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Ritsuka Fujimaru (藤丸 立香, Fujimaru Ritsuka?) is the protagonist of Fate/Grand Order, acting as the Master of many Servants for the purpose of solving the Grand Order conflicts. The name and gender of Ritsuka can be actively changed by the player, with the nicknames Gudao and Gudako being often used by fans for the male and female version respectively, rather than their proper name.



As a self-insert for the player, The Protagonist has absolutely no background details or connections to other people or events. They are simply "someone who just happened to see a recruitment flyer at a station, applied and got accepted into the job, and somehow ended up getting taken into the Chaldea Security Organization",[1] effectively having joined Chaldea on a whim[2] while being a civilian with no training or combat experience.[3] They are acting as a newly established Master candidate of Chaldea whose only purpose is shoring up numbers.[4]


The Protagonist is of average build, though more visibly muscular in the male version. The male version has short unkempt black hair and blue eyes, while the female version has shoulder-length red hair tied in a side-ponytail on the left side with a usually yellow hair band and a cowlick, and light orange eyes. Their Command Spells are located on their right hand and, contrarily to Hakuno Kishinami, differ in form between male and female version.

The Protagonist wears various different Mystic Codes.

  • Chaldea (カルデア, Karudea?)
  • Chaldea Combat Uniform (カルデア戦闘服, Karudea Sentō-fuku?)
  • Mage's Association Uniform (魔術協会制服, Majutsu Kyōkai Seifuku?)
  • Atlas Academy Uniform (アトラス院制服, Atorasu-in Seifuku?)
  • Anniversary Blonde (アニバーサリー・ブロンド, Anibāsarī Burondo?)
  • Royal Brand (ロイヤルブランド, Roiyaru Burando?)
  • Brilliant Summer (ブリリアントサマー, Buririanto Samā?)
  • Memory of Lunar Mare (月の海の記憶, Tsuki no Umi no Kioku?)
  • Memoria of the Far Side of the Moon (月の裏側の記憶, Tsuki no Uragawa no Kioku?)
  • Arctic Region Chaldea Uniform (極地用カルデア制服, Kyokuchi-yō Karudea Seifuku?)


Their alignment is Lawful-Neutral.[5] The authoritative Chaldea Director Olga Marie Animusphere described them as “Quiet, but with some nerve.”[3] Early in their role as a Master, when pressured by Shadow Servants during the Fuyuki Singularity, they were able to stay calm when the Director and Mash panicked.[6] After being defeated by the protagonist's servants, Vlad III praised the protagonist's abilities as a commander and asked them to summon him in the future.[7]


Fate/Grand Order

The Protagonist is to act as a Master who uses FATE to summon Servants for the purpose of completing Grand Orders to correct distortions in human history.[4]

Observer on Timeless Temple

Aside from the Fate/Grand Order game, different parts of this story arc are covered in the Fate/Grand Order drama CD, the manga Fate/Grand Order ~mortalis:stella~ and Fate/Grand Order ~turas réalta~, and the movie First Order. The protagonist is always presented as male Ritsuka Fujimaru in these adaptations.


The protagonist was the last of the 48 newly induced Masters to arrive at Chaldea, and one of the 10 public applicants for the role. They didn't properly wake up from the Spiritron Dive of an introductory simulated battle and sleep-walked to the main hall of Chaldea, where they were found by Fou who guided Mash Kyrielight to wake them. When Professor Lev Lainur came to check the commotion, he recognized them as one of the Master candidates and directed them to Director Olga Marie Animusphere's orientation speech.

Still suffering from the Dive's aftereffects, the protagonist fell asleep during the speech while on the front row, angering the Director and being left out of the first mission. In their personal room, they met Doctor Romani Archaman, who used the unassigned room to slack off after having also been threw out by the Director. When an explosion erupted in the Command Room, they followed Romani to help potential survivors.

Though they found a gravely wounded Mash, they were trapped when the emergency bulkhead closed after Romani left to activate emergency power. With the procedure still ongoing[5] and the Klein Coffins having locked themselves due to low Rayshift success rates,[8] the protagonist were automatically registered as a Master and rayshifted to the first singularity.[5]

Flame Contaminated City: Fuyuki

As soon as they woke up in the destroyed Fuyuki City, the protagonist were forced into establishing a contract by Mash, who had become a Demi-Servant, providing magical energy and combat orders for her before communications were established with Chaldea.[9] While searching for a Leyline terminal to set up a summoning circle, they encountered the Director, who ordered them to investigate the reason for Fuyuki's destruction[8] while planning to get rid of the protagonist to replace them with an experienced Master for Mash.[10] She was unaware that her body was already dead and only her residual thoughts had been converted to spiritron.[11]

The group eventually met the Shadow Servants born from the corrupted Holy Grail War and were nearly killed when Caster Cu Chulainn intervened and formed a contract with the protagonist in order to win the War and end the Singularity.[6] To teach Mash how to use her Noble Phantasm, and to strengthen the bond with her Master, Caster attacked the protagonist to push Mash past her limits.[12] Despite the great stress put on their untrained magic circuits by the contract[13] and the revelation that Lev Lainur was an enemy of humanity, the protagonist and Mash managed to defeat Saber Altria Pendragon Alter, end the singularity and leave before the collapse of the underground cave of the Holy Grail.

When the protagonist woke up, they were warned by Caster Leonardo da Vinci that they had become a “main character” of human history. In the Command Room, Roman, acting commander of Chaldea, explained that with all other Master candidates dead or gravely wounded and cryopreserved in their coffins, and the outside world already destroyed, the protagonist was the last Master of Chaldea, and tasked them and Mash with the Grand Order of preserving humanity by means of correcting the seven singularities threatening the foundation of human history before its final collapse at the turn of 2017.[11][Note 1]

Hunderd Years' War of the Evil Dragons: Orleans

Shortly after the events of Fuyuki, the protagonist and Mash were deployed to the singularity of 1431 in France, this time by conventional Rayshift. Upon arriving, the protagonist noticed an unnatural band of light in the sky.[14] The party encountered a weakened Ruler Jeanne d'Arc, and joined her efforts to retake the city of Orleans controlled by the Dragon Witch, Ruler Jeanne d'Arc Alter.[15]

The group was confronted by the Dragon Witch and her servants while searching for intel, but Jeanne refused to flee[16] and a fight begun against Berserker Vlad III and Berserker Assassin Carmilla. The Chaldean and Jeanne were overpowered by the Dragon Witch's servants until they were helped by stray servants Rider Marie Antoinette and Caster Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and retreated[17] to a nearby leyline. Overnight, their base camp was attacked by Berserker Rider Saint Martha, who revealed only the dragon slayer in the city of Lyon could kill the Dragon Witch.[18]

While searching for the dragon slayer in the destroyed Lyon, the group were warned of the arrival of the dragon Fafnir but the protagonist ignored Roman's advice to flee and stayed with Jeanne to search for the dragon slayer,[19] who was revealed to be Saber Siegfried. Though wounded, Siegfried managed to use Balmung to repel Fafnir and give the group a chance to retreat, but the fatigued protagonist slowed the group down and they were forced to fight Berserker Lancelot and Berserker Assassin Charles-Henri Sanson.[20]

In order to find a saint able to cure Siegfried's cursed wound, the group split up and the Chaldeans traveled with Amadeus and Siegfried. During a conversation about one's humanity, Amadeus urged Mash to view the protagonist as their professor on the matter.[21] In Thiers, the Chaldeans met wandering servants Lancer Elizabeth Bathory and Berserker Kiyohime, the latter getting infatuated in the protagonist and insisting on forming a contract with them. With the help of saint Rider Georgios, Siegfried's curse was dispelled and the group went on to retake Orleans,[22] where they destroyed Fafnir, the Dragon Witch, her servants and Caster Gilles de Rais, holder of the singularity's Holy Grail.[23]

Eternal Madness Empire: Septem
Sealed Ends of the Four Seas: Okeanos
The Mist City: London
North American Myth War: E Pluribus Unum
Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot
Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia
The Grand Temple of Time: Solomon


Epic of Remnant

Cosmos in the Lostbelt


  • Male command spells
  • Female command spells

Their skills as a magus actually isn’t much different from Lord El-Melloi II.[24] Despite being considered an inferior mage by Olga Marie Animusphere, their untrained magic circuit were still of high enough quality to allow them to form Servant contracts and be converted into spiritrons for the purpose of Rayshift.[3] However, the spells they can use, like the offensive Gandr, are dependent on the Mystic Code they wear.[25]

In physical terms, the male Ritsuka seems fairly athletic where he exercises regularly and is capable of holding off against Roman soldiers.  


Creation and Conception

According to Takeuchi, he designed Ritsuka for Fate/Grand Order as gender swapped versions of Shirou and Rin.[citation needed]


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