Demon God RaumWP (魔神ラウム, Majin Raumu?) is one of the 72 Demons of the Goetia.



During the final stages of the Human Order Incineration Incident, Raum was one of the pillars that administrated the Arsenal.[1]

When Goetia was defeated, Raum was one of the four pillars which managed to escape from the collapsing temple and survive.[2][3] In order to bring 'salvation' to humanity and fulfil its obligations to the Human Order Correction Ritual (人理補正式, Jinri Hosei-shiki?), it devised a plan to administer 'pain', something which it considered to make humans human, equally to all of humanity and regulate them through it. It also believed that 'truths' and entities within the Common Sense of the World, including itself, were not capable of carrying out this plan, so it decided to call in the power of an extraneous existence to fulfill its goals. Prior to carrying out its plan, it had one last conversation with fellow pillar Zepar.[3][4]

Following the collapse of the Demon God system referred to as the Human Order Incineration Ritual (人理焼却式, Jinri Shōkyaku-shiki?) and Raum initiating its own plan to call in an extraneous existence to fulfill its goals,[4] Raum refers to itself with the term Heretical Genesis Ritual (異端創世式, Itan Sōsei-shiki?).[5]


Raum held disdain for some of the other Demon Pillars, including the other survivors, considering them to be too fearful or conscious of death, and held considerably different values from them.[3][4] It intended to maintain its obligations to the Human Order Correction Protocol and bring 'salvation' to humanity. It planned to do this through 'pain', something which it considered makes humans human, administered equally to all. Having lost faith in 'truths' and determined that existences within the Common Sense of the World, including itself, couldn't carry out its full plans, it decided to call upon an extraneous existence in order to do so, something with considerable repercussions and which fellow pillar Zepar considered a foolish error.[3][4]

Unlike other Demon Pillars, Raum doesn't consider taking a human form as a burden or restriction, and actually takes comfort in it. Raum also has a strong dislike and fear of cats.[3][4]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Raum was one of the pillars that administrated the Arsenal.[1] After the defeat of Goetia, it was one of the four Demon Gods that escaped from the Time Temple.[2]

Subspecies Singularity IV: Salem[]

Desiring to summon Sut-Typhon to bring about mankind's salvation through pain, Raum created a recreation of 1692 Salem in modern Salem.[6][7] There he created a Pseudo-Servant of Abigail Williams, turning her into living Sliver Key to open doors across time and space.[8] Taking advantage of her trust and darker tendencies, Raum manipulated her into summoning the participants of the Salem Witch Trials. He repeated these events by recreating Salem to produce results.[6][7] He witnessed how Abigail was responsible for why each recreation deviated from recorded history.[7] During this time, he possesed Randolph Carter's body while the latter's spirit was elsewhere.[8] He then met and adopted Abigail following the deaths of her parents.[7]

He inadvertently allowed Chaldea enter the second Salem when SHEBA detected him and alerted Chadea. It then overloaded the Fate System and used itself as catalyst to summon the Queen of Sheba into Salem. By that point, the Singularity consumed the magical energy of 50,000 people within, and it was proceeding at 105,000 times normal speed. Sheba slowed down it, but it exhausted her and reduced her powers.[7] This allowed Raum to manipulate her into the role of Tituba.[9] He also turned Salem's dead into ghouls at Abigail's suggestion, including the real Tituba. The ghouls would keep resurrecting as long as their roles as Salem residents are required.[7] By the fifth Salem, Raum began to run out of time and magical energy. He then invited the Whateleys at Abigail's request for a friend. He then order them to summon Sut-Typhon, knowing it was their greatest wish.[6]

Acting as Carter, he first meets Ritsuka's party in the woods after they rescued Abigail from wolves. He reprimands her for taking the other children out into the woods in the middle of the night. Abigail explains to him that the group are traveling performers. Carter invites them to stay his house in gratitude for saving his niece. He grounds Abigail for placing the other girls in danger.[10]

The next morning, he goes off to see the Reverend. He learns from the girls and their parents that it was Tituba who taught Abigail she attempted with the girls in the woods last night. He goes to punish Tituba, but Abigail tries to bar him from doing so. She says she begged Tituba to, and demands to be punished in her place. Mata Hari convinces him to ease Tituba's punishment. After Abigail runs off, he forbids Tituba from ever talking about her hometown again.[10]

That evening, he watches the troupe perform a play. Afterwards, he is made aware that an angry mob wishes to speak with him. They have accused Tituba of witchcraft because a charm of hers was found under the ailing Ann Putnam's bed. Matthew Hopkins then arrives, saying he's been appointed Salem's head judge by order of the governor. He gives the Judge official documentation to confirm this. He then orders Tituba to be taken in custody for interrogation. Carter accompanies Hopkins and Tituba since he is her owner. He asks Ritsuka and Mash to take Abigail home.[10]

Carter, accompanied by Ritsuka and Robin Hood, go to meet with Hopkins the next day. They first went to speak with Tituba, but the guard barred them on Hopkin's orders. They then went to speak with Hopkins directly. Carter threatens legal action against him, claiming Tituba was taken unlawful. He also said he'd seek damages if Tituba's ability to work was impedied. Hopkins however ignored his threats. Afterwards, Carter took Abigail with him to speak with the Reverend regarding Tituba's charm.[11]

Later that night, Carter and Abigail go to Tituba in her cell. However, the guard tells them that she were already sent to the gallows. Carter has Ritsuka and the others take Abigail there with them ahead of him, claiming he has medical condition that prevents him from running. He soon arrives to see Tituba has been long dead. He agrees with Abigail to get her body, saying the handling of her remains is up to them. But the Judge says it's sacrilegous for criminals to buried alongside Salem's ancestors. Later, Carter later learns Tituba's confession of heresy that resulted in her execution was tortured out of her. After Tituba and the condemned are buried, he went home with Abigail.[11]

There he told the troupe what he learned. Robin and Nezha then sense something outside approaching from a distance. While Mash, Medea, and Carter stay, the others go outside. Carter uses his gun to defend himself against the executed who've risen from dead, including Tituba. After Tituba is destroyed, everyone notices Absalom Whateley, head of the Whateleys, and Lavinia's grandfather. They also meet Circe.[11]

At town hall the next day, the villagers discuss last night's attack. Carter call the undead condemned ghouls based on the descriptions by d'Elrette. He doesn't mention seeing Tituba when the Judge asks him if he recognized any of the ghouls. He says he drove the ghouls off last night with the troupe's help.[12]

Later, he joins Hopkins in arresting Absalom, claiming to Sanson that he used black magic to animate the ghouls. When Abigail and Lavinia arrive, he tells Abigail that the Whateleys are heretic to her disbelief at his words. As Absalom is being taking into custody, he suspects Carter's actions are for what he did to his sister and her husand (Abigail's parents), claiming he merely returned them to their proper forms.[12]

Later that evening, when ghouls attack again, Carter kills the ghoul Absalom, saying his role is finished.[12]

The next day, he confronted Mash and Abgail when they passed by town hall after they finished shopping. He said he was going to fetch a judge, or reinforcements if that didn't work. Mash decided to go with him to find a way out of Salem, even though it's impossible. Carter and Mash then rode to the village outskirts on horseback.[13] He then abandoned her in the woods, leaving her to be attacked by ghouls.[9]

He returns with soldiers the next night when Salem is under attack once again. He provides them with sliver bullets to use against the monsters. In the morning, he searches for Abigail, having discovered their house burned down. Ritsuka informs them that she's staying with them at their campsite in the woods. Carter thanks them for again saving his niece, and invites the troupe to stay with a vacant house.. He claims he agreed to take Mash with him as far as the village's exit, and thought she headed back on her own. He then goes to get Abigail after kicking away a cat.[9]

At the vacant house, Raum watches as Abigail speaks R'lyehian in her sleep. There is only one left until the ultimate gate opens. He notes Sut-Typhon has already begun his descent within the depth of her mind. He commends Whateley for making it so.[14]

The group tell Carter the truth about Salem, but he refuses to believe it. Ritsuka asks him where Abigail's parents are buried, as they're not in the town graveyard. He answers they have no have grave because their bodies were never found, so Abigail assumed they were canibalized by natives. He also says Abigail herself was the last one to see her parents alive, considering it fortunate she survived the attack.[14]

At Sanson's trial, Carter is asked where Abigail is as she was present at Hopkin's murder. He answers she is currently recuperating from physical and mental exhausation, so he'll be defending her. He then reveals the troupe are Tituba in the woods, even after she was supposedly executed. This, combined with Sanson admitting to the charges of conspiring to murder Hopkins, sentences to be him hanged. Abigail barges in to try and stop it, but Carter tells the Judge to ignore her.[14]

After Sanson is executed, Abigail confesses to conducting dark rituals in the woods she directed the other girls in. Nezha protects her from the villagers's stoning. However, Abigail suddenly transforms into a true witch, forcing the group to stop her. She returns to normal and falls unconscious. She, Circe, and Ritsuka are then taken into custody.[14]

Carter visits Ritsuka and Circe in their prison cells. Ritsuka however has already deduced he is the Demon God. Raum reveals he chose Salem and Abigail for his plan to save mankind. Salem borders on sanity and madness, where the wisdom of the modern age and the darkness of Middle Ages intertwine. Abigail will serve as mankind's savior through pain. Raum believes pain is the basis for human happiness and humans in general. He warns Abigail will tried as a witch at dawn tomorrow. He also reveals he invited Chaldea to save Abigail after many others, including himself, failed to do so. Circe realizes Raum has been repeating the past several days to produce results.[6]

The next morning, Ritsuka and Circe's trial begins. Abigail tries to defend Ritsuka by pointing out that she is a known witch. Carter stops her though, and convinces the judge to let him lead the proceedings. Throughout he details how Abigail's actions turned Salem into what it is now, addressing them as her sins. He also reveals how Sheba came to be summoned to Salem. Lavinia soon enters and splashes Carter with the Powder of Ibn-Ghazi, designed to make spirits materialize, turning his head into that of a raven. This disables the town hall's bounded field, allowing Sheba to enter in her true form. The villagers then turn into ghouls, having been so the entire time. Abigail transforms upon seeing Sheba. Raum addreses Abigail's fourth sin, summoning the participants of the Salem Witch Trials. The group hold Abigail off when Lavinia reveals Sut-Typhon is about to descend. Raum addresses Abigail's fifth sin, placing trust in others that removed any distinction between good and evil. He then transforms into his true self. Due to Sut-Typhon's impending descension, Salem's Bounded Field rapidly dissipates, and magical energy is being rapidly consumed across the continent, primarily in heavily populated areas. As the phenenom threatens the basis of magecraft, Chaldea will seal Salem from the outside with multiple bounded fields. If the group fail to resolve the situation with the limited time they have, Chaldea will destroy everything there. The group then fight and defeat Raum.[7]

Raum killed by Robin Hood

Raum transforms back into his raven-headed Carter self. His head tears itself off, transforming into a full raven. He mortally wounds Lavinia, and Robin fatally shoots him. He warns dimensional gates are already open everywhere. He says Abigail's sixth sin is barely worth mentioning, and asserts she will abandon everything. Abigail then crushes him under her heel.[7]


As with other Demon God Pillars, Raum is capable of producing a Holy Grail and making use of it to produce a Singularity.[3][4] Raum's specialization as a Demon Pillar is in the capacity of taking root within a "metropolis".[3][4]

It can also possess a human body, transform the host's head into that of a crow and also assume the form of a flock of crows. In the guise of 'Randolph Carter', he was capable in equestrian combat and the use of firearms.[3][4]


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