Reincarnation Pandora: Usurper of the Celestial Wind (天つ風の簒奪者
, Amatsu Kaze no Sandatsusha
Riinkānēshon Pandōra
?) is the hidden third Noble Phantasm of Alcides, granted upon the transfiguration of Heracles into the Avenger-class.[1] It allows for Alcides to steal a Noble Phantasm from another Servant and use it as his own. Described by Alcides as "usurping" the opponent, Alcides is shown to call out the True Name of the Noble Phantasm, immediately ceasing the opponent's usage of their Noble Phantasm and conferring the effects onto Alcides. The exact conditions are not stated.[1]

The Noble Phantasm is capable of stealing a conceptual Noble Phantasm that itself is part of the owner's Saint Graph. Such a case damages the former owner, as if half their Saint Graph has been removed. Once the Noble Phantasm is stolen, it is described as having fused, melted together, into the Saint Graph of Alcides through the Holy Grail Mud. Due to that, it is determined that the stolen Noble Phantasm will not be returned to the owner even with the destruction of Alcides. The only way for the Servant to be granted it again would be through being destroyed and resummoned.[2]

The stolen Saint Graph can leave Alcides with a weakness in that the stolen Saint Graph still bears some connection to the former Saint Graph owner's Master, allowing for a pathway into his own Saint Graph not formerly present. Flat Escardos is able to use the weaker Magic Resistance of the stolen Saint Graph of False Berserker to damage Alcides using precise magecraft and a Command Spell.[2]

Stolen Noble PhantasmsEdit

From HellEdit

Main article: From Hell Alcides steals From Hell, a Noble Phantasm granting a demonic form, from False Berserker, instantly returning the copies of Berserker to their human selves. The Noble Phantasm grants Alcides horns mirroring Berserker's demonic form, "wings like black smoke sprouting from his back", and a severalfold increase in magical energy.[1] The wings can be used to slice opponents.[2]


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