The Restraints of the Round Table (円卓拘束, Entaku Kōsoku?) are thirteen restraints set upon King Arthur's weapons by the Knights of the Round Table, applying to both Arthur Pendragon and Artoria Pendragon. Excalibur Proto for Arthur and Rhongomyniad for Artoria possess the restraints. As stated in Artoria's Interlude in Fate/Grand Order, her Excalibur also possesses them, and it does bear similar conditions to activate its most powerful state.

For Rhongomyniad, over half of the restraints must be released in order to release its True Name. For Excalibur, each condition passed allows for more power to be utilized. For Excalibur Proto, over half of the restraints must be released to achieve a perfect release of its True Name, but even with less than seven restraints released, a weaker release of its True Name is possible.

It is unknown if every single condition is shared between all the weapons or if they vary depending on the world.


Knight Restraint Translation
Bedivere己より強大な者との戦いであるThe enemy must be more powerful than oneself
Palamedes一対一の戦いであるThe battle must be one-on-one
Lancelot精霊との戦いではないThe enemy must not be an elemental
Mordred邪悪との戦いであるThe battle must be one against evil
Galahad私欲なき戦いであるThe battle must not involve personal gain
Gaheris人道に背かぬ戦いであるThe battle must not be against Humanity
Gareth戦いは非人道的であってはなりませんThe battle must not be inhumane
Agravain真実のための戦いであるThe battle must be for truth
Kay生きるための戦いであるThe battle must be to live
Arthur Pendragon世界を救う戦いであるThe battle must be to save the world
Unknown共に戦う者は勇者でなくてはならないOne's comrades-in-arms must be courageous[1]
Unknown心の善い者に振るってはならないThe battle must not be against one pure of heart[1]
Unknownこの戦いが誉れ高き戦いであることThe battle must be an honorable one[2]


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