Rider of Ys (イースのライダー, Īsu no Raidā?) is a Rider-class Servant appearing in the Agartha Singularity in Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant.



Rider's True Name is Dahut (ダユー, Dayū?), the Pirate Princess of Ys. Daughter of Gradlon, she was a frivolous woman and an unrepentant sinner.

Dahut is an existence similar to a Phantom that cannot manifest as a Servant, so Scheherazade used her Noble Phantasm in conjunction with the power of Phenex to modify Francis Drake's Saint Graph to make her take on the role.[1]



Dahut lives by and imposes two rules on her subjects: "take whatever you want, whenever you want," and "do not want what you have taken". The ultimate hedonist and a woman defined by her desires. She believes people are happiest in the moment they take something they want. At the same time, she views herself as superior to others due to her noble blood, her subjects as her proxy, and that their victims should be thankful for being of use to her when they take from and kill them. Unlike Francis Drake, who understands and accepts that her actions as a pirate are evil, Dahut thinks nothing of her vices and callousness, for to her they are as natural and inconsequential as breathing.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean SocietyEdit

In the Agartha Singularity, Dahut acted as the leader of Ys and its pirates.[1][2][3] Recreating the city that defined her life, the pirates would travel the rivers of Agartha to pillage and plunder the other regions for men and resources. Dahut herself would remain in her mansion where she would satisfy her lust by bedding a string of men: she killed those who she considered inadequate, but also killed those who fulfilled her desires so as to take from them the final expression of despair at the moment of their deaths. Everyone and everything she took, she discarded, often by simply dumping it all into the water.

Chaldea infiltrates Ys as the Resistance's priority target, but are discovered when they attempt to save some of the men from the pirates' wanton cruelty. In making their escape, they are led to Dahut's mansion by a mysterious child. Dahut greets them in her throne room, explaining the rules of her city and society, and is unperturbed when Chaldea disagrees with her values. Seeing herself as the only true possession that she has, Dahut interprets that they mean to "take" her as a proposal, and battles them as a pretext of "taking from each other".

The fight draws out, especially when Dahut brings in reinforcements by having her subjects birth more pirates, introducing Chaldea to the means of reproduction in Agartha. Dahut begins to lose interest, growing manic and beginning to voice the many unusual wants that begin to well up within her. However, they are interrupted by the sudden flooding of Ys from the floodgates being opened by Assassin of the Nightless City, the child who had led Chaldea to her, and who had stolen the key to the floodgates while Dahut was distracted by the battle. Assassin gloats to both parties and extends an invitation to Chaldea to visit her domain before making her escape. Dahut, injured from the fight, is washed away by the flood waters, and Ys, like in its legend, is submerged, leaving little for the Resistance to save or salvage.

It turns out that Dahut survived the encounter, when Chaldea are later washed up at the gates of the Dragon Place below the lake, where she has been hiding to recuperate. However, her time spent there meant that her desires had again pent up, and she attacks the group in a frenzy, intent on at least satisfying her lust. Chevalier d'Eon deals her a mortal wound, which seems to shake her Spirit Origin to the core and awaken Francis Drake, who expresses that the "fog" in her mind is finally clear. Although lamenting that she is already leaving despite only having just arrived, she accepts the situation with good cheer. She hands over the Tamatebako that Dahut had been fighting with and tells the group to take whatever treasures are within the Dragon Palace for themselves before finally disappearing.



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