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Rin Tohsaka (遠坂 (リン), Tōsaka Rin?, Romanized as Rin Tousaka in the English version) is the Master of Lancer in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA. She appears as a Lancer-class Demi-Servant in Fate/EXTRA Last Encore.

She is a different person than the Rin Tohsaka who appears in Fate/stay night, but they are part of the same lineage in the Fate/EX universe. She is an activist who fights against the Harwey family, so her reason to participate in the Holy Grail War is to stop Leo.[3]



Rin is of a branch lineage of the Tohsaka family from an illegitimate child fathered by Tokiomi Tohsaka during his travels overseas. The Tohsaka family itself declined in the 1990s.[4] Her nationality is unknown and she is currently active in the Middle East. She was active in the Middle East as a freelance engineer as of the 2030s. Previously she was a member of a United Nations organization, and was volunteering as a system management engineer of sorts for an NGO that provides medical assistance across Asia.[3] After Harwey imposed his rule, Rin found herself losing faith in her dream and had many doubts about what the future would hold. After visiting a broad range of countries that were suffering from poverty Rin could see the limits of such a strictly controlled society, and so she decided to fight back against Harwey. After that she left the NGO and devoted herself to supporting the Resistance.[3] She was hired by the resistance and came to be known as a hero after having participated in many liberation wars. From then on she fought alongside the resistance, however she operated completely independently. Her policy is no civilian casualties. For the past year she has resided in the strife-filled land of the Middle East. Half for her own conviction, and half for the sake of money, she engaged in cyber warfare against Harwey’s private army.[3] Due to her actions, she is wanted by the plutocracy as an international terrorist. She initially worked with hacking & cracking, a data mining team, as an adviser of special technology over a period of three years. She managed to detect the attack on their group, and though she warned the other team members, she was the only survivor. The team prioritized whatever was most important, and due to their different roles, they focused on the equipment and data over their own lives while she escaped.

Their main purpose was accessing the Moon Cell and spreading the means to access it. The data they gathered was placed into a document that spread around, and while normal people could not utilize it, magi used it to enter the Holy Grail War. She gave an interview in the December 2032 issue of Fate/the Fact, an "Internet Deep Culture Magazine", where she explained her role in the group and talked about the nature of the Moon Cell. She was actively pressed into it by her master for public relation activities, and she was paid for doing it. She clearly states that "the Holy Grail War has begun." Upon hearing about the Holy Grail War from the resistance, she formally accepted the mission to ascend to the Moon and defeat Harwey.[3]


Rin's clothing

Rin's avatar is like her Fate/stay night counterpart, she has long black hair styled into twintails and aqua eyes. Her clothes are similar to her counterpart but with some differences instead of stockings she wears long black boots and instead of a red sweater a tight top with the same cross symbol. Underneath her skirt she has weapons.

However, outside the Moon Cell in her true body she actually has long blond hair still styled into twintails and she has blue eyes.

In Fate/EXTRA CCC, Rin is initially seen in her Fate/EXTRA outfit but later when she joins the school council she wears a dark navy sailor school uniform with a red scarf, a pleated skirt, black stockings, and black shoes. She prefers patterns and lace underwear, although she doesn't think about the colour.[2]

In Fate/EXTRA Record, the color of her sweater and mini skirt is swapped.


While she constantly puts Hakuno Kishinami down and claims that she will not help them, she still provides advice and guides them subtly. She is surprised every time they claim to lack knowledge, but always tells them what they are missing. She thought they simply relied on a powerful Noble Phantasm to win the first round, but claims to have to rethink her opinion of them after learning that they don't even have one.

Rin is actively against the Harweys and the Western European plutocracy, and even if she wasn't hired by the Resistance, she would still oppose it in her own way. She is against active war due to the potential waste of resources, and would rather focus on the conflict within the Moon Cell. She has a firm and unsentimental set of values, but her true nature is someone who looks out for others and pursues justice, so she is suspect to be sympathetic at the critical moment.[3]

In CCC, it is stated that Rin would prefer to serve rather than lead, but kept up the tough exterior in order to never be seen as weak. She also views money as important and calls it the "future."


Hakuno Kishinami
Rin originally mistakes Hakuno for an NPC and not a Master. She then begins assisting them by providing advice and information while claiming it was payback for "molesting" them. Rin constantly puts Hakuno down and makes it appear she dislikes helping them, but Hakuno can always rely on her help, especially after they rescue her in the 4th round.
Rin and Lancer make a good, formidable team. It is shown that Lancer often likes to make fun of Rin at Rin's expense. Archer also theorizes that Rin always kept her Servant "on their feet" through her forceful personality. In the Rin route, Rin occasionally lets it show that she still misses Lancer.
Rin is unfamiliar with Archer and doesn't bat an eye when she sees him. She does admit to Hakuno that she feels strangely nostalgic in his presence. As with all three of Hakuno's potential Servants, Rin is willing to perform a mana transfer with Archer in the fifth round.
Rin and Rani are rivals as well as opponents in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. Both girls are smart and pretty and both compete for Hakuno's affections. In Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, Rin and Rani form a truce after becoming trapped on the sixth floor. After Rani's death, Rin also makes it her goal to continue on for Rani's sake. In CCC, the two are able to work well together, a fact which they openly acknowledge.



Rin first appears in the initial selection of the War as a student from class 2-B, known to be pretty, athletic, smart, and classy to all the males who adore her, and a "stuck up Ms. Perfect" to all the females who despise her. Despite being known to some as the most popular girl in the school, the contradictory nature of the area makes some people not know of her. She was not caught by the illusion of the school for very long, having managed to get past the brainwashing more quickly than most.

She chooses to forgo using the school uniform, and begins to examine the area. The initial protagonist happens to encounter her while searching for the rumor of "Little Red Rooftop" on the school roof. She attempts to inspect his form as an NPC before being warned by the system that direct interference with him is forbidden. She decides to take her leave, and vanishes before his eyes. She encounters Shinji at some point, and becomes physical with him after his aggressive attempts at flirting fail. She is noted by Mr. Kuzuki to be a very strong competitor when providing details to Leo, and they note that the Harways in Asia have voiced some concerns about her. Leo particularly notes that he dislikes her because her unruly behavior is unbecoming for the daughter of a noble family.

She first encounters Hakuno Kishinami after the end of the preliminary phase, and begins to study them as an NPC. Upon realizing they are an actual participant, she becomes greatly flustered and apologizes because she thought they looked too plain to be an actual person. She begins to help them after learning that they have no memories, but says that she won't become their ally.

There is eventually an event where Hakuno must make a choice of coming to the aid of either Rin or Rani VIII. Though both survive the encounter, the "rescued" participant will lose their Servant and aid Hakuno for the duration of the War. During Rani's path, Rin remains an enemy, and becomes Hakuno's opponent during the sixth round. After Lancer is defeated, she is stripped of her Command Spells and killed, though she expresses confidence that Hakuno would be able to defeat Leo.

Last Encore[]

Rin encounters Hakuno Kishinami when he was staring at N.Amagi's body. Though confused about why he is concerned with the body, Rin helps Hakuno, carrying Amagi to the infirmary. Rin notices Hakuno was twitching in pain.[5]

On the first floor, Rin stands on a rooftop and observes Hakuno and Saber being led away by the mayor's police women and remarks it was such a waste. Still on the rooftop, she witnesses Hakuno's phenomenon and states he has reached Dead Face.[6]

Eventually, she arrives on a flying motorcycle to rescue the two from Shinji Matou and his Berserkers. She takes them to her apartment and treats Hakuno's injuries. When he wakes up, she gives them mana-replenishing drinks and explains that she lost her Servant, but remains a rebel against Shinji's rule. She explains how a strange circle in the sky called Chakravatin removed the influence of SE.RA.PH. on the Holy Grail War, allowing Shinji to take over the city. The three forge an alliance to take Shinji down.[7]

The next day, she causes a fire to distract the police women so they can reach the mayor's office. The Berserkers come out to fight them, so she stays behind to stall them as the other two go on ahead. She declares she will do everything in her power to make sure those two don't die, as she has use for them. Her body glows red as she attacks. She defeats the Berserkers and looks on impassively as the city is flooded. After Shinji and his Rider are defeated, the Moon Mile Ladder arrives to take Hakuno and Saber to the second floor. Rin uses her flying motorcycle to catch up and join them.[7]

As the Moon Mile Ladder ascends, she and Saber bathe together and she marvels on how they are traveling through a body of water in the sky. When they arrive on the second floor, Hakuno and Saber are shocked to find she has disappeared.[8]

Later, after Hakuno and Saber defeat Archer and his Master Dan Blackmore, they return to the Moon Mile Ladder and it ascends to the third floor. Inside, they find Rin, who comments that Rani VIII got what she wanted even in death. Slightly annoyed, the two ask where she had been.[9]

Rin stays by Hakuno and Saber's side while they venture into the third floor. While there, Rin explains what a Dead Face and a cyber ghost are. She also has visions of Misao Amari practically begging Rin to fight her. However, Rin refuses to fight any Master not willing to reach the sixth floor.

Eventually, Rin recalls a rumor about a monster that lurks in the third floor. Said monster promptly attacks the trio. Saber manages to defeat it but by doing so, the day resets. Rin recalls a particularly Servant with that kind of power and assumes said Servant is the monster itself. In the trio's second encounter with the monster, Rin transforms into a Demi-Servant, revealing to HAKUNO and Saber that she is now possesses her Servant's powers.

Unfortunately, the monster is not harmed by Rin nor Saber's attacks, until it spots a book HAKUNO had picked up from the third floor. Another attack from Saber instantly kills the monster, allowing Rin, Saber and HAKUNO to proceed to the fourth floor.

On the fifth floor, Rin helps Saber fight off Li Shuwen, a Berserker-class Servant. To her dismay, Saber opts to help HAKUNO and leave Rin to deal with Li Shuwen alone. Rin is soon defeated and knocked back into the room where Saber and HAKUNO were fighting against Berserker's Master, Julius B. Harwey. Due to the recent discovery that Hakuno wasn't a real person but a combination of the grudges of several dead Masters, aka a Dead Face, Hakuno loses his will to fight and is badly injured.

Rani rescues Hakuno, Saber and Rin before they can be killed, by taking on her Berserker appearance. Hakuno spends some time trying to accept who he is with the help of Saber. In the end, the two are able to form a stable bond and, in Rin's words, act like a proper Master and Servant. Once they are confident the duo will manage on their own, Rin and Rani leave the fifth floor quietly.

As Hakuno and Saber ascend to the sixth floor, Rin and Rani share a drink as they wait for the former's arrival. Both agree to do their very best to escape their current predicament. Once Hakuno and Saber arrive, they find numerous clones of Rin and Rani killing each other. The two run off and are approached by Rin, who refuses to explain the situation.

Rin decides to lead them to the dome at the center of the floor, promising she and Rani will leave them alone once they get there. At the entrance to the dome, Rin's body suddenly disintegrates and she says goodbye, admitting that she's in a lot of pain.

Hakuno and Saber enter the dome while they watch a recording left behind by Rin and Rani. The two reveal that their Servants had killed each other off, leaving no clear victor on the sixth floor. The real Rin and Rani were subsequently put to sleep while the sixth floor began creating Demi-Servant copies who would battle each other until they was a clear victor.

It took a century for Rin and Rani to realize there could be no clear winner between them and their fights were futile. They chose to search for a Master from the lower floors who could come to them and provide a clear victor to their battles.

Hakuno decides to try and save both Rin and Rani, instead of just one of them as they had anticipated. Unfortunately, Rani dies shortly after waking up. Rin makes a grave for Rani and promises that she will live on for Rani's sake and do her best to help Hakuno.

On the seventh floor, the trio encounter Gawain, the Servant of Leonardo B. Harwey, who invites them for a drink. Gawain reveals that he has spent the last hundreds of years tending to the garden in the area while his Master sleeps on the highest mountain of the floor, peacefully awaiting for another Master to show up.

At Hakuno's request, Gawain awakens his Master. Leo is quick to initiate an attack on Hakuno to stop Hakuno from saving mankind using the Moon Cell. Rin watches as Gawain launches a sword strike so powerful, both Hakuno and Saber are sent crashing back to the first floor. Believing HAKUNO and Saber won't be able to return in time, Leo and Gawain proceed to launch attacks all over the seventh floor as they pursue Rin, who complains that she can barely hold on against the duo.

Fortunately, HAKUNO and Saber return in time to rescue Rin, and in the ensuing rematch with Gawain, Saber successfully defeats him with HAKUNO's help. Leo becomes content to let Hakuno and Saber proceed to the final floor after their victory.

When Twice H. Pieceman, the man behind Moon Cell shutting down, the Grail War being canceled, and the suffering of numerous Masters and Servants, begins launching an attack on Hakuno, Rin, Leo, Gawain assist Hakuno. Leo and Gawain sacrifice themselves to push Twice back, giving Saber a chance to charge at the Chakravartin and try to destroy it.

Meanwhile, Hakuno tells Rin that she should be the victor of the Moon Cell, aware that he is going to reset the Moon Cell at the cost of his own life. Rin is shocked and touched at the same time and flies off to the Moon Cell's core where she will be safe. She waits for Hakuno to arrive and perform the reset.

The series ends with the sole survivor, Rin Tohsaka, standing on an open field and eager to "begin again." She proceeds to run off into the distance.

Last Encore Your Score reveals Rin Tohsaka had killed Misao Amari and her Servant shortly after she had killed the three Berserkers.


When BB's shadow devoured all Master and NPC from the Tsukumihara Academy, Rin's consciousness has been turned into junk by BB, and she becomes an enemy.[3] Rin was chosen to be the first Sentinel. Despite having half of her consciousness occupied by BB, Rin manages to be completely as usual. This is certainly a testament to the strength of her will power.[10] Rin would encounter Hakuno Kishinami on the first floor of Chapter 1. There, Rin declares herself as the "Queen of the Moon" (月の女王, Tsuki no Joō?).[3] Rin is first seen as the master of the Lancer. To face the real Rin, Hakuno had to collect three SG known as "Secret Garden", which divided into a number of levels. Once Hakuno collected all the SG, Hakuno and his/her Servant must dive into Rin's mind to face her.

Though after Lancer and Rin are defeated by Hakuno and his/her servant, Lancer abandons Rin. After defeating Rin, she regains her sanity, and then joins the student council as if to atone for her sins. From then on she acts as an Operator. When Rin joins the student council, she wears her alternate uniform. Her position within the student council is vice-president. She is a great strategist, and supports Hakuno to clear the Sakura Labyrinth. Rin does up most of the strategic plans for you each night. Rin's room is filled with random stuff to the point where Hakuno might think she is a Red Doraemon. She also gives you a hand in deepening your relationship with Rani, and in the latter half of the game Rin and Rani become good friends.[3]

In this timeline, Rani was the one Hakuno had chosen to rescue during Rani's battle with Rin. She is thus an enemy of Hakuno in the Near Side.

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail[]

Rin's role in Fox Tail is similar to CCC, she supports Hakuno from the student council room.

Other appearances[]

In the backstory of Fate/EXTELLA, Rin's role is similar to herself in Fate/EXTRA in the Moon Holy Grail War. She was defeated in the sixth round and says her farewell.[11]


While Magecraft has died out in the Extra universe, Magic Circuits are still used with hacking. Rin is called a natural by Kuzuki due to how quickly she managed to break through the illusion of Tsukumihara Academy compared to the others. He compares her to a wild Mouflon among a flock of sheep. Her specs as a Magus are slightly inferior to Leo's, but her ability as a Master exceeds Leo's, which comes from her greater real-world combat experience. This makes Rin a top candidate for winning the Grail.[3] Compared to Leo, Rin is superior in terms of offensive code casts but Leo has the higher chance of victory.[12]

  • call_gandor(64); - A codecast skill that unleashes gandor, there is a possibility of Stunning the enemy. The effect would only last for 1 move.
  • call_fortune(128); - A codecast skill that uses gems to injure and lower luck.
  • call_beam(256); - A codecast skill that causes magic damage.

Queen of the Moon created a money collection system called Tohsaka Money Is Power System (遠坂マネーイズパワーシステム, Tōsaka Manē Izu Pawā Shisutemu?, Tohsaka ATM) it is a loop system created solely for the reason of snatching sakurament from Hakuno. Anyone who is caught in this loop ends up at a workplace that Rin created, and they must then work for Rin and present Rin with all the money they earn in order to increase her savings. To begin with, the first layer in CCC is Rin's heart, and within it resides the contradictory desire to "make money." The Attack Programs are created from crumbling bits of Rin's heart. When you destroy an Attack Program is turns into sakurament, which was originally the "Savings of Rin's heart." No matter how many Attack Programs Hakuno has defeated, they all turn into sakurament which is then deposited into the Tohsaka ATM, however in spite of the total amount of sakurament that Rin has available to her will not change in the slightest. This is because the amount of money that Rin desires already lies within her. When she realizes this contradiction, we get the chance to see Ego Rin stray from her usual behavior. In reality it's hard to tell if she actually wants money or if she just wants people to listen to her selfish demands.[13]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]



Within the world of Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, Rin's various bodies created during the Unlimited Raise Dead phenomenon have become Lancer-class Demi-Servants. Fused with Cú Chulainn, she has access to Gae Bolg.[14]


In the production of Fate/EXTRA CCC, the developers wanted Rin to wear a special and rather risqué punk fashion outfit as she appear as the Queen of the Moon. Arco Wada had done some rough drawings, but it was axed.[10]



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    ◆What’s your favorite color of underwear?

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    ◆How do you spend your free time?

    • I aim for physical and mental relaxation. “If you don’t rest when you’re free, you won’t be able to move when you need to.”

    Excessive Self-Consciousness:
    Rin Tohsaka’s first SG. Rin herself describes it as “a queenly mode of behavior, imposed by one’s nobility, completely natural for a leader.” Indeed, its meaning is unclear.
    Another name for it is “templation.” It comes from the word “template,” and was a popular slang term in 21st century Japan.


    Humans may, due to various emotions and circumstances, reject thinks they like saying they don’t like them, or accept things they hate saying they don’t mind them.
    The opposite of good will isn’t ill will, but rather indifference.
    Liking is the other side of hating. Hating is the other side of liking. This sort of “dishonesty” is an ailment common to all people. It’s nothing particularly shameful.
    However, there’s also the case where the more pride one has the haughtier one behaves towards someone one’s interested in, and engages in contradictory behavior. Of course we wouldn’t dare to say who, though.
    This templation shifts from the simply dishonest attitude to an actively malicious attitude, a condition particular to girls.
    Their behavior when they act with pride is called “tsuntsun,” and when their need to be liked by the other party reaches a boiling point they’ll turn “deredere,” and the two together are called “tsundere.”
    Of course we wouldn’t dare to say who, but,


    Some call this a bittersweet SG, for it is the fate of templation to disappear when love is fulfilled. A certain priest says this of it: “Once she confesses to the target of her affections, she is no longer ‘tsun,’ or anything else, but a contemptible impure thing.”
    Unfortunately, all that lies past graduation from this SG is becoming an silly couple so wrapped up in their love they don’t even notice that people are watching. If you are a well-meaning third party, you will probably have various thoughts of your own about this, but please watch over them kindly.

    Rin Tohsaka’s second SG.
    A peculiar tendency to value money above all other things. For her, money is something like gasoline, something she accumulates and burns up in order to propel herself forward.


    For Mammonists, money is synonymous with ultimate power. If used well, it can even allow you to seize political power, or obtain happiness. Needless to say, money is bound to nations and economies. In has no power in and of itself. Wise men will advise you, scoldingly, that “the important thing about money isn’t how much you have, but what you can buy.”
    Mammonists gather money like a vampire gathers blood. Perhaps it’s a mark of the ruling class, separate from the modern-day aristocracy.
    Mammonism, or money-worship, is when people elevate money to such an extent they treat it as an object of devotion. Essentially, “money is God.” Take care that in your quest to gather money you do not become a slave in its service instead.

    Desire for Subjugation:
    We don’t dare comment.
    …but it seems we have no choice. This must be an SG of great interest to you, dear readers.
    Just as the name says, the desire for subjugation is the desire to be controlled by someone else. We should warn you that though it says “subjugation,” it doesn’t mean wanting to be a puppet with no will of its own.
    Wanting to serve something. Wanting to be owned by something. Wanting to be of use for something. Wanting to be bound by something.
    These desires are the manifestation of a powerful ego. It is precisely because they know their own value that they wish to be used to someone’s benefit.
    It may be larger or smaller, but the desire for subjugation is something that is thought to be present in everyone’s hearts. Human beings all want to be of use to someone.
    …though strictly speaking, there’s a large difference between wanting to be subject to someone you deeply respect and and wanting dare to be subject to someone below you.
    As this is something that isn’t manifest in the usual Rin Tohsaka, you could call it a taboo, or perhaps a desire, held in her subconscious. Essentially, even the queen of the moon wants to depend on others sometimes.

    NAME 遠坂凛 霊子ハッカーとしては、そこそこ有名よ
    HEIGHT 159cm リアルじゃあ、周りが大きすぎたけど……ここだと私もごく普通よね
    WEIGHT 48kg いいバランスでしょ?中東でのレジスタンスは、体が基本だから
    3SIZE B82/W57/H80 ちゃんと絞ってるし、悪くない……わよね?
    HOME 日本? 遠坂家は、一応日本に在ったけど……私はあんまり縁が無いのよね
    BIRTHDAY 2月4日 最後に祝ったのは……何歳の時だっけ?
    WEAK POINT 身体的には特にないわ それ以外だと―――叱られるのは、色々……ちょっと、ね
    FETISHISM お金・・・・・・なわけないじゃない! 幾ら私だってそんな変態的に固執してないっ!―――って、聞いてるっ!?


    • オフのときくらい、引っ張ってほしいかも


    • 色に拘りはないけど・・・・・・


    • フィジカルとメンタルの休養にあててるわ

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    Queen of the Moon [Character]
    The first big boss in CCC.
    The Queen of the Moon employs Red Lancer, as well as the Sentinels from the labyrinth who made the protagonist laug— err, who made the protagonist suffer.
    Her real identity turned out to be, who would guess… Tohsaka Rin. Wow. (monotone voice)
    Despite having half of her consciousness occupied by BB, Rin manages to behave like her usual self. This is certainly a testament to the strength of her will power.
    To digress, when we decided that Rin would appear as the Queen of the Moon, she was supposed to get a special and rather risqué punk fashion outfit, and its design progressed to the point where Wada had done some rough drawings, but sadly, sadly, so sadly it was axed.


  11. The BAMBOO BROOM DIARY (Nasu and Takeuchi blog) - Grateful EXTELLA (Kinoko), translated by mewarmo990
  12. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Leonardo B. Harwey

    Leonardo Bistario Harway.
    Strongest Master who participated in the Holy Grail War.
    Ever-victorious king whose every parameter is maxed out.
    (By the way, though Rin is superior in terms of offensive codecasts
    and Rani in terms of pure computational ability,
    even if Rin and Rani challenge Leo together, he still has the higher chance of victory)
    Though it’s unimaginable from his youth and mild demeanor, he is the next successor of the rulers of the world, the Harways.
    A king in the making who is the result of inborn talent (including Magic Circuits) polished off by the Harways' harsh yet careful education.
    Leo himself is more aware than anyone that he was desired as a ruler and raised to be a ruler.
    A king is not someone who comes from the human world,
    but one who is sent by the heavens to the earth.
    Those who are born thus are said to possess regality.
    Leo’s regality is “thorough ideal.”
    One can say he is a lord of a level unattainable by the average person; someone who has overcome the contradiction of having discarded human feelings while full of humaneness, for the purpose of realizing a totalitarian society where people of unequal skills can live in equality.
    Though he has had no freedom since birth, that he nevertheless has a calm personality is no doubt his innate nature.

    If we say the protagonist represents change, offense,
    then Leo is the character representing stagnation, defense.
    Leo possesses no self-interest and wishes for the world to stabilize under the watch of the Harways.
    His goal in seeking the grail is not “greater power” but “certain stability.”

    If the Holy Grail ends up in the hands of someone other than himself, the conflict that would have otherwise concluded in ten years would extend to twenty years.
    …...Even if a Master sent by the conglomerate emerges victorious, so long as the Holy Grail is “power on the national scale attained by an individual,” it will become the kindling of conflict.
    In order to prevent that future, he himself went to the moon as a Master.

    “Humanity will only exhaust itself even if it continues to change with no answer in mind. To find a new path for change before the world completely stagnates will doubtless be my next task.”

    So Leo narrates.
    That “the current regime of the conglomerate is mistaken”.......Tohsaka Rin’s contention was a problem that Leo had already long since pondered over.
    To put it this way, the one who prepares for the doom that comes after in view of the answer of this path is Leo.
    Meanwhile, the one who fights in attempt to change that answer is Rin.
    To Leo, what should be prioritized is humanity’s continuation, not the reign of the Harways.
    His ultimate goal in seeking the grail is a millenium of the next generation where people can live in safety.
    However―――Leo, who knows neither the negative emotions of the weak, of humans, nor defeat, at the same time does not know the emotion of fear, and is unable to even imagine the possibility of defeat.
    He will eventually come to know how distorted that is for a “human being.”
    His way of accepting everything the way they are could not, even in his final moments, summon up the intrinsic essence of life―――the vitality in the face of adversity.

    A Master who also appears in CCC.
    Like Rin and Rani, he fell into the Far Side upon the conclusion of the fifth week.
    Though his memories were sealed, even BB was unable to brainwash him, and he was trapped in the old school building. (simply not being able to go out)
    Even knowing that his memories are sealed away,
    “I mean, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and all, so let us simply carry on like this!”
    he responds optimistically.
    Although upon being defeated by the protagonist in Extra he learns the truth that “he is not perfect,” thereby truly becoming a king, he is fated to perish in that very instant.
    In the Far Side, the boy king who had been unable to even converse with the protagonist due to the difference in values, enjoyed his brief experience of youth.
    By the way, the only ones to whom Leo does not address with honorifics are AIs and artificial lives of human make. His attitude towards Sakura and Rani can be taken as cold, but Leo is interacting with them in full earnest, with acknowledgement of their identities.

  13. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Tohsaka Money Is Power System [Other], p.199-200

    Tohsaka Money Is Power System [Other]


  14. Fate/EXTRA Last Encore - Episode 07: "A Tale For Somebody's Sake -Nursery Rhyme-"
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