Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) is the Rider-class Servant of Shinji Matou in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA.

She is summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Rider's True Name is Francis Drake (フランシス・ドレイク, Furanshisu Doreiku?), she was a ship's captain who made her name as both an adventurer and fleet commander.[4][5] He was a man in historical fact, but Drake appears in this work as a woman. This is caused by the fact how nobody in her surroundings saw Drake as a woman. According to a sailor, "Ergh, we cannot call ourselves men if we look the captain as a woman; or rather, it would be rude towards her."[4] She was the renowned explorer who successfully became the second person alive who circumnavigated the globe, the first person known to have attempted this feat was Ferdinand Magellan but he died halfway through his voyage, and so Sebastian Elcano took the lead of the expedition and became the actual first one to circumnavigate the earth. She paved the way for England to become the dominant superpower in the Age of Discovery through its substantial earnings.[4][5]

During the time of Francis Drake, England was considered to be a second-rate power with no real influence beyond its borders and no colonies of worth overseas. It was primarily due to his voyages and successes on the high seas that gave rise to the British Empire. What created the opportunity for them to be reborn in the world as the British Empire were the voyages that Drake accomplished. The story goes that there were six tons of just spice in the load she had at the time of her return, and that by far exceeded the national budget of the England of that time. These commodities and the detailed maps produced during the world circumnavigation became the capital to put together a fleet that could compete with the world's champion - Spain - and served as foundation for the establishment of the East India Company.[5]

This person was also the one who was given credit for the virtual destruction of Spain's Invincible Armada, which caused the nation once thought of as "the kingdom on which the sun will never set" to the edge of collapse. During what was to be the final confrontation between England and Spain's Invincible Armada, the name given to the Spanish naval forces during the period of history known as the Age of Discovery. The Invincible Armada consisted of an estimated 65,000 men serving on more than a hundred large warships, each of which weighed in at over 1,000 tons. Francis Drake was commissioned as a vice admiral in the English navy. Using an unorthodox strategy involving the use of fire-ships, she forced the Spanish fleet into open water where they could be bombarded with cannon fire. Spain's Great Britain Conquest Armada was defeated without being able to land. After this, the Spanish people started to fear and call Drake in the following way "The Devil"
El Draque
, "Akuma"
Eru Dorago
  • Golden Rudder (黄金の舵?)

An oft-mentioned aspect of the Drake mythos is that of his ship, the Golden Hind. Not only was it the flagship of Drake's fleet, it was seen as a symbol of hope and a source of miracles. The exploits the Golden Hind made possible elevated Drake to a level on par with King Arthur. Both are said to dwell in Avalon, the city of the dead, and will eventually return to lead England to true glory.[5]

In addition - and this is merely literary creation - there is also a story full of romance in which Drake was a companion of Queen Elizabeth and, just before setting sail for the world circumnavigation, switched places with the Queen, who could no longer go out in public due to receiving a wound on her face.[5]

She died of dysentery at the age of 55. Her dying wish was that she be buried in her full armor.[4][5]


Though a male in real history, Francis Drake has materialized as a woman.[5] Rider is a female pirate captain with long wavy crimson pink hair, blue eyes and scar across her face. She wears brown choker collar almost attach to her dark pink captain vest that shows her breasts, white pants, and long dark brown boots.


A woman pirate who is more manly than men.[4]

Rider proclaims her personality as selfish and greedy; she is also devilish in battle. She is a person who has dedicated her life to hedonistic pursuits and sees no difference between a paragon of virtue and a rogue scoundrel. She revels in all things gaudy, whether they are in war or in her private life, and is content to chase after ephemeral pleasures and leave nothing of worth behind, much like the passing of a raging storm. She is particularly entranced with treasures of gold and silver, but her true love lies not with enduring treasure, but those treasures that explode like fireworks and then quickly fade away.

« I chase after gold so that I can scatter it like a storm! »

(As she so often declares)

As a devoted libertine, all that matters to her is the inevitable crash at the end of it all. A Heroic Spirit who is completely indifferent to the frailty of human existence, she is content to indulge in her own whims and desires until death comes to greet her.[5] She admits it's against her nature to enjoy fighting weaker opponents and she hoped to see Hakuno and the servant to grow stronger.


Shinji Matou
Rider treats Shinji as a younger brother, often pointing out his flaws. A self-proclaimed villain who is only interested in money, she seems to only work with Shinji for monetary reward. However, despite all her apparent character flaws she accepts her loss with good grace, displaying her belief in impermanence, the idea that nothing lasts forever.
It is for this reason that she is incompatible with Gilgamesh that symbolizes "an inexhaustible treasury."[5]
Tamamo no Mae
She would also be at odds with Caster, as she is the epitome of eternity.[5]
Artoria Lancer - Alter
THAT's the Storm King...? Hmm, the real deal got quite an expressionless grimace.
Artoria Pendragon
Nah, nope, nope! I can't pull that sort of lovely look!
Anne & Mary
Beautiful, courageous, and top quality skill to boot!
If only I got a sailor like that in my ship too....
Edward Teach
Ugly, suspicious, and the worst sort of personality to boot!
O~i, somebody bring me some rope--! I'm hanging one here--!



  • Rider and Shinji
  • Saber facing against Rider.

She was summoned by Shinji and is the first servant that Hakuno's Servants fights. When she contracted to Shinji, she said to her master about being prepared to win or lose and always laugh at bad memories. She proclaims herself to be a hired gunsman and she will only work on the amount that Shinji offered. In the manga, Rider briefly fought against Gawain until Kirei Kotomine suggest them to stop.

She is first encountered when Hakuno Kishinami and the servant was going to collect the first Cipher key. She briefly fought against Hakuno's servant until SE.RA.PH intervened. When Shinji hacked the arena to a treasure hunting event, he was hoping this would improve Profligate Pillaging skill and to satisfy Rider's comments about lack of treasury.

In the elevator, Shinji suggested to Hakuno to surrender and work with him. However Rider believes a fixed game doesn't suit to her style. Eventually, she loses against Hakuno's servant, and Shinji blames Rider for being weak. She admits to her failings and calmly suggest to Shinji to accept his fate as they lose. She reminds Shinji about the conversation they had before contract as Master and Servant. She told him to be prepared, because a villain's final moments are laughably miserable. As she fades, she forced a smile toward Hakuno and hopes them to become stronger.

Last EncoreEdit

In a flashback, Rider defeated an astronaut Servant and his Master, qualifying her and her Master Shinji Matou to ascend to the second floor. Instead, traumatized by all the death he had been exposed to, Shinji resolved to stay on this floor and rework it into a paradise. Amazed, Rider agreed to support him.[6]

Rider is first found by the male Hakuno Kishinami and Saber in a bar of the ocean city located in the first floor of the Sea of Seven Heavens and Saber first mistakes her for a Master, as she is dressed in casual clothing. She explains to them that the Masters in that city gave up on the Holy Grail War and their Servants in order to live peacefully. After Saber left the bar, Rider asks Hakuno is he was going to sell Saber, to which he responds by asking her if she would turn her gold to mud just to survive. She praises his response and comments that there is still one Master like him who kept his Servant.[7]

After flooding the city, Shinji calls upon Rider to battle Hakuno and Saber. Rider arrives on the Golden Hind and opens fire on Saber, but Rider notes that as she had not fought a battle in a while, her skills and aim are rusty. Saber is eventually knocked into the water, but Hakuno saves her and restores her energy. Saber reveals she figured out Rider's true name is Francis Drake, so Drake congratulates her. Saber uses Imperial Privilege to take control of a sunken ship and ram the Golden Hind with it. As Saber boards her ship and charges her, Drake tries to shoot her, but her guns have run out of ammunition and Saber runs her through.[6]

As she lies dying, Drake asks Shinji to sever their contract so that he will not die with her, but he refuses to abandon her. When Hakuno says he doesn't hate Shinji anymore, Drake tells Shinji that his guilt over betraying his friend is lifted, but Shinji retorts that Hakuno is not his friend. She asks Hakuno why he wants to ascend the floors, but she and Shinji die before he can answer.[6]


Francis Drake is a member of Karl der Große's party. Different from Karna, she disagrees with Karl der Große's ideas, which considered to be the same as plunder. Refusing the invitation of Nero Claudius, Francis Drake claims that her cooperation with Karl der Große is a business and it is a good opportunity to plunder Rome.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the EndEdit

Drake is a living hero during the Singularity. Before Chaldea's arrival, Drake took the real Holy Grail from Poseidon in Atlantis at the end of a seven-day voyage. Because she prevented him from flooding the world and destroying civilization, the Grail accepted her as its owner. It granted her abilities on par with a Servant. However, the contention between the real Grail and the one sent to disrupt the era turned the ocean into an endless one with islands of wildly different climates, and bizarre winds and currents. Drake and her crew later lay anchor on an island after escaping Blackbeard's pursuit during a storm.

She later meets Ritsuka and Mash when her crew bring them to her. They introduce themselves as members of Chaldea, so she assumes they want to sell her constellation maps. She decides to let them continue speaking if they defeat her, which they manage to do. She then joins Ritsuka and Mash alongside her crew, and throws a feast in celebration. During the celebration, she recalls encountering Servants, and describes the current state of the ocean. She was planning to sail out to find a home base for her and her crew tomorrow before Ritsuka and Mash arrived. Mash notices she has a Holy Grail, previously used to create endless food and drink, when Drake offers Ritsuka a drink in friendship. A crew member recalls how Drake received it by defeating Poseidon in Atlantis at the end of a seven-day voyage. After defeating some rowdy pirates, Drake gives the Grail to Mash. The Singularity remains unresolved however; Romani Archaman realizes the Grail they received is the real one existing in the era. He also deduces the endless ocean resulted from the contention between the Grail placed to disrupt the era and the real one. Ritsuka and Mash ask for Drake’s help in receiving the other Grail and restoring the era. Given back the Grail, Drake is convinced by Leonardo da Vinci and Romani to help.

The next day, the group sails out when they’re attacked by pirates, who are actually only conceptual beings of the average pirate. They eventually land on an island in search for clues. As there are Servants on the island, Drake orders her crew to stay and protect the ship while she goes with Ritsuka and Mash to investigate. Upon setting foot, Drake fires a shot in the direction of a vague presence she felt. She goes to check what she hit, and calls Ritsuka and Mash over to show it was a stone tablet with recently carved runes. Da Vinci reads it references Eric Bloodaxe when pirates under him attack him. After defeating them, Drake smells the scent of treasure. Sensing Mash doesn't believe her, she bets her that if treasure is up ahead then Ritsuka and Mash have to sail around the world with her. The pair do not want anything if they win beyond Drake's continued assistance, which troubles her. The group are then attacked by Eric, but they defeat him. Drake then finds a Viking ship, inside of which she finds a sea chart detailing the island and its surroundings. Returning to the ship, the group sail to an island in the northwest according to the chart. Returning to the ship, the group sail to an island in the northwest according to the chart.

Reaching their destination, the group proceed to a leyline and set up a summoning circle there. Romani tries to report his findings on the pirate flag they retrieved early, but communications are quickly cut off. Concerned for her ship, the Golden Hind, after an earthquake, Drake and the others return to the shore to check on it. A crew member tells her the ship won’t move. Ritsuka and Mash suspect a bounded field around the island is responsible. The group then search for the bounded field’s source to remove it so they can sail again. Eventually they find and enter a labyrinth where they fight Asterios. However, when Drake prepares to finish him, a Euryale pleads with her to spare his life. She assumes the group came to capture her until Mash corrects her and explains their situation. Eurayle reveals Asterios set up the bounded field to prevent outside enemies from entering. Agreeing to remove it, she and Asterios join the group.

After Asterios removes the Bounded Field, the group leave the island. While sailing, Euryale reveals that a perverted pirate Servant is after her. While sailing, Euryale reveals that a perverted pirate Servant is after her. The group eventually encounter Blackbeard‘s ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge which has been chasing the Golden Hind. Drake recognizes him as the one who chased her before, and threatens to kill him. His perversions leave her frozen, but she snaps out of it to initiate a naval battle. The Golden Hind cannot penetrate the Queen Anne’s armor though. After Ritsuka and Mash kill Eric to prevent him from capturing Eurayle, Drake shoots the ropes connecting the ships so they escape. Unfortunately, Anne Bonny blasts a hole in the ship. Drake's crew stop her from going down to fix it herself when Asterios suddenly lifts the ship. While Asterios carries the ship despite his injuries, Drake has barrel bombs dropped to cover their escape.

Carried to a nearby island, the group head to a forest to get wood to repair the ship. While travelling there, Romani suspect the Queen Anne’s Revenge, is Blackbeard’s Noble Phantasm because of the mass reading of magical energy. The Golden Hind shows the same reading due to the Grail, but it still isn't a match for Blackbeard's ship. Romani then suspects the ship is Blackbeard's Noble Phantasm, and its strength depends on its crew size. Thus when Eric was killed, the ship's magical energy was weakened. The group resolve to kill the rest of Blackbeard’s crew to further weaken his ship. After slaying some wyverns, Mash gets the idea to use their scales to repair the Golden Hind. Da Vinci informs them they’ll need thirty more wyverns, so the group go off to find a nest. While searching for a nest, they hear someone being attacked by wyverns and go off to rescue them. While searching for a nest, they hear someone being attacked by wyverns and go off to rescue them. After slaying the wyverns, the group find a small and strange bear creature along with an angry female Servant. Once she calms down, Ritsuka and Mash tell her and the bear creature about Chaldea’s mission and the nature of the Singularity. She reveals herself to be Artemis and that the bear creature is Orion. The pair then help the group raid a wyvern nest, where they finally retrieve enough scales to repair the ship.

After repairing the ship, and equipping it with a ram, Drake has Asterios move her ship into the water. She then gives a brief rousing speech to her crew about getting revenge on Blackbeard. Afterwards, the group set sail joined by Artemis and Orion. As they enter unknown waters, the group discuss on how to deal with the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Drake suggests ramming them while Euryale suggests assaulting them with arrows. Artemis suggests someone can board the ship and cause chaos before the ships collide. She reveals that since she was technically summoned as Orion, she can use his power of walking on water, as he is Poseidon’s son. The group eventually confront Blackbeard’s ship and execute their strategy. While the ship charges towards his ship, Euryale pelts Blackbeard’s crew with her arrows while Ritsuka and Mash deal with boarders. Artemis boards his ship and fights the crew while Orion sabotages their ammo supply. After his ship’s ammo supply is destroyed, Blackbeard attempts to retreat when the Golden Hind rams into his ship. Boarding his ship, the group defeat Anne and Mary Read. Before fighting Blackbeard, Drake declares to him that they're same while declaring she'll defeat him. After defeating him, she is impressed he can still talk. She then claims the Grail is hers, saying the treasures of the sea have no rightful owners. Hector then suddenly fatally wounds Blackbeard, and takes the Grail from him. The group try to catch him, but he boards the Golden Hind to kidnap Euryale. Asterios tries to save her, but he’s wounded in the battle. After Blackbeard fails to shoot him, Hector boards another ship with Euryale. While Blackbeard's crew disappear without the Grail, Drake tries to tell him to die peacefully, but she gets increasingly agitated by his perversions. She tells to takes his head with him when he dies, recalling how Mash told her he was beheaded in life. After he disappears, she proclaims that she and him are heading for hell in the end. Thus, they should pay for their misdeeds with disgrace and shame like true pirates. The group then escape the collapsing Queen Anne's Revenge.

As they pursue Hector, the group discuss his plans for Euryale and the Grail when they encounter a storm. Using its tailwind, they eventually catch up to Hector after dealing with a ghost ship. While the others fight Hector, another ship approaches their position. Drake fires her cannons at it but they’re all deflected. Hector escapes to the other ship; Artemis recognizes it as the ​Argo​. Jason demands the group hand over Euryale to him, otherwise he’ll send Heracles to attack them. They refuse, so he sends both Medea and Heracles to kill them and steal Euryale. Medea sends waves of Dragon Tooth Warriors to attack the group. While they fight the golems, Drake tells Eurayle to stay with Asterios. Medea then tries and fails to fight the group, so she switches out with Heracles. The group are unable to defeat him however because of his Noble Phantasm, God Hand. Drake orders everyone to retreat back to the Golden Hind. Heracles then suddenly attacks Euryale, whose death would foil Jason’s plan, but Asterios protects her. As this is happening, Jason orders Medea to retrieve Eurayle. Drake comes to protect her though, prompting Medea to ask why a pirate like her would protect Eurayle. Drake acknowledges she is inhuman, but she recognizes Eurayle is truly beautiful. Because of that, Drake finds it was obvious they would protect her. Declaring Eurayle to be their treasure, Drake refuses to let Jason have her. Hector then unleashes Durindana Pilum, impaling both Asterios and Heracles. Jason commands Heracles to bring Euryale to him, but Asterios plummets him and himself into the ocean after thanking the group. They use this opportunity to retreat from the Argo; Drake orders smoke bombs to be dropped to cover their escape.

After retreating, the group discusses the Ark that Jason mentioned earlier. Romani explains it contained the ​Ten Commandments​ that Moses received from God. Drake believes they should find and destroy it, but Romani warns that or opening it would activate the Ark to unleash divine punishment on the surrounding area. Drake then gets frustrated by the fact they need to kill Heracles eleven more times. After venting her frustrations on the crew of a ghost ship, she decides the group should go after the Ark, even though they don't have a proper strategy. She believes the more time they waste, the more time the Argonauts will have to acquire the Ark and recapture Eurayle. Either though neither ship crew has any leads, Drake believes they have a better chance because she is more competent than Jason. She claims herself to be worse than Jason in deviousness, saying the devious ones always get the treasure. She also doesn't care about Heracle's invincibility, saying humans dream of achieving the impossible. She believes Ritsuka is the same in that regard since they came to the era. The group then search island to island for Ark.

After three islands turn out to be duds, the group discuss why Medea is pretending not to know the conclusion of her life with Jason. Drake finds it obvious Medea acting oblivious, finding both pitiful and horrifying. Then, as the group continue their search, Orion is shot by an arrow. The arrow turns out to have a message from someone Artemis knows. The group land on a nearby island to meet the letter’s sender. Keeping herself hidden, the sender asks them if they're friends or foes of Jason. To her delight, Ritsuka answers foes, so she reveals herself. Mash recognizes her as Atalanta and introduces her to the others. Atalanta reveals the Ark is a Noble Phantasm and its owner was the first Servant summoned in the Singularity. The owner of the Ark, David, then arrives. David calls the Ark a third-rate Noble Phantasm that kills any who touch it. It is summoned independent from him, and it’ll remain in the world after he’s gone if someone possesses it. David heard of Jason's search for the Ark from Atalanta, and they waited together for allies to arrive. Atalanta explains she was summoned as part of the Argonauts but she didn’t join Jason’s search for the Ark, something he believes will make him a true king. David then reveals that if Eurayle, a Divine Spirit, were to be sacrificed to the Ark, it would destroy the era. Sacrificing a god to the Ark would normally only destroy the surrounding area. However, that destruction would increase within the Singularity, destroying one of the Foundations of Humanity without waiting for it to collapse. Drake realizes there would no need for a Grail in that case. After questioning Jason’s reasons, the group discussion on how to defeat Heracles. David suggests they trick Heracles into touching the Ark to will destroy him. The issue comes with that plan however is that even a Berserker would avoid touching such a dangerous Noble Phantasm. Since it would be disadvantageous to fight all three, Mash suggests they lure Heracles away from Hector and Medea. Orion suggests they hold up somewhere, but Atalanta says no structure on the island could withstand Heracles. Ritsuka then gives their plan on how to defeat Heracles. Drake knows Heracles will be easy to lure, but she's concerned what other tricks Jason will use like before. Despite the risks, everyone agrees to Ritsuka's plan.

Following Ritsuka’s plan, the allied Archers launch their Noble Phantasms at Jason, who had just arrived at the island. Like they expected, Heracles goes after Eurayle instead of killing the Archers like Jason ordered. The group eventually lure him to the Ark, but he keeps his distance from it. They push him into the Ark after defeating him in battle, draining him of his magical energy unto his death. With Heracles now gone, the group go after Jason.

Returning to her ship, Drake reveals Heracles's death to Jason's disbelief. She finds from his reaction that he saw Heracles as a friend, even if it is distorted. Then, just like she expected, Jason has the Argo sail away. She orders the crew to chase after it, declaring they hold the freedom of the seas captive. As the group chase after Jason, the allied Archers fire upon the Argon while Drakes unleashes cannon fire. When they finally catch up with him, Jason uses the Grail to summon a Shadow Servant to attack them. After it is defeated, they defeat Hector, who is finished by Eurayle. David then tells the truth about sacrificing a god to the Ark, asking if it was either Hector or Medea who convinced it would give him ultimate power. Confused by this, Jason asks Medea if David is lying since "he" told it would give him power. Medea confesses to her deception, then uses the Grail to incarnate him into Forneus, claiming it as her way of protecting him. While the others doubt they can defeat Forneus, Drake believes they can since she has able to hit it. She tells Mash to pull herself together, understanding she came to destroy the Demon God. She orders her crew to retreat to the cabin, while warning Mash she'll take the Grail if she keep hesitating. After Jason and Medea disappear, Drake understanding the endless sea will soon disappear after feeling the wind stop. Romani thanks her for her aid after Artemis, Orion, David, and Atalanta disappear. Drake doesn't believe she was all that helpful in the end. She believes she could do more as a Servant, but she doubts a pirate like her would be treated like a hero. Ritsuka says otherwise, so Drake decides to believe half of it. She understands from the look on their face that she'll lose her memories of what transpired, disappointed they won't be able to sail the world together. She bids farewell to Ritsuka and Mash, but Mash still hasn't yet found her wish and report it to Drake. Drake tells her that she already found her wish. She says having no wish is wrong, as nobody is without greed. All humans have a wish, and they either live knowing what is or never realizing what is. Drake gives Jason as an example of people doing reprehensible action for noble goals and vice versa. She tells Mash that she is the type that's better off not knowing what their true wish is, while she herself is the opposite. She thanks Mash for showing her how vast the world is, while telling her not to worry about her dying days. She then bid farewell to her, Ritsuka, and Romani, telling them to remember the fun they had.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Drake was amongst the "Okeanos" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillars.[8]

Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean CityEdit

When the Agartha singularity manifested, Drake disappeared from Chaldea, ending up inside the singularity. Her Saint Graph was modified by Scheherazade's Phenex-enhanced Noble Phantasm, and she was made to play the role of Dahut.[9][10][11][12]

Ancient Titans' Ocean: AtlantisEdit

Drake is one of many Servants summoned by the Counter Force to help Chaldea. She fought Poseidon, and managed to steal one of his Divine Cores. However, he cursed her to die if she ever went out to sea. She later established a bar in a village on Heracles Island, naming it the Golden Hind.

While serving drinks to Jason, she tells him that Charlotte Corday left three days ago to gather herbs. Jason doubts she is alive now when she walks in with Ritsuka, Mash, and Mandricardo. Drake welcomes them to her bar. She lacks her memories of the Okeanos Singularity, though she does have a good impression of them. Jason then explains half of the Servants summoned disappeared, while the other half arrived at Olympus. They cannot enter Olympus because of the Atlantean army, Poseidon, and Artemis. Jason refuses to help, and Drake cannot help due to Poseidon's curse. Heracles died protecting the Servants trying to infiltrate Olympus (including Jason, Mandricardo, and Medea) from Artemis. Jason left afterwards, and Medea altered Mandricardo's memories. An argument between him and Mandricardo escalates into a fight, which Drake wants to watch. She encourages them to fight in her bar to Jason's confusion. Though he loses the ensuing battle, Jason still refuses to help Chaldea. So Drake whispers to Rtisuka that getting the Theos Klironomia from the northern temple to convince Jason to help. She then provides the release code and storage unit for the Klironomia, saying it's the least they can do since she can't fight.

After Chaldea returns from the temple, Jason wants to flee the island before the island attacked in retaliation for Chaldea's actions. Drake admits she used this as a ploy to get Jason sailing again. Jason warns her that she'll be in danger if the Atlantean soldiers search the island. Drake doubts Odysseus would prioritize searching for her since she cannot sail. Instead she just needs to hide until everything calms down, maybe do something about Poseidon's curse. She refuses to go with the group despite Mash's pleas. She then gives Jason the key to the Golden Hind's wheel, and instructs him to use the Klironomia to strengthen it. She also gives Ritsuka one of Poseidon's Divine Cores, saying the curse is Poseidon's retribution. While the curse makes even breathing unbearable, she couldn't die until she passed the Divine Core to someone. She then encourages the group hurry before they're all destroyed. After they're gone, she toasts to Chaldea before she and the rest of the island are vaporized by Artemis.


She wields a pair of Flintlock style pistols and Hakuno initially thought that she was an Archer class. Normally Flintlock pistol can fire a single bullet but in her case, she can fire them rapidly and Rider claims that her pistols run on mana as ammunition.

Her Noble Phantasm is her flagship, the Golden Hind, at the fore, a vast flotilla of smaller craft expand ever outward and exterminates her enemies with overwhelming firepower. Its attributes contain vestiges of not only the fleet that eventually defeated the mighty Spanish Armada, but also of the stories involving the golden stag and the eventide tempest that had spread throughout the whole of Europe. Golden Wild Hunt is Rider's ace in the hole and forms the basis of her day-to-day life. The eventide tempest is the encapsulation of all storms, from blizzards to cyclones, which manifest in the imagination of men as beasts and soldiers, saviors and monsters. Depending on who is speaking, the leader of these apparitions ranges from a fallen King Arthur to the Norse god Odin to the first murderer of men, Cain. in England, it is believed that Francis Drake rides the endless storm despite the fact that the role assigned to her is usually given to malevolent figures of history and myth.[5]

Rider has 3,094 HP, and her in-game skills are:

  • Helada Sol Poniendo: Big Sister's Resplendent Plunder (姐さんの華麗な略奪
    , Nee-san no Kareina Ryakudatsu
    Eranda Soru Ponendu
    ?, localized as Profligate Pillaging) - Her ATTACK power increases based on treasure found. She will use this skill on the 1st move. This Skill is affected by how many Pirate Bounties she got during the Treasure Hunting event.
  • Culverin Cannons (カルバリン砲, Karubarin-Hō?) - Drake can also materialize certain portions of a ship, such a causing four cannon ports to materialize in the air and having them fire at the enemy. It inflicts physical damage on an enemy. She will use this skill on the 3rd move.


Takashi Takeuchi was responsible for Rider design. Arco Wada is the character illustrator for Francis Drake.[3][4] Kinoko Nasu is in scenario writer for her character in Fate/Grand Order.[3]



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