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Rider's [[Noble Phantasm]]s are [[Sfyrí tou Tálos]] and [[Chionis Tauros]]. 
Rider's [[Noble Phantasm]]s are [[Sfyrí tou Tálos]] and [[Chionis Tauros]]. 
Europa plays a lyre to call down lightning and control Talos.
Europa plays a lyre to call down lightning and control Talos.

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Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) is a Rider-class Servant appearing in the Lostbelts of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt.



Rider's True Name is Europa (エウロペ, Eurōpē?), a Greek Princess of the kingdom of Phoenicia and one of the God Zeus' many mortal concubines in ancient Greek Myth, in her legend Zeus the king of the Olympian gods,infamous for his dalliances with Mortal Women,Goddesses and Nymphs, took notice of her immense beauty and thus then decided to add her to his many conquests. In order to have her for himself without his wife Hera noticing, Zeus transformed himself into the form of a pure white bull in order coax her into riding him and once she did, he immediately ran into the sea and would eventually bring her to the island of Crete, where he then revealed his true identity and crowned her Crete's first Queen and together the couple had three sons: Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Sarpedon.

Her eldest son Minos in particular would eventually rise and become the king of Crete and marry Pasiphaë, a daughter of the Sun Titan Helios and sister to King Aeëtes of Colchis and the Witch Circe and through her eldest son's heretical actions against the God Poseidon eventually become the step-father to the Minotauros and thus her step-Grandson.

The general direction of the sea and the supposed land mass there that Zeus carried her off too, eventually became known as Europe by the Phoeniciaian people in honor for their abducted princess and in time this became the continent's official name.

Atlantic Lostbelt

During the diversion of History in the Atlantic Lostbelt where Zeus successfully defeated Sefer when it invaded Earth on 12000 BC,preventing the Gods from suffering their severe defeat and weakening of their powers. This eventually lead to a portion of the Greek Pantheon to vote to continue the Age of Gods that was then approved by Zeus AphroditeDemeterPoseidonHera and Artemis leading to their further evolution into into Divine Machines and the redefinition of Divine Authorities into Divine Nanomachines. However this motion was disapproved by HadesAthenaAresHephaestus and Apollo. Leading to a gigantic civil war erupting between the two opposing sides of Gods that ultimately lead to the opposing side's defeat and death. Hera being critically injured during the war, allowed her husband Zeus to merge herself with his concubine Europa,taking on her divine authority as a Goddess and allow him to be with them both.



Europa views Zeus' children and grandchildren as her own. She also views all children born in Europe as her descendants.[1]


It is said Medea has no direct connection to Europa, but Medea cannot ignore her because Europa employs the Strongest Guardian (最強の守護者, Saikyō no Shugosha?) as a familiar.


Fate/Grand Order


Rider's Noble Phantasms are Sfyrí tou Tálos and Chionis Tauros

Europa plays a lyre to call down lightning and control Talos.

She admits that she has little to no combat power on her own and relies on Tauros and Talos, lamenting that if it weren't for them, the only thing she could do for Ritsuka is being a Human Shield.


Rider was first mentioned in Fate/Grand Order material I in Medea's profile.


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