Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) is a Rider-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Rider's True Name is Ivan Groznyi (Ivan the Terrible) (イヴァン雷帝, Ivan Raitei?), also called the Thunderous Emperor (雷帝, Raitei?), the alternate world Lostbelt version from the Russian Lostbelt. As of the time of the Lostbelt, he had ruled as Tsar of Russia for nearly 450 years into present day 2018 AD (2020 AD of the English Version) of the Lostbelt, and later registered as a Servant of Chaldea after the Lostbelt was destroyed. 

The history of Ivan's Lostbelt diverged from that of Greater History of Man in 1570 AD when an asteroid struck and plunged the world into an ice age. Most humans died, and while Russians were used to the cold and prepared for such weather, but 90% of their population perished and they were on the cusp of extinction. Ivan and his mages were able to save the country by combining humans with magical beasts, creating the Yaga, with Ivan himself becoming the first after the Tsar had fused himself with the body of an ancient primordial beast hidden in Russia's tundra.[3]




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The still living Ivan is present in the Lostbelt as its King, currently sleeping due to Mozart playing his music under the command of Kadoc Zemlupus. Anastasia, who Ivan believes to be his wife, utilizes Ivan's Oprichniki soldiers produced by his Noble Phantasm to attack and subdue Chaldea Security Organization, while Ivan is kept misinformed by Rasputin, who masquerades as Macarius, an adviser of Ivan during his life.

Rasputin later brings Patxi to look upon Ivan. Simply seeing Ivan's appearance invokes immense fear in Patxi, who gives Rasputin information of the Rebellion Army's location.

Ivan is later awoken upon the death of Mozart, realizing the betrayal of Anastasia and Rasputin. The Chaldea group, Beowulf, Musashi and Ritsuka Fujimaru controlling Adam, a golem created by Avicebron's Noble Phantasm, aided by Anastasia engage Ivan in battle but are unable to cause any major damage to his mammoth form. However, Ivan's defenses are weakened by the wrathful piano playing of Salieri. Ivan attempts to kill Salieri with his lightning, but his attack is blocked by Mash, allowing Musashi to cut off his trunk. Ritsuka then rips out Ivan's main body using Adam.[4] Ivan then confronts the group and is challenged by Anastasia for his crown. They clash, with Ivan being damaged and sinking to his knees. However, he manages to get back up, walking to the Fantasy Tree "Orochi". He confronts Ritsuka about his goal of destroying the Lostbelt, asking him of his resolve to kill all the Yaga his world. Ivan then makes his last stand, being finally defeated. He dies, accepting his role as the loser.[5]


Ivan the Terrible lives up to his name in every sense of the word.[6] Having once been the greatest monster of the sixteenth century,[7] Avicebron initially claims that although Atalanta may be a famous hunter from Greek myth, even her would have a hard time facing Ivan the Terrible. Goredolf Musik says that to beat him they would need to summon a more powerful Servant, such as the King of Heroes, the King of Conquerors, or the King of Knights.[8] Atalanta further speculates that having lived for 450 years, the Tsar is likely to be as powerful as a Phantasmal Beast from the Age of Gods, potentially even at the level of a Divine Beast.[9] However, these are all estimations made without having still learned the true nature of this version of Ivan the Terrible. In the history of the Russian Lostbelt, the legendary Tsar initially became a Yaga that ended up merging with an ancient primordial Demonic Beast he encountered long ago, beginning a period of "growth". Whether it was thanks to his heroic temperament or his imperial bloodline, that growth and mutation continued for five centuries up to the present day.[4] Due to this, Ivan ended up developing a Spirit Origin with strength on par with that of a Divine Spirit.[7] In fact, just from having seen him sleeping for a short moment, Caenis claims that he's quite a beast and that she doesn't even think their own demiurge could take him down.[10] The Tsar is utterly inhuman. He is a primal being, the kind that must have existed on this planet long before humans ever did.[6]

While the Ivan from panhuman history may have been a tyrant, he was a stranger to magecraft. However, when the world that would end up becoming the Russian Lostbelt was in danger of freezing over, Ivan summoned a group of magi. He sought a way for humanity to survive, which came in the form of fusing humans and magical beasts.[2] His knowledge of magecraft was later enhanced by becoming a Lostbelt King, which granted him special authorities over the Fantasy Tree Orochi, allowing him to alter and expand the Lostbelt, though he refused to make use of these powers, given their origin, and prevented the tree from properly taking root.[11] In this state he can control the weather and despite having been asleep for so long, his power still kept the blizzard from raging too hard in the capital.[6] He is also well known in his domain for his lightning blasts, which are said to be one of his most powerful weapons.[12] Even on the verge of death after having been defeated by Chaldea, he's able to shut down Ritsuka's communicator with a wave of his staff once Goredolf Musik interrupts the conversation the two were having.[5]

Even though the Tsar is from a Losteblt, the musical arts seem to have an oddly powerful effect over him. While Mozart is able to keep him asleep with his Noble Phantasm once he starts to wake up, Kadoc Zemlupus claims that he alone wouldn't be able to keep the Tsar pacified should he hear any commotion.[3]

It would normally be impossible to summon him, but perhaps in response to such an unprecedented event like the scorching, or the editing of the human order, the human order has sought stronger Heroic Spirits.[2] As a servant of Chaldea Ivan still retains his power over lightning, though at a much smaller scale. He can teleport to get closer to his enemies so he can electrocute them with a touch or with a burst of electricity released from his body. Stomping his foot down sends out a wave of electricity that leaves a slight fissure in its wave. He can extend his tusk to impale his enemies or generate a ball of electricity between them to launch with explosive impact. He also uses his staff to fire an electric beam.[13]

Class SkillsEdit

Riding (EX Rank): The ability to ride. Usually, he'd have a rank that would allow him to just ride something like a horse, but thanks to the Innocent Monster skill, he has fused with a rideable being.[1][2] As a Rider, his Mount appears to be a Gigantic Mammoth.[4]
Magic Resistance (D Rank): Nullifies single-action magecraft. This level of resistance equal to using an amulet that wards off magecraft.[1][2]

Personal SkillsEdit

Contradictory Mind (A Rank): During his reign as the tsar of Russia, Ivan established a centrally controlled government which he ruled by fear. In the mornings he'd lock himself up in a temple to repent for his sins, and in the evening he'd joyfully torture those who rebelled against him. His mentality is something similar to that of a saint and a villain combined, and it randomly changes his alignment between the two. That is, between lawful or chaotic.[1][2]
Innocent Monster (Foreign) (A Rank): Even as a human he named himself an existence equal to god, and by driving off the nobles who boasted about their political influence, his authority managed to reach its peak. Russia respected him as an absolute tsar, but the people of western Europe feared him and called him 'the terrible'. Now that he's fused with a giant mythical beast from Siberia, he has now become a being completely different from what he was in life.[1][2]
Emergency Prerogative (A Rank): Supreme submission and obedience through fear that Ivan sought in order to control the nobles. The intimidating aura he puts against everyone in his surroundings creates a heavy pressure that reduces all their stats by one rank. A regular person would find it difficult to keep their eyes open under this. This skill can be negated by Charisma with rank B or higher.[1][2] When facing his supremacy, his unbridled glory, Patxi can't do anything but immediately surrender to him.[14] Ivan the Terrible is the ultimate Yaga that embodies despair incarnate. Anyone that looks at him shall know fear.[15]

Noble PhantasmsEdit

Zveri - Krestnyy KhodEdit

The reason Ivan the Terrible is so powerful is his Noble Phantasm Zveri - Krestnyy Khod with which he assumes his mammoth form to mercilessly destroy his enemies.[1] The Tsar is not a human nor Yaga, not even a Heroic Spirit. He is a beast of the gods with the size of a mountain. While Atalanta had fought both Demonic Beasts and giants before, they were never as big as this monster, and she claims that it would give the gods of Olympus's true forms a run for their money. He is a walking natural disaster and an active volcano that only causes destruction whenever he wakes up.[4] During one of those events, Ivan completely obliterated a village leaving behind a crater which resembled the aftermath of the Tunguska event.[16] He packs tremendous force and can cause an avalanche with a single step. He can even slam his trunk into the ground in place of an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.[4] Ivan could also knock down the Fantasy Tree if he wanted to.[11] While Musashi would like to cut him down starting at the legs, she doesn't think that would work, and even her Heavenly Eye can't see a way to kill him.[4]

In this form, the Tsar can also call down lightning blasts from the very heavens capable of stripping Avicebron's Golem Keter Malkuth of its skin and flesh and leveling the deserted buildings around them. Just from witnessing this attack, Kadoc claims he is stronger than he thought. Furthermore, Ivan can create a storm with the tip of his trunk on par with the lightning attack of a Divine Spirit. While the Avicebron's ultimate golem may survive it, none of the other servants aiding Chaldea could have had it not been blocked by Mash's Mold Camelot. Although he can shoot multiple times this attack thanks to being a seemingly bottomless well of Magical Energy, Mash claims that he's nothing compared to the enemies Chaldea already overcame in the Human Incineration incident such as the King of Mages.[4]

The major weakness of this Noble Phantasm is its speed. Ivan is slow, so he can't dodge the attacks of other servants. His weak spot is the crown on its head, its real body, however reaching it is extremely difficult. Musashi claims that even running up his trunk at full speed wouldn't be enough to keep from getting swatted before she ever reaches the top.[4]

Ivan is ultimately defeated in the events of the Russian Lostbelt due to Adam and Anastasia's Viy Viy Viy momentarily holding him back, allowing Salieri to play the piano without the Tsar being able to kill him. By using his anger, Salieri manages to increase the power of his own Spirit Origin and his Noble Phantasm to boost his abilities to the point where they managed to bind the Tsar's heart, weakening him and leaving him wide open for Musashi's Ishana Daitenshou to split his enormous truck clean in half. Fujimaru dealt the finishing move with Adam by taking off Ivan's crown, separating the true body from the monstrosity, thus, completely shutting it down.[4]

Chyornyj OprichnikiEdit

Chyornyj Oprichniki is a Noble Phantasm transformed from the Tsar's Extraordinary Authority and based on his Oprichniki. It activates when Ivan falls asleep and while he sleeps, it spawns the Oprichniki which dwell in the Tsar's dreams, who protect and rule over his dominion, not resting until his enemies are killed. Their strength as a group is overwhelming, but the individual soldiers possess relatively low strength. In the vicinity of the capital Moscow however, a single unit gains power comparable to a low-rank Servant.[1] The closer they are to the Tsar the stronger they are.[9] When the Tsar wakes, the Oprichniki turn to dust and return to his dreams.[4]


danciao is the character designer for Ivan Groznyi.[1]

Comment from IllustratorEdit

"At first I just drew him as a human with his eyes hidden under a crown. But then I was told "it's ok if you go crazy enough that people might think it's too far", so I was able to create something very close to what I envisioned. I keep getting asked where his eyes are, to which all I can answer is that he's looking at you from the deep darkness." (danciao)[2]


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