Resurrection Fraught Hades (リザレクション・フロートハデス?) is the Noble Phantasm of Asclepius, a medicine of resurrection. During life, it allowed for the ability to perfectly revive both humans and demigods, even those who died from "particularly unreasonable circumstances." It was used to revive the son of King Minos, Glaucus, and son of Theseus, Hippolytus. Its source was the Gorgon's blood, granted by Athena after she received it from Perseus. While the blood from the Gorgon's left side "destroyed man," the blood from the right side possessed the ability to save humans. The blood itself was not enough, requiring the divine power of Artemis. As it encroached on the realm of Hades, its creation angered Zeus and led to Asclepius' death.


Emulated Medicine - The Obsolete Underworld's GriefEdit

Resurrection Fraught Hades: Emulated Medicine - The Obsolete Underworld's Grief (倣薬・不要なる冥府の悲歎
, Hōyaku - Fuyō naru Meifu no Hitan
Rizarekushon Furōtohadesu
?) is an imitation resurrection medicine Asclepius uses as his primary Noble Phantasm in a regular Holy Grail War. As the medicine he used in life required unique raw materials, it is not something that can be automatically replicated as a Noble Phantasm. It possesses a lower efficacy than the original due to being a counterfeit, so the ability to resurrect the deceased depends on conditions being met like the condition of the corpse and time elapsed since death. It is a precious medicine, so it cannot be used very many times. Asclepius, having acquired some modern knowledge says, “simply put, it’s a bit like a good AED.”

True Medicine - The Obsolete Underworld's GriefEdit

Resurrection Fraught Hades: True Medicine - The Obsolete Underworld's Grief (真薬・不要なる冥府の悲歎
, Shinyaku - Fuyō naru Meifu no Hitan
Rizarekushon Furōtohadesu
?) is a complete replication of the medicine Asclepius created in life. It requires the blood of the Gorgon and the power of a pure god, among other secret ingredients to create it. As he said, “I accomplished this with power from Artemis” in life when he revived Hippolytus, the power of a god on the same level of Athena or Artemis must be put into the Gorgon's blood. Asclepius has not completely mastered on how to make the drug, having required various and factors and chance occurrences outside of his own medical talents. He is still passionate about reproducing.


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