Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) is a Rider-class Servant able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Rider's True Name is Bartholomew Roberts (バーソロミュー・ロバーツ?), a great pirate who was believed to have led the largest pirate fleet in the history of pirates.

Contrary to the violent image of renowned pirates, he created very severe discipline to stop internal strife and treachery.

The leaders of the large fleet won many fierce battles, but Bartholomew died in a conflict against the army. And with his death, the Age of Piracy came to an end.

Originally Bartholomew did not want to be a pirate. He worked as the second officer on a ship called the Princess, but one day he was captured by a pirate ship led by Captain Howell Davis and was forced to become a pirate. However, he was chosen as successor by executives when Captain Davis died, due to being born with the spirit of a pirate.

Bartholomew, who made a brilliant debut as a pirate, encountered a problem one day when a entrusted deputy officer stole spoils from the ship and fled the country. So in order to prevent this from happening again, he drafted a code. It was recited to his subordinates, and they swore on the Bible to protect the code. Loot was to be evenly distributed, drinking was prohibited after eight in the evening (though there weren't many subordinates who protected this), gambling was also prohibited. On top of that, it is specified pirates who were forced to retire in the case of injury were guaranteed an amount of money. He also released those who refused to become pirates on captured ships despite many objections.

Naturally, as long as he remained a pirate, his last days would be gruesome.

Bartholomew was caught in a surprise attack by the Swallow and sailed to intercept the ship, but unluckily he was struck directly in the throat by cannon-fire. A subordinate broke down and called out to him, "Let's fight like a man, captain", but he was already dead... After his death, his subordinates immediately surrendered. Most subordinates were captured and hanged as pirates (the musicians playing instruments were released because they were not involved in piracy).


Bartholomew has dark skin, messy, dark blue-ish hair and bright blue eyes. He dresses in formal wear that consists of a white dress shirt and a black vest. He has a black collar and red fur on his left shoulder. He also wears black gloves and a fairly large golden cross.

Notably, he has a flintlock pistol stuffed into the right side of his vest and a sword dangling from the left side of his trousers. They are the few indications of his original life as a pirate.


Roberts has a soft spot for women and men with peek-a-bangs, such as Mash. He drops heavy praises on her, claiming "the light of wisdom can be glimpsed between the gaps of her flaxen hair."

He is also rather polite, humbly accepting the role given to him during the play, whether it be a priest or an antagonist. It seems his acceptance of a role stems from a lack of purpose as he is bound to disappear soon. To be given a role makes his short life more worthwhile.

He is kind to everyone before and after he regains his memories, especially to Mash. He personally considers himself a "gallant man." It's to the point that even Ozymandias praises his nature.


Edward Teach
"Geh. That guy's also being a bother over there, huh."


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

He is first mentioned by Blackbeard as a fellow pirate with a soft spot for women with peek-a-bangs.

A Study in the Dubious Meiho-souEdit

A year later, Roberts is summoned for the purpose of partaking in a play but nothing comes of it. With no memory of even his own identity and lacking a purpose, he decides to await his own destruction.

He has a chance encounter with the Servants of Chaldea, who offer to let him partake in a play they're trying to film. Since he lacks a name, Murasaki names him "Salazar" after one of the roles, which Roberts accepts. His role happens to be of a priest named "Father Salazar." Like Roberts himself, Father Salazar lacks memories and knows nothing of his past.

When Mash gives him encouragement, Roberts loses his train of thought for a moment. He then heavily thanks Mash for her kindness and wisdom. He considers the chance of meeting a girl as beautiful as Mash a reward in of itself. Mash feels strangely honored. Ritsuka chooses that moment to interrupt the pair and allow Roberts to begin honing his skills as an actor. Jeanne Alter outright questions why he is even here, to which Roberts has no answer.

The play gets interrupted when the director and scriptwriter, Murasaki, falls unconscious after consuming a drink containing grape juice. Suspicion falls on Roberts for he is the one who served the drinks. Mash quickly defends him, however. Roberts confirms he also did not prepare the drinks that poisoned Murasaki; he had merely fetched the tray containing the pre-prepared drinks. The film assistant, Moriarty, confesses to preparing the drinks but he denies any culpability. Holmes appears as a hologram to confirm the whole incident was an accident.

Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Jeanne Alter, who had been certain Roberts or Moriarty were really guilty, chooses to apologize only to Roberts. However, an investigation continues and the question as to who Roberts is starts to become a major concern.

Sometime later, Ritsuka and Jeanne Alter suddenly remember what Blackbeard had said during the 2018 Summer event.

Ozymandias later grants Roberts the role of an assassin and antagonist named "Daizo." During filming, Roberts becomes deeply agitated when he hears the sound of cannon fire. His Spirit Origin rapidly changes until he becomes a giant ghost, forcing others to calm him down.

Once he is stable, Roberts reveals he became agitated because he had died by being struck by a cannon ball. Roberts then promptly introduces himself as Bartholomew Roberts.

Mash is surprised by this revelation, noting that he is unlike others pirates she has met. Moriarty laments that had Blackbeard been present from the beginning, Blackbeard could have identified Roberts, though Tristan recalls Blackbeard being unable to differentiate between the faces of males.

Suddenly, Roberts's body begins to disintegrate. He tells Mash not to worry because he is but "a gallant who shoulders the fate to disappear along with this singularity." He adds that his Saint Graph was already in cinders but the fight completely burned it up. He also tells Ritsuka not to worry either. He does consider himself rude for leaving before the filming is complete, however.

As a final farewell, he thanks Ritsuka for giving him a meaningful role before his inevitable disappearance and departs with words of affection for Mash.



Bartholomew was illustrated by Mata.


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