Rita Rozay-en (リタ・ロズィーアン, Rita Rozīan?) is the fifteenth of the The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.



Tsukihime Remake series[]

Rita Rozay-en is shown to be listed as one of the Ancestors on the list possessed by Arcueid Brunestud. She is called the Rose Princess (薔薇姫(ロズィーアン)?) and her Principle is described as the ugliest of them.[1] Lord Rozay-en is mentioned as an affluent Dead Apostle who transformed at the same time as his biological daughters. Dr. Arach seemingly has a connection with her and gave Noel her Mystic Eyes of Roses through her experiments of turning her into a Dead Apostle with the serum Idea Replica. It is implied that Dr. Arach's procedure can grant Noel some of Rita Rozay-en's other abilities due to the final injection causing Noel to sprouted thorny vines from her person.

It is implied that Rita was involved with the "French Incident" as one of the silhouettes of the Dead Apostles present during the Incident resembles her, and her presence is supported by the appearance of Dead whose bodies sprouted thorns among the those converted from the population of the town.[1]

Tsukihime series[]

Within the original setting, Rita Rozay-en, known as Self-styled: The Artist's Lady (自称、芸術家のお嬢様, Jishō, Geijutsuka no Ojōsama?), is a typical high-class vampire with a liking for artistry. She is the successor of her parent vampire, having inherited their castle, where she takes a nightly blood bath. She is known for her arrogance, and for doing whatever she pleases. Possibly due to a crooked personality, she is never satisfied with her actions. She holds an odd friendship with Sumire; they have sworn to die by each other's hands.[2]


Rita Rozay-en is a typical high-class vampire with a liking for artistry. She is known for her arrogance, and for doing whatever she pleases. Possibly due to a crooked personality, she is never satisfied with her actions.[2]


Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[]

In the world of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, there exists the manager of the Rail Zeppelin who is known as a Dead Apostle by the name of Rozay-en, who is either Rita Rozay-en herself or another member of her clan. The Dead Apostle fled from the train after a battle with Touko Aozaki.[3][4] The Rail Zeppelin Deputy Manager is an emanation left behind by the manager afterwards.[3][4]


Rita's Principle of her Idea Blood is currently unknown, but it is described as the ugliest of them and her Mystic Eyes of Roses is stated to be her Idea Blood.[1]

Rita employs the use of ghouls whose bodies are wrapped in thorns, making them resemble humanoid cacti with roses sprouting out of them. She also possesses the Mystic Eyes of Roses (薔薇の魔眼, Bara no Magan?), the world's most beautiful, most unsightly Mystic Eyes; Rita's Idea Blood.[1] They allow her to project her memories into other people's minds and implant a victim's mind into her body as a captive. She is able to forcibly remove the soul of her target and lock them away in her Mystic Eyes of Roses, where they experience an unending nightmare.[5]


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