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Reines El-Melloi Archisorte (ライネス・エルメロイ・アーチゾルテ, Rainesu Erumeroi Āchizorute?, Rainess El-Melloi Archisorte) is the current head of the El-Melloi faction after the death of Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. She is a main character in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files. She is known as the Princess of El-Melloi (エルメロイの姫君, Erumeroi no himegimi?).



Reines was born in the Archisorte family, a branch family of the Archibald family.[6][7] She is the adopted sister of the previous Lord El-Melloi, Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. To be accurate, if going by blood relations, she is Kayneth’s niece. Her mother, being particularly average in her talent as a magus, married into the Archisorte branch family instead of taking her own family’s name, where she had a number of children.[2]

With the death of Kayneth in the Fourth Holy Grail War, there was a conflict on the succession of the El-Melloi faction as it fell into a state of great internal discord. Thus assets such as talents, lands, and Mystic Codes, that were all amassed under the name of El-Melloi and had been passed down since antiquity, were all stolen away by rivals and branch families of the Archibald lineage. As a result, the only things left over for the main family were the title of El-Melloi, and a debt of astronomical proportions. Reines was selected as the head of the El-Melloi faction.[6] As a result, just as described in the story, Reines became the successor after it was determined she happened to have the best affinity for the Source Crest. At that time, in order to put a rest to the strife between the Archisorte and Archibald families and demonstrate her right to succession, she accepted adoption into Kayneth’s family. Though, as a continued act of defiance, she still operates under the name Archisorte.

Reines's early life was mostly chaotic as she lived through a period filled with deception and assassination, where she learned to be constantly cautious of spies or enemies that threaten her life; as a child, Reines's meals have been poisoned regularly yet she managed to cope with this by carrying rations on person.

Waver submitting to Reines.

When Waver Velvet returned to the Clock Tower, she kept her eyes on him as he was the man who survived Fuyuki's Holy Grail War. Eventually, Waver became a lecturer and operated the abandoned El-Melloi classroom for three years, quickly making a name for himself. Now impressed and interested, Reines decided to meet him on a whim. She used the remaining authority within the El-Melloi faction to kidnap Waver. She had him brought before her and admitted to Waver that she is somewhat a secret fan who has been observing him. However, from her position, Waver was nothing more than another thief that had stolen away the resources that rightfully belonged to the El-Melloi faction. When Waver questioned her identity, she told him her name. However, to her surprise, Waver hung his head and apologized for his recklessness that drove Kayneth to death, whereas Reines believed that Kayneth was already determined to die from the beginning of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Waver acknowledged his sin and begged for his life as he had something to achieve. It left her somewhat dumbfounded; as Waver turned out to be completely different from the reports of him being a self-centered immature individual.

She made some demands for Waver, the first demand being for Waver to take responsibility for the El-Melloi faction debt. The second was about Kayneth's Magic Crest, with the parts they had recovered only amounting to about a tenth of the full Crest. With Reines' resources, it would have taken, at the very least, three generations to repair the entire thing. So, she commanded Waver to fix the El-Melloi family Source Crest. Reines though became very worried, as Waver nonchalantly agrees with the impossible demands. Her third demand caught Waver off guard, as she wanted him to take the position of Lord in her place, until she is of an appropriate age. She named him "Lord El-Melloi II" and her older step-brother. As her fourth demand, she wanted Waver to work as her personal tutor. By doing so it would send all the right messages that she is receiving private tutelage from a brother not connected by blood. She took the Velvet family Magic Crest from Waver as collateral to ensure he wouldn't attempt to flee from her demands.[6]

At one point Reines had an evil butler, and one of the earlier cases that the El-Melloi faction took on involved him.[8] He is the one who taught her to be be so ruthless in her political dealings and the exercising of her authority.[2]


Gray describes her as someone with brilliant blonde hair, pale white skin reminiscent of a bisque dollWP, and both clothes and grace that were similarly picturesque. Her most impressive feature was definitely her eyes; blazing like fire, overflowing with strength and determination. A girl who seemed no older than fifteen years old. She has a gentle voice.[5]


She admits that she has a bad personality. She smiles when she see others suffer. Even more so if they are a straight-forward, honest person. When someone, who by all rights should have been walking a path overflowing with light, is forced to step off the correct path due to some meaningless mistake, it fills her with pleasure.[6]

Although she always speaks in an easygoing manner, she is actually extremely cautious. Schemes have become a forte of hers after all the assassination attempts on her as a Clock Tower Lord candidate.

Though it’s not demonstrated so clearly in the story, her political maneuvering is vicious. For example, remember how her first meeting with Waver was after she abducted him. The fact she is used to doing such things is a demonstration of her political style.

She treats Lord El-Melloi II as a servant and refers to him as her brother. In the manga adaptation Reines seems to have a penchant to make silly facial expressions whenever she is around El-Melloi II.

Reines apparently had a dispute with the Sophia-Ri family, and she is still on bad terms with them even today.[9]

Reines's high tolerance for alcohol.

She enjoys eating sweets such as chocolates and macarons, and often shares them with Gray.[7][10] She has a surprisingly high tolerance for alcohol despite her small size.[11]


Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[]

case. Castle of Separation Adra[]

Reines and Trimmau went to Lord El-Melloi II's apartment to informs him about the recent death of Geryon Ashborn, the Adra Castle owner. Reines tells him that she volunteered him to participate to the castle testament. Reines considered Lord El-Melloi II best interest in mind, she teased him that if he completes this incident nicely, he would be able to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War. She mischievously points out that she overlooked Lord El-Melloi II decision to live in an apartment alone instead of the El-Melloi mansion. She finds the fact that he is paying rent to pay his debt at a building owned by our her family is absurd. Lord El-Melloi II gives up the argument and agrees to take part in the Adra Castle testament, with one condition. He would only agree if Reines doesn't participate, Reines agrees and leaves his apartment. As she leaves, Reines greets Gray and questions Gray's well being before leaving.[5]

case. Twin Towers of Iselma[]

Flat and Svin arguing in the presence of Reines and Trimmau.

Reines was sent back to Modern Magecraft's college town by the Trambelio faction, after she received an invitation of a social gathering. She travels with Trimmau to the Faculty of Modern Magecraft. As Flat Escardos was sliding down from the spiral staircase in the hall, Trimmau prevented the accident by saving Reines. She witness the argument between Flat and Svin Glascheit. As the argument gets even more heated, Reines orders Trimmau to break down at a molecular level and dissipated, spreading out across the room like a mist. Svin finally aware of Reines presence, he apologizes and Reines questions Svin if Lord El-Melloi II and Gray is present. She finds Gray polishing Lord El-Melloi II's shoe, they engage in banter until Reines goes inside Lord El-Melloi II office. Reines talks with Lord El-Melloi II, she ask to borrow Gray for a few days. She reveals that she received an invitation to a social gathering. They discuss about the theme of the beauty.[12] Lord El-Melloi II comes in conclusion that the social gathering is about the Golden and Silver Princesses. Reines confirms this and she wants Gray to be her bodyguard. Gray who overheard the conversion from Add, said she is willing to participate. Reines talks about the upcoming Fifth Holy Grail War and who will participate, but Lord El-Melloi II rather prioritize the debt to the El-Melloi family. Before leaving, she teased if Lord El-Melloi II wants to have a child with her.[13]

As they're leaving London, Reines and Gray discuss about the Gold and Silver Princesses and how the Iselma family has pursued the creation of 'the most beautiful person' for generations. But the truth is that Reines is more interested in the rumor about a Mage is receiving a "Grand" rank.[7] Reines and Gray took the train to the West Coast line out of London for about three and a half hours and changing trains at Oxenholme, they arrived at Windermere. After leaving the station, they immediately came upon a single horse-drawn carriage. They were anticipated and received by Byron Valualeta Iselma's caretaker. They arrived at the Twin Towers of Iselma and was welcomed by Byron in the Tower of the Moon.[14]

Reines encountering Touko.

Reines notices how many factions were attending to the party, she is the only Barthomeloi faction attending. She gives permission to Trimmau, to act on her own judgment, so she takes up her maid form. Maio Brishisan Clynelles who was drunk, fell down and accidently threw his drink. Gray was able to catch the glass without spilling and hands it back to Maio.

Touko Aozaki warns Maio not to touch Trimmau, as touching someone else's Mystic Code would potentially cause someone's death. Touko would introduces herself to Reines, whereas Reines was shocked to learn that Touko was the rumored Grand Rank Mage and her Sealing Designation was revoked. Reines learns from Touko, that she was the one who provided puppet parts to Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald in the Fourth Holy Grail War. Touko tried to touch Gray's face until the two princesses arrived. Touko's personality switched as she analyze the Iselma family princesses. She leaves with Maio.[15]

Later, Reines is approached by the Princess of Gold, Diadra Valualeta Iselma, who asks for asylum for her and her sister Estella, as her father's methods in modifying their bodies had become dangerous enough that she feared for their lives. For that she requested for the El-Melloi family to take them in, which would thus mean getting the protection of the Aristocratic Faction. But as such a move could spell wars between the factions, Reines rejects her. Undeterred, the Princess of Gold proposes a compensation and asks her to rethink it over, inviting her to come to her room in secret the following morning.[16]

However, the day after, when Reines goes to her room and sense no one inside, she has Trimmau break down the door and find the Princess of Gold dead in her bed, beheaded and her body torn apart.[17] Reines sends Gray to bring the news to the other guests, and when everyone is assembled, the presence of a Mystic Lock makes it clear the murder is a locked-room mysteryWP. Reines is suspected of the crime as Trimmau could have easily entered the room, and so, to clear her name, Reines proposes herself as the one to investigate and find the culprit, which the other attendees agree to.[18]

While investigating the murder, Reines finds footprints leading from the Tower of the Moon into the forest. Following them, her and Gray are suddenly caught in a Bounded Field and her connection to Trimmau is severed. Within that barrier, they are assaulted by a Puppet. Gray manages to defend them against the assault, but the puppet gets away. When they break through the barrier, they find Trimmau by a spring with a bloody hand standing over the body of Carina, one of the two maids.[3]

Lord Byron and the others show up and accuse Reines of the crime, confiscating Trimmau. However, Lord El-Melloi shows up in the nick of time to save them from their precarious situation, causing Reines to note to herself internally that her brother looks blindingly bright to her. Having decided to travel to the Towers following Reines calling him about the demand of asylum, he declares that he'll take over the case,[19] and when Byron objects, he starts explaining how the ritual with the two princesses works until he gets angry and lets him do as he pleases.[20] However, the investigation is cut short when Atrum Galliasta attacks the estate.

Grace note[]

case. Mystic Eyes Collection Train[]

Reines and Gray.

In the anime adaptation only, Reines hires Luviagelita Edelfelt and Kairi Sisigou to investigate Doctor Heartless.

Reines arrives to the Rail Zeppelin along with Caules Forvedge when El-Melloi II reveals the truth behind Heartless's role in the incident aboard the train. After the case is over, Reines greets Olga Marie Animusphere who had come to see El-Melloi II during his hospital stay. Olga Marie's father, Marisbury Animusphere, another Lord of the Clock Tower, had refused to see her recently despite his own role in the events aboard Rail Zeppelin. This prompts the girls to strike up an acquaintanceship as two heirs to the title of Lord.

Grace Note Special Episode[]

case. Atlas Contract[]

Reines starts narrating the first half, talking to Gray about the circumstances that brought Waver and her to the town where they met six months ago, and also where they met Zepia Eltnam Atlasia residing in a cabin over there as a guest. Waver had Reines go back to London earlier so she didn't get to see all of what happened that made Waver take Gray to London, so her knowledge of the story ends halfway in the volume.[21]

Outside the flashback, after the crisis with the Corpse King and Logos React is resolved and Gray and El-Melloi II return to London, Gray visits Reines with chocolates she bought from a department store. Gray is embarrassed to bring something so cheap since usually Reines provides expensive treats for them, but Reines enjoys them all the same despite their poorer quality. When Trimmau says that Reines is enjoying them because she's eating them with Gray, Reines rejects the idea.

As they talk, Reines mentions how it seems information about the Holy Grail War is being intentionally suppressed by someone, even though a ritual where a Lord like Kayneth died in should be a bigger deal, and concludes that Doctor Heartless has allies in the Department of Policies.[22]

case. Grand Resolution[]

Reines and Olga Marie Animusphere.

The El-Melloi faction gets notice of a "Grand Roll" — an official meeting of the Lords. These meetings are rare, and most Lords usually don't bother to attend. They suspect Heartless might be involved, so they have to attend, but El-Melloi is very weak at the moment, and being pressured by both the Aristocratic and Democratic factions. On the last Grand Roll, the El-Melloi family got moved from their previous faculty to the twelfth, so Reines fears a little now that a new one is gettting held. It's possible that whatever way they vote, they'll end up crushed by one side or the other.[23]

They decide to split up and gather information on two fronts. One team, led by Lord El-Melloi II, tracks down the former apprentices of Heartless, while the other one, led by Reines, talks to contacts to try to get information on the Grand Roll—what the subject is, which lords will be attending, how they intend to vote, how serious they are about the meeting, are any of them connected to Heartless, etc. Reines lends Waver a portion of Trimmau to use as a familiar, so that he can participate in both teams at the same time by having a miniature version of himself made of mercury that shares his senses.[23]

Her team finds out that the meeting is being called by Lord Trambellio, head of the Democratic faction, and they intend to make a proposal to redevelop the Spiritual Tomb of Albion, and in the process reorganize the distribution of harvested materials. The reason for that is that the supply of magical ingredients from the Spiritual Tomb of Albion has been getting pretty bad lately, and the Democratic faction wants to redevelop it and increase excavation. The Aristocratic faction does not agree with using their resources this way and prefers a more conservative approach.[23]

When Heartless and Faker attacks Norwich, using Faker's chariot to destroy one of the old buildings, a cavern is revealed containing the remains of beasts from the Spiritual Tomb of Albion and a rift leading to it. Reines speculates this as proof that it's a hidden portal to Albion, and that Heartless and his apprentices had been involved in smuggling materials out, bypassing the normal managerial organization. This explains how Heartless used huge amounts of money in earlier cases, since the Clock Tower takes most of the profit, normally.[24]

A big fight ensues between Heartless and Faker on one side, and Touko, Reines, and Svin on the other. Reines has a portion of Trimmau processed to produce Volumen Hydrargyrum armor for Svin, feeling Svin's state with the Volumen Hydrargyrum armor and fine-tuning its performance in real-time. Heartless and Faker eventually have to withdraw through the rift to Albion before it closes, but Touko's last attack knocks a golden coin free from their chariot.[24]

Reines calls most of the people wronged by Heartless in previous incidents and bring them all together. While El-Melloi II and his allies hop on the Rail Zeppelin to ride a leyline into the Spiritual Tomb of Albion to stop Heartless, she is left behind to stall for time at the Grand Roll. Reines is over her head in the meeting. She suspects one of the other Lords is in cahoots with Heartless but is unsure who. Lord Trambellio produces one of Heartless' apprentices, who turns out to have been his daughter, Asheara Mystras. But Reines is helped by the surprise arrival of the representative of the Neutral faction, Touko Aozaki, who doesn't have any real horse in the race but is just having a great time, and helps Reines buy time for Waver to try and stop Heartless.[25]

The Grand Roll is ended inconclusively, with all present deciding to pretend it never happened and striking it from the records, and Reines rendezvous with El-Melloi II and Gray when they escape the Spiritual Tomb of Albion.[25]

The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II[]

The Man Who Devoured God[]

Three years after Case Files, Reines receives a letter from El-Melloi II saying he will not be back from Singapore for some time. She knows that he sent the letter instead of using the phone because she would be able to question him immediately on the phone.

She and Luvia worry about how he may lose his Lord status someday if he's irresponsible, and because of his reputation they know that there are plenty of hitmen eagerly waiting for the flood of commissions they'll get the day El-Melloi II stops being a Lord. She also expresses worry for Gray, as Gray has not physically aged at all in the last three years. Most students haven't noticed yet, but the longer it goes on the more people will start to suspect something.[26]

The Devil of the Wandering Sea[]

Reines and Latio Crudelis Hiram

Reines receives a visit from Latio Crudelis Hiram, an enemy of her brother's but who wishes to cooperate with her. She explains to Reines about Ergo and the three gods inside of him, and how there is currently a Divine Body - an organ of a god - from one of Ergo's three gods in Japan. Latio requests that Reines take data from the Divine Body's owner in exchange for Latio sharing the analysis results. Latio needs that data to obtain Ergo and Reines needs it to save him, so they can cooperate until the analysis results are shared.[27]

Reines, Latio, and Luvia traveled to Egypt to meet up with El-Melloi II's group, where Latio would remain an ally until El-Melloi II delivered information on Ōkuninushi, the god of the Yakou Divine Body. As El-Melloi II's group was boarding their plane in Tokyo, Reines called him to inform him that while investigating the Wandering Sea her group had come across a locked-door murder mystery, with the victim being a pharaoh.[28]

Legacy of the Alchemist[]

Fate/strange Fake[]

Reines has Hishiri Adashino and Goredolf Musik place El-Melloi II under house arrest so that he won't learn what his students are doing in Snowfield.[29]


Earlier she ditched her tutor, as she claims that the tutor is "at the bottom of hell". She orders Trimmau to unlock Lord El-Melloi II's room, she sneaks in as Lord El-Melloi II took out a shard of cloth from his locker. She used this opportunity to sit down and drink tea. As Lord El-Melloi II was reminiscing Iskandar, she mischievously calls out to him and describes his habit of talking to himself as weird. Lord El-Melloi II insists that Reines shouldn't enter someone's room without permission, whereas Reines proclaims that it isn't strange for a sister to enter her brother's room. Lord El-Melloi II complains about her behavior. Reines starts questioning why Lord El-Melloi II didn't use the cloth as a Catalyst for the Great Holy Grail War. As Lord El-Melloi II rationally explains his reasoning, Reines thinks differently. She points out that it's rather Lord El-Melloi II who doesn't want others to summon him. She explains her real reasoning to meet Lord El-Melloi II, she wants to know if he had shown anything weird to Trimmau (with the culprit being actually Flat Escardos). As Lord El-Melloi II said he didn't know anything so Reines left the room.[4]

Reines's scene was cut from the anime adaptation, but she makes a quick cameo appearance in the last episode of the series, barging into a room where Flat Escardos and Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia are, with Trimmau at her side.[30]

Fate/Grand Order[]

Main article: Sima Yi

Reines is summoned as the vessel of Pseudo-Servant Sima Yi in the Lady Reines Case Files event. She comes from a world in which the events of Case Files occur. She is summoned due to the influence of Zhuge Liang's Noble Phantasm Chu Shi Biao, which gives its target (in this case, Lord El-Melloi II) something required for the situation at hand.

The Reines from the World of Fate/Grand Order goes through similar experiences as her counterpart, taking part in the Rail Zeppelin auction and the Grand Roll, but she has no contact with Olga Marie Animusphere. Unlike the Case Files world, Olga doesn't partake in either event.[31]

Reines was mentioned in Fate/Accel Zero Order event of Fate/Grand Order. Lord El-Melloi II tells Kayneth that he is Reines' representative and he is here to assist him.[32] Kayneth contacted Archisorte family regarding Lord El-Melloi II's claim to be Reines' messenger, they thought he was lying so Kayneth and Diarmuid became hostile towards the Chaldea group. Lord El-Melloi II reveals that he isn't Reines’ representative until four years later and he is from the future.[33]

She also appears on the Craft Essences "Annual General Meeting" and "El-Melloi Tea Time".


Her element is Water,[2] and her magecraft system is mainly one that uses minerals and the Flow and Conversion of them.[1]

She possesses a particular kind of Mystic Eyes that specialize in precision analysis, allowing for precise maneuvering of her magecraft.[34] When her eyes come into contact with Magical Energy, they start turning red as a side effect,[7] though she can also activate them manually.[35] Her Mystic Eyes are compared to an allergic reaction, and she has eyedrops to calm the burning sensation and turn them blue again. If the magical energy is intense enough, her eyes can even catch on fire.[36] She can also emit small flames with her eyes, such as to burn rope.[37] Her eyes allow her to see normally invisible magical energy, like the Mana in her surroundings and spirits of the dead.[35]

The reason her eyes overheat so quickly is thanks to the immaturity of her brain and Magic Circuits. In short, the development of her brain and Magic Circuits haven't caught up to that of her Mystic Eyes, causing them to overreact in response to their use. However it is due to that overreation that her precision in magecraft became prominent.[38]

Reines' primary method of combat is Trimmau, and without Trimmau most of her magecraft is geared toward laboratory work. She can at least fire magical energy given shape to cause physical impact, but it's nothing special and actually rather shameful for a Lord to resort to.[3] Reines does not possess the exceptional Magic Circuits of Kayneth, but her precision control allows for Trimmau to take on a wider variety of forms than Volumen Hydrargyrum could under him.[39] Trimmau and Reines do not have linked senses. After all, Volumen Hydrargyrum is a Mystic Code, not a familiar. However Reines can still feel when the flow of magical energy between them is cut.[3]

Reines dowsing.

Among other spells she can use, she is able to erase the sound of her footstep anytime using magecraft.[4] And with little effort, she can replay events in her brain with a little activation of her Magic Circuits.[6] She also carries a chain with an amethyst at its end to use for dousing. She wraps the chain around her wrist and lets the amethyst hang directly down. With the incantation "Adjust" the amethyst will begin to waver, moving the chain in the direction of what she seeks. She once followed this up with the incantation "Now, show your presence!"(Thou, betray thy sign!) to clear away fog blocking their target.[3]

After the events of Case Files, she finally learns to control her Mystic Eyes specialized in precision analysis, and under the tutelage of El-Melloi II, continues to grow her own abilities well in the research field. In the same way she gave a personality to Trimmau, her practical ability to "layer her own magecraft over that of another" is a truly fitting achievement for the El-Melloi name.[2]


Her existence was first mentioned in the El-Melloi II entry of Character material which was published in 2006.[9][40] She made her debut in Fate/Apocrypha volume 3 in December 2013, which was the first time she had a name and design.

Her name spelled in Japanese, ライネス, is only one character different from the spelling of her uncle Kayneth's name, ケイネス.

Creation and Conception[]

Reines was created by Fate/Apocrypha author Yuuichirou Higashide, though since from her conception it was known that she would be in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files he would consult with the Case Files author Makoto Sanda, "Is it okay if Reines is something like this?" Much of the early parts of Case Files volume 2, where Reines was the narrator, was written during this initial planning phase for her character.[8]

Her entry in “Character material” and her backstory in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files contradicts each other. It is said in the “Character material” that Waver was named as "Lord El-Melloi II" as a form of gratitude for helping the Archibald house on the brink of collapse. Reines "blamed" him for causing the situation and claimed "you better serve me for your entire life," much to the former's chagrin.[40]


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    Q: Rewinding the topic a bit, are there any hardships specific to having characters from different titles within the TYPE-MOON world hop the fence and appear in this one? How do you balance consistency with the settings within the different titles and how the characters are drawn out?

    —Rewinding the topic a bit, are there any hardships specific to having characters from different titles within the TYPE-MOON world hop the fence and appear in this one? How do you balance consistency with the settings within the different titles and how the characters are drawn out?

    Makoto Sanda: In that aspect, Reines was the most difficult to work with. At the point where she made her appearance in Fate/Apocrypha, it was already decided that Case Files would be a thing. (Yuichiro) Higashide consulted with me, "Is it okay for Reines to be something like this?" So quite a bit of the part at the beginning of the second volume of the original novels where Reines is the narrator had been written out during the initial planning phase. I had wanted to solidify how Reines shapes up as a character to myself.

    —The writers all have such solid coordination with one another.

    Makoto Sanda: But Caules was more like an afterthought. When Fate/Apocrypha was completed, it was like, "Mr. Sanda, this guy is gonna head off to the El-Melloi Class", where Mr. Higashide naturally shoved him my way. (laughs) As far as the position the character served, that made things interesting, so I went along with it as well. Flat is similar but in contrast to that. Flat originally was a character that was born from an April Fools fanfiction piece by Ryogo Narita in 2008 (Fake/states night). Actually, I was keeping him company as he pulled an all-nighter writing it... That story aside (laughs), in other words Flat is the very first character created as El-Melloi II's student. Which means, he becomes the standard for every other student.


    Makoto Sanda: Of course, it's obvious if you have taken a look at the series, but while Flat eclipses others as a student within the class, I had to make sure that the class environment was such that it's not strange for him to be there. That was when I created Svin. Flat being the only genius wouldn't let him settle down as a character, nor is it really interesting as a group. Therefore, I needed to create a strange character that had just as much talent as Flat. And, since Flat is basically a trickster, I need a character that could stop him. That is why Svin is a character that is basically in charge of the rebuttals, but on occasion will go off the deep end just as much as Flat does.

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    [v] Fate/Apocrypha material - Encyclopedia: Reines El-Melloi Archisorte [Person's name], p.186 [T]

    Reines El-Melloi Archisorte [Person's name]
    →Go check out “Lord El Melloi II Case Files”.
    …But it would be too much to leave it at just that. She is the legitimate successor of the El Melloi clan. She is Lord El Melloi II’s younger stepsister. Her existence was hinted at in the El Melloi II entry of “Character material” which was published in 2006. In this series, she made a grand appearance along with her mercury maid Trimmau.
    She only has a minor supporting role in this work, so her character was made a bit sweeter and childish than other works. Her hiding in a cardboard box and shouting “Boo!” with a hearty laugh is an excellent indication of this.
    When her predecessor Kayneth went off in high spirits with his fiancée Sola-Ui to participate in the Holy Grail War and ended up magnificently having the table turned on him, Reines apparently had a dispute with the Sophia-Ri family, and she is still on bad terms with them even today.


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    Moon Spirit’s Spinal Fluid(Volumen Hydrargyrum) [Mystic Code]
    Supreme Mystic Code of the El-Melloi family.
    The term Supreme Mystic Code refers to a Mystic Code sufficient to be called symbolic of a family of similar level to one of the Twelve Lords of the Clock Tower. In Volumen Hydrargyrum’s case, it was created by Lord Kayneth in his early twenties, a clear demonstration of the once-Lord’s exceptional talent.
    Ever changing in form, it is a Mystic Code capable of performing both offensively and defensively without showing any openings. Its true nature however is that of a remote processor.
    Upon inheriting it, Reines followed the advice of El-Melloi II and created a familiar out of it, endowing it with an elementary kind of artificial intelligence. It was the best advice for Reines who, rather than having the exceptional Magic Circuits of her predecessor, instead boasted a talent for precise control.
    By forcing it to remember Reines’ precise control, the artificial intelligence is able to imitate it perfectly. The newly christened Trimmau being capable of taking so many various forms is primarily a result of this advice she received.
    In addition, because of Trimmau’s nature, it has also learned a great many things from Flat’s magical hacking. Though that has included a large amount of unnecessary wit and famous sayings, Reines has thus far turned a blind eye to it for the sake of the other merits it brings.


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    [v] Character Material - Lord El-Melloi II, p.040-041

    Introduction - Lord El-Melloi II

    Professor Charisma.
    Master V.
    Great Big Ben Londonstar.
    The man that female students named as the #1 man they'd like to get laid by, and so on.
    A famous lecturer in the Clock Tower with many nicknames.
    He doesn't have any problems in declaring he's an archmagus, but he's hopelessly average as a magus.
    But, his skill as a lecturer dominates the rest, and is the best person at detecting the hidden talent of others and training it.
    There are no magi that were his students that hadn't obtained the rank of Grand, and it's even been said that if he gathered his students together, the power chart in the Clock Tower would change.

    But he himself isn't the ambitious sort and has said,
    "What a load of codswallop. Why should I, stuck at the 4th tier I still be, have to bloody look after other people?"
    Well, so, in that sense, he doesn't really want to get involved with his students.
    Back when he was an apprentice, he'd been the very embodiment of the "narcissist that doesn't doubt he's a genius", but an incident some ten years ago had led him to change his attitude, and since then, the result of persistent effort for a spoiled brat led him to be called the professor.

    As far as being a talent production, his works are regarded as the greatest masterpieces of their time, but El-Melloi II doesn't really seem to care about that, probably because he's more interested in being a successful magus himself.
    So anyhow, as a lecturer, he has zip interest in his mega popularity.
    ...Rather, he's irritated by that fact and so has for several years has been walking inside the institute with a constantly cranky look to him. Or so they say.

    Speaking of which, El-Melloi II isn't his real name but a name given to him by the current head of the Archibald house.

    Source: ???
    The custodian (sponsor) of Rin after she went to study in London. The condition being "I will not give you one ounce of instruction. Eh well, I will at least send letters of recommendation to the other departments".
    He really hates Japan and Japanese, but his sole pleasures are Japanese games. A petit bourgeois that you really can't hate.
    And so, while being internally excited, he tried to bring this up to the complete game dunce Rin,
    "Maybe you might..... You know, you should be familiar with that town. That place right between Ueno and Asakusa...."
    Only to be given an instant answer from Rin that not only did she have no interest in Akihabara, but she had no interest in even Nihonbashi.
    And so he got pissed off instead.
    "Fuck! You're the worst Japanese in the world."

    The person that took down the Fuyuki Holy Grail war.

    Introduction - ロード・エルメロイⅡ世

    Explanation -

    Explanation 02 -


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