Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) is a Rider-class Servant of Misao Amari in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA Last Encore.



Rider's True Name is Vánagandr (ヴァナルガンド, Vanarugando?), another name for Fenrir (フェンリル, Fenriru?), the monstrous wolf of Norse mythology and the son of Loki. At Ragnarök, he is destined to devour Odin before being killed by Odin's son, Vidarr.




Fate/EXTRA Last EncoreEdit

Rider does not appear in the anime. He is only detailed in the drama CD. He and Amari make it to the third floor, only to be driven away by Alice's monstrous transformation. Returning to the first floor, Amari acts as Shinji Matou's secretary. Once HAKUNO Kishinami challenges Shinji, Amari confronts Rin Tohsaka, who has become a Demi-Servant, which leads to both Rider and Amari's deaths.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

In the alternate history of the Norse Lostbelt's Ragnarök, Fenrir was consumed by Surtr before he could kill Odin, with the giant gaining the wolf's ice powers and Authority as a result. Surtr went on to slaughter the gods and giants before being sealed away by Odin's sacrifice.[1]


Fenrir was known to possess ice powers and an Authority in life, inherited by the Lostbelt version of Surtr after devouring Fenrir.[1]

As a Servant, Rider is bound by the three fetters, Leyding (レージング?), Dromi (ドローミ?) and Gleipnir (グレイプニール?), with which the gods tried to use to control him in life. His Master is able to release them on command. By eating Servants, through his Soul Eater (魂食いソウルイーター, Tamashī-guiSouruītā?) ability, he grows stronger, but it is possible to become so strong the Master is unable to control him.


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