Regulation of the Aether​ Cosmos: Sapphire Galaxy Id Est Cosmos (蒼輝銀河即ちコスモスエーテル宇宙然るに秩序?) is the Noble Phantasm of Mysterious Heroine XX.

Although she shouts many things in accordance with her mood at the time - such as "Twin-Mynyad Disaster" or "Double X Dynamic" - its True Name is "Ether Universe, Howbeit the Order". By means of opposing mirrors, this True Name denotes the rules of the universe that Rhongomynyad protects. A dynamic Saber Slash performed after releasing the safe-mode of Rhongomynyad-LR and increasing its output. It explodes the opponent along with the planet itself.

The final ruling measure, which does not adhere to things such as the right to remain silent or the right to call a lawyer. A convenient Noble Phantasm that is endowed with special effectiveness not only against Foreigners, but also against the Sabers.[1]


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