Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) is a Rider-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Rider's True Names are Anne Bonny (アン・ボニー, An Bonī?) and Mary Read (メアリ・リード, Meari Rīdo?), female pirates who existed during the Golden Age of Piracy.[1] They are members of the most famous pirates in history, and they are extremely unique pirates. They were two female pirates on board the pirate ship Calico Jack lead by a man named John Rackham.[2]


  • Calico Jack (キャリコ・ジャック, Kyariko Jakku?)

One person was Anne Bonny. She was the daughter of a wealthy person, born into a prosperous household, but was a natural hooligan. In the end, she eloped with a good-for-nothing man, a small-time punk. She would later separate from said punk and joined with John Rackham and his pirate group, raising a pirate flag together.[1][2]

And the other person was Mary Read. She was working on a Dutch ship after disguising herself as a man and slipping into the ship as one, before on a certain day, as she was in the process of working, she was captured by Rackham’s pirate group and was forced to become one of their crew members.[1][2] In her household, she was originally raised as a male by her mother, so it seems that she has fitted into the piracy business.[2]

Anne Bonny would meet Mary Read upon capturing the ship from Holland, and having met by chance, the two endeavored as pirates under the command of captain John Rackham.[1][2] Mary Read fought boldly together with Anne Bonny whom she personally shared her secret of being a woman. Thanks to the fact that they were both women, Anne and Mary got along well, forming a duo and devoting themselves to the piracy business.[1] The two are close friends, comrades in arms, linking a powerful bond between them that goes beyond passions such as romantic love.[2]

It was the same in their last battle. When John Rackham’s pirate group have anchored in Jamaica, they received an attack from privateers (they are ships permitted to snatch away enemy cargos, and it is possible to say that they are state-authorized pirates). It is said that Anne Bonny and Mary Read are the only two people that fought to the end while John Rackham and his subordinate men became frightened and hid inside their ship’s hatch. A testimony left behind said that one among the two fired her pistol into the ship’s hatch while shouting “Come out and fight like men!” In the end, Rackham and his group were arrested without having fought back, and the two female pirates were finally captured after a fierce battle.[2] There are many testimonies that, among those in John Rackham's ship. those two fought with greater dauntless courage than anybody else.[1]

Whether one were a man or a woman, if one were a pirate, then their sentence would be quite unpleasant: a death by hanging.[3]

That's why Mary and Anne fought so desperately in their final battle. With their rifles firing, their cutlasses twirling, and a constant war cry coming from their mouths, they stained themselves in blood. They fought like women possessed. Incidentally, their captain and fellow crew members only called themselves pirates. They enjoyed robbing others, but lacked the resolve to be robbed from themselves. Shutting themselves away in the ship's hold, they shivered in fear with faces reminiscent of sobbing stray dogs. There were only two pirates aboard the Calico Jack, Mary Read and Anne Bonny.[3]

Mary Read died while suffering from a fever in the middle of her imprisonment, while it was said that Anne Bonny escaped due to her father’s moves. At that time, Anne informed John Rackham with a scornful look in her eyes: “If you had fought like a man, you need not have been hang’d like a dog.[2]

… The name John Rackham remained in pirate history. However, the reason is not because of his own bravery and atrocities he committed, but as “the shameful coward who was the captain of the ship that had on board, two rare female pirates named Anne Bonny and Mary Read.[2]


  • Mary Stage 1
  • Mary Stage 2
  • Mary Stage 3
  • Anne Stage 1
  • Anne Stage 2
  • Anne Stage 3


Anne BonnyEdit

A passionate, beautiful woman. She loves Mary dearly as a close friend, family member and younger sister. She has a character with a daredevil attitude and a wealth of experience, able to treat men skillfully, and she possesses a lively courage that brings shame to men, who is “not afraid of even death, greeting it with a laugh.” It is said that a portion of her “core” is heroic.[2] Anne is very friendly to others unconditionally.[1]

Mary ReadEdit

A young woman who talks with her mouth in murmurs and with few words. Fundamentally, she has a quaint and ladylike character, but because she was raised as a man, she is forced to be tough and strongly masculine and hides her “core” that is feminine. She is a little rebellious against authority, and fights with a dauntless courage on the battlefield regardless of her relationship to either gender.[2] Mary is initially hard to approach while eventually "becoming more emotionally attached than anybody else upon opening her heart."[1]

Both together takes into consideration of their Master and if they are of the “same class” as them. They are fundamentally a little rebellious, especially even more so if their partner is a person of the bourgeois class. They have no problem with people such as the naïve Shirou or with Rin who is neutral towards the authorities, but they feel that what they call "the worst compatibility" is being partnered with someone like Tokiomi.[2]

They possess no wish for the Holy Grail, but their nature as pirates makes them pursue it anyway.[1]


Francis Drake

As female pirates identical to her, they show their respect to her.[2]

Edward Teach

As pirates identical to him, they declare their intent to kill him.[2]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the EndEdit

They are reluctantly part of Blackbeard's crew, disgusted by his perverted nature like all the other women. They participate in both battles against Ritsuka's party, sailing atop Francis Drake's ship. They contribute greatly to the first battle, but are defeated in the second battle.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Anne and Mary are amongst the "Okeanos" Singularity Servants assisting Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[4]


In their interlude, Capture Captain Kidd's Treasure, Anne and Mary travel to an island with Ritsuka and Mash in search of Captain Kidd's treasure. Mary saw it from a distance in life, but she couldn't get near it for a particular reason. While cutting through a forest, the group are confronted by pirate zombies. After slaying the pirates, the group bury them at Mary's request. Continuing their journey, Mary explains the treasure is in a cave at the bottom of a mountain. She also points out monsters are part of the reason other pirates never got the treasure. After slaying the monsters, the group enter the cave. There it is revealed Mary couldn't retrieve the treasure in life because Captain Kidd's ghost prevented her.  After defeating Captain Kidd, the group retrieve his treasure.


Anne is an expert with the rifle, carrying a long-barreled Blunderbuss.[1] Her expertise is denoted with the Marksmanship Skill; Anne Bonny's shooting ability is to the extent of perfectly hitting a target with a musket, even while on top of a shaking ship.[2] Mary carries a cutlass wrapped in a red cloth due to having been in charge of raiding ships. In Fate/Grand Order, the two have been exceptionally summoned as a single set Servant. There are no penalties towards their statuses, but if one collapses, the other will also become unable to fight as well, no matter the circumstances.[1] Since they are regarded as a single Servant, Parameter abilities are determined by picking up the best values among the two of them.[2]

Their Riding Skill has been lost due to their 'Voyage' Skill, a Skill denoting one's steering techniques for a ship. Because it is specialized for ships only, it is impossible for one to ride horses or chariots. As expected of reputable pirates, both of them are prodigious.[2]

Their Noble Phantasm is Caribbean Free Bird, a combination Noble Phantasm in which Anne - who has equipped a musket - covers for the cutlass-wielding Mary. Their Noble Phantasm also receives a great influence from their Combination Skill. No matter what sort of severe battlefield, they will be able to grasp each other's actions with a single gaze and then take the most suitable move.[2]


Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Due to getting into swimsuits, the duo decided to notify to others more and more of their dere frequencies. Furthermore, they truly do not want the Master to feel something the likes of them wanting him or her to choose either one of the two; rather, they intend for the Master to choose them as a set.[5]


They begin their approach in the same way as the original Anne & Mary that attained Bond 5. Since it is summer, they feel a little bolder in approaching their Master.[5]

"It is completely okay if you see them to that extent. It is even okay to touch them. Will you proceed with this up to the very end?"[5]

They are a rare pair of female pirates, but this time, they visit the Master in swimsuits carefreely. With a “Bonny!” feeling, Anne attacks the Master in a swimsuit with a high degree of exposure, while Mary pouts in dere towards the Master with a physique that has a “Read!” feeling, turning into a pincer attack.[6][5]

What Anne Bonny and Mary Read wish for more than anything is "an existence they can rely on," "a comrade they can fight together with." In that regard, Chaldea's Master had a passing grade and they are quite attached to them... still, in the words of an anonymous princess - "Isn't it against the rules to arbitrarily sneak into My Room?"[6]

These two don't even try to hide their favor towards the Master. They say that "because it is just a summer love" as a pretext, but the truth is that this Master is to their liking———regardless of said Master being male or female.[6]


Other Swimsuit Servants

What are you afraid of? Here is The Great Duo that combined the set of large and small. There is no one out there that will surpass their charm, no matter how much alluring the others are… or so they think.[5]


For the summer period, should we not gouge out his eyes?



Creation and ConceptionEdit

I-IV is the character illustrator for Anne Bonny and Mary Read.[1][2][6][5] Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for their character.[2][5]

Comment from IllustratorEdit

"You know, I set these two up with those appearances. Last time, I really did not consider that Anne as she is would truly undergo Ascension too. I was able to accept tearing off her skirt and stockings to put into that feeling of revenge. For the swimsuit event this time, although I even like skirts, I also really love waists and bare legs that nicely reaches that thickness."[5]"Last time, I was imagining their golden age that included the time when they were pirates, but this time, these women themselves recognizes that they have these transient lives as Servants, finishing their once human lives after they were clearly arrested, and that became the premise of these designs. I attached to their wrists some shackles as their collars, of which one of them has each other’s hair so that they can be together even when they die separately."[5]

"Mary’s additional weapon, well… I wonder if it was something that was impossible to exist if it was from that era, so I guess it became a fictional weapon from something that was floating on my mind. Perhaps during Mary’s lifetime, it was a product stolen from the site that manufactured and dispatched only one of said weapon and was made for rich people, and although her heart was unusually drawn to it and she wanted to wear it on her person, it was heavy, easy to break, hard to shoot and kill with, and it was difficult to repair those peculiarities, so it seems that there was no opportunity to make use of a little bit of that item up to the very end when her life was taken into custody."[5]

"Even so, it’s different right now after she died. Pulling it from her memories as something joyful in her mind, it is probably that sort of feeling, among other things, that makes her start taking it out completely to her heart’s content compared to when she was not up to the task of using it during those times. Naturally, during the times she does battle, it breaks every time she uses her Noble Phantasm, so it is a weapon similar to garbage that does not even have a great mystery behind it. Given that she can repair it as many times as she likes, it is probably not satisfying to smash it apart when using it carefreely."[5]

"In the picture of their last Ascension, these two women are allowed to remove their shackles, and they put their hands on top of each other’s; this unlikely scene is only after such things are reached. A large quantity of gold coins and a pirate flag (although frankly, that pirate flag is almost not in sight) are laid out underneath their buttocks, and it was fun for them to enjoy themselves a lot. Also, they are wearing the smiles called tomorrow. Because Mary is satisfied with this and that, she is not holding onto her weapons. But Anne cannot relinquish her weapon. Even if she shows a smile on her face, she is still anxious. Even if she grasps this as an ephemeral dream, it is nevertheless the embodiment of a lingering attachment she does not want to lose this time."[5]

"Although, since a heavy story such as that doesn’t suit them as they are now, think of that as further nonsense. If that is a heavy story, then let’s try discussing instead about how nice are meat that seems heavy and looks soft - yeah, let’s try to stick to that. Right, it is an important point for meat to seem heavy."[5]

"Why is that her established body weight? Because that’s how it’s posed. Oh, I mean, since she has a tall stature, an excellent body build, and splendid muscles as well, even with a light estimate, she has to be at least - no, being responsible for somewhat sensitive talks like this must go through a different section, so I find it difficult to really answer that."[5] (Swimsuit Ver.)


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