Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) is a Rider-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Rider's True Name is Ivan Groznyi (Ivan the Terrible) (イヴァン雷帝, Ivan Raitei?), also called the Thunderous Emperor (雷帝, Raitei?), the alternate world Lostbelt version from the Russian Lostbelt. As of the time of the Lostbelt, he had ruled as Tsar of Russia for nearly 450 years into present day 2018 AD of the Lostbelt, and later registered as a Servant of Chaldea after the Lostbelt was destroyed.

The history of Ivan's Lostbelt diverged from that of Greater History of Man in 1570 AD when an asteroid struck and plunged the world into an ice age. Most humans died, and while Russians were used to the cold and prepared for such weather, but 90% of their population perished and they were on the cusp of extinction. Ivan and his mages were able to save the country by combining humans with magical beasts, creating the Yaga, with Ivan himself becoming the first.[2]




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The still living Ivan is present in the Lostbelt as its King, currently sleeping due to Mozart playing his music under the command of Kadoc Zemlupus. Anastasia, who Ivan believes to be his wife, utilizes Ivan's Oprichniki soldiers produced by his Noble Phantasm to attack and subdue Chaldea Security Organization, while Ivan is kept misinformed by Rasputin, who masquerades as Macarius, an adviser of Ivan during his life.

Rasputin later brings Patxi to look upon Ivan. Simply seeing Ivan's appearance invokes immense fear in Patxi, who gives Rasputin information of the Rebellion Army's location.

Ivan is later awoken upon the death of Mozart, realizing the betrayal of Anastasia and Rasputin. The Chaldea group, Beowulf, Musashi and Ritsuka Fujimaru controlling Adam, a golem created by Avicebron's Noble Phantasm, aided by Anastasia engage Ivan in battle but are unable to cause any major damage to his mammoth form. However, Ivan's defenses are weakened by the wrathful piano playing of Salieri. Ivan attempts to kill Salieri with his lightning, but his attack is blocked by Mash, allowing Musashi to cut off his trunk. Ritsuka then rips out Ivan's main body using Adam.[3] Ivan then confronts the group and is challenged by Anastasia for his crown. They clash, with Ivan being damaged and sinking to his knees. However, he manages to get back up, walking to the Fantasy Tree "Orochi". He confronts Ritsuka about his goal of destroying the Lostbelt, asking him of his resolve to kill all the Yaga his world. Ivan then makes his last stand, being finally defeated. He dies, accepting his role as the loser.[4]


As a Rider, his Mount appears to be a Gigantic Mammoth.[3]

As a Yaga, he has merged with mammoths and saber-tooth tigers. He constantly evolves and grows while sleeping, and after 450 years has arrived at the level of a Divine Beast. The Crypters say he is on the level of a Divine Spirit when comparing him to the Kings of other Lostbelts. Atalanta Alter states that his form is similar to that of what an Olympian god may look like based on her knowledge. Avicebron proclaims "That is a Prime One from an ancient age before there were humans on this planet."

During the Russian Lostbelt, Ivan, in his mammoth form, was able to fight Beowulf, Musashi, Anastasia, and Adam, without even receiving damage, until he is weakened by Salieri's music. His mere movements cause avalanches around him. He is able to control lightning, destroying Adam's arm in a single attack, while his body is also protected by lightning.[3]

As the chosen King of the Russian Lostbelt, Ivan was granted special authorities over the Fantasy Tree Orochi, allowing him to alter and expand the Lostbelt, though he refused to make use of these powers, given their origin, and prevented the tree from properly taking root.[5]

Even in a weakened state, or when summoned as a regular Servant, Ivan still retains his power over lightning, though at a much smaller scale. He can teleport to get closer to his enemies so he can electrocute them with a touch or with a burst of electricity released from his body. Stomping his foot down sends out a wave of electricity that leaves a slight fissure in itss wave. He can extend his tusk to impale his enemies, or generate a ball of electricity between them to launch with explosive impact. He also uses his staff to fire an electric beam.


Ivan's Class Skills are Riding (EX) and Magic Resistance (D). His Personal Skills are Contradictory Mind (A), Innocent Monster (Aberrant) (A) and Emergency Powers (A).[1]

Contradictory Mind (矛盾精神, Mujun Seishin?) symbolizes the mentality of Ivan the Terrible. As the Tsar of Russia, Ivan established a government of centralized authoritarian rule while simultaneously imposing a reign of terror on the nation. In the morning, regretting his sins, he would confine himself in the church, but in the afternoon, he would be torturing rebels with great delight. The souls of a saint and a villain seemed to live in perfect coexistence, randomly transforming his alignment into two kinds. Namely, into lawful and chaotic.[1]

Innocent Monster (Aberrant) (無辜の怪物(異), Muko no Kaibutsu (Koto)?) is a variant of the Innocent Monster skill. Despite being a human, he proclaimed himself to be an existence equal to God and after chasing away the aristocracy that once boasted of great influence, he became the one with the most authority. Revered as the absolute emperor in Russia, the people of Western Europe gave him the moniker "Terrible" in fear. In the Permafrost Empire, by combining with the Demonic Beasts that boasted the title of strongest, he became a monster worthy of ruling the Russian Lostbelt────that is how he ended up.[1]

Emergency Powers (非常大権, Hijōtaiken?) is the emperor's authority of absolute obedience Ivan was seeking in order to rule over the opposing nobles. To the surrounding people, the strong intimidating air results in an intense "heavy pressure" that lowers the rank of their full capacity. In the case of an ordinary human, even seeing will prove to be difficult. It's possible to negate the effects with a Charisma skill of Rank B or higher.[1] In the Russian Lostbelt, this skill is connected to Ivan's privileges as King of the Lostbelt.[4]

Noble PhantasmsEdit

Ivan's Noble Phantasms are Chyornyj Oprichniki and Zveri - Krestnyy Khod.[1]

Chyornyj Oprichniki: Black Dogs Come Forth into My Dreams (我が夢路に這い出よ黒犬チョールヌイ・オプリチニキ, Waga Yumeji ni Hai Deyo Kuro InuChōrunui Opurichiniki?) is a Noble Phantasm transformed from the Tsar's Extraordinary Authority and based on his Oprichniki. It activates when Ivan falls asleep and while he sleeps, it spawns the Oprichniki which dwell in the Tsar's dreams, who protect and rule over his dominion, not resting until his enemies are killed. Their strength as a group is overwhelming, but the individual soldiers possess relatively low strength. In the vicinity of the capital Moscow however, a single unit gains power comparable to a low-rank Servant.[1] When the Tsar wakes, the Oprichniki turn to dust and return to his dreams.[3]

Zveri - Krestnyy Khod: The Beast that Accompanied me On My Journeys (我が旅路に従え獣ズヴェーリ・クレースニーホッド, Ware ga Tabiji ni Shitagae JūZuvēri Kurēsunī Hoddo?), also referred to as the Crucession of the Divine Beast, is connected to the path Ivan believes he would one day walk to heaven. Standing in his way is equivalent to rebellion against the Tsar and sacrilege to God. It allows Ivan to assume his mammoth form to mercilessly destroy his enemies.[1]


danciao is the character designer for Ivan Groznyi.[1]


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