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« Holy Lance, weigh anchor!”
“Let light be released from the Ends of the World. It shall split the heavens, and connect the land. Anchor of the Storm! "Rhongomyniad"!! »


Rhongomyniad: The Lance that Shines to the Ends of the World (最果てにて輝ける槍ロンゴミニアド, Saihate nite Kagayakeru YariRongominiado?) is the Holy Lance of King Arthur.[1][3][4] Also known as Ron, it is regarded in the same light as the Holy Lance of Longinus that pierced the Messiah around the 1st Century AD.[4] An anchor of storm that fastens the planet together.[1][3] A Divine Construct armament.[1] Rhongomyniad is regarded as the "spear of the end", the light of destruction coming down from the heavens.[5]

Battle of camlann

The final conflict between Artoria and Mordred.

King Arthur used it in her final battle to kill Mordred. It is said that no matter the toughness of Mordred's armor, it amounted to nothing before the lance as it pierced her chest.[6] King Arthur also used this lance against Vortigern in his Dragon form, and the spiral light of the lance pierced through the heart of the dragon.[7]

It is actually not meant to be used as a weapon to strike down external invaders. It is only the shadow of its true form, said to be a tower that fastens the outer layer of the World onto the planet. The Holy Lance Rhongomyniad makes that tower, a “pillar of light”, as its main body, existing to ensure the World's stability.[1][3][8]

Originally, this Holy Lance is a "pillar of light" that fastens together the two sides of the World itself: the outer layer of the World (reality) and the Reverse Side of the World (illusion). It has been said that, in the unlikely event that this is undone, reality will be torn off from the surface of the World to reveal the Reverse Side of the World, re-enacting the Age of Gods. Being the "king" that stood at the final moments of illusion and the Age of Gods, King Arthur possesses this Holy Lance that conceals such a tremendous power.[4]

Bedivere states that none of the Knights of the Round Table ever questioned the lance's nature, and so, they never learned of its significance or power, meaning that only King Arthur and Merlin among them were ever aware of what it is.

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« Holy Lance, weigh anchor.”
“Pierce! Take this! The thirteen fangs! "Rhongomyniad"!! »

(Lancer Alter)

Its original power is restricted according to the Thirteen Restraints, and yet, it is the pillar of the Farthest Ends, shining to extol the brilliance of the planet────Because of the existence of the Thirteen Restraints that are supposedly endowed with the same processes of the “holy sword of the planet that saves the world”, it is barely in a state where it can take up a form as a Noble Phantasm.[1][3][4] In order to perform the release of its True Name, there is a need to lift at least half of a total of Thirteen Restraints. By releasing the True Name without fulfilling this requirement, the Holy Lance will emit a fragment of the power of the light that shines in the far away.[4] When releasing its complete True Name invocation, its Rank and classification changes.[1][3][4]

The ability to use it has been passed down in a line descended from the relatives of King Arthur, and it is currently held by Gray. Her Mystic Code "Add" only existed as a temporary seal to stop the degradation of the weapon's Mystery in the first place. When activated, it can launch a beam of light.[9]


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