by the Atlas Institute. She was made as a magus so she could be sent to the cyber world. In short she is nothing short of being a new form of humankind.
    By using nano-sized fibers called Etherlight, Rani can directly send herself into to the cyber world without any direct physical connection. Her computational power is equivalent to the power required to generate all of the Holy Grail War’s arena and schools. She can go head-to-head with the High Level AI who are in charge of managing the Holy Grail War.
    You may think of Rani as an emotionless robot, but she far surpasses the abilities of regular humans, so of course she is equipped with emotions.
    However, Rani’s creator never taught her about what emotions were for. Although she was going to teach her, she passed on to the next world only confirming that she had a “heart.” As she passed away, she left Rani with her final order: “Connect to Moon Cell, and if you deem it to be a thing that threatens the existence of humankind, destroy it.”
    As such, Rani set out for the Moon and became a Master not yet knowing how to effectively use her “emotions.”
    She set out knowing that what lay ahead for her meant she would never again be able to return home.

    Rani also appears as a trustworthy Operator in CCC.
    Just like the Queen of the Moon, at the end of the fifth round BB highjacks her consciousness, and then Rani is dropped to the far side of the Moon to become one of the enemies that the protagonist must fight.
    The reason that BB made Rani the core of the second layer is because Rani is a similar entity to BB.
    Rin is human, so she can’t be trusted [by BB], but Rani has logic circuits similar to BB’s, so BB gave her a more important position.
    After losing to the protagonist, Rani parts ways with BB, surpressing the anger of “punishment,” she joins the student council as an operator.
    A tan-colored ジョバ○二か, but she will compile most programs for you in one night.
    She is the treasurer of the Students Council. She also provides some very useful support and guidance to help you clear Sakura Labyrinth.
    Rani soon finds herself as good friends with Rin, who also provides you with in game advice and support. In the latter half of the game Rani is rather uncertain about various things, but she was finally been able to experience human friendship.




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    Berserker’s (Lu) true name is hard to guess by just looking at him. Very mysterious. He is big, and strong.
    ...Just who the heck is this Lu Bu anyways? Really.
    Although he has lost his sanity, he possesses a tall, strong body, and appears as the majestic general he is in his brilliant armor.
    His master is Rani VIII.
    As is the fate of those in the Berserker class, his lines are all just incomprehensible yelling, so we don’t know what his real personality is like.
    The early designs of him included him being a half human, half horse centaur, or even him as a mech (which was too tough to work out), but in the end we had to go with the true-to-form pure ancient Chinese style Lu Bu.
    All heroes who are summoned into the berserker class lose their mind in exchange for a strengthening of their parameters, and as a result they also lose the ability to use most of their special trained skills.
    This berserker has lost all his military related skills from when he was alive, but in exchange his defiant nature has been sealed away. “Defiant Nature” means the disposition to defy one’s lord, but as long as this nature is sealed away, this Heroic Spirit will never betray his master. It can be said that this is a rare case where this features of the berserker class is being employed correctly.
    …at least theoretically.
    It is questionable whether this warrior is also tempted to kill the girl Rani, as she resembles Diaochan, the wife he madly loved when he was alive.


  7. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Leonardo B. Harwey

    Leonardo Bistario Harway.
    Strongest Master who participated in the Holy Grail War.
    Ever-victorious king whose every parameter is maxed out.
    (By the way, though Rin is superior in terms of offensive codecasts
    and Rani in terms of pure computational ability,
    even if Rin and Rani challenge Leo together, he still has the higher chance of victory)
    Though it’s unimaginable from his youth and mild demeanor, he is the next successor of the rulers of the world, the Harways.
    A king in the making who is the result of inborn talent (including Magic Circuits) polished off by the Harways' harsh yet careful education.
    Leo himself is more aware than anyone that he was desired as a ruler and raised to be a ruler.
    A king is not someone who comes from the human world,
    but one who is sent by the heavens to the earth.
    Those who are born thus are said to possess regality.
    Leo’s regality is “thorough ideal.”
    One can say he is a lord of a level unattainable by the average person; someone who has overcome the contradiction of having discarded human feelings while full of humaneness, for the purpose of realizing a totalitarian society where people of unequal skills can live in equality.
    Though he has had no freedom since birth, that he nevertheless has a calm personality is no doubt his innate nature.

    If we say the protagonist represents change, offense,
    then Leo is the character representing stagnation, defense.
    Leo possesses no self-interest and wishes for the world to stabilize under the watch of the Harways.
    His goal in seeking the grail is not “greater power” but “certain stability.”

    If the Holy Grail ends up in the hands of someone other than himself, the conflict that would have otherwise concluded in ten years would extend to twenty years.
    …...Even if a Master sent by the conglomerate emerges victorious, so long as the Holy Grail is “power on the national scale attained by an individual,” it will become the kindling of conflict.
    In order to prevent that future, he himself went to the moon as a Master.

    “Humanity will only exhaust itself even if it continues to change with no answer in mind. To find a new path for change before the world completely stagnates will doubtless be my next task.”

    So Leo narrates.
    That “the current regime of the conglomerate is mistaken”.......Tohsaka Rin’s contention was a problem that Leo had already long since pondered over.
    To put it this way, the one who prepares for the doom that comes after in view of the answer of this path is Leo.
    Meanwhile, the one who fights in attempt to change that answer is Rin.
    To Leo, what should be prioritized is humanity’s continuation, not the reign of the Harways.
    His ultimate goal in seeking the grail is a millenium of the next generation where people can live in safety.
    However―――Leo, who knows neither the negative emotions of the weak, of humans, nor defeat, at the same time does not know the emotion of fear, and is unable to even imagine the possibility of defeat.
    He will eventually come to know how distorted that is for a “human being.”
    His way of accepting everything the way they are could not, even in his final moments, summon up the intrinsic essence of life―――the vitality in the face of adversity.

    A Master who also appears in CCC.
    Like Rin and Rani, he fell into the Far Side upon the conclusion of the fifth week.
    Though his memories were sealed, even BB was unable to brainwash him, and he was trapped in the old school building. (simply not being able to go out)
    Even knowing that his memories are sealed away,
    “I mean, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and all, so let us simply carry on like this!”
    he responds optimistically.
    Although upon being defeated by the protagonist in Extra he learns the truth that “he is not perfect,” thereby truly becoming a king, he is fated to perish in that very instant.
    In the Far Side, the boy king who had been unable to even converse with the protagonist due to the difference in values, enjoyed his brief experience of youth.
    By the way, the only ones to whom Leo does not address with honorifics are AIs and artificial lives of human make. His attitude towards Sakura and Rani can be taken as cold, but Leo is interacting with them in full earnest, with acknowledgement of their identities.

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