Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) is a Rider-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Rider's True Name is Mandricardo (マンドリカルド, Mandorikarudo?), the rival of Rodomonte in the Italian epic Orlando Furioso.

A long time ago I was a king and an adventurer! From my adventures I was able to get my hands on the armor of Hector, from that point on I was able to continue my quest in search of Durandal while having a blast! Then…. from the battles over Durandal and everything else that happened after, you now see the Mandricardo in front of you that is jaded and now sees the world for what it is, fragile. Nice to meet ya...



I’m the kind of person that has trouble going to restaurants when I remember the feeling of ordering.

A young man with a part of him being a little jaded about the world.

I understand that I’m not so important and just another minor player in the grand scheme of things, so there are a lot of times where I end up mocking myself. In other words, I’m the type who worries about what will happen if I fail, I’m extremely cautious and wary of things, and I do things half-heartedly.

When I was alive, I thought of myself as the greatest in the world and went around like I owned it. However, after not being able to beat Bradamante’s lover Ruggiero even though I had Hector’s armor and Durandal, I was utterly crushed by the shock it seems. So, here I am with my attitude completely lacking of confidence to serve my master.

Here’s a guy that is worried out of his mind about the necessity of communication for the Holy Grail War. Well at least when it comes to battle all of this can become a source of courage for me, so I do actually have a bit of confidence in reality.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit


He claims that even if he uses a piece of broken wood, he can use it as though it were a fine sword in his hands. His weapon is shown as a yellow katana (possibly a boken) with chains around the grip and pommel, exchanged in his third ascension for a wooden longsword with sharpened rocks embedded within the blade. He is also shown using the shield on his back as a weapon, striking the enemy with it while charged with energy or throwing it as a spinning blade, as well as showing mounted combat attacks as befitting his Class.

Armor of the Nine Worthies: A A skill strengthened by the tale of Mandricardo having worn Hector’s armor. All the stories of Hector change toughen Mandricardo’s body, the overwhelmingly powerful legend also manifests into a form of pseudo-charisma for Mandricardo.

Brigliadoro's Neigh: A A skill strengthened by the tale of Mandricardo having stolen and ridden Rolando’s horse Brigliadoro. Increased mobility, attack power, and fame. In exchange for said gains, it becomes easy for the enemy’s attention to be focused on Mandricardo. Also from this skill it possible to take and ride magic beasts under the rank of C.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Ginka is the character designer for Rider.


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