Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) is the Rider-class Servant of Mash Kyrielight in the parody work Learn with Manga! FGO.



Rider's True Name is unknown. She claims her true name is White Rabbit of Inaba (因幡の白ウサギ?), stating that it "doesn't have a problem being implemented." Mash attempts to correct her by stating that her True Name is that of a film director, but Rider interrupts and states that "they can't implement a person with a name that unforgettable." She is a director from the dawn of the film industry.[1]


Rider is nicknamed Rabbit Ears (うさみみ, Usamimi?).


Rider has a penchant for making films. She appears to have a strong animosity towards Thomas Edison.[2][3] She believes that all movies are made under her influence.[4]


Learn More with Manga! FGOEdit

Rider and Assassin are causing revolution to taking down Gudako, only be easily defeated by Gudako.


She is an all-rounder who can do everything, from shooting to adding visual effects, all by herself.[5]

One of her Skills, SFX, allows her to create various kinds of costumes. Those disguises, while they might look dumb or unfinished, are good enough to fool even Servants.[6]

Her Noble Phantasm is Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Its effects are unknown, beyond summoning a chainsaw.[7] Her other Noble Phantasm summons the film reels of all the movies she made, then burns them to create a massive explosion.

She has shown the ability to take the powers of others to create a composite noble phantasm. By taking power from Lancer and Archer, she obtains her final ascension and creates a phantasm called Terror of the Croconado.


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