Risu Miyazuki (宮月 理々栖, Miyazuki Risu?) is a student at Reien Girl's Academy in Kara no Kyoukai. She is the main character of the second segment of Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin - Extra Chorus.



Attending high school in 1998, Risu was the best friend of Yuuko Andou. Due to her personal feelings about the future, she tried to have Yuuko form a suicide pact with her to "cast aside fate and be together forever." Yuuko did not agree with her plan, causing Risu to react negatively. As they parted, Yuuko told her, "No matter how much it may hurt at times, I like to believe this world is beautiful."

Due to the influence of Kirie Fujou's powers, Yuuko later committed suicide by jumping from the top of the Fujou Building on the last day of summer in 1998. She did not leave a suicide note, like the seven other victims, but Risu later found out about her home life and assumed that to be the impetus along with her urging of their suicide pact.



Risu is pessimistic about the future, believing it to be be filthy. She feels ending her life in the present would instead be beautiful. She feels horribly about Yuuko's death, thinking she left her behind and thinking that it was her fault.


Kara no KyoukaiEdit

In October 1998, Risu visits the Fujou Building to leave flowers for Yuuko. She is met by Fujino Asagami who is on her way home from the hospital, Fujino commenting on the smell of the flowers being the white lilies Yuuko liked. Risu becomes defensive at the mention of Yuuko, ending the conversation and walking away. Fujino calls out to her, telling her not to brood over Yuuko's situation. Risu then asks about her connection to the murders from July, but she evades the question. Their final exchange is Fujino mentioning that Risu must have cared greatly for Andou, to which Risu responds that Yuuko was her best friend.

Later remembering the events leading up to Yuuko's death, Risu decides she cannot live alone and leaves her dorm with the intention of ending her life to be with Yuuko forever. Unsure of jumping from a bridge or slitting her wrist with a box cutter, Fujino comes upon her once again. She calls Risu out on "playing at suicide", offering her help to kill her because her methods are too inefficient. Revealing her Mystic Eyes, she admits to the murders of the six men and begins damaging the surroundings. She claims to be hesitant in assisting her death, but says there isn't much difference between six or seven victims.

Fujino's actions cause Risu to break down, declaring herself to be a murderer as well. As Risu calms herself down, Fujino repeats the last phrase Yuuko told her, revealing that Yuuko said the same thing to her in the past as well. She was unable to understand the words for a long time, but came to a realization after the events that happened to her. She explains she believes those words were prayers for her, and for Risu as well. As she talks, Risu sees Yuuko in the way Fujino looks, begging to sob as dawn breaks. Fujino thinks the new day is the prayer Yuuko left for the two of them.


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