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Red Arcueid (暴走アルクェイド, Bōsō Arukueido?, Berserk Arcueid), also called Warcueid (ワルクェイド?), is an alternate version of Arcueid Brunestud manifested by Night of Wallachia in Melty Blood.



Red Arcueid is a hypothetical version of Arcueid who has permanently fallen to her blood lust to become a Demon Lord. She is manifested through the power of Night of Wallachia, which is able to take rumors and give them form. While the regular Arcueid may be regarded as equivalent to Crimson Moon in this state after having fallen, she is actually a completely different entity, the "materialized form of Arcueid's overflowing vampiric impulse."[1] Tatari Arcueid is more similar to Arcueid in this form than Crimson Moon as well.[2]


Red Arcueid mostly resembles her original self, but with a more manic and unhinged appearance. Her hair has become wild and untamed, while her eyes have turned a golden-yellow color, and her sclera have turned blood-red. Her teeth have changed as well, becoming sharp fangs.


Red Arcueid has lost her ability to reason after succumbing to her vampiric impulses.[1] As an "Evil Arcuied", she goes into a wild frenzy, becoming completely indiscriminate with her rage. Reveling in cruelty, all of her attacks have become more monstrous and she enjoys trampling foes with overwhelming force.[1][2] She possess over the top speech and behavior that comes from her "selfish princess former royal manner of speech", known for the way she shouts "Rip and tear, rip and tear!" while tearing her enemies apart limb by limb with her own hands.[1][2]



Ciel's route[]

Arcueid begins to lose herself in Ciel's route towards the end, battling Shiki. She still retains enough composure to recognize him, so it is more of a glimpse at what she can become.[2][3]

Melty Blood[]

The real Arcueid's role in the first Melty Blood is limited. She fights Shiki Tohno and Sion Eltnam Atlasia once while investigating the occurrence of the Night of Wallachia, though the Arcueid they fight may only be a manifestation of a rumor or not, depending on the path. Wallachia's main goal is to manifest as a True Ancestor to finally it obtain the Sixth, so he hopes that the rumors lead to him developing as Arcueid. Shiki's fears about Arcueid losing control over her vampiric impulses combined with the rumors of her traveling through town at night allows for him to manifest in her form if there are no more prevalent rumors.

This manifestation is a hypothetical Arcueid that has ceased restraining her blood lust and succumbed entirely. Much like Shiki Nanaya, Red Arcueid doesn't truly exist. She is the version of Arcueid who has given fully into her bloodlust and unlocking her full powers for fighting, making her lose all traces of humanity and morality in her soul and desiring to do nothing but kill all in their path for fun, which is the greatest fear of Arcueid. However, she is an illusion created by Wallachia, a manifestation of the fears inside Arcueid's heart.

The main route of Melty Blood has Wallachia materialize as her for his plans of obtain the Sixth, but this form is defeated. The true Arcueid shows up afterward, utilizing Marble Phantasm to allow him to be fully killed. Red Arcueid is able to still be manifested within the sequels under the TATARI of White Len and Dust of Osiris.


Red Arcueid is no longer limited like the regular Arcueid who cannot do "useless things." No longer needing to regulate her power to match the opponent, Red Arcueid will use her power mercilessly even against regular humans.[2]

Red Arcueid, no longer restraining her blood lust, should have full access to her power after having succumbed entirely. The Night of Wallachia, noting her almost limitless strength, is only able to bring about 30% of the power of the form. She is intensely sadistic and bloodthirsty, and her appearance is drastically different from Arcueid, sporting large fangs, a somewhat inhuman shape, long claws and red eyes different from Arcueid's normal golden eyes, similar to when she first tasted blood.

When Red Arcueid is materialized by TATARI using the vampiric impulses of true Arcueid as a catalyst base to give it physical form, Arcueid is temporarily free from all his vampiric impulses, allowing it to use all of its powers.


« When Berserk Arcueid appears, Arcueid herself is freed from her desire to drink blood. …That's a complete and utter lie, of course. »

(Melty Blood Act Cadenza PS2 Manual)


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