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« Please enjoy. It is time for a public performance!"
"Prepare to listen! To the sound of a demon!"
"Requiem for Death! »


Requiem for Death: A Funeral March For the Death God (死神のための葬送曲レクイエム・フォー・デス, Shinigami no Tame no SōsōkyokuRekuiemu Fō Desu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is a demonic tune based on the tale of Mozart being tasked with the composition of a funeral march for Death just before his own death. Any person who hears this tune must realize a Mana and Luck Check. If they fail, all physical parameters are forcibly reduced by two ranks, and additionally, they start receiving a severe persistent damage that ignores any armor or defensive magic and abilities. If they do resist, the parameters reduction becomes of only one rank, and the persistent damage is reduced in half. It is an open secret that the real nature of this tune is not that of "a tune that calls for a merciless God of Death", but that of "a thing that sympathizes with an impious God of Death."[1]


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