The tower and various versions of the Holy Lance

RhongomyniadWP (ロンゴミニアド, Rongominiado?) is a tower of light that anchors the layers of the World. The authority of the tower is granted in the form of a lance given to Artoria Pendragon.



It is actually not meant to be used as a weapon to strike down external invaders. It is only the shadow of its true form, said to be a tower that fastens the outer layer of the World onto the planet. The Holy Lance Rhongomyniad makes that tower, a "pillar of light", as its main body, existing to ensure the World's stability.[1][2][3]

Originally, this Holy Lance is a "pillar of light" that fastens together the two sides of the World itself: the outer layer of the World (reality) and the Reverse Side of the World (illusion). It has been said that, in the unlikely event that this is undone, reality will be torn off from the surface of the World to reveal the Reverse Side of the World, re-enacting the Age of Gods. Being the "king" that stood at the final moments of illusion and the Age of Gods, King Arthur possesses this Holy Lance that conceals such a tremendous power.[4]


Rhongomyniad: The Lance that Shines to the Ends of the World (最果てにて輝ける槍(ロンゴミニアド), Saihate nite Kagayakeru Yari(Rongominiado)?) is the Holy Lance of King Arthur.[1][2][4] An anchor of storm that fastens the planet together.[1][2] A Divine Construct armament.[1] Rhongomyniad is regarded as the "spear of the end", the light of destruction coming down from the heavens,[5] whose power is said to rival the Holy Sword.[6]

Its original power is restricted according to the Thirteen Restraints, and yet, it is the pillar of the Farthest Ends, shining to extol the brilliance of the planet────Because of the existence of the Thirteen Restraints that are supposedly endowed with the same processes of the “holy sword of the planet that saves the world”, it is barely in a state where it can take up a form as a Noble Phantasm.[1][2][4] In order to perform the release of its True Name, there is a need to lift at least half of a total of Thirteen Restraints. By releasing the True Name without fulfilling this requirement, the Holy Lance will emit a fragment of the power of the light that shines in the far away.[4] When releasing its complete True Name invocation, its Rank and classification changes.[1][2][4]

After Artoria's death at Camlann, Morgan le Fay created the Mystic Code Add to seal Rhongomyniad and keep its Mystery from fading.[7] Add would be passed down a line of gravekeepers until it came into the hands of Gray in the 1990s.

The Lance also appears to have the ability to shapeshift into different forms to an unknown degree. In addition to creating a giant Tower in the image of its lance form instead of as a pillar of light, as well as the different fanged appearance it shows when wielded by Lancer Alter, the lance has been shown to transform into a ceremonial rapier,[8] a parasol that doubles as a sword/rapier, a small spear and a type of wand,[9] as well as the various weapon forms showcased by Add once its first seal is released. Mnemosyne was able to transform Rhongomyniad into an high-tech armoured shell with numerous cannons which was somehow still an expression of Rhongomyniad's capabilities, capable of firing numerous powerful magical energy projectiles and homing golden lasers, which she could control to turn back mid-flight to hit a target a second time.[10] It is also speculated that the Noble Phantasm Bright Ehangwen is capable of both movement, flight, and artillery laser bombardment due to some usage of Rhongomyniad, or that it is even Rhongomyniad itself but transformed into a ship, though Ruler Artoria refuses to comment on such questions.[11]

The white spiral shell that makes up the lance can also be shifted into an weapon in of itself, transforming into a giant white tree that grows into the sky and reaches its 'branches' down and out as sharp speared-limbs and thorned-tentacles to impale targets, or to create a large twisted-root-like barrier of spikes to both attack over a large area at once and to deter and harm aggressors, such as to blockade and destroy a massive bridge, as shown by Goddess Rhongomyniad in her defence against Bedivere in the Second Camelot movie. These shell limbs can be cut through using Excalibur, however, and usage of this attack depletes the shell around the weapon itself, revealing the weapon's core to be a long thin white spear connected with the handle underneath the lance covering.[12]



The final conflict between Artoria and Mordred.

King Arthur used this lance against Vortigern in his Dragon form, and the spiral light of the lance pierced through the heart of the dragon.[13] King Arthur also used Rhongomyniad in her final battle to kill Mordred. It is said that no matter the toughness of Mordred's armor, it amounted to nothing before the lance as it pierced her chest.[14]

Bedivere states that none of the Knights of the Round Table ever questioned the lance's nature, and so, they never learned of its significance or power, meaning that only King Arthur and Merlin among them were ever aware of what it is.

Artoria (Lancer)[]

English | Japanese

« Sacred lance, removing restraints!”
“Light, may you be released from the ends of the world. Split the heavens and tether the earth, anchor of the storm! "Rhongomyniad"!! »


Artoria Alter (Lancer)[]

English | Japanese

« Oh holy spear, removing restraints.”
“Thrust and feast! Thirteen fangs! "Rhongomyniad"!! »

(Lancer Alter)

Goddess Rhongomyniad[]

« I've expanded the land, built cities, crossed the ocean, and split the heavens. All for... what...?”
“Holy Lance, tell me of the end! "Rhongomyniad"! »

(Goddess Rhongomyniad)


« Gray: Gray(Darken), Rave(Celebrate), Crave(Desire), Deprave(Corrupt). Grave(Engrave) me(in me). Grave(A grave) for you(for you).
Add: Pseudo-personality suspended. Magical energy yield exceeds regulation. Second stage restraint rescinded.
Gray: Sacred lance, removing restraints! "Rhongomyniad"! »

(Gray and Add activating Rhongomyniad.)

The ability to use it has been passed down in a line descended from the relatives of King Arthur, and it is currently held by Gray. Her Mystic Code "Add" only existed as a temporary seal to stop the degradation of the weapon's Mystery in the first place.[7]

Even though it may only be a shadow, due to the burden that it places on Gray who is but a human, it is regularly sealed within Add and only released when the need arises. The various weapons that Add is able to transform into is made possible from the overflowing power of Rhongomyniad. Though it may be sealed by the mystic code and placed under 13 restrictions, the Holy Spear continues to shine as bright as ever.[16]

When activated, it can launch a beam of light.[17]

Rhongomyniad Mythos[]

Main article: Rhongomyniad Mythos

Three years after Case Files, Gray develops the ability Rhongomyniad Mythos: Tower of Dreams Founding the Ends of the World (最果てにて礎なる夢の塔(ロンゴミニアド・ミュトス)?). This is the true function that Rhongomyniad was made for, the ability to anchor the world in place. There is a world of fantasy, dreams, and myths that Rhongomyniad keeps pinned inside the Texture of the world. With Rhongomyniad Mythos, Gray can contain Mystery and make sure none of it leaks outside. When the light of Rhongomyniad Mythos pierces Bai Ruolong, the spirit of Typhon inside him is "anchored" and Ruo's wings and Blaze of Etna armor that he gained from Typhon disappear.[18]

Corpse King[]

Rhongo Corpse King.jpg

« Sacred lance, removing restraints.”
“Thrust and feast! Thirteen fangs! "Rhongomyniad"!! »

(Corpse King)

The Corpse King, who is a recreation of Artoria's mind created with Logos React, wields a dark Rhongomyniad. As Gray is the body of King Arthur and the Corpse King the mind, it only makes sense that they would have similar lances. Hers and Gray's lances are only shadows of the true Tower of the End, so it is not impossible for multiple shadows to exist.[19]

The dark Rhongomyniad is covered in thorns resembling wolf fangs.[19] Rather than light, its magical energy manifests as a whirling cyclone of wind.[20] In other words, it is similar to Artoria Lancer Alter's version.


Mnemosyne isn't a Servant, and is therefore incapable of "wielding" a Noble Phantasm. She gets around this by reenacting Ritsuka Fujimaru's memories regarding Rhongomyniad, forming about her avatar in combat a shell of high tech weapons that are somehow an expression of Rhongomyniad's capabilities.

In the manner that Gray and Add are able to interfere with the processes of Fake Rhongomyniad via Sympathy, Mnemosyne is capable within the boundaries of her tower of suppressing Add's capabilities almost entirely.

Morgan (Lostbelt)[]

During the events of the Atlantic Lostbelt, it was revealed by Beryl Gut, the assigned Crypter of the English Lostbelt, that there is indeed a user of a different version of Rhongomyniad present within the Lostbelt's version of the Round Table and that Beryl had somehow earned the user's wrath and anger to the point that whenever he declares his presence out loud, he immediately becomes targeted by Rhongmyniad that immediately shoots at him from space. The power of this attack required Kirschtaria Wodime to expand a majority of his Magic Power to defend against.[21][22]

In the English Lostbelt proper, it is revealed that this version of Rhongomyniad is a Noble Phantasm of the Lostbelt version of Morgan, which she uses as a magecraft spell[23] instead of a physical lance. As stated, Morgan's Rhongomyniad is a Mystery that even surpasses the Ideal Magecraft of Kirschtaria Wodime and is a Divine Construct woven from of the inner sea of the Planet, making it the ideal counter against the Alien God's Planetary magical output.[22] In fact its even been stated that Morgan herself is capable of creating more than one Rhongomyniad, according to Da Vinci, in her atrium overlooking the great pit, she was able to observe a magical energy pattern similar to the Lion King in the Sixth Singularity as proof that Rhongomyniad is definitely being prepared as a "weapon." But not just one or two, there are over 10 Rhongomyniads installed in front of Camelot's castle. As such, Da Vinci thinks that the Rhongomyniad used on Olympus was, "Just another use of it" as far as Morgan is concerned. If that's the case, it would have been enough for Chaldea to use it as a counter against the Alien God, if she could at least sell them a single one.[24]

In fact, it is later stated by Beryl that there is 12 Rhongomyniads situated on Camelot's main gate. As stated by Beryl, a single one of these 12 Rhongomyniads has enough power to inflict an attack on the same level of Divine Punishment.[24]


Secret-Myniad: Unsigned Nebula Sword (無銘星雲剣(ひみつみにあど), Mumei Seiun-ken(Himitsu-miniado)?) is the Noble Phantasm of Mysterious Heroine XX.

A galactic nebula cutter by using Rhongomyniad LR, which is said to be the heavenly scales of the Universe.

The beam of light produced by swinging the spear is a spiral like a nebula, and mows down all the surroundings. It doesn’t distinguish allies from enemies.

(Unused in "Fate/GO")

Etherspace, Howbeit the Order[]

Etherspace, Howbeit the Order: Sapphire Galaxy Id Est Cosmos (蒼輝銀河即ちコスモス(エーテル宇宙然るに秩序), Sōki Ginga Sunawachi Kosumosu(Ēteru Uchū Shikaru ni Chitsujo)?, localized as "Etherspace, Yet Lawful") is the Noble Phantasm of Mysterious Heroine XX.

Although she shouts many things in accordance with her mood at the time - such as "Twinmyniad Disaster" or "Double X Dynamic" - its True Name is "Etherspace, Howbeit the Order". By means of opposing mirrors, this True Name denotes the rules of the universe that Rhongomyniad protects. A dynamic Saber Slash performed after releasing the safe-mode of Rhongomyniad-LR and increasing its output. It explodes the opponent along with the planet itself.

The final ruling measure, which does not adhere to things such as the right to remain silent or the right to call a lawyer. A convenient Noble Phantasm that is endowed with special effectiveness not only against Foreigners, but also against Sabers.[25]


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    Level 1 Bond
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    Source: Arthurian Legends
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    Alignment: Lawful Good  Gender: Female
    There are various opinions about the body weight or figure from when she is a Lancer.
    Also, she is always mounting on a horse when a Lancer. At this time, her mount is "Dun Stallion".

    Level 2 Bond
    The Heroic Spirit of a "different possibility" than the regular Artoria.
    Although she takes a human form, she can no longer be called a Human Heroic Spirit. Due to the properties concealed in the holy spear, she has changed・mutated into an existence closer to a Divine Spirit - a goddess if anything.
    While she has turned more rational, more collected than holy sword Artoria, her humanity has not been lost.
    Rather, there are now composure in her choices thanks to becoming an adult, achieving an ideal way of being as a king.

    Level 3 Bond
    This version of her is a Heroic Spirit of Heavens that, at Camlann Hill, gave back the holy spear herself and returned to the land.
    Meanwhile, the Servant "Lion King" (who has the same appearance as her) was not able to die when she was fated to die and, as consequence, ended up becoming a wandering ghost while retaining the holy spear.
    Because the "Lion King" who held onto the holy spear has completely turned into a Divine Spirit, its inner aspects are different from this version of her.

    Level 4 Bond
    "The Spear that Shines in the Far Away"
    Rank: A++  Type: Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm
    Holy spear. An anchor of storm that fasten together the planet.
    It has been said that its real form is that of a tower that fasten together the skin of the world. When releasing the True Name, both Rank and classification change.

    Its original power is being limited by thirteen restraints, but nevertheless this is the pillar in the far away that shines to extol the brilliance of the planet.

    Level 5 Bond
    The holy spear Rhongomynyad makes the "pillar of light" that fasten together the outer layer of the world as its main body. Thanks to the existence of the thirteen restraints that are endowed with the same processes as the "the holy sword of the planet that saves the world", this is barely in a condition where it can take shape as a Noble Phantasm.

    She, who was summoned as a Servant in Chaldea, knows the beauty of the world. In order to retrieve the world that shines not in the far away, she will certainly fight together with the Master, wielding all the power she has.

    アルトリア・ペンドラゴン - ランサー



    魔力放出 A
    カリスマ B
    最果ての加護 EX

    対魔力 B
    騎乗 A



    属性:秩序・善   性別:女性



    ランク:A++  種別:対城宝具



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