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Ritsuka Fujimaru (藤丸 立香, Fujimaru Ritsuka?) is the protagonist of Fate/Grand Order, acting as the Master of many Servants for the purpose of solving the Grand Order conflicts. The name and gender of Ritsuka can be actively changed by the player, with the nicknames Gudao and Gudako being often used by fans for the male and female version respectively, rather than their proper name.



As a self-insert for the player, The Protagonist has absolutely no background details or connections to other people or events. They are simply "someone who just happened to see a recruitment flyer at a station, applied and got accepted into the job, and somehow ended up getting taken into the Chaldea Security Organization",[1] effectively having joined Chaldea on a whim[2] while being a civilian with no training or combat experience.[3] They are acting as a newly established Master candidate of Chaldea whose only purpose is shoring up numbers.[4]

It is repeatedly mentioned that they are below drinking age.


The Protagonist is of average build, though more visibly muscular in the male version. Mash described them of medium height.[5] The male version has short unkempt black hair and blue eyes, while the female version has shoulder-length red hair tied in a side-ponytail on the left side with a usually yellow hair band and a cowlick, and light orange eyes. Their Command Spells are located on their right hand and, contrarily to Hakuno Kishinami, differ in form between male and female version.

The Protagonist wears various different Mystic Codes.

  • Chaldea (カルデア, Karudea?)
  • Chaldea Combat Uniform (カルデア戦闘服, Karudea Sentō-fuku?)
  • Mage's Association Uniform (魔術協会制服, Majutsu Kyōkai Seifuku?)
  • Atlas Academy Uniform (アトラス院制服, Atorasu-in Seifuku?)
  • Anniversary Blonde (アニバーサリー・ブロンド, Anibāsarī Burondo?)
  • Royal Brand (ロイヤルブランド, Roiyaru Burando?)
  • Brilliant Summer (ブリリアントサマー, Buririanto Samā?)
  • Memory of Lunar Mare (月の海の記憶, Tsuki no Umi no Kioku?)
  • Memoria of the Far Side of the Moon (月の裏側の記憶, Tsuki no Uragawa no Kioku?)
  • Arctic Region Chaldea Uniform (極地用カルデア制服, Kyokuchi-yō Karudea Seifuku?)


Their alignment is Neutral Good,[6] but the Lion King, one of Chaldea's enemies, defined them as a soul who “knows good but commits evil, and allows evil while being good.”[7] Moriarty similarly describes the protagonist as "good, yet not hating evil, tormented by evil, yet carrying on doing good".[8]

The authoritative Chaldea Director Olga Marie Animusphere described them as “Quiet, but with some nerve”[3] and Sasaki Kojirou noted they lacked the pride displayed by most mages.[9] The goddess Quetzalcoatl noted their discipline, righteousness and earnesty.[10]

Early in their role as a Master, when pressured by Shadow Servants during the Fuyuki Singularity, they were able to stay calm when the Director and Mash panicked,[11] a composure that was repeatedly noted during other missions.[12] After being defeated by the protagonist's servants, Vlad III praised the protagonist's abilities as a commander and asked them to summon him in the future.[13]

Mash recognized the protagonist as her senpai, a role she defines as “someone inherently human and of average status, not the best but a normal person who strives to do their best, who doesn't hurt others and never gives up. An upright human being.”[14]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

The Protagonist is to act as a Master who uses FATE to summon Servants for the purpose of completing Grand Orders to correct distortions in human history.[4]

Observer on Timeless TempleEdit

Aside from the Fate/Grand Order game, different parts of this story arc are covered in the Fate/Grand Order drama CD, the manga Fate/Grand Order ~mortalis:stella~ and Fate/Grand Order ~turas réalta~, the movie First Order and the animated series Fate/Grand Order -The Absolute Demon Battlefront Babylonia-. The protagonist is always presented as male Ritsuka Fujimaru in these adaptations.


The protagonist was the last of the 48 newly induced Masters to arrive at Chaldea, and one of the 10 public applicants for the role. They didn't properly wake up from the Spiritron Dive of an introductory simulated battle and sleep-walked to the main hall of Chaldea, where they were found by Fou who guided Mash Kyrielight to wake them. When Professor Lev Lainur came to check the commotion, he recognized them as one of the Master candidates and directed them to Director Olga Marie Animusphere's orientation speech.

Still suffering from the Dive's aftereffects, the protagonist fell asleep during the speech while on the front row, angering the Director and being left out of the first mission. In their personal room, they met Doctor Romani Archaman, who used the unassigned room to slack off after having also been threw out by the Director. When an explosion erupted in the Command Room, they followed Romani to help potential survivors.

Though they found a gravely wounded Mash, they were trapped when the emergency bulkhead closed after Romani left to activate emergency power. With the procedure still ongoing[6] and the Klein Coffins having locked themselves due to low Rayshift success rates,[15] the protagonist were automatically registered as a Master and rayshifted to the first singularity.[6] Prior to the rayshift, the protagonist fought their fear of the surrounding danger to take Mash's hand and support her as she was dying. According to Mash, this display of the innate good in some humans is what convinced her Heroic Spirit to awaken.[16]

Flame Contaminated City: FuyukiEdit

As soon as they woke up in the destroyed Fuyuki City, the protagonist were forced into establishing a contract by Mash, who had become a Demi-Servant, providing magical energy and combat orders for her before communications were established with Chaldea.[17] While searching for a Leyline terminal to set up a summoning circle, they encountered the Director, who ordered them to investigate the reason for Fuyuki's destruction[15] while planning to get rid of the protagonist to replace them with an experienced Master for Mash.[18] She was unaware that her body was already dead and only her residual thoughts had been converted to spiritron.[19]

The group eventually met the Shadow Servants born from the corrupted Holy Grail War and were nearly killed when Caster Cu Chulainn intervened and formed a contract with the protagonist in order to win the War and end the Singularity.[11] To teach Mash how to use her Noble Phantasm, and to strengthen the bond with her Master, Caster attacked the protagonist to push Mash past her limits.[20] Despite the great stress put on their untrained magic circuits by the contract[21] and the revelation that Lev Lainur was an enemy of humanity, the protagonist and Mash managed to defeat Saber Altria Pendragon Alter, end the singularity and leave before the collapse of the underground cave of the Holy Grail.

When the protagonist woke up, they were warned by Caster Leonardo da Vinci that they had become a “main character” of human history. In the Command Room, Roman, acting commander of Chaldea, explained that with all other Master candidates dead or gravely wounded and cryopreserved in their coffins, and the outside world already destroyed, the protagonist was the last Master of Chaldea, and tasked them and Mash with the Grand Order of preserving humanity by means of correcting the seven singularities threatening the foundation of human history before its final collapse at the turn of 2017.[19][Note 1]

The protagonist then set out to correct the seven main singularities, as well as several subsingularities and related time-space anomalies.

Hunderd Years' War of the Evil Dragons: OrleansEdit

Shortly after the events of Fuyuki, the protagonist and Mash were deployed to the singularity of 1431 in France, this time by conventional Rayshift. Upon arriving, the protagonist noticed an unnatural band of light in the sky.[22] The party encountered a weakened Ruler Jeanne d'Arc, and joined her efforts to retake the city of Orleans controlled by the Dragon Witch, Ruler Jeanne d'Arc Alter.[23]

The group was confronted by the Dragon Witch and her servants while searching for intel, but Jeanne refused to flee[24] and a fight begun against Berserker Vlad III and Berserker Assassin Carmilla. The Chaldean and Jeanne were overpowered by the Dragon Witch's servants until they were helped by stray servants Rider Marie Antoinette and Caster Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and retreated[25] to a nearby leyline. Overnight, their base camp was attacked by Berserker Rider Saint Martha, who revealed only the dragon slayer in the city of Lyon could kill the Dragon Witch.[26]

While searching for the dragon slayer in the destroyed Lyon, the group were warned of the arrival of the dragon Fafnir but the protagonist ignored Roman's advice to flee and stayed with Jeanne to search for the dragon slayer,[27] who was revealed to be Saber Siegfried. Though wounded, Siegfried managed to use Balmung to repel Fafnir and give the group a chance to retreat, but the fatigued protagonist slowed the group down and they were forced to fight Berserker Lancelot and Berserker Assassin Charles-Henri Sanson.[28]

In order to find a saint able to cure Siegfried's cursed wound, the group split up and the Chaldeans traveled with Amadeus and Siegfried. During a conversation about one's humanity, Amadeus urged Mash to view the protagonist as their professor on the matter.[29] In Thiers, the Chaldeans met wandering servants Lancer Elizabeth Bathory and Berserker Kiyohime, the latter getting infatuated in the protagonist and insisting on forming a contract with them. With the help of saint Rider Georgios, Siegfried's curse was dispelled and the group went on to retake Orleans,[30] where they destroyed Fafnir, the Dragon Witch, her servants and Caster Gilles de Rais, holder of the singularity's Holy Grail.[31]

Eternal Madness Empire: SeptemEdit

Prior to being rayshifted to the second singularity of 60 AD in the Roman Empire, Mash worried that the protagonist may had shared her night's dream, a known phenomenon between Master and Servant.[32] Upon Rayshift, they helped Nero Claudius to repel invaders of the United Roman Empire led by Berserker Caligula and were taken as allies to Rome.[33] When the Chaldeans learned that a foreign court mage had appeared to help the United Empire, they knew it was Lev Lainur and, seeking revenge for the Director's death,[34] embarked to the frontlines of Gaul, though they were slowed because the protagonist could not ride horses.[35]

Gaul was eventually retaken with the defeat of Saber Gaius Julius Caesar.[36] While traveling back to Rome, the group made a detour to investigate rumors of the appearance of a god on a nearby island, at the insistance of Nero and Roman.[37] After a rough travel by sea, the group killed Caligula and learned the location of the United Empire's capital from Assassin Stheno.[38]

During the battles to reach the United Empire's capital, Nero's general Rider Boudica was taken prisoner by enemy general Rider Alexander, and the protagonist decided to follow Nero to breach the capital and get Boudica back rather than waiting to regroup.[39] When Nero was confronted by Lancer Romulus while Mash was away, the protagonist helped her regain her morale and belief that she was worthy of being a roman emperor, then followed her with a elite force to take out the emperor of the United Empire.[40]

With Romulus killed, Lev Lainur revealed his true identity as the Demon God Flauros. Though defeated, he used the Grail to summon Saber Altera, who immediately killed her summoner and destroyed the United Empire's palace before moving toward Rome.[41] She was then killed by Nero and the Chaldeans, who recovered the Grail and ended the singularity. Back in Chaldea, Mash offered a massage to the protagonist, but they fled when Mash mentioned that she was bad at giving them.[42]

Sealed Ends of the Four Seas: OkeanosEdit

Before rayshifting to the endless ocean of 1573, the protagonist shared Mash's dreams for the first time.[43] Landing on a pirate ship, the Chaldeans were brought to Francis Drake, holder of the era's original Holy Grail, and secured the help of her powers and crew in the search of the foreign Holy Grail.[44]

After taking on board servants Berserker Asterios and Archer Euryale from a nearby leyline island,[45] the group was engaged by the pirates of Rider Edward Teach, tasked to recover Drake's Holy Grail. During the battle, the protagonist was targeted by Lancer Hector, who seeked to shorten the battle by taking down the enemy Master.[46] In their next encounter, Hector betrayed Teach, took his Holy Grail and kidnapped Euryale.[47] Drake's ship followed him to his Master Jason of the Argonauts and recovered Euryale, but they were overwhelmed by Berserker Heracles. When Jason offered to stop Heracles' rampage if the Chaldeans gave back Euryale, the protagonist refused. Heracles was eventually stopped by Asterios, who threw himself in the ocean with Heracles after thanking the protagonist for calling him by his human name and not his name as a monster.[48]

After finding Archer David and the Ark, which Jason was told would grant him great powers if he sacrificed Euryale, the protagonist came up with a plan to defeat Heracles. Using Euryale and themselves to lure the berserker to the Ark, and the rest of the servants would force him to touch it, instantly killing him by bypassing his God Hand Noble Phantasm.[49] After boarding the Argo and killing Hector, Caster Medea Lily extracted Jason's Grail and turned him into the Demon God Forneus. With the defeat of Forneus, the servants of the singularity vanished, but Medea and David both confirmed that the mastermind behind the Incineration of Humanity was most likely King Solomon.[50]

The Mist City: LondonEdit

On rayshifting to 1888 London, the protagonist first displayed their “Poison Resistance Skill (Temporary)” when they were unharmed by the magic-saturated Demonic Fog of the singularity. Roman theorized it originated from a high poison resistance or blessing skill from Mash's original servant.[51] They were then introduced to Saber Mordred and Dr. Jekyll, investigating the fog. The Chaldeans first assisted the investigation of Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory, where they killed Caster Mephistopheles and rescued Fran, an artificial human.[52]

During the investigation of a rampaging living book, Mordred, feeling uneasy about Mash's lack of confidence, suddenly declared a training fight, and the protagonist tried to interpose to no effect.[53] When word reached the group that Scotland Yard was under attack by a servant, Mordred and the Chaldeans went to intervene, with Mash carrying the protagonist to get there in time. They killed Assassin Jack the Ripper and met Caster Paracelsus, one of the creators of the fog,[54] which they killed during their next sortie.

The death of Paracelsus was met with a surge of activities from enemy Helter Skelters, constructs emanating from a Noble Phantasm which origin Fran could track to Caster Charles Babbage, another creator of the fog.[55] Following Babbage's revelations, the Chaldeans and Mordred went underground to find the source of the fog and its final creator, Makiri Zolgen. Planning to use the fog's energy to catalyze the summon of a servant powerful enough to ignite the fog and destroy Britain, he turned into Demon God Barbatos, and managed to complete the invocation of Archer Nikola Tesla with a light Madness Enhancement, before being finished off by Mordred.[56]

Made stronger by the fog, Tesla nearly reached the ignition point of the fog but was confronted by fellow lightning servant Berserker Sakata Kintoki, who used his Golden Spark to clear the fog in a large zone, giving enough time for the Chaldeans and Mordred to kill Tesla. They were then forced into one last fight when Lancer Artoria Alter was summoned from the fog.

As they went back underground to collect the grail, the group was confronted by Grand Caster Solomon, who wiped out most of the servants as a taunt to the efforts of Chaldea. As Solomon was leaving, the protagonist stepped forward to ask his reasons for incinerating humanity. Solomon scolded them for insisting on living despite being mortal before disappearing, ending the singularity.[57]

North American Myth War: E Pluribus UnumEdit

Prior to the rayshift to the 1783 North American singularity, the protagonist relived Mash's past in dreams for the second time and learned of her limited lifespan and secluded life. When they tried to confront Dr. Roman, Mash happened to be with him and the protagonist postponed the conversation.[58]

On arrival, the Chaldeans were involved in a battle between the United Western States and Celts and managed to force both sides to retreat before the protagonist was put unconscious[59] after getting caught in the blast radius of a cannonball. Brought to their camp by American forces, the protagonist closely escaped amputative treatment by Berserker Florence Nightingale when Mash intervened and healed their wounds with a Scroll of Healing. The Chaldeans enrolled the help of Nightingale by offering a mean of ending the war before they had to push back Lancers Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and Fionn Mac Cumhaill.[60]

When the Chaldeans and Nightingale tried to leave the camp, they were captured by Caster Helena Blavatsky and Lancer Karna and transported to Washington to meet with the Presi-king of the United Western State Caster Thomas Edison. By threatening to target the protagonist with their mechanized units, they ensured the Chaldeans would not try to escape until they met the king. When he asked Chaldea for their help in order to seize the Grail and stabilize this singularity to create an eternal America, the protagonist refused, against the opinion of Roman who advised a temporary alliance,[61] as they didn't want to betray any promise they would make.

The Chaldeans were kept prisoner in a jail cutting the energy flow from the protagonist to their servants before they were freed by Caster Geronimo[62] and brought to his ally Saber Rama to find a cure for the death curse gained during his fight with Berserker Cú Chulainn Alter. In order to strengthen Rama's existence enough to surpass the curse, the Chaldeans and Geronimo's forces went searching for Archer Sita, as well as assassination specialists to eliminate the Celtic leaders.[63] Forcibly spearheaded by Nightingale, they recruited Archers Robin Hood and Billy the Kid,[64] Lancer Elisabeth Bathory, summoned for the third time to Mash's and the protagonist's musical displeasure,[65] and Saber Nero. They also defeated Saber Fergus Mac Róich, who revealed Sita was held captive on Alcatraz Island.[66]

After a night's rest to allow the protagonist to sleep, the Chaldeans, Nightingale, Rama and Elisabeth left for Alcatraz while Geronimo, Robin, Nero and Billy went ahead to Washington D.C., the Celts' capital, to attempt the assassination.[67] Having transferred Rama's curse to Sita and beaten Diarmuid and Fionn, they went East to regroup with Robin, sole survivor of the failed assassination attempt.[68] In his escape, Robin received the help of Lancer Scáthach, who denied to end the singularity herself, entrusting the fate of the world to the living. Before leading the attack on Washington, Nightingale insisted on trying to reason with Edison again, which the protagonist agreed with.[69]

Having accepted that the Celts could not be defeated with his methods, Edison lent his army to the Chaldeans. In the two-prongs strategy devised by the Americans, the distribution of servants was entrusted to the protagonist's judgment, as they were the most used to command servants.[70] Recognizing the danger of a servant army bolstered by their devotion to a Master, Cù Chulainn Alter ordered to meet the American armies with full force[71] and personally came to confront the protagonist. Initially overpowered, the Chaldeans received the help of Caster Merlin, whose distraction enabled a dying Karna to unleash his Noble Phantasm and force Cù Chulainn to retreat. The protagonist also accepted to battle with Archer Arjuna, settling his mind about his next objective after his rival Karna's death.[72]

The Chaldeans and the South Army managed to push toward Washington and confronted Cù Chulainn and Medb in the White House. When Medb was killed, she used the Grail to summon 28 Demon Pillars against the Northern Army, using the concept of the Clan Calatin as containers. However, the wish giving immense power to Cù Chulainn also disappeared with her,[73] enabling the Chaldeans to defeat him while Arjuna used his Noble Phantasm to wipe out the Clan Calatin. As he died, Cù Chulainn invoked the Demon God Halphas, which defeat ended the singularity.[74]

Divine Realm of the Round Table: CamelotEdit

Prior to being sent to 13th century Jerusalem, the protagonist confronted Romani about Mash, and the doctor explained her true nature as a designer baby with determined lifespan and host of a dormant Heroic Spirit, to the protagonist's anger. They however reluctantly agreed not to act different toward Mash despite this knowledge and were rayshifted along with Mash, Fou and Da Vinci.[14]

The chaldeans exited rayshift in a desert during a sandstorm and were attacked by a Sphinx. After fending the Phantasmal off, Da Vinci guided the group toward a water source[75] and provided a mana-blocking mask to ease the protagonist's breathing in the mana-dense atmosphere of the location. Approaching a temple, a fight broke with a group of warriors led by Assassin Hassan of the Hundred Personas, fleeing the temple with a prisoner. The attackers eventually fled and the chaldeans freed their prisoner, caster Nitocris, who retaliated, thinking they were her abductors.

The chaldeans were helped by a passing warrior, presenting himself as Lucius, who used the Irish Divine Construct Airgetlám to kill Nitocris' Phantasmals and force her to listen to reason. Flustered by her mistake and pressed insistently by the protagonist, Nitocris led the chaldeans to the temple of Ramesseum Tentyris.[76] On temple grounds, Da Vinci observed that the desert itself was an anomaly brought to 13th century AD from 14th century BC along with its ruler, Rider Ozymandias. Ozymandias revealed that the battle for Jerusalem was never fought due to Chaldea being too slow to correct other singularities. The Sun King reveald he was in possession of the singularity's grail, which he had acquired after being summoned by the Crusaders. He however denied being allied with Solomon, nor being responsible for the destabilization of the era, the culprit being the Holy City's current ruler, called the Lion King.

Ozymandias provided the chaldeans with provisions and ordered them to investigate the Holy City for themselves before they would to fight him for the grail. Da Vinci built a makeshift all-purpose vehicle to facilitate transport,[77] offering the protagonist a joyride until the edge of the desert. Further, they discovered a land scorched by the ongoing incineration of humanity and had to fend off ghoulish humans, though the protagonist managed to spare all attackers. Both them and Mash elected to leave some provisions behind for them, against Da Vinci's opinion.

Having reestablished communications with Chaldea, the group witnessed the massacre of civilians by an Archer knight bearing a Gift, making any fight against him suicidal. After burying the civilians, the chaldeans continued toward the Holy City, helping civilians fend off bandits in exchange for information, such as the role of the Lion King in the defeat of the Crusaders and his monthly admission of new citizens in the Holy City, rumored to be the only chance of survival in the dying world.[12]

Approaching the Holy City, the chaldeans had a skirmish with the bandits of the Muslim merchant Saruhan, who warned them not to attempt entering the city. Approaching the crowded gates under cloaks to investigate, the chaldeans arrived just as Saber Gawain appeared, conjuring the sun through his Gift and beginning the admittance ceremony. After the Lion King selected three civilians he perceived as pure enough of soul to become a citizen of the Holy City, Gawain and his Enforcement Knights began slaughtering the thousand remaining civilians. The protagonist ordered to pierce the knight's cordon to help some civilians to escape, but Mash engaged combat with Gawain while protecting a child.

With Mash's will faltering against Gawain, the protagonist bought time by calling the knight's actions in question. Gawain claimed that Arthur, the Lion King, sought to create a perfect kingdom that would survive the end of times, and scolded Mash for entering a fight with a weak fighting spirit. Lucius, revealed to be Sir Bedivere, intervened by destroying Gawain's Gift with Airgetlám, and with Mash carrying Bedivere and the protagonist carrying the child, they fled the gates in Da Vinci's vehicle.[78]

Out the the knights' reach, Bedivere arranged for the civilians to escort the chaldeans and him to the mountains controlled by the assassins, so they wouldn't be attacked on sight. The chaldeans also agreed to help Bedivere confront Arthur, though the knights were granted powerful Gifts by the Holy Grail of the Savior, the actual Holy Grail of Arthurian legends. Before the refugees could reach the mountains, they were tracked down by Saber Lancelot and Da Vinci sacrificed herself and the vehicle in an explosion.[79]

In the mountains, the refugees and chaldeans were taken in the eastern village by Archer Arash and Assassin Hassan of the Cursed Arm. The protagonist also convinced Bedivere not to return to the Holy City alone and gained Arash as an ally. They also refused to surrender to the Lion King when this plan was submitted by Bedivere. After proving their strength in a fight, Cursed Arm accepted the help of the chaldeans in the rebellion against the Lion King.[80]

When an alarm was set in the western village, the chaldeans, Arash and Cursed Arm went to fight Saber Mordred. To cover the distance, Arash used a powered-down Noble Phantasm to launch the servants with a slab attached to an arrow, and ensured the protagonist survived the trip. As the rebels battled with Mordred, he threatened to unleash the full power of his Noble Phantasm, taking out both the village and himself, but Arash called to the knight's pride to convince him to leave and wait for the chance of a rematch.[81]

Though the Western Village was saved, it was protected by Hassan of the Hundred Personas, who resented the chaldeans for foiling her abduction of Nitocris. Cursed Arm suggested a way to prove their loyalty to the cause while helping in another matter, and the protagonist readily accepted to save another Hassan captured by the knights in a nearby fort.[82] On the way, the protagonist went to help Caster Xuanzang Sanzang, whom they already knew from a subsingularity, and was elected to be her latest disciple.[83]

With the fort receiving the visit of the Lion King's adjutant Agravain soon, Hundred Personas was left to mount a diversion while the others infiltrated the fort. After they jumped over the wall, with Cursed Arm carrying Sanzang and Mash the protagonist, the group rescued Archer Tawara Touta and Assassin Hassan of Serenity. Since Sernity was binded with Agravain's anti-servant chains, the protagonist freed her and when both tripped and fell, their lips accidentally touched. The temporary anti-poison skill of the protagonist shielded them from her poisonous touch and Serenity immediatly grew attached to them.

Agravain however confronted them with his Enforcement Knights and asked Sanzang to join the protectors of the Holy City as a replacement for Gareth. He however retracted his offer when he heard Sanzang had reached Egypt, and was forced to flee before Serenity's poison.[84] Using Touta's Noble Phantasm, the Western Village went into a feast of rice when they returned, with only Cursed Arm, Mash and the protagonist not participating to defend against wild beasts. When Mash called the significance of this happiness into question because the participants would disappear with the singularity, the protagonist argued that “its meaning will remain, even if it gets erased.”

At dawn, the servants gathered to discuss an assault on the Holy City, but concluded that they would need a force formidable enough to kill Gawain. With Lancelot on the enemy side, the only potent enough force the rebels could gather would be that of the First Hassan, and the group went to awaken him at the Shrine of Azrael.[85] There, the First Hassan took over Serenity's body and engaged in combat, saying he would judge the outcome of the fight and claim the souls of the slain. Under the protagonist's orders, Serenity's spirit origin was spared, and the First Hassan accepted the result, though when questioning if Chaldea's goal was to kill the Lion King, the protagonist could not affirm it.

Though the First Hassan promised to kill Gawain, he sent the protagonist to the Atlas Institute to learn about the start of the singularity beforehand.[86] On the way back, they found the Eastern Village besieged by Archer Tristan, but he fled as the Lion King used Rhongomyniad to destroy the two villages. Arash used his own Noble Phantasm and his life to block the attack and save the Eastern village. Leaving the Hassans to gather the rebel forces, the chaldeans headed for the desert.[87] There, they were invited into the Institute by Caster Sherlock Holmes.[88]

Holmes revealed he had already intervened in the background during the London singularity, where he was given a case by Babbage involving phantom spirits he would have to solve before joining Chaldea. Guiding the chaldeans to the Tri-Hermes computer, Holmes praised the protagonist's fighting abilities and their success in maintaining contracts with numerous servants for an extended period of time. With Tri-Hermes, Holmes also revealed a connection between Romani and the Fuyuki Holy Grail War, the True Name of Mash's servant, Galahad, and the goal of the Lion King, to absorb the Holy City into Rhongomyniad, a Tower at the Ends of the World, to store a sample of mankind after the incineration of human history.[89]

Outside the Institute, Mash confronted and defeated Lancelot, who accepted to lay down his loyalty and act on his doubt about the Lion King by joining the rebels. He also revealed the refugees camp he had secretely set up, where the chaldeans were reunited with Da Vinci.[90] To take on the Lion King, the protagonist suggested asking Ozymandias for help and a party was sent to the desert. On the way, Da Vinci talked to the protagonist about Romani's past and assured that despite his secrets, the doctor was an ally.[91] After defeating the Sun King's troops, Sanzang challenged him to use his power to save the world instead of only protecting his own people. Though Ozymandias accepted the idea, he used the grail to invoke the demon pillar Aamon and changed into Divine Spirit Amun-Ra so the chaldeans would prove they had the power to see this task to the end. When Sanzang used her Noble Phantasm, Ozymandias was turned back and another fight broke before Ozymandias gave the grail to the chaldeans and pledged his Sphinx armies to the rebels,[92] adding to the nine thousands convinced to fight by the chaldeans' actions.[16]

Helped by a sandstorm summoned by the First Hassan, the alliance besieged the Holy City. Using the fist of compassion from her Final Buddha Palm Noble Phantasm, Sanzang blew the gates of Camelot impervious to malign attacks, opening the way into the city while the First Hassan battled with Gawain,[93] leaving the task of defeating the Lion King to the chaldeans, entitled by “the will of heaven.” Though the Lion King began to invoke the Tower, Ozymandias used the lightning cannon Meryamun, then his own Noble Phantasm to shatter it, while Nitocris repelled Rhongomyniad's Light of Judgement with her Mirror of the Underworld, though both eventually sacrificed their Spirit Origin.[94]

With Mordred, Tristan and Gawain defeated, the chaldeans reached the throne of the Lion King, revealed to be the Divine Spirit Goddess Rhongomyniad. Being a human while the servants were susceptible to the Goddess' godly authority, the protagonist denied her utopia of an eternal humanity, comparing it to pinning butterflies on a board.[7] Bedivere then revealed the true nature of his Noble Phantasm, the Excalibur he had failed to return to Arthur for 1,500 years, and asked the protagonist to give him the final order to strike the king with it in combat. After Bedivere disappeared, the Lion King asked for a final fight, but with the grail already in Chaldea's hands and Rhongomyniad destroyed, the singularity started its restoration and the chaldeans were sent back. Before they disappeared, the Lion King, having reached a divinity similar to Solomon's, revealed that his throne was hidden out of time, and that the seventh grail sent back by his own hand to a time before his own would let Chaldea reach their final enemy. She also warned that Chaldea would face the Evils of Humanity, and instructed the protagonist to gather “stars”, Heroic Spirits with their strongest bonds of trust.[95]

Absolute Demonic Front: BabyloniaEdit

With little time left before the end of 2017, the protagonist and Mash were rayshifted to 2600 B.C. Mesopotamia. The protagonist was fitted with a special scarf made by Da Vinci, reproducing the mana-filtering effects of the mask they worn in Egypt during the sixth singularity.[96]

After crash-landing in the ruined city of Babylon, the protagonist was hit by the falling pseudo-servant Archer Ishtar, who angrily left the chaldeans to fend off against an army of Demonic Beasts. They received the help of a warrior presenting themselves as Enkidu,[97] who offered to guide them to Uruk. While making a detour to avoid beasts, they ran into Merlin and girl he called Ana, who revealed Enkidu was already dead. The pretender engaged in a one-way fight, but they were led away by Ana's attacks combined to Merlin's illusions, saving the chaldeans. Summoned by King Gilgamesh, Merlin revealed that he had been supporting Chaldea from his tower in Avalon and rooting for the protagonist as a being mostly condemned to passive observation. He also informed the chaldeans that humanity was under attack by the Three Goddesses Alliance.

After three days of march, the group arrived to Uruk to meet with King Gilgamesh,[98] who already knew about the presence and mission of the Chaldeans.The king suddenly engaged a fight to test their resolve and power, and came out unhappy of their lack of understanding of the situation before sending them away. Mash and the protagonist insisted on informing him of the danger of the Grail, but Gilgamesh was already in its possession, though he refused to cede it to Chaldea. In order to recover the grail, the protagonist proposed to destroy the Three Goddesses Alliance and end the threat to Mesopotamia.

Gilgamesh mocked the proposal and drove the chaldeans out, telling them to first prove their usefulness by working their way up in helping Uruk's citizens. Despite his harshness, he instructed his assistant, High Priestess Siduri, to provide lodgings and food for the chaldeans,[99] where Mash set up the summoning circle and the protagonist got their first rest after three days in the singularity. During the next days of work, the chaldeans met the other servants summoned by Gilgamesh, Rider Ushiwakamaru, Lancer Benkei and Lancer Leonidas, and learnt the king's grail was the Greater Grail native from the era, leaving the whereabouts of Solomon's grail a mystery. The protagonist also asked Ana to contract with them, but she refused to take part in human affairs more than necessary to her own objective: a fight with the goddesses. 20 days after the chaldean's arrival, the protagonist offered bread to an old beggar, who presented themselves as Ziusu-dra and warned of the arrival of three storms, as well as cryptic advices on how to deal with them before vanishing.[100] The following night, the protagonist had a brief dream where the felt the sadness of someone lamenting the loss of loved ones, and of the second original sin of mankind: leaving “paradise”, the primordial sea.

Having gathered the population's approval, Gilgamesh eventually recognized the chaldean's usefulness and sent them on a mission to investigate Ur, a zone of different mythologicalystem where Gilgamesh's servants Amakusa Shirou and Fuuma Kotarou previously disappeared. They discovered that Ur's citizens survived by providing the Forest Goddess with daily sacrifices before being driven back to Uruk by the Divine Spirit Jaguar Warrior.[101] The next day, the bored king came along the chaldeans in a supply run to the Persian Gulf, where the fake Enkidu tried to kill them before retreating on instinct when Gilgamesh intervened.[102] Gilgamesh then dispatched the chaldeans to Ishtar's territory on a three-days mission to recover his Tablet of Destinies in Kutha, a city said to be cursed. In Kutha, all four members went to search different parts of the city, despite Mash's objection to leaving her Master unprotected.

During their explorations, the protagonist fell to the underworld, effectively being dead for a few minutes, and met Ziusu-dra, who entrusted them with a message for Merlin that all was well in the underworld. He then returned the protagonist to Kutha along with the tablet, before Ishtar engaged in a fight where the chaldeans managed to capture her for interrogation. However, they could only learn about her own circumstances before an army of undead appeared and forcd the group to flee from Kutha. The protagonist untied Ishtar before fleeing, explaining they trusted her not to be an actual menace for humanity. Ishtar helped the chaldeans break through the undead and left with a warning against entering the underworld.[103]

Back in Uruk, Gilgamesh had the protagonist read the tablet, which contained a plea to reach Solomon's throne in the Final Singularity. Gilgamesh then dispatched the chaldeans to help in the evacuation of Nippur,[104] but they found the city empty, the citizens already taken by the Demonic Beasts back to their lair. The fake Enkidu unleashed an Ugallu againts the force before attacking Ana, whom they declared was a bigger threat than the protagonist. After Fou teleported Ana away, the goddess of the north, incarnation of Tiamat and bearer of Solomon's Grail, unexpectedly joined the battle and declared she would kill Chaldea's last Mage herself. The only one not paralyzed by Tiamat's appearance, the protagonist urged Mash and Merlin to fight a retreat, but the goddess pushed forward, killing Ushiwakamaru and petrifying Leonidas, who still managed to identify the goddess' True Name: Avenger Gorgon.

Gorgon then switched her aims from the protagonist to Uruk and commanded her armies to break past the wall, but the fake Enkidu, who identified themelves as Kingu, talked her out of the plan and both retreated, promising to return in ten days. With Benkei abandoning the fight after having failed to follow Ushiwakamaru in battle, but new informations on the nature of the enemy,[105] Gilgamesh elected to negociate with the other two goddesses to take down Gorgon. Using the protagonist's experience in dealing with servants, they would start with convincing Ishtar to lend them the Bull of Heaven, Gugalanna. At Mount Ebih, the protagonist managed to buy Ishtar's help with a fraction of Gilgamesh's gems treasure (and less than the actual sum allowed by the king) and form a contract with her. Privately, Ishtar explained to the protagonist her objective of reconciliating gods and humans.[106] They would both continue to speak in the following days, with Ishtar changing appearance during their talks, though the protagonist electing to never point it out.

The second part of the king's plan entailed recovering the axe of Marduk, stranded in Eridu within the territory of the southern goddess, whom Ishtar revealed to be Quetzalcoatl. As soon as her True Name was revealed, Quetzalcoatl attacked Uruk, bringing back the soldiers she defeated with lucha libre with her in the jungle. Gilgamesh tasked the chaldeans to bring the fight to the goddess.[10] After unexpectedly recruiting Jaguar Warrior in the party, the chaldeans reached Eridu, but ran into Quetzalcoatl. The servants confronted the goddess while the protagonist, equipped by Jaguar with a replica of her Fearsome Club, ran up the goddess' pyramid to destroy the symbol of her divinity and lower of powers. Quetzalcoatl herself allowed their plan to go through, explaining her genuine amusement in fighting and her love for mankind and their struggle to survive. But following Ziusu-dra's advice, the protagonist rejected the concept of enjoying battle.

At the top of the pyramid, the protagonist was ready to smash the Sun Stone, Quetzalcoatl's second Noble Phantasm, when Romani described Quetzalcoatl as an evil goddess. The protagonist then realized Quetzalcoatl wasn't and could be won to their side with a convincing enough display of bravery from themselves as a human, rather than their servants. Jaguar and Ishtar agreed that a lucha libre attack would do, but to the protagonist's surprise and horror, the two goddesses also decided to throw them from two hundred meters high for greater effect. The bet paid off with Quetzalcoatl saving the protagonist from the fall and accepting to form a contract with them.[5] Leaving the transport of the giant axe of Marduk to Quetzalcoatl's flying minions, the group went back to Uruk, and discovered the death of Gilgamesh. Quetzalcoatl identified a gallû spirit of the third goddess, Ereshkigal, as the likely culprit. To save Gilgamesh, the groups headed to Kutha to rally the underworld and return the king to life by releasing his soul.[107]

Leaving Merlin, Ana and Quetzalcoatl behind as a security, Ishtar blew the ground of Kutha to make a passage to the underworld for her, Mash and the protagonist. With the strength of the chaldean's destiny growing thin in the underworld, the group sped through to Ereshkigal, meeting Gilgamesh and Ishtar gradually losing her power like in her legend. With Ereshkigal's appearance, the protagonist was further threatened by the intense drop in ambient pressure. She revealed her true form, which she had used to talk to the protagonist who had already guessed her identity. Still aiming to bring all of mankind in the depth where she was trapped, Ereshkigal engaged battle, then tried to convince the protagonist to finish her, though they refused to kill someone who wasn't actually evil. Her true intentions, to bring humans closer to her, were revealed by the intervention of Ziusu-dra, and she eventually promised to return the souls she planned to store and help against Gorgon if possible.[108]

Walking back from Kutha to Uruk, the protagonist, who refused to be transported by Ishtar and leave Mash walking, found the tale of their underworld mission already spread in the city and clay effigies of themselves sold in stands. The following day, the chaldeans and Uruk's army launched Operation Marduk Blitz, using the axe of Marduk to break the gates of the Blood Fort, drop Gorgon's Authority and kill her. The night before the fight, the protagonist spoke with Merlin and Ana, and tried to give her a flower crown made by the old lady she helped in Uruk, but she refused it on the ground that she could not deny her nature as a monster. In line with her wish to deny mankind's future as they denied Tiamat's, Gorgon proposed to spare the protagonist's life and make them the last human, but Mash and Ishtar called out Gorgon's fundamental flaws as Tiamat's incarnation. As the materialization of Gorgon's rejected kindness for humanity, Ana sacrificed herself and used her Immortality-denying scythe to kill Gorgon. The protagonist left her flower crown on the site of the battle.

Gorgon's defeat revealed Solomon's Grail was with Kingu, who engaged the chaldeans to avenge Gorgon. Moreover, Kingu revealed that Gorgon was only a remote manifestation of Tiamat's true form, who awoke with Gorgon's death. Along with powerful space-time quakes damaging Sheba back in Chaldea, about a hundred million Laḫmu poured from the blackened Persian Gulf and started devouring and transforming humans. Having contained Tiamat in the realm of dreams, Merlin was also killed during her awakening.[109] With Ishtar speeding to defend Uruk, Mash carried the protagonist to the Northen Wall to regroup with Quetzalcoatl and Jaguar Warrior, who then used the winged serpents to rally Uruk. The chaldeans momentarily repelled the Lahmu with great difficulty before the creatures retreated by themselves. While Gilgamesh intended to send the chaldeans investigate the Persian Gulf, the protagonist insisted to go to Eridu, the Lahmu's nest, when they learned Siduri had been captured by the creatures.[110]

In Eridu, the chaldeans and godesses witnessed the Lahmu evolve from killing humans, turn on Kingu and steal Solomon's Grail.[111] Chasing the Lahmu in possession of the Grail to the shores of the Persian Gulf, the chaldeans and Quetzalcoatl were confronted by a corrupted Ushiwakamaru, enabling the Lahmu to deliver the Grail to the sea. Regrouping at the coastal observation post to communicate with Gilgamesh, Roman established that the only way to end the danger was to destroy Tiamat's Spirit Origin, far into the Persian Gulf. Despite the danger of the protagonist falling into the corrupting sea, they were sent on a winged serpent to keep their servants at full power. The party managed to repel Tiamat back into the sea, but her true body soon emerged and started launching the tides of the blackened sea toward Uruk. Though the city was saved when Gilgamesh deployed his last resort, the Fangs of Napishtim wall,[112] Tiamat's new form would stay immortal as long as life existed in the mortal realm.

Both the protagonist and Gilgamesh perceived the possibility to enrol Ereshkigal's help to bring Tiamat in the Underworld, where her immortality would be cancelled, but time had to be bought for this plan to take place. With Ishtar revealing that she had lied about being in possession of Gugalanna, the group broke up for the night and the protagonist spent a last night at the embassy cleaning their room as their goodbye to the place. Privately, Quetzalcoatl revealed to the protagonist that she knew about Gorgon's true nature, but assumed the chaldeans would pity her and attempt to spare her if they knew she was being manipulated.[113] The plan eventually chosen to slow down Tiamat was to clear the encroaching mud she used to reach Uruk with Quetzalcoatl's Noble Phantasm Sun's Pilgrimage: Piedra del Sol, which the potagonist had elected not to destroy days before. On the way to Tiamat, the Lahmu targeted the protagonist as the only human in the group, but their attention was redirected when the last survivors of Girsu fired at them. Quetzalcoatl's attacks and eventual sacrifice when she released Xiuhcoatl failed to slow down Tiamat. As both the protagonist and Mash were on the point of burnout from fighting the Lahmu, Gorgon's original form fused with Ana emerged and engaged Tiamat, enabling the chaldeans and Ishtar to fall back to Uruk.[114]

The chaldeans stood besides Gilgamesh at the top of Uruk's ziggurat, firing his Dingir cannons at Tiamat, when he was sniped through the heart. With a last intervention of Kingu, Tiamat was barely stopped long enough for Ereshkigal to prepare her trap, with Ishtar blowing the ground under Tiamat. Before passing, Gilgamesh finally congratulated the chaldeans for their efforts, and entrusted the rest of the events to them as he served as bait to trap Tiamat in the underworld. Landing safely in the underworld with Ereshkigal's blessing, the chaldeans regrouped with the goddess and Jaguar Warrior, but would only see Tiamat's origin reach her highest form and start flooding the underworld with mud. Using the thinned existence of mankind, the original Merlin managed to temporarily leave Avalon to drain the mud's power, turning its potency into flowers. When Tiamat tried to use her wings to leave the underworld, they were cut by Ziusu-dra, revealing himself as the First Hassan summoned in Mesopotamia along with the protagonist's arrival, to reward their actions during the sixth singularity.

Now imprinted with the concept of death, Tiamat's Spirit Origin reverted back to that of a servant, and into killable state. Helped by Ereshkigal's Blessings of Kur,[115] at the price of her own existence,[116] as well as the strength of the First Hassan, who abandoned his Grand Assassin title to contract with the protagonist, and Archer Gilgamesh's Spirit Origin[115] summoned from his first trip in the underworld,[116] the chaldeans repelled the Lahmus, killed Tiamat and managed to fall back to Uruk before the explosion of Tiamat's magic reactor cores.[115] The protagonist and Mash were then summoned back to Chaldea, having been entrusted with both Solomon's Grail and Gilgamesh's Grail. As they were leaving their coffins, Chaldea began to be pulled toward Solomon's own Singularity, as the analysis of the last Grail revealed it's location outside of human history. Roman gave the protagonist and Mash a 24 hours rest before rayshifting to the final singularity.[116]

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  • Male command spells
  • Female command spells

Their skills as a magus actually isn’t much different from Lord El-Melloi II.[117] Despite being considered an inferior mage by Olga Marie Animusphere, their untrained magic circuit were still of high enough quality to allow them to form Servant contracts and be converted into spiritrons for the purpose of Rayshift.[3] However, the spells they can use, like the offensive Gandr, are dependent on the Mystic Code they wear.[118]

The most prominent and unique skill displayed by the protagonist is the ability to form an unusually high number of contracts with Heroic Spirits servants, and to preserve these contracts for an extended period of time. Such contract is normally limited to a single servant, and for the duration of one battle.[89] By the end of the Grand Order, the protagonist potentially maintained a contract with more than 150 servants.

The protagonist have displayed an unusual resistance to high concentration of mana and poison. It is theorized to stem from their contract with Mash Kyrielight, bearing a high poison resistance or blessing skill, neutralizing any Filth-type threat beneath the Mystic level of a Noble Phantasm.[51][84] They are also shown to be immune to Suzuka Gozen's charming Mystic Eyes,[119] but not to the God-class Mystics of Euryale's charms.[120]

In physical terms, the male Ritsuka seems fairly athletic where he exercises regularly and is capable of holding off against Roman soldiers.  


Creation and ConceptionEdit

According to Takeuchi, he designed Ritsuka for Fate/Grand Order as gender swapped versions of Shirou and Rin.[citation needed]


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  1. The original Japanese version of the game uses 2017 as the date of humanity's collapse. This year changes in other versions depending on the release date (2019 for the North American version).
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