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Robin Hood(WP) (ロビンフッド(WP), Robin Fuddo?), Class Name Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?), is the Archer-class Servant of Dan Blackmore in the Moon Holy Grail War of the Moon Cell in Fate/EXTRA.

He is also a Masterless Servant in the Subcategory Holy Grail War of Fate/Labyrinth.

He is one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



The chivalrous thief, however this Robin Hood is merely one of the many "Robin Hoods". This particular incarnation was originally the child of a wandering Druid, an orphan who lost his father when very young. He received knowledge of the forest from his Druid father, was proficient at survival in the forest, and also was friends with the forest fairies that the villagers could not see. For this reason, the villagers treated him as an outcast, believing him to be possessed by fairies. The villagers did not accept an orphan like him and he too did not compromise with the villagers. But, even still, it seems that he felt obligation in taking care of his father at his last moments. He lived as the black sheep of the village, a young man without relatives who lived in the village's outskirts located near the spot where his parents had died.

The village was suffering under the feudal lord's tyrannical rule. Although he held no love for the villagers, he did not hate them and he felt obligated to help them in any way he could rather than to abandoning them. Almost against his will, he picked up his bow and mantle and became the latest incarnation of Robin Hood. And like those who came before him, he dresses in clothes of Lincoln green, armed himself with a bow of yew and surrounded his identity and true self for the good of others. In the first time, he successfully repelled the feudal lord's army in the course of events. Since he concealed his identity, during the fight he ended up being treated as the mythical "Green Man(WP)" afterwards by the villagers he had helped save. However, his face and figure remained concealed under the green clothing. With that little information, he is merely an ordinary person. Even if a fake one, he had deceived anything and everything in order to function as a hero. From the second time on, it became a good fight while feeling the hopes and wishes of the villagers in his back. He, who was an outsider in the village turned into the village's hero by becoming Robin Hood. But, at the same time, was forced into harsh battles day and night. Setting traps on the forest, hiding his true face with a hood across his career, and not revealing his identity even to the villagers. He too was one of such heroes without a signature

« Since it is for the sake of justice, I will kill my fraction as a human. »

(Robin Hood)

However, no good deed goes unpunished, and the villagers quickly turned on him in hopes of channeling the anger of the local nobility for the sake of self-protection and on to this mysterious rogue who rampaged through the forest, claiming that they had no knowledge of who he was nor did they ever claim to be thankful for his help in preserving the village. The villagers betrayed Robin Hood, "Robin Hood is not a person from the village. Unrelated to us, he attack those who go through the forest. All responsibility lies with that hunter..."

And just like this, as if Robin Hood was a common enemy of both the village and the feudal lord, the villagers were not held accountable for any sins. Even though the people he vowed to help turned on him, he continued to fight for the sake of the village from the shadows. With a hidden identity and a career that ran completely on surprise attacks and clever schemes, his reputation as a coward and criminal grew despite his honorable intentions. At any rate, it was a battle of one against an army. Ambushing traps and putting poison in meals were everyday occurrences. He trampled even with the wishes of "at least I want to die in battle" of the killed soldiers. He carried out a thorough vulgar battle. He kept choosing the peace of the village over his own pride.

Though he continued to protect the village, it is not possible for a single young man to pretend to be a hero all alone, and his activities as Robin Hood lasted little less than two years before he was defeated by an assassination plot of the enemy. In the end, he fell on the ground anonymous and without being re-compensated. He never fought as hero not even once, but what he truly wished for in his deathbed was to be buried where his final arrow fell. To nobody's surprise, it landed at the foot of the yew tree where he first got the wood to make his bow. It was this young man, who fought so that others could lead the quiet life he dreamed of, which leads him to become an Heroic Spirit as Robin Hood by means of such death.[6] His real identity is unknown, but he was certainly "someone". He was a hero who fought for the people rather than for himself. After his death, he is doomed to be left in oblivion, forgotten from the people.[7]


There is a person who served as a base, but it seems that this is the result of several mixtures. Many of the chivalrous thief exploits was created from a fusion of the Orion from the Greek mythology, and the fairies from Celtic mythology and Druidic beliefs. The foundation of Robin Hood's legend comes from a chivalrous thief who lurked in the Sherwood Forest(WP), a forest located near Nottingham. It is full of Druidic beliefs and where fairies dwell. The original Robin Hood was depicted as a man of justice and actively resisted against the tyrant John Lackland(WP) who ruled while Richard the Lionheart was away on the Crusades in the 12th century, although his more famous rival is the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham.[7] It is said that the original Robin Hood died from excessive bleeding at the hands of his aunt by the Kirklees Priory(WP) due to a conspiracy of the abbot.[3]

From the beginning, Robin Hood was a faceless hero that was born from the "prayers" of the British people who frequently received invasions from foreign countries. Thought to be a personification of the Green Man(WP), a person of the forest that appeared in ancient Europe, indicating that he was a "desire" given birth by the masses. A small hero that existed in that era, but upon receiving the wishes of people, he assumed the name of a certain hero - Robin Hood. This Archer too is one of those nameless snipers who "assumed the hero's name".

Those who assume the identity of Robin Hood tend to be very conflicted young men. Incredibly virtuous and honorable, yet always working out of the shadows like an assassin or thief, there seems to be slight tinge of cowardice to their makeup. To cover the self-loathing that also seems to be part of every Robin Hood's personality, they all uniformly adopt a somewhat combative and derisive attitude. And though every person to adopt the Robin Hood persona truly values life above all else, they have little appreciations for their own.[6]


Robin has the appearance of a tall and lean young man with grey-green eyes and messy spiky orange hair that partially covers his right eye. His attire consists of lincoln green clothing and a dark green cloak, along with bandages on his left arm, and brown boots.


He is somewhat virtuous and a little cowardly. In order to conceal his immature self who fusses over justice, he puts up a frivolous attitude. Values life over death and seems to believe that something warm should remain at the end of surviving. But then again, all these are things that he never obtained, so he can only but shrug his shoulders while saying "such things are like empty dreams".

Robin prefers to fight from the shadows, as he is a pragmatist that utilizes methods such as ambushes and poison to ensure killing the opponent without a fight. He doesn't mind using advantageous but dishonorable tactics to win early before the actual fight, but Dan finds that vultures that feast upon carrion have more dignity. Dan thinks he lacks pride, the most important of traits, but Archer cares little for the idea. He thinks it would be fine if it would help them achieve victory, but mocks it by saying the best outcome would be for the enemies to kill themselves in the face of their pride. He does, however, pride himself in his Archery skills.


Dan Blackmore
His compatibility with Dan is bad, but the relationship with him is reasonably good in its own way. Although Dan is a man of Justice, he is incompatible with his chivalry. So Robin reluctantly follow his instructions.[7] He will make use of violations of trust, ambushes, and betrayal in battle. This goes against Dan's ideal of chivalry and fair battle, putting the two at odds. Dan goes as far as utilizing a Command Spell to stop his underhanded methods. Robin abhors this side of him, and he complains about it frequently. Although he was forced to fight in a fair battle by Dan, he felt it was a good change of pace to fight like a knight, something he couldn't do in his lifetime. Upon his defeat, Robin claims he had a wish for the Holy Grail, but he was more interested in having a good time.
Artoria, Knights of the Round Table
Being Servants from around the same area, he’s not really comfortable with them.
I mean, it’s not like I’m a hero or anything like that, ok!?
Nero Claudius, Tamamo-no-Mae
By becoming Servants, they end up as fellow members under the same bond. An undesirable but inseparable one, that is.
Uggh, these two are here too…? This time is so gonna be a slapsticks journey full with weird stuffs on both side*, I bet....”
He is on bad terms with EMIYA due the kindred hate that happens between similar people.[3]
No Name
His personality is similar to Red Archer.[7] Although they are similar, Green Archer was described as a nihilist while Red Archer is a narcissist. Their sense of justice is subtly different and they are not incompatible in the end.
Not particularly fond of her, especially after getting roped into her antics on many occasions. But he doesn't think she's as dangerous as she thinks she is.
According to Lip, Robin slaps her butt and ogles her a lot, so she stays away from him. He denies everything.
Robin believes her to be both less cute and more dangerous than either BB or Passionlip.



Archer is the enemy Servant Hakuno Kishinami faces in second week of the Holy Grail War. He is first seen arguing with Dan outside of the arena, where he is chided for acting on his "gut feelings" during the first round. Dan tells him to remain on his guard, and that Archer needs to listen to his commands rather than acting on his own like before. During an encounter, Archer mentions that he would like to see how long your Servant would have lasted in the Forest of Sherwood, inadvertently revealing to a clue to his identity. He immediately attacks Hakuno by infusing the area with poison without Dan's order, which causes disagreement between them. He is allowed to keep the barrier up, but is threatened with punishment for disobeying him again.

Later Hakuno collects an Antique Arrowhead, Broken Arrow and Feather Fletchings; clues to his identity. Rani VIII would examine the broken arrow fragments and provide certain informations about Archer. The next day Archer stalks Hakuno with killing intention at the school, luring Hakuno to escaped to the arena. When Hakuno and the servant arrived at an open space environment. Archer ambush them and sniped at a distance. Hakuno's Servants managed to deflect the first arrow but the second managed to poisons Hakuno. Hakuno goes to Sakura Matou to treat the poison, though Dan cures the poison and uses his Command Spells to force Archer to fight fair and sealed one of his Noble Phantasms.

After the battle, Archer wonders why he loss as Dan was a superior Master. He apologizes to Dan for failing him and expresses the belief that another servant would have been better match with him. However Dan apologizes to Archer for restricting his fight, and Archer and Dan made peace with each other. Before fading away, he expresses joy at being able to have a fair fight, something he didn't have the chance of doing in life.

Last Encore[]

In Last Encore, which is set in an alternate timeline where a female Hakuno Kishinami failed to defeat Saver, Archer and his master Dan Blackmore are revived and made the floor masters of the second floor. Together, they spend hundreds of years defeating other Masters and Servants in the hopes of ascending until a male HAKUNO Kishinami arrives with Saber and Rin Tohsaka.

Upon their arrival, Archer attacks the group while they lured into the forest by his master. Using his poison techniques and No Face May King, Archer puts Saber and HAKUNO into a corner. All of a sudden, the group is rescued by Rani VIII, causing Archer to retreat much to his disappointment. That night, Archer is berated by Dan for not attacking HAKUNO when he had the chance. During the night, Dan and Archer recall their first encounter and defeat with the HAKUNO from Fate/Extra.

The next day, Saber and HAKUNO launch a counter-attack on Archer and Dan. While Archer faces off against Saber, HAKUNO and Rani VIII goes after Dan Blackmore. During their battle, Saber asks Archer about Dan's motivations for continuing the fight. Archer reveals that Dan simply doesn't want to lose and is proud to admit that winning is the only thing he can do for him.

Goading Archer into using Yew Bow, Saber lands a blow on Archer. Shocked, Archer asks why she didn't dentonate and Saber reveals that she bleed out the impurities in her system. After some more gloating, Saber asks if Archer is ready to give up. Archer replies that he is becuase his Master has already been defeated by HAKUNO. As Saber runs off to rejoin her Master, Archer goes to a tombstone with Dan's name on it. Reminiscing, Archer sits downs and fades away.


Archer was among the servants who was brought back by BB. When BB runs her BB channel, her special guest is Archer. Hakuno Kishinami encounters Archer with BB on the 6th floor. Upon his defeat by Hakuno's servant, BB complains about Archer's abilities, though Archer replies that he couldn't do much as BB sealed his Noble Phantasm.

Archer assists Passionlip in trying to hinder Hakuno's progress through the third dungeon. However, Archer is preserved to act abusive toward Passionlip, which is behavior very unexpected of him. Archer's behavior hints to Hakuno to the name of Passionlip's second SG.

Archer was poisoned by Meltryllis sometime later. He sought to die in battle and chose to challenge Hakuno's servant to a fight to achieve this, though not before handing BB's secrets over to Hakuno.[8]


Robin Hood was attacked by Gilles de Rais for refusing to join Karl der Große. Then he was rescued by Saber and Caster and decided to help them.


Archer was summoned in the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz. Archer wishes to destroy the Subcategory of the Holy Grail. He uses his No Face May King to observe both Manaka Sajyou and Artoria Pendragon battle against the Kelpie. He recognizes Saber's sword and decided to reveal himself to Manaka and Saber.

Introducing himself, Archer then accompanies the pair along with Medea and Hassan of the Cursed Arm to the start of the fourth floor. When Manaka mysteriously disappears, Archer is shocked to see Norma Goodfellow. However, before he can ask her any questions, Norma runs away and winds up falling into a pit trap.

Left with more questions than answers, Archer and the other Servants battle their way through the remaining floors until they end up at the innermost chamber, where they see Norma about to be killed by Wolfgang Faustus. Arriving in the nick of time, Archer and the other Servants save Norma and Gray and help them to defeat Wolfgang once and for all. Having completed their mission, Archer then disappears after the battle after giving Norma the bracelet mystic code that Saber wanted to give her.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Miss Almost Weekly Santa Alter[]

Robin goes on a fishing trip with EMIYA as a continuation of their competition since both were equally matched at hunting in the woods. Unfortunately, their contest was interrupted when David, having stowed away earlier, inadvertently steered their ship into a storm in his attempt to meet the ladies of Southern Lands. EMIYA and Robin both blame David for their situation as the storm tears their ship apart. David further infuriates them by telling them to jump overboard and swim for shore, believing that the ship can withhold his weight alone. EMIYA agrees with Robin's decision to throw David overboard when he begins to recount the tale of Carneades.

Santa Alter then suddenly lands on the ship; Robin asks EMIYA if he knows her when she mentions him regarding a Master’s safety, though EMIYA remains silent. However, he and the others fight Santa Alter when she decides to test David's claim of being the "Most Victorious King". Robin believes she’ll give them a ride on her sleigh if they defeat her.

After being defeated by her, he admits he sent the letter that prompted Santa Alter’s arrival, calling it a temporary fit of madness. Santa Alter tells him not to be embarrassed as Santa accepts all equally, especially him for subtly supporting his Master, unlike EMIYA’s overprotective method. Robin is then given an assortment of Black Keys as his present.

After Santa Alter leaves, Robin and EMIYA soon both yell that David hasn’t learned anything since Uriah incident when he asked who was talking about Carneades. EMIYA again agrees with Robin's decision to throw David overboard, but he contemplates David's request for them to form a team. However, they're interrupted by the arrival of Elizabeth Báthory, who came to perform a concert for them as Santa Alter's last gift to them.

Fifth Singularity: E Pluribus Unum[]

Robin is a member of Geronimo's Resistance. Before Chaldea's arrival, he met Elizabeth Bathory and Nero Claudius in Dallas and Alexandria, respectively. When Geronimo goes to rescue Ritsuka's party from Thomas Edison's underground prison, Robin lends him No Face May King.

He and Billy the Kid are fending off Celts in Lubbock when they overhear Ritsuka's party fighting outside of town, assuming they're reinforcements. They soon meet Florence Nightingale and Rama when the former rushes in ahead of the others. After the remaining Celts are killed, Mash explains the situation to the two Archers. Geronimo suggests the group needs a Saber and a Lancer to help. Robin confesses he met two problematic Servants who fit the aforementioned classes earlier.[9]

Robin gets depressed that he has to see Elizabeth and Nero again. He never met them in life, yet he still feels inextricably linked to them. The group soon arrives at Dallas, where Robin first met Elizabeth. Defeating some unexpectedly weak Celtic soldiers, they hear a disturbing song that Ritsuka, Mash, and Robin recognize. Entering the town, they meet with Elizabeth as she continues her singing. Robin is surprised to see her still in town. The group deduces Elizabeth’s singing is why the soldiers were so weak. Mash convinces Elizabeth to join them by saying it will help promote her art.[10]

Passing through a forest to Alexandria, the group witness Nero Claudius being confronted by Fergus mac Róich, who was sent to kill her. Robin uses No Face May King to ambush him when Nero reveals his presence. Robin is surprised she could sense him, to which she proclaims she has a sixth sense for spectators. The others then arrive to defeat Fergus. Before disappearing, Fergus tells Rama that Sita is being held on Alcatraz Island.[11]

That night in the forest, Geronimo informs the others that the Celtic stronghold is the White House. He speculates the Celts won’t emphasize defending their capital, given they value individual strength more. Robin finds Edison is the opposite, believing in uniformity and strength in numbers. Geronimo then assigns the group into two separate teams; One with Nightingale to rescue Sita and another to infiltrate the White House and assassinate Medb. Mash gives Geronimo a communication device.The next morning, the group split into their respective teams to carry out their missions.[12]

At Washington, Geronimo’s group goes to assassinate Medb during a parade. Sneaking up on her with No Face May King, they isolate her in Nuptiae Domus Aurea. However, Cú Chulainn Alter suddenly appears when Medb calls for him and attacks Nero. Confused by his strength inside the theater, the group learns Medb created him from her wish on the Grail for Cú Chulainn to be a strong and wicked king who’ll stand beside her. The group fights him when Arjuna arrives. Cú Chulainn Alter fights Nero alone while Medb and Arjuna fight the others. Geronimo orders Robin to take the communicator and escape. Robin reluctantly does so.[13]

Robin contacts Ritsuka's party and informs them the assassination attempt failed, suspecting Geronimo and the others are dead. He tells them to rendezvous with him at the abandoned United Western States base he's heading for now.[13] However, he is relentlessly pursued by Cú Chulainn Alter, Medb, and Arjuna. Arjuna prepares to kill him, but fortunately, Scáthach arrives and allows Robin to escape.[14]

Robin reaches his destination and reunites with Ritsuka’s party. He explains what happened to Geronimo and the others and how he escaped thanks to Scáthach. Scáthach herself then arrives. Though she refuses to join the group, she offers her help all the same. Then, while fighting more Celts, the group comes across Li Shuwen. He fights Mash to a standstill to test the group’s strength and convince Scáthach to duel him. He refuses to join the group, but he’s still an ally. He then leaves, saying Edison seems to be possessed. The group then departs for Denver to confront Edison.[14]

Travelling back west, the group arrives at Kearney while its being attacked by Celts. They capture a few of them at Robin’s behest. Ritsuka and Robin take the prisoners to a mechanized infantry robot. Robin claims he is Second Lieutenant Anderson Komadori, and he is transferring prisoners to headquarters. As the prisoners are Celts, the robot allows him to pass. The group proceed to Edison’s castle.[15]

The group breakthrough the robot guard and enter the castle. They fight Karna until Edison calls him back to the throne room. There the group defeat Edison, along with Helena Blavatsky and Karna. Edison refuses to give up and tries to drink an elixir to transform himself, but Karna throws it on the floor. Nightingale informs him the Celtic army is infinite while his is limited. It is then revealed that Edison’s tyranny resulted from his mind being affected by accumulated thoughts of the presidents entrusting him with America’s future. Everyone eventually convinces Edison to join the group.[16] 

Later, the group strategizes on how to defeat the Celts. The Celts will be invading Denver via the northern and southern routes. If they conquer any more of America, the era will no longer withstand its separation from reality and collapse. The group agrees with a two-prong attack with two armies to attack along the northern and southern routes. One will hold off the Celts while the other breaks through to the White House. The group leave the decision of what Servants will go with what army to Ritsuka.[17]

Later, as the north army clash with the Celts, Robin cuts down 60% of the Celts with guerilla tactics and trickery. Unfortunately, the Celts continue to persist. Elizabeth asks Robin about the south army's situation. Robin informs her that Karna was killed in battle, and Ritsuka' party is now heading for Washington after forcing Cú Chulainn Alter to retreat. Beowulf then arrives. Finding him to be vulgar, Elizabeth tells Robin to fight him. But he is reluctant to do so, concerned that he might die without her help. Elizabeth tells him to support her from behind with his arrows while she fights Beowulf directly. Unfortunately, the pair are easily overwhelmed until Li Shuwen arrives to fight Beowulf himself.[18]

Soon, however, Medb uses the Holy Grail to summon Clan Calatin to attack the north army before she perishes. Robin agrees with Elizabeth they can’t give up, but he’s concerned their attacks will be ineffective.[19] Robin tries to use Yew Bow on the Demon Gods, but it is ineffective. He and Elizabeth continue to struggle until Edison decides to fight thanks to Helena’s encouragement. To protect the others, Edison attempts to self-destruct himself by overloading his Noble Phantasm. But he’s stopped by the sudden appearance of Nikola Tesla, who arrived to save the era in repentance for his actions in London. Realizing their attacks are effective, Tesla and Edison unleash their Noble Phantasms simultaneously to seal Clan Calatin off. Arjuna then arrives and sacrifices himself to launch a restricted Pashupata to destroy Clan Calatin.[20]

After the Singularity is resolved, Robin is surprised to hear that Elizabeth has been summoned three times. He is impressed that Ritsuka has now resolved five Singularities. Bidding Elizabeth as she disappears, he wonders if he’ll be summoned again. He considers studying traps for every era and location before disappearing.[20]

Halloween Event: Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure[]

Robin resides in the forest outside town, setting traps for monsters increasing in number with Halloween approaching. At some point, he made a pact with Nitocris to protect one another's territory.

He keeps himself hidden as Elizabeth's party tries to pass through the forest, even when Elizabeth is caught in one of his traps. He accidentally unveils himself though to stop Elizabeth from singing. He confesses he was the one who set the traps, explaining they were meant for the monsters. Elizabeth and Mash agree that the pyramid is the source of the monsters, though Robin disagrees since the monsters appeared long before. After Robin joins the group, Elizabeth says they need a mage before they can assault the pyramid. Robin, therefore, decides to guide the others to Nitocris. He is concerned, though, by her and Elizabeth's similarities.

As he guides the other, Robin describes how Nitocris and Elizabeth are alike. Elizabeth denies the similarities, though Robin and Mash strongly agree with the description. A giant illusion of Nitocris then appears. She reprimands Robin for bringing others into her territory and reminds him of their pact. Robin asks her why she startled them with her illusion, to which Nitocris points to Elizabeth's nasty aura. She and Elizabeth get into argument about the latter's armor that escalates into Elizabeth rushing into Nitocris's cave to fight her.

By the time Mash and Robin catch up, Elizabeth and Nitocris's fight has concluded, and Nitocris has joined the group. Elizabeth says they need to go to the Glacier Zone next. Ibaraki-douji also suddenly appears and joins the group.

The group tries to rush through the Glacier Zone for the sake of Elizabeth and Nitocris whose outfits cover little of their bodies. Along the way, Ibaraki complains about not getting any more candy, threatening to leave if she doesn't get more. Robin throws chocolate into her, mouth with Ibaraki demanding more. But Robin can't due to monsters appearing. After they're slain, he convinces Ibaraki to stay by saying she'll get all the sweets she wants if defeats the pyramid's queen. Afterward, Elizabeth says they need to go to the Lava Zone next.

Nearing the end of the Lava Zone, the group comes across Minamoto-no-Raikou, Hassan of Serenity, and Kiyohime. When the three sense Ritsuka, the group hides underneath Robin’s cloak. They unveil themselves, though, when Ritsuka decides to finally confront Raikou, Serenity, and Kiyohime. Then, thanks to Elizabeth's attitude, the group is forced to fight the three.

Unfortunately, the trio keeps getting up no matter how many times they’re defeated. Fortunately, Ibaraki blinds them with Great Grudge of Rashoumon, then places a decoy of Ritsuka (made by Nitocris) near some lava to drive them away. As she planned, Raikou, Serenity, and Kiyohime go after the decoy into the lava, but to her horror, they all swim harmlessly in it. The group takes this chance to make a break for it.

The group arrives at the castle, where they're confronted by Vlad III. Vlad declares he has come to judge Elizabeth for her sins. He is defeated, only to get back up to tell Elizabeth that she doesn’t understand. He says she needs to understand if she wishes to call herself a hero. The group is then suddenly teleported back to the graveyard by a giant floating Siegfried.

At the graveyard, Elizabeth asks Robin what she doesn’t understand since he seemed to know. He points out the situation in town, prompting Elizabeth to recall no one was preparing for Halloween, and everyone was locked in their houses. Robin reveals no one was celebrating Halloween because Elizabeth never ordered them to. Elizabeth makes the excuse she was preparing for her concert as she panics at not knowing what to do. Though scared of seeing Vlad angry at her again, she is encouraged to properly prepare for Halloween. She asks how to prepare, to which Robin tells her to hand out pumpkins, throw candy, have the children get their costumes ready, and expel the wandering spirits drawn to the festivities. Then, encouraged by Ibaraki, Elizabeth loudly proclaims that the Halloween festivities will commence. Her proclamation was so loud though that it made the dead raise, forcing the group to fight. After defeating the pumpkin-headed undead, the group takes the pumpkins to give to the townsfolk.

Returning to town, the group split up to ask the townsfolk to help decorate for Halloween while handing out pumpkins. As agreed, they reconvene back at the town square after two hours. Unfortunately, none of them could convince the townsfolk to help decorate for Halloween. Suddenly, the group is confronted by Tristan and Lancelot (as the Mysterious Black Knight). After they’re defeated, Elizabeth announces that the town will celebrate Halloween, including the knights whom she has wear pumpkins. They comply with her order, but they retreat when they realize they can’t remove the pumpkins as Nitocris has cursed them. With the knights now gone, Elizabeth announces that it’s safe to openly celebrate Halloween.

After Ibaraki sends Tristan and Lancelot flying back to the pyramid, the group watches the town celebrate Halloween. They then proceed to the castle gate and defeat Vlad. After Vlad disappears saying the World doesn't care about sin, Robin comments how the World isn't concerned about human values like virtue. It will simply use the best means to preserve its existence,

Inside the castle, Tristan and Lancelot guide the group to the throne room. There they meet the queen, Cleopatra. Elizabeth defeats her in a duel and demands she remove the pyramid. But Cleopatra reveals she didn’t summon the pyramid. Ozymandias appears and proudly announces he summoned the pyramid. The group is confused, though, why there are Egyptians in the Singularity since they have no connection to Castle Csejte. Ozymandias reveals Cleopatra initially refused to be summoned as a Servant, but she took the chance to rule over his pyramid until Halloween’s end on the promise he'll grant her wish. Elizabeth calls Cleopatra an idiot for suppressing her selfishness to atone for destroying her kingdom and tells her it’s fine to be a pharaoh who follows their personal desires. After she decides to join Chaldea, Cleopatra confesses she wishes to see Julius Caesar again. But her description of him differs greatly from what everyone else knows. Romani shows an image of what Caesar looks like. Nitocris and Ozymandias collapse upon seeing it, which Robin says is a typical reaction to seeing Caesar for the first time.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Robin Hood is amongst the "E Pluribus Unum" Singularity Servant to aid Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillar.[21]

Subspecies Singularity: SE.RA.PH[]

Robin is BB‘s lackey, much to his chagrin. BB summons him to kill Ritsuka’s party as punishment for Ritsuka breaking the rule of having more than one Servant. He fights them, only to be killed. BB resurrects him soon afterwards; an act he finds more painful than getting killed. He complains to her why he was level 30 during the battle. He spent hours grinding to max level after BB refused to cheat on his behalf. BB confesses she got annoyed he maxed himself out, so she drained him to level herself up. She thanks him for the gift and sends him away when he starts complaining again.[22]

BB later sends Robin to the back side to warn Ritsuka’s party that Passionlip is waiting for them on the front side, and they can’t possibly beat her, so they should surrender and submit to her. After giving BB’s message, he reveals she developed a weapon that can break “the shackles” on Passionlip’s heart, along with her restraints. He then takes everyone except EMIYA Alter back to the front side.[23]

The group arrives back on the front side, being approached by Passionlip. BB reveals the only way to defeat Passionlip is to use the Maiden Coaster, a battle to conquer the mind. It is connected to the Code Cast Ritsuka bought earlier. They only need to place their hand on Passionlip’s chest, but the group will need to pin her down first. Gawain arrives to hold Passionlip long enough for Ritsuka to touch her chest. Upon doing so they’re converted into Psuedo-Spiritrons by BB in order to enter Passionlip’s mindscape. Following the mental battle, Passionlip’s Karmaphage is removed, and she collapses. Robin sneaks off somewhere after Tamamo Cat returns to the chapel carrying Passionlip.[23]

Robin later arrives at the planetarium, shocked to see it’s no longer BB’s studio. He is also shocked to see Ritsuka’s party and EMIYA Alter, whose Spirit Origin was warped by an unknown force, confronting each other there. Passionlip informs him BB is gone now. Though annoyed BB ditched him while he was out on an errand, Robin nonetheless agrees to help the group fight EMIYA Alter. After he’s defeated, Mable Macintosh Mable suddenly appears and reveals herself to be Kiara Sessyoin, Beast III, the Beast of pleasure. She and Passionlip both explain how Zepar used her body as a catalyst to turn Seraphix into SE.RA.PH after linking her with another version of herself. Since Kiara served as the basis of SE.RA.PH, Meltryllis and Passionlip were salvaged from her to become Sentinels. Suzuka and Cat attack her with their Noble Phantasms after realizing her monstrosity when SE.RA.PH. cracks the seabed. It will continue to sink until it reaches the Earth’s core, and once it arrives, Kiara will become one with the planet. Kiara proclaims this will let her bring salvation to humanity. Before that however, she easily kills everyone except Ritsuka when they try to fight her. She tries to consume Ritsuka, but BB rayshifts them to safety.[24]

Like everyone else, Robin has his death undone when BB reserved time. They are then transported to the classroom used to keep Hakuno and the other Masters safe during the CCC incident. BB reveals she was summoned to stop Kiara’s plan, and that Kiara forced her to manage SE.RA.PH until now with the Grail War’s conclusion. She also reveals Kiara used SE.RA.PH to become Beast III/R, though she’s still bound to it. The group then prepares to fight Kiara to prevent her from fusing with the planet and unleashing her full power.[24]

The group arrives back at the planetarium. Kiara tries to convert them into her followers. It is negated, however, by BB’s secret weapon. Kiara's powers are further suppressed by BB's “Kiara Punishers”. Kiara then fights the group more directly. They defeat her, but the area fades away. SE.RA.PH’s gravitational field weakens, so everyone begins to float. SE.RA.PH accelerates, and a colossal number of Demon Gods manifest. Disabling SE.RA.PH’s gravitational field also left it defenseless, however. At Meltryllis' request, Ritsuka uses their remaining Command Spells to empower her and Passionlip. Meltryllis then has BB transport everyone except herself and Passionlip to safety.[25]

Following Kiara’s destruction, Robin says it isn’t the time to celebrate since they lost Meltryllis, Tristan, and EMIYA Alter. As he disappears, he confirms he isn’t a Chaldean Servant. Despite being forced to be BB’s lackey, he is glad for the lack of work. He congratulates Ritsuka, and figures it must be tough being a Master. He disappears, saying he’ll be more complimentary to his next one.[25]

Subspecies Singularity IV: Salem[]

The previous night during a party, Robin was sent to raid the kitchen after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart drank the remaining alcohol. Late the next morning, he comes upon Mash and Charles-Henri Sanson in the hallway while hung over. Sanson gives him dietary advice to help ease his hangover, but he refuses. He then recalls what happened last night, allowing Sanson to deduce the former was the one who raided the kitchen last night. The two nearly get into an argument about etiquette when a Type 3 alert is sounded.[26]

The next day, Robin is chosen as one of the Servants to accompany Ritsuka to the Singularity. With Mash tagging along, they rayshift to a forest outside of town. Robin complains about them not being provided a wagon, believing having one would help convince the locals that they’re traveling performers. Sanson reminds him however that its standard procedure for Rayshifts to bring the minimum amount of equipment and procure additional supplies on-site. Robin says their troupe needs a name, so Ritsuka makes one. The group then observes Abigail Williams directing other girls in a so-called magic ritual. Sanson, Robin, and Mata Hari try and fail to change into their spirit forms, as asked by Medea to prove their magecraft has weakened. Lavinia Whateley then appears; Sanson tells Robin to lower his crossbow. The group tries to convince her what she heard was practice for their performance. Lavinia flees though when Sanson speaks to her in a heavy french accent. After protecting the girls from a pack of wolves, Robin goes on ahead with Ritsuka. He, Ritsuka, Mash, and Mata Hari meets Abigail's uncle, Randolph Carter. Grateful they saved his niece, he allows the group to stay at his house.[27]

The next day, Robin observes that the local topography and architecture match the period, but certain things don’t match the historical records. He and Mata Hari later report their findings to the others. Robin points out he didn’t see any place that could fit 50, 000 people. Medea then warns they can’t stay at Carter’s home, revealing it is subjected to something more powerful than they realize. Robin gets nostalgic, to which Sanson reminds him they need to search for modern Salem’s missing population. They nearly get into another argument when the group overhears Abigail trying to stop Carter from punishing Tituba for teaching her and the other girls the ritual from last night.[27]

After Mata Hari convinces Carter to ease Tituba’s punishment, Robin and Nezha go to the wharf. Nezha decides they should interrogate every single villager. Robin convinces her not to, reminding her they can’t disrupt the period, and the villagers might kill them in their current weakened state. The two then enter a tavern where they gamble with some sailors. However, Nezha attacks the sailors after the one who was harassing her complained about her body. Robin tries to calm everyone down when Ritsuka and Mash enter. After the situation is explained, the tavern's owner becomes skeptical of the group being traveling performers. Mash convinces him they’re God-fearing folk, despite their appearances. The villager says he’ll speak with the Reverend and other respected villagers on the group’s behalf if they insist on performing.[27]

That evening, the group performs a play at the town hall depicting the Queen of Sheba meeting King Solomon. Afterward, they find the townsfolk accusing Tituba of witchcraft because a charm of hers was found under the ailing Ann Putnam’s bed. Matthew Hopkins then arrives, saying he’s been appointed Salem’s head judge by the governor. He gives the Judge an official document to confirm this. He then orders Tituba to be taken into custody for interrogation, with Carter accompanying.[27]

Robin follows Ritsuka and Carter to where Tituba is being kept, to keep Ritsuka safe. They were barred from seeing her, however, by Hopkin’s order. Robin saw she was imprisoned in a filthy underground prison. The three then went to speak with Hopkins at his mansion. Carter threatened legal damages regarding Tituba’s treatment, and Ritsuka requested to see the charm to determine if black magic is involved. Hopkins ignored Carter’s threats and refused Ritsuka’s request.[28]

Afterward, Robin and Ritsuka return to the house and explain what happened. Sanson reveals Hopkins should be dead if the date is correct, as he died in 1647. He also warns they have three days at least before Tituba is hanged as a witch. Medea decides she needs to examine the charm herself. She then asks the others to describe Tituba. However, they’re unable to recall anything beyond her skin color. Medea confirms her workshop will prevent what's interfering with their awareness and memories. She says Tituba has been hiding her true appearance and assumes she has a connection to the Demon God. She decides she needs to examine Tituba directly. Ritsuka asks about contacting Chaldea first, but Medea replies there is currently only a fifty-fifty chance of it working. The group agrees to focus on contacting Chaldea, given the circumstances. Ritsuka, Mash, Medea, and Sanson decide to visit Hopkins, while the others investigate the Whateley estate.[28]

That night at town hall, Robin, Mata Hari, and Nezha learn from the others that Hopkins wants them to perform a play to clear their names. But instead of performing his requested play about Jeanne d’Arc's execution, they perform a play that Andersen wrote about Jeanne and her other-selves.[28]

Afterward, Ritsuka, Mash, Robin, and Carter get Medea out of her cell. They find Tituba is missing; she and others were moved and sentenced an hour ago. The group rushes to the gallows to find Tituba, and the others have long been dead. Mata Hari realizes Hopkins had the accused hanged while they were performing. Hopkins permits the group to be jurors while they’re in Salem.[28]

At Carter’s home, Medea explains why they can’t contact Chaldea and why the Servants have been falsely incarnated. Robin demands she reveal her true identity. He, Mata Hari, and Sanson have suspected her for some time. Robin requests Ritsuka to use a Command Spell on her to see if she is a Chaldean Servant. However, Carter and Abigail return from burying Tituba. Robin and Nezha then sense something outside approaching from a distance. While Mash, Medea, and Carter stay, the others go outside.[28]

The group finds that the executed have risen from the dead. Strangely enough, when slain, the dead villagers display consciousness before disintegrating. The group heads back to the house after hearing gunshots from there. They find the risen Tituba and destroy her. Afterward, they notice Absalom Whateley, and meet Circe.[28]

After explaining her circumstances, Circe revealed Tituba is a Servant, though Titbuba isn’t her True Name. Not wanting her true identity revealed before, Circe confessed she was jamming comms with Chaldea rather than trying to fix them. She stopped jamming after learning Salem is cut off from everywhere. She then forges a temporary contract with Ritsuka.[29]

The next day, the Reverend requests the group to put on a play for the children. Robin is perturbed at him as his testimony was influential in getting Tituba hanged. He and Sanson then get into an argument about the Reverend’s mistakes in protecting Salem. After Nezha leaves, the group discusses the ghouls that attacked last night. Robin wonders why Carter, an ex-military Oriental Studies professor, would even know about them. Later that evening, the group (except Sanson) performs a play for the children.[29]

Afterward, at Carter’s home, they learn from Sanson that Lavinia‘s father and grandfather, Absalom, were hanged. Robin is angry that Sanson didn’t stop it since he had rebuilt the gallows destroyed by the storm. Sanson answers he couldn’t, as the accused were hanged when he finished rebuilding the gallows. He suspects it was a warning from Hopkins not to interfere. Ghouls then attack the village, but they’re coming from the graveyard this time. The group split up to deal with them.[29]

The next day, Robin secretly follows Mash and Abigail. After they finished shopping, Carter confronted them while passing by the town hall. Mash goes with him to fetch a judge or reinforcements in hopes of finding a way out of Salem, even though she should know there is no way in or out. Robin followed the two as they rode to the village outskirts, but that was when he lost them. He tried to search for them, but the forest acts like a Bounded Field that sent him back to the outskirts when he went deeper in. After finding a long-dead man and woman, he goes to retrieve Ritsuka.[30]

Taking them to the outskirts, he explains what happened. Ritsuka tells him that comms with Chaldea has been restored. Robin assumes Mash escaped but wonders why the Chaldean agents watching the perimeter didn’t report it. He then shows Ritsuka the corpses and examines them to determine their causes of death. Given their location, Robin suspects their deaths are related to Salem’s Bounded Field. He decides to continue searching for Mash after first returning Ritsuka to town so they can inform everyone. But he agrees to return with Ritsuka, and promises not to go off on his own.[30]

They return to Carter’s house and tell Circe and Nezha what had transpired. However, Abigail tells everyone that Mata Hari has been accused of witchcraft.[30]

At the town hall, Mata Hari is tried and sentenced to hang. As Mata Hari’s sentence is being prepared, Robin agrees with Ritsuka they need to rescue her. However, Circe says they’re going to let her be executed without explaining. Before Mata Hari is hanged, Robin lip-reads her, telling them to trust Circe. After she is hanged, they discover rioters have set fire to Carter’s house. Ghouls are also attacking again. While fighting the ghouls, Robin retrieves Mata Hari’s body at Circe’s request. Nezha goes to save Abigail. Becoming overwhelmed by the ghouls, Ritsuka orders a retreat. Sanson, however, stays behind to defend the villagers.[30]

In the forest, Ritsuka, Robin, and Circe rendezvous with Nezha and Abigail. The group prepares to fight the ghouls that followed Nezha when Tituba arrives to help. Ritsuka forms a temporary contract with her. Slaying the ghouls, she introduces herself as the Queen of Sheba. The group then enters her campsite, where they find Mash. Mata Hari is revealed to be alive. She and Circe explain how they faked her death. Circe also explains there is a will that controls the Witch Trials. If Mata Hari left without atoning for her sin or facing justice, it’s assumed the others wouldn’t have reunited with Mash.[30]

Mash reveals time in Salem is speeding up, a phenomenon that’s only observable within the Bounded Field. This distortion in the time stream near Salem’s perimeter is why Robin lost track of Mash and Carter. Sheba saved Mash from a pack of ghouls when she got lost after getting separated from Carter. Sheba reveals someone summoned her, but she became trapped in Salem and forced into the role of Tituba. She then explains how she can stay materialized after being destroyed as a ghoul. Circe realizes communications with Chaldea were restored once Tituba died.[31]

Later, everyone splits up, with Sheba and Mata Hari staying in camp since they’re supposed to be dead. Ritsuka’s group soon runs into Sanson confronting Hopkin’s men, who block him from seeing Hopkins. He then leaves, refusing to join the others or share what he learned. The group then investigates the tavern after its owner warned the sailors there are out of control. There, Circe performs a short play on herself and Medea for the sailors.[31]

At the camp, Mash reveals most of the villager’s names, including Carter’s, aren’t on the list of Salem residents. The group realizes they need to monitor Abigail due to her connections to the Witch Trials. Nezha then senses evil in the village, so the group rush over there. The sailors help them deal with the ghosts and demons, but they’re still outnumbered. Carter helps Hopkins’ men destroy the monsters with sliver bullets. After the monsters are destroyed, Carter invites the group to stay at a vacant house. He then leaves to get Abigail.[31]

Robin gives Ritsuka a message from Mata Hari that more were hanged. He also tells Ritsuka her suggestion of assassinating Carter as a possible way to get out of Salem. He deduces the more killing there is in Salem, the stronger the Demon God becomes.[32]

Later, the group search for Abigail. They find her in the forest, along with Lavinia, Sanson, and a dead Hopkins. Sansons takes the blames for Hopkin’s murder after Lavinia flees the scene. The group then return to the house with Abigail as she comes down with a fever.[32]

On a pitch-black morning, the group watches Sanson’s trial. Admitting to the charges, Sanson is sentenced to hang. Ritsuka tries to use a Command Spell to save him. Robin stops them, however, having realized Sanson is sacrificing himself so they aren't implicated. Abigail confesses she conducted dark rituals in the woods that she directed the other girls in. Nezha protects her from the villagers’ stoning. However, Abigail suddenly transforms into a true witch, forcing the group to stop her. She returns to normal and falls unconscious. She, Circe, and Ritsuka are then taken into custody.[33]

Robin and Mash later learn from Circe, through Nezha, that Carter is the Demon God, and he wishes to “save mankind”. The two eventually find Lavinia in the woods. She reveals the Demon God brought her and her family into Salem to summon Sut-Typhon, knowing it is their greatest wish. She also reveals there were other guests before her and her family.[33] Robin then watches Ritsuka in their cell for the remainder of the night, so they aren't executed early.[34]

Later at the town hall, Ritsuka and Circe’s trial begins. There are also non-hostile ghouls, and the villagers aren’t bothered. Preventing Abigail from disrupting the proceedings, Carter reveals how he recreated the Singularity several times. He also explains Abigail’s involvement in each recreation, and the circumstances of Sheba’s summoning. Lavinia soon enters and splashes Carter with the Powder of Ibn-Ghazi, designed to make spirits materialize. Carter‘s head then transforms into that of a raven. This disables the town hall’s bounded field, allowing Sheba to enter in her true form. She reveals the Demon God is Raum. The villagers then turn into ghouls, having been so the entire time. Raum reveals Abigail summoned those who participated in the Witch Trials into Salem. Abigail transforms upon seeing Sheba. As the group holds Abigail off, Lavinia reveals Sut-Typhon is about to descend. Raum transforms into his true self. Due to Sut-Typhon’s impending descension, Salem’s Bounded Field rapidly dissipates, and magical energy is being rapidly consumed across the continent, primarily in heavily populated areas. As the phenomena threatens the basis of magecraft, Chaldea will seal Salem from the outside with multiple bounded fields. If the group cannot resolve the situation with the limited time they have, Chaldea will destroy everything there. The group then fights and defeats Raum.[34]

Raum slain by Robin's bolt

Raum transforms back into his raven-headed Carter self. His head tears itself off, transforming into a full raven. He mortally wounds Lavinia, and Robin fatally shoots him. He warns dimensional gates are already open everywhere. Abigail then crushes him under her heel. With the last of her humanity gone, Sut-Typhon possesses Abigail. The group fights her to stop her plan to connect everyone to each other and to her so she can bring eternal pain to them. Sheba reveals Abigail is a Servant, albeit one who controls Salem’s magical energy. Abigail then breaks through the bounded fields that were keeping her from the rest of the world, effectively giving her an unlimited source of magical energy. The Queen of Sheba realizes Abigail isn’t using the gates to their fullest potential, as she isn’t to fully fused with Sut-Typhon. She and Circe then create a barrier inside the town hall, dispelling the spell that weakened the group. With their full power restored, they fight Abigail again. Her defeat disconnects Abigail from Sut-Typhon. She shares some words with Lavinia before the latter dies.[34]

The next day, the group helps Abigail bury Lavinia. The Mist surrounding Salem is also dissipating. Mata Hari deduces Raum used Abigail as the core of his fake Salem. The Queen of Sheba reveals the people of modern Salem are weakened, but they’ll return to normal once they cross the Mist. Circe reveals Abigail will disappear with the fake Salem as she is a Pseudo-Servant created within it. Carter then appears, though he introduces himself as the “Gentleman Who Travels Through Time and Space“. He explains his circumstances and reveals he came to Salem because of Abigail. The fake Salem then begins to crumble, so the group head to the town center where they’ll have more time.[35]

There the Gentleman tells Abigail she is a living Sliver Key; she can open gates across space and time, and travel between them freely. He offers to seal her powers away, erase some of her memories, and take her to any period she desires. He also offers to let her come with him, and travel across space and time. After much consideration, Abigail chooses to travel with him. After they leave, Circe and Sheba disappear. The group then returns to Chaldea.[35]

There Robin has breakfast with Medea and Sanson, who was resummoned with all of his memories prior to rayshifting to Salem.[35]

Summer Event: Servant Summer Festival![]

Ritsuka’s party is given the mission of investigate the Foreigner SHEBA detected in Hawaii. But since it isn’t a Singularity, they can’t rayshift and they can’t use Chaldea’s own transport as that would get the organization in trouble with the Mage’s Association. Therefore, they will have to fly commercially. But Jeanne Alter refuses to go in spirit form, insisting that everyone will ride as regular passengers. Da Vinci eventually concedes, saying she'll think of a way to conceal the Servants' outfits. She warns them, however, to behave themselves during the flight, or she will immediately hypnotize everyone on the plane, force them into the spirit forms, and make it impossible to turn back until they reach Hawaii. After everyone agrees to behave, Ritsuka’s party board their flight.

They eventually arrive at their destination, but the situation turns strange when BB turns Hawaii into a Singularity, combining the islands into one she dubs the Luluhawa Singularity. After killing a large and monstrous chicken, the group meet Blackbeard. He explains he is in Hawaii for ServantFes, a regular get-together for Chaldean and non-Chaldean Servants, which officially starts in six days. He also tells them that the Servants have agreed that there will be no “real combat” until ServantFes is over, despite the potential danger of a Foreigner being present. BB is this year’s manager of ServantFes and she admits she turned Hawaii into a Singulaitry so the convention can be bigger than ever and the Servants can cut loose without worrying about the Concealment of Mysteries. Once ServantFes is over, the Singularity will be dissolved and the islands will return to normal. She then shocks Ritsuka’s party by saying the most popular doujin club will be rewarded with a Holy Grail. Hearing Jeanne's club won last year's ServantFes, Jeanne Alter forms the group into their own club, calling it Gespenst Ketzer. BB registers their club. Robin refuses to take part, but BB casts a spell on him that will turn him into a pig if their club doesn’t do well. It also gives swimsuit and makes certain he doesn’t forget the consequences if their doujin doesn’t do well. BB makes him the club manager and leaves. As they know nothing about drawing doujin, Blackbeard decides to provide them with tips, but only if they defeat him first. After they do so, he directs them to the Shelton hotel where he reserved a suite.

Ritsuka’s party arrives at the Shelton and gets their room keys. They check into their room, where they see a mysterious object crash-land. Realizing it’s the Foreigner, they head for Waikiki Street.

There they see BB trying to fight the Foreigner, but she can’t defeat her since she is using all her powers keeping the tourists safe. The group takes over for her and force the Foreigner to retreat. She flies away, promising to destroy ServantFes. After BB leaves, Robin suggests they simply make a photo book for ServantFes. Jeanne Alter gets mad at him for thinking they can win that way. Robin replies that creative endeavors start small and advises they hone their skills and find inspiration in Luluhawa, all the while continuing their investigation. Jeanne Alter says they’ll purchase art supplies once they have the money to, then go look for stuff they want to draw.

The next evening, Jeanne Alter tells the others that she tried making an appointment with the printer, but the owner wasn’t there. Ushiwakamaru sees a portly man a in aloha shirt and wonders if he’s the owner of the printer. It quickly becomes apparent, though, that he is not. Everyone then returns to the hotel for dinner and to discuss story ideas.

Tomorrow afternoon, Ritsuka, Mash, Robin, and Ushiwakamaru go to the beach to take photos. There they meet Jeanne, who offers to give them swimming lessons, but they decline since they only came to get reference material. Mash almost lets slip that Jeanne Alter is making a book, but Robin covers her mouth and reminds that Jeanne Alter wants to keep that a secret for now. Medb then shows up and informs the group that she’ll be releasing a photo book of herself for ServantFes. Robin questions why she would go with a photo book but internally realizes that she is a major competitor. When Medb and Ushiwakamaru’s arguing is about to turn into a fight, Ritsuka has Robin hold Ushiwakamaru back. But then Medb orders her men to remove the group from the beach. She and Ushiwakamaru then fight, which Jeanne joins in on. The others soon stop the fight and Medb leaves, followed by Jeanne. Amazed that they met two majors club representatives purely by accident, Robin realizes their own club has their work cut for them between Jeanne’s production talent and Medb’s unorthodox approach.

Later at night, the group continue working on their doujin in their hotel room. Robin finds Jeanne Alter’s drawings surprisingly readable, feeling as if she was already a fan of manga. Jeanne Alter confesses she’s been a fan for a while, adding that they were helpful for learning to read and write. It was only recently she started trying to understand how they work.

The next night, the group gets ready to go to a japanese restaurant for which they have a reservation at 7. Jeanne Alter is surprised it’s dinnertime already and says she isn’t halfway done. But she agrees with Robin to take a break, especially since she’s been redrawing the same spread for the last hour. On their way to the restaurant, the group run into Blackbeard on the way and he tries to con them out of 150 Gil Bucks after taking a group photo with them. Robin advises Mash to remember to always first look at whomever is offering to photograph her, saying some will try to scam unsuspecting tourists. Jeanne Alter threatens Blackbeard by drawing one of her katanas, so he gives up and apologizes. He is then suddenly blasted to the beach by the Foreigner, who is at the intersection about a hundred meters away.

Ritsuka’s party confront her, and she attacks them in a rage upon hearing BB call her an evil Foreigner. Thanks to her armor, she is unfazed by their attacks and she introduces herself as Foreigner Hunter XX. In response, BB installs Pele’s Divine Core and helps Ritsuka’s party force XX into retreating. Afterward, she explains she met Pele a month ago and copied her Divine Core. It was through Pele’s Authority that she made Luluhawa. She then leaves to repair some buildings, reminding the group that there’s only two days left until ServantFes. The group has dinner before returning to the hotel.

With six hours before ServantFes begins, Ritsuka’s party has only completed half of their doujin. As their manager, Robin advises sending what they have done to the printer and using the photocopies since they won’t finish in time. Everyone agrees, but Jeanne Alter asks Robin if he isn’t afraid of being turned into a pig because of BB’s spell. Robin isn’t afraid, believing photocopies will be good enough. However, even though they’re switching to photocopies, the group still need to turn them into book, which will take about three hours. They, therefore, decide to continue working until daybreak.

Ritsuka’s party arrives at the convention center an hour before ServantFes starts, having managed to make fifty photocopies. XX then suddenly attacks the convention centers five minutes before the convention starts. Ritsuka’s party fights her aided by Leonidas. Getting tired and hungry, XX decides to destroy the convention center by detonating her armor. Hassan of the Cursed Arm then arrives, having heard the commotion. After learning XX is going to self-destruct, he immediately takes her a safe distance away from the center. He survives the explosion, though, thanks to his Protect against Wind Skill. With one minute until opening, everyone gets ready.

ServantFes soon concludes. Jeanne Alter notes how people seemed to like their book, though there is still a copy left. But with the Foreigner defeated and ServantFes over, she expects the Singularity will dissolve soon enough and they’ll all return home tomorrow.

The next morning, however, the group finds themselves at the airport, not the hotel. BB has sent them back to their first day, and she now wants them to become of the best seller of their own complete professionally printed book. She has changed the rules because she disliked the idea of Medb, who was the best seller, using the Grail for selfish reasons. Jeanne Alter doesn’t believe her claims that she wants the Grail to be used for good and demands to know the real reason. BB reveals XX was the one that defeated Pele and made her lose her power. Taking the practically dead goddess into herself, BB devised a plan to forge a Grail forged from the passion of ServantFes attendees and have a good-hearted person use it to wish for peace for Hawaii, thus restoring Pele. She wanted Ritsuka to be that person, but everyone neglected their bookmaking duties, so Medb became the best seller. She then tells the group to use the Grail at Kilauea once they win it and wish for world peace. The energy of said wish would then restore Hawaii’s leyline and Pele both. She then leaves, saying she’ll await the group at the Mauna Kea Observatories on the seventh night.

After BB leaves, the group notices Ibaraki isn’t with them, even though they were sent back to the first day. Ushiwakamaru suspects it’s because she wasn’t part of their club. Regardless, Jeanne Alter sees the time loop as an opportunity for them to make the best doujin ever. She then gets Blackbeard to give them his hotel suite and asks why he chose the Shelton. Blackbeard tells the group to visit their neighbor after they check in, suspecting that Osakabehime will be a big help to them.

Immediately after checking into their room, Rituska’s party goes to Osakabehime’s room and asks for her help. Seeing that Jeanne Alter is dedicated, Osakabehime agrees to let her borrow her art tools and to teach her the basics. She then moves her things into the group’s room. It soon becomes time for XX’s first attack, so the group go drive her away.

Later that night, Robin informs everyone that Ibaraki is on a rampage. After Ibaraki flees following their battle, Ushiwakamaru proposes enlisting Minamoto-no-Raikou’s expertise to help with the oni. Robin and Mash are worried that may cause more trouble, though.

The next morning, Jeanne Alter decides they should take a break now that their doujin is halfway done. Jeanne joins them for breakfast and tells them about the other doujin clubs.

That evening, Ritsuka’s party heads for the printer when Jeanne Alter remembers they couldn’t find the owner last time. Deciding to ask the other Servants, they soon run into Astolfo and ask him. He doesn’t know, but he recalls a big-shot that is likely a company owner. He says he is at the hotel during this time and the hotel’s owner.

Returning to the hotel, Jeanne Alter immediately asks the manager, Henry Jekyll, if the owner is in. He tells her that the owner is at the beach, so the group immediately rushes over there. The owner turns out to be Gilgamesh, though he lost his memory because of reasons and now calls himself Gorgeous P. Jeanne Alter asks if he owns the printer. Queen of Sheba confirms he does and says their company offers printing five minutes before the convention starts and even after it has already started. They do so by sending the printer into Imaginary Number Space, inverting cause and effect so printing is finished when a customer finishes their final draft. But Gilgamesh wants the group to show their resolve in battle to see if it’s worth printing their work. He sees they are determined and permits them the usage of his printer.

The next morning, Jeanne Alter struggles to put her ideas to paper and allows the others to take a break. She wants them to take pictures of girls in swimsuits, though, but not Jeanne, since they have the same build. Mash asks her what girl does she want a picture of, to which Jeanne Alter gives a description that matches Medb. Ritsuka, Mash, Robin, and Ushiwakamaru then head for the beach.

Medb immediately denies their request to take pictures of her. She calls them weak and pathetic, and is mad that they stand out more than her. It makes her want to squish them like bugs, especially Ushiwakamaru. Ritsuka tries to stop Medb and Ushiwakamaru from fighting when XX arrives. However, to her and Medb’s surprise, the photographers who once surrounded Medb start taking pictures of XX, amusing Ushiwakamaru and upsetting the Celtic queen. The photographers soon flee in response to Medb’s anger. Medb then helps the others force XX to retreat. After XX is gone and Medb leaves, the group return to the hotel.

Starting his morning off early, Robin delivers refreshments for the others and wakes Ritsuka up. Afterward, he secretly checks on the other clubs. But after he’s finished, BB traps him in the hallway of the 20th floor and tells him to get her pancakes. Later, during his lunchtime, Robin encounters Circe, and remembering she specializes in turning people into pigs, asks her for a favor.

When he returns to the hotel, Jeanne Alter sends him and the others out to pick a fight and get her combat reference material. Going out to Waikiki Street, Robin immediately challenges someone to take his head. Several Servants answer his challenge, but he asks them to cut it down to three. Through Rock, Paper, and Scissors, Scáthach, Yagyuu Munenori, and Jing Ke end up being those three. Beowulf soon stops the fight, for which Robin is thankful to him. Unfortunately for Robin, Beowulf says he’ll pay for everyone’s drinks tonight to repay the favor.

With two days before ServantFes, Ritsuka’s party is nearly finished with their doujin. They try to continue working when they get a call from Jekyll, who asks them to drive XX away from Main Street. The group drives her away, followed by destroying a replica of Twrch Trwyth. BB reminds them they have two days left and leaves to repair the buildings. The group then return to the hotel.

Ritsuka, Mash, Robin, and Ushiwakamaru go to the beach while Jeanne Alter takes a nap. There they see Medb had set up a beauty contest for herself. Medb boasts her photo book will sell more than anything and denies she is using her contest to garner attention and gain an advantage at ServantFes. She then challenges Ushiwakamaru to beat her in her contest, which Ushiwakamaru accepts despite the others’ objections. After she does her performance, other swimsuit Servants arrive to take part in Medb’s contest; Mash also takes part after it was announced Medb wanted her to. Medb, however, puts herself back in the contest as a last-minute entrant three times, using her regular outfit, warden outfit, and swimsuit, and gets perfect scores across the board. She denies that she cheated, saying she never said contestants couldn’t enter multiple times. She then leaves the group with a condescending compliment that they may sell a tenth of what she’ll sell. Afterward, Ritsuka’s party return to the hotel and wake Jeanne Alter up with Jeanne’s help.

Later that night, Ritsuka's party finish their doujin and get the final draft to the printer. The next day, Medb wins ServantFes, so the group will have to go through another loop.

On the day of another loop, Jeanne Alter, understanding they all have their suspicions about BB, decides they should ask the other Servants to determine if BB is telling the truth or not while continuing to work on their doujin. Later that night, the group make tremendous progress on the story, even though it’s only the third day. Jeanne Alter thinks it could still be improved, so Robin suggests recruiting more assistants.

The next night, Ritsuka’s party follows the sound of Edmond Dantès’ laughter and finds him fighting Ibaraki. After they help him drive her away, he correctly presumes they want to ask him about BB and reveals he knows about the time loop. After hearing what BB’s supposed goal is, he suspects she sicced Ibaraki on him. He then asks Robin to lend him his cloak so he may follow BB, knowing Robin can’t do it. After he gets it, he leaves to investigate Luluhawa.

During a cookout, Robin entices Ibaraki to join everyone else. Later, with one day left before ServantFes, Ritsuka’s party prepares to sabotage Medb’s popularity so she doesn’t make the most sales per El-Melloi II’s plan. Yan Qing, having disguised himself as Medb, changed the queen’s contest from a beauty contest to a beach volleyball match. Medb soon arrives, annoyed that James Moriarty bribed her sponsors, and summons Cú Chulainn, who was handcrafting elsewhere, for the volleyball match. She loses and leaves after Cú Chulainn does. Ritsuka’s party believe the loss greatly reduced her popularity, so now it’s all up to their doujin to win ServantFes.

XX attacks the convention center five minutes before the convention starts. With the help of Ibaraki, Ritsuka’s party defeat her and break off her armor. To their shock (expect Ibaraki who’s oblivious), she looks like Mysterious Heroine X. Refusing to say anything beyond saying her targets are other Foreigners, XX, calling herself Heroine XX, redons her armor and flies off. Ritsuka’s party still didn’t become the best seller so they go through another loop.

Ritsuka’s party repeats what they did on the first day of the second loop, but this time they have Ibaraki to help. They rush to Waikiki Street, intending to speak with XX before BB shows up, and end up saving Oei. XX confesses her primary order is to eliminate the Foreigners, followed by ServantFes and the Singularity. The group defeat her in battle and she reveals she is also caught in the time loop. But she refuses to talk with them further, believing they’re on BB’s side, and leaves. BB then arrives, surprise to see XX gone and Oei still alive. She tries to ask the group for a favor, but they rush back to the hotel when Mash gets a message saying the final draft is in trouble.

Getting back to their room, they find Edmond there and he confesses he sent the message as a way of warning them without alerting BB. He tells them that XX is the key to unraveling the Singularity’s mysteries, so they must bargain with her and get her on their side. The group goes out and convinces Oda Nobunaga to talk with XX when she next attacks.

Later, they help Oei and Abigail fight Medb off so their club space isn’t stolen by her if they lost. Afterward, Jeanne Alter asks Oei to give her art lessons. Oei, wishing to repay the group, agrees to teach Jeanne Alter.

Afterward, Ritsuka’s party waits with Nobunaga for XX to arrive so they can negotiate with her. XX soon arrives, and she lets slip that her hideout is in Kileau, making Jeanne Alter wonder if she took it after defeating Pele. XX takes a combat stance, so Nobunaga tries to talking to her. But she ends up angering her by saying she’s upset that she doesn’t have a swimsuit and by calling her armor cosplay. XX fully removes her armor and reveals she’s been wearing swimsuit the whole time. In her tirade about having to work while everyone else is on vacation, she let sslip that she was sent to Hawaii in response to an No. 3 Outer God reading. Ritsuka’s party then defeats her and she leaves warning that she will use her Anti-Planet Noble Phantasm to destroy Luluhawa on the morning of the seventh day. After she’s gone, Nobunaga suggests getting XX getting a new job.

That night, joined by Nobunaga and Edmond, the group find XX camped out at Kileau. XX tries to kill them for seeing her living in far less than ideal conditions. Soon she removes a set of her armor and begins charging her Noble Phantasm. But right before she launches it, Nobunaga tells her she’s hired and says they’re trying to poach. She then has Ritsuka hand XX their working conditions agreement, knowing that she hates her current job. XX finds the conditions very agreeable and “accidentally” destroys the antenna she uses to communicate with Galatic Police HQ. Glad to be part of Chaldea now, she leaves to enjoy her paid vacation, saying she’ll answer questions tomorrow. After she’s gone, Jeanne Alter asks Edmond to check on Kileau regularly.

With one night before ServantFes, Ritsuka invites Jeanne, Osakabehime, and Oei to the help complete Jeanne Alter’s story in time. As everyone works on the story, Robin offers some energy drinks said to replenish Servants’ magical energy. Jeanne Alter takes a swig of one, but it’s so disgusting that she has to barf over the balcony. Robin recalls Elizabeth said it was a famous elixir but then realizes she made it herself. Unfortunately, with the end so close, Oei accidentally deletes all the data. But fortunately, Robin has been backing up the data every 15 minutes. Everyone then crunches until morning and successfully completes the story. Robin copied it to multiple USBs and tells everyone to take one.

Ritsuka and Jeanne Alter successfully get the story printed and it becomes the best seller in ServantFes. After they're awarded the Grail by Gilgamesh, Edmond informs Ritsuka's party that BB was never at Kileau like Jeanne Alter suspected. Jeanne Alter tells everyone that they’re going to the Mauna Kea Observatories, saying Pele awaits at the sight of the final battle.

On the seventh night, Ritsuka’s party comes to Mauna Kea. Jeanne Alter says it doesn’t make sense for BB to tell them to meet her here, because Pele hated it more than anything. Stranger still is that they came to Hawaii because they detected a Foreigner, but XX didn’t arrive until after they checked into the Shelton. XX is therefore not the Foreigner they’re looking for. Then, when Mash realizes the reason that they couldn’t contact Chaldea’s Hawaiian branch wasn’t because of the Singularity, BB reveals it’s because the office disappeared into Imaginary Number Space. It was on Mauna Kea, but BB sent it and the other observatories into Imaginary Number Space. Changing her appearance and that of the environment, BB asks Ritsuka why they didn’t use the Grail like she expected. Ritsuka makes it clear they don’t trust her. BB explains that while laying the groundwork for ServantFes with Pele last month, she visited Chaldea’s Hawaiian branch and looked through their telescope. Through it, she locked eyes with an Outer God and synchronized with it. Chaldea’s Hawaiian branch caught on, so she sent all facilities on the mountain into Imaginary Number Space to erase the evidence. She confirms she is the Foreigner Chaldea detected and reveals reserving time is the Outer God’s Authority. She was also the one who gave Gilgamesh amnesia. Her class isn't designated Foreigner, though, because she only synced with the Outer God, but never merged with it. Calling herself both Foreigner and MoonCancer, BB decides she’ll send everyone back to the first day without their memories intact. She also reveals using the Grail would make the Singularity disappear, along with the rest of the planet. It makes the opposite effect of whatever is wished upon it. After declaring she doesn’t want humanity destroyed since they’re her toys, she tries to turn Robin into a pig, but he counters it with a spell Circe taught him. XX then arrives and helps Ritsuka’s party fights BB.

She proves too powerful for them and nearly consumes them all, but XX stops her and uses her Noble Phantasm to confiscate the Outer God’s Authority, returning BB to her normal self. Gilgamesh shows up and proclaims that ServantFes will be extended by one day. He tells everyone to celebrate, considering it a wrap up party that he will have Sheba pay for. XX then takes BB into custody, promising they’ll both be back for tomorrow night’s party. Ritsuka’s party notice that BB dropped copies of the books they made throughout the loops. But Jeanne Alter sees the two of them are identical, with one being the one they made for the current loop. While she recover from the paradoxical truth about her story, everyone else goes on to celebrate.

Summer vacation soon ends, and Ritsuka’s party return to the airport. Chaldea’s Hawaiian branch and the Mauna Kea observatories have returned from Imaginary Number Space. The group tries to board their return flight when BB shows up and reveals she shut down all flights permanently. She needs their help to dislodge Pele’s Spirit Origin from hers, which even the Grail is incapable of doing, so she can get rid of her tan before she returns to Chladea. To convince them, she says the Singularity won’t disappear until she weakens Pele’s power over her. After Ritsuka’s party agrees to help, she tells them she created clones of herself and spread them around Luluhawa for them to eliminate. Once all four are gone, she should return to normal. Ritsuka’s party eventually succeeds and BB loses her tan. She awards them with another Grail and promises the Singularity will resolve and Luluhawa will return to being the Hawaiian Islands. Everyone then bids farewell to Luluhawa.


Hunter of the Forest[]

Robin takes Ritsuka and Mash hunting after purchasing the required items. Eventually, Robin's traps catch enemy soldiers that were going to attack the town. Then, after defeating them, It is revealed that Robin had been secretly protecting the town, though he says that he only protected it because it was a nice place. Robin claims he was scoundrel whose heroic deeds were mere coincidence, and takes a nap in the forest.


Like his Archer class, he uses archery as his main weapon. The crossbow attached to his arm is his Noble Phantasm and weapon-of-choice Yew Bow. Due to his history, Archer is unsuited for close range dual. Like the original Robin Hood, he possesses Protection of the Spirits and holds the knowledge of a Druid.[6]

Robin is an expert in the use of traps and poisons. He also specializes in Guerrilla warfare(WP) in forest-like environments. These two talents come together during the game when he creates a Yew tree and it creates a bounded field that constantly spews Taxine(WP) poison, forcing the player to destroy it to cleanse the area. The fact this Archer is versed in the poisons of the natural realm is a proof that he is an excellent "defender of the forest". Archer employs it to shoot poisonous arrows. Once the opponent is poisoned, the crossbow's power Holy Bow of Supplication (祈りの弓, Inori no Yumi?, lit. "Bow of Prayer") can be activated to stack multiple times onto the poison to drastically enhance the poisons effect.[6]

Although he is more suited in long range combat, Robin is shown capable of using daggers to counter Nero's close range attacks in the Sound Drama and manga.


Class Skills[]

  • Independent Action (A Rank): The ability to act independently for a period even if magic energy supply from the Master is severed. At A rank, even if he loses his Master he is able to stay materialized for a period of 1 week.[2][6] He displays the full potential of this skill when BB started to delete him and he is even able to fight Hakuno's servant in his state.

Personal Skills[]

  • Subversive Activities (A Rank): The ability to reduce enemy's war potential in the preliminary stage before going to battle. An expert of traps. With this skill at A rank, it is possible to disable close to 60 percent of the enemy forces before they advance.[2][3][6]
  • Golden Rule (E Rank): Indicating the fate of how much wealth follows him around in life. He himself was constantly poor, but he seemed to never really have it bad financially. Maybe it was due to him being thorough in self restraint, or maybe he was simply good at managing his expenses. Or maybe because he was receiving tributes from a girl in town…. The truth is laid within the deep forest.[2]

Noble Phantasms[]

Robin Hood's Noble Phantasms are Yew Bow and No Face May King.


Archer has 6,317 HP, and his in-game skills are:

  • Wall of Thorns (茂みの棘, Shigemi no Toge?) - Archer crouches down to the ground and place himself to gather thorns elements. He punches the ground and the enemy is inflicted with magic damage.
  • Poisoned Arrow (矢尻の毒, Yajiri no Doku?) - It inflicts physical damage and poison on an enemy. As he fires the arrow, the arrow is highlighted in magenta color. He will use this skill on the 2nd move.
  • The Faceless King (顔のない王, Kao no nai Ō?) is a title for a transparent king who, according to the Celtic custom, appears in the May Festival (May Day)(WP) that takes over from the Beltane Festival(WP). A person of the forest. A personification of nature that added brown accents to his green clothing so that his figure is not seen and completely blend in with his surroundings. In the game, Archer has a technique with this name which ATTACK, GUARD and BREAK will always be countered by the appropriate move. The effect would only last for 1 turn.
  • One drop of a Viper (毒蛇の一滴(どくじゃのいってき), Dokuha no Itteki?) - It inflicts physical damage and paralysis status.


Creation and Conception[]

Takeuchi Takashi was responsible for Robin's design; his first plan was to make Robin like a ranger with the basic color of green.

Takeuchi explained that Robin is a bit like a comic actor or maybe an army man who has an injured face, but he doesn't have to explain too much because of the number of characters in the game. The character at first sight looks delicate, but in case of emergency, he can actually be pretty strong. This style is very common from Fist of the North Star(WP). He’s a disparage but he is not base. That balance is important.

While designing Archer, Takeuchi noted that his appearance is a balance between looking delicate at first but proving to be quite strong in emergency situations. Furthermore, the design is "unorthodox but strongly fantasy." While Robin's initial design followed the concept of a soldier, his final design is closer to that of a ranger or woodkeeper.[36]

Kinoko Nasu is the scenario writer for Robin Hood in Fate/Grand Order.[2]



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    • Master: Dan Blackmore
    • Identity: Robin Hood
    • Gender: Male
    • Height, Weight: 175cm/65kg
    • Alignment:Neutral Good
    • Strength: C
    • Endurance: C
    • Agility: B
    • Mana: B
    • Luck: B
    • Noble Phantasm: D

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: D
    Independent Action: A

    Personal skills
    Subversive Activities: A

    Noble Phantasm
    Yew Bow: The Bow of Prayer
    Rank: D
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 4 ~ 10
    Maximum number of targets: 1 Person


    • マスター:ダン・ブラックモア
    • 真名:ロビンフッド
    • 性別:男性
    • 身長・体重:175cm/65kg
    • 属性:中庸・善
    • 筋力:C
    • 耐久:C
    • 敏捷:C
    • 魔力:B
    • 幸運:B
    • 宝具:D






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    Illustrator and Voice actor
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    Strength: C
    Endurance: C
    Agility: B
    Mana: B
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: D

    Personal Skills
    Subversive Activities: A
    Golden Rule: E

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: D
    Independent Action: A
    Noble Phantasm
    Yew Bow: The Bow of Prayer
    Rank: D
    Type: Anti-Unit

    A faceless, nameless chivalrous thief.
    Just as he himself has said, this young man is nothing but one of the many "somebodies" that correspond to Robin Hood. The foundation of the legend came from the chivalrous thief that lurked in the Sherwood forest.
    The original Robin Hood is said to have opposed the tyrant John Lackland, but died of excessive bleeding due a conspiracy from the abbess of the Kirkless Monastery.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 175cm・65kg
    Source: Historical
    Region: England, Sherwood
    Alignment: Neutral Good  Gender: Male
    “Yet something like a Heroic Spirit really doesn't fit my character…”

    Level 2 Bond
    Someone who doesn't choose methods to win, he makes ambushes, surprise attacks and the use of poison arrows his specialty.
    A frivolous and cynical sharp-tongued person, but his nature is virtuous.
    Somewhat bashful, he is a rebellious fellow that behaves with a lack of sincerity in order to conceal his own immaturity that fusses over justice.
    He is on bad terms with EMIYA due the kindred hate that happens between similar people.

    Level 3 Bond

    • Subversive Activities: A

    The talent to chip off the opponent’s military strength during the preparation stages, prior to carrying out combat. An expert of traps. At A Rank, it is possible to incapacitate up to 60% of an enemy army before it has the chance to charge.
    In group battles, a loss of 60% can be described as a great devastation.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Bow of Prayer"
    Rank: D  Type: Anti-Unit
    Yew Bow.
    A bow manufactured from yew wood found in the forest he used as his base while alive.
    The yew is a sacred tree in Celt and Norse cultures, and the act of producing a bow of yew holds a meaning of a ceremony to "become one with the forest".

    Level 5 Bond
    As a Heroic Spirit that makes assassinations and obstructions his specialty, he is also versed in natural poisons. The yew is regarded as a tree that leads to the realm of the dead.
    The Yew Bow has the power to instantly amplify・discharge the impurities (poisons and diseases) stockpiled in the target's stomach.
    If the target is carrying any poison, there is an effect that causes said poison to explode as if gunpowder.

    With a point of view that sulks at the world, yet he essentially likes people.
    If there is a lively lineup, he will suddenly join up at one end and ultimately settle down on a position that is not a friend but neither a stranger.
    Also, because he has at his core a guilty conscience that feels ashamed for the vileness of his own fighting style and way of life, he will never ridicule other's hard work and wasted efforts.

    ロビンフッド - アーチャー



    破壊工作 A
    黄金律 E

    対魔力 D
    単独行動 A



    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを1にすると開放
    属性:中立・善  性別:男性

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを2にすると開放

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを3にすると開放

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを4にすると開放
    ランク:D  種別:対人宝具

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを5にすると開放


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    • Height: 176cm
    • Weight: 65kg
    • Blood type: Unknown
    • Birthday: Unknown
    • Image Color: Grass green
    • Talent: Farming, cooking
    • Likes: Pickup
    • Dislikes: Chivalry, Architectural beams, Stunted Girls
    • Natural enemy: Cas-ko


    • 身長: 175cm
    • 体重: 65kg
    • 血液型: 不明
    • 誕生日: 不明
    • イメージカラー: 草色
    • 特技: 農耕、調理
    • 好きなもの: ナンパ
    • 嫌いなもの: 騎士道、建前、いじけた女
    • 天敵: キャス狐

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    Class: Archer
    Master: Dan Blackmore
    True Name: Robin Hood
    Noble Phantasm: Yew Bow: Holy Bow of Supplication
    Keyword: Sherwood Forest, Faceless King
    Strength: C, Defense: C, Agility: B, Magic: B, Luck: B
    Anti-Magic: D, Independence: A+, Subversion: EX


    01 - Yew Bow: Holy Bow of Supplication
    The wood used to make the yew bow wielded by this Servant was taken from a specific tree located in the forest he used as his base of operations. It has the power to identify and amplify any impurities (both physical and mental), causing them to explode with incredible force.

    Yew trees have many mystical and religious connotations attributed to them by Celtic beliefs, and the act of making bow from the wood of a yew was seen a contract to "become one with the forest." It was also believed the yew trees served as a signpost for the deceased to guide them to the afterlife. It was this connection between the yew and death that caused this Servant to remark that he wanted to be buried where his final arrow fell. To nobody's surprise, it landed at the foot of the yew tree where he first got the wood to make his bow.

    02 - Sherwood Forest
    In the distant past, it was the forest said to be the place where a famous chivalrous thief fought against the tyrant John, Richard the Lionheart's younger brother and ruler in absentia while Richard was away on the Crusades. It is also a forest that, according to Druid beliefs, is where fairies dwell.

    03 - Faceless King
    A king without form who, according to the Celtic tradition, appears in the May Day Festival that follows the Festival of Beltane. He is also seen as a personification of nature who used copious amounts of green and brown in his clothing in order to completely blend in with his surroundings.

    01 - 祈りの弓(イー・バウ)


    02 - シャーウッドの森

    03 - 顔のない王


    Anti-Magic [D]
    Cancels single-action spells.
    It also bestows magical resistance equal to that normally provided by a physical talisman such as an amulet.

    Independence [A+]
    This ability allows him to remain independent by rejecting any kind of support from his Master.
    When this skill reaches rank A, he can remain in the world for a full week, even if his Master were to be defeated.

    Subversion [A]
    This skill allows one to seriously reduce their enemy's might before facing them in battle.
    It is an ability used by those who mastered the art of setting traps.
    Upon achieving an A rank in this skill, one can disable almost 60% of their enemy's forces before they get the chance to advance.
    However, the higher the ranking of this skill, the lower one's reputation as a hero becomes.





    01 - Character Background
    While the origins of the legend of the chivalrous thief who dwelt in the Sherwood Forest are a subject of consent and spirited debate, it is generally acknowledged that there was an actual person who held the name Robin Hood and that he died at the hands of his aunt, the prioress of Kirklees, who is believed to have bleed him to death in his guise of administering aid for his wounds. However, many of the exploits attributed to him are a curious amalgamation of Celtic, Greek, and Druid mythologies.

    One of the persistent of the Robin Hood legends identifies him as a faceless hero who was born from the prayers of the British Isles. Weary of the seemingly endless incursions and invasions of their country, they asked the heavens for someone to fight off the foreign invaders. A concurrent legend pegs Robin Hood as a representation of the "Green Man", a spirit of the woods who would carry out the actions and deeds that the common layperson could not. It was this belief that transformed the name into a title assumed by a number of nameless, faceless heroes who took up the mantle of protecting the people.

    Those who assume the identity of Robin Hood tend to be very conflicted young men. Incredibly virtuous and honorable, yet always working out of the shadows like an assassin or thief , there seems to be slight tinge of cowardice to their makeup. To cover the self-loathing that also seems to be part of every Robin Hood's personality, they all uniformly adopt a somewhat combative and derisive attitude. And though every person to adopt the Robin Hood persona truly values life above all else, they have little appreciations for their own.

    Like the original Robin Hood, he is under the protection of the fairies and is well-versed in the archaic lore of the Druids. And like all "defender of the forest" his knowledge of naturally occurring medicines and poisons is seconds to none.

    02 - "Robin Hood"
    Just one of the many young men to take up the title, this particular incarnation was a virtual outcast, living on the fringes of the village located near the spot where his parents had died. Almost against his will, he was caught up in a battle to repel and attack by a nearby lord's army and successfully led those who fought by his side to victory. As he never identified himself during the course of the fight, he was referred to as the mythical "Green Man" by the villagers he had helped save.

    The only child of a wandering Druid, he was orphaned at a very young age when both of his parents died suddenly. As the son of a Druid, he instinctively knew how to survive in the forest and was able to communicate with the spirits known as fairies. It was this ability that made him an outcast in his village, as the villagers were suspicious of his powers and accused him of being possessed. Although the villagers held no love for him, nor he for them, he felt obligated to help them in any way he could.

    With his successes against the tyranny of the local lords to spur him on and the hopes and wishes of the villagers pinned to his deeds, he took up the bow and mantle and became the latest incarnation of Robin Hood. And like those who came before him, he dresses in clothes of Lincoln green, armed himself with a bow of yew and surrounded his identity and true self for the good of others.

    However, no good deed goes unpunished, and the villagers quickly turned on him in hopes of channeling the anger of the local nobility away from themselves and on to this mysterious rogue who rampaged through the forest, claiming that they had no knowledge of who he was nor did they ever claim to be thankful for his help in preserving the village. Even though the people he vowed to help turned on him, he continued to protect and assist them from the shadows. With every poisoning, every ambush, his reputation as a coward and criminal grew, despite his honorable intentions.

    After two years of almost constant fighting, he was eventually betrayed and assassinated by one of the local lords whose ire he had raised. It was this young man, who fought so that others could lead the quiet life he dreamed of, that joined the ranks of Legendary Souls found worthy in the Holy Grail Wars.

    01 - 人物背景:






    02 - 『ロビンフッド』
















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    Green Archer is a Servant who the protagonist fights in the second round.
    His Master is Dan Blackmore.
    He is a sniper whose body is hidden in a green cloak. In order to avoid confusion with the red-cloaked Archer, he is sometimes called Ryokucha.
    His true name is Robin Hood, Hunter of the Forest.
    It’s important to note that he is not the Robin Hood you know from popular legend. Instead Green Archer is a chivalrous robber based on the original Robin Hood.
    The original Robin Hood was a troublemaking orphan who lived alone on the outskirts of a village. In a twist of fate he became involved in an ordeal with some of the Lord’s soldiers who came around town for tax collection.
    The Lord had recently succeeded as head of the family, and he was taking the opportunity to raise taxes to the point where he was essentially telling the villagers to starve to death.
    The villagers lacked both the desire and the power to go against the Lord.
    So Robin didn’t try to rally the villagers, and instead cast himself as a protector of the forest who would punish any who violated it. He drove off the soldiers using this as his excuse. From then on he kept his identity hidden and continued to fight the Lord. Eventually he became known amongst the villagers as The Green Man.
    Traps, surprise attacks, and foul play formed the core of Robin Hood’s tactics, so as a Servant he generally avoids head on confrontation.
    He tries to lure his prey into the forest, which is his true territory.
    “You could never call my territory a “nice forest.” Complete preparation. An overwhelming network of tricks and traps. A place for the weak to shoot and bring down stronger foe. That’s my Sherwood Forest.”
    His trump card is poison obtained from plants in the forest. Actually both Green Archer and Cas-ko are poison users.

    Robin Hood appears in “The Tale of Robin Hood” and is a chivalrous robber that lurks in Sherwood forest. Depicted as a hero of justice that fights against the Tyrant King John Lackland, he is a character born from a fusion of Greek myths about Orion, Celtic myths about fairies, and Druid beliefs.
    There was a real person after whom he was modeled; however the model is also thought to be the result of a mix of multiple people. From the 16th century onwards he was thought to be someone who lived in the time of King Lionheart.
    His true identity is veiled, however there was certainly someone who he originated from. That someone was a hero who fought not for themselves, but for the benefit of other people. But then, after death, they were destined to be forgotten. (If you look at it from this perspective, both Red and Green Archers share similar personalities.) [TL NOTE: Here personality was expressly written in katakana, but it feels like it should probably be “share a similar fate.”]

    Robin Hood was handsome enough to make any naive village girl fall for him with a single look. That being said, he was very kind and a rather timid man, so not exactly the perfect lady-killer.
    He would often act frivolously to hide his naive fixation on justice. But his creed always puts life over death.
    “Pride or idleness are great and all, but it’s all over if you die, right?”

    It follows that he held the small-minded desire of just wanting something warm and pleasant to be waiting for him after surviving to the end of the conflict. However it stands that he never managed to achieve this.
    To be blunt, he had a childish, ill-tempered perspective of the world. Passing over whatever with a simple “Well I guess that’s the way it is.”
    After being hated by the villagers [for the trouble he caused when he was young] he learned to simply go with the flow, and often told himself, “Don’t meddle too deeply in the affairs of others.” Nevertheless he had a love for people and whenever he saw people having fun he would somehow manage to slip himself into the group. He would end up as someone who was less than a friend, but more than a stranger.
    His main attribute is virtue, so he loathes evil people, but finds no fault with good people (ordinary people). Although he twists the world around him, he would never sneer at the effort of others, however fruitless it may be.
    At the root of his character is his strong sense of shame about his lowly origin.

    Robin Hood is summoned as the Servant Archer, and his has poor compatibility with his Master (Dan). Throughout his lifetime he managed to stay alive by employing surprise attacks, assassination, and destructive traps. He was a so-called “Master of Cowardice.” Therefore Dan’s knightly mentality is something of a hindrance to Robin.
    When it comes to the Holy Grail War, what effect does this incompatibility have on Robin’s smoldering wish (his desire of the Grail)? To find out, please refer to the game contents.
    It must be mentioned that despite being ideologically incompatible with Dan, their personal relationship is rather good. Although Robin can’t follow along with Dan’s knightly mentality, Dan is a man of justice, just like Robin is. As such, Robin reluctantly obeys his orders. His reluctance is not due to prejudice, but rather because they are polar opposites.
    Dan is impervious to trickery and deception, so Ryokucha (Green Archer) can’t help but scratch his head, “I wound up with another pain in the ass again.”

    Green Archer: “Nitpicking at every little thing isn’t going to defeat our enemies. Oh well I guess it’s fine. I’m used to adversity after all. I’ll follow along obediently without a single complaint.”
    Dan: “Archer, just my opinion, but isn’t what you just said generally considered to be a complaint?” Green Archer: “Eh? Ah, yep that’s right. You’ve got me there.”

    The old veteran warrior and the young philosophical greenback.
    This is the face of the struggle they share.

    緑衣に身を隠した狙撃手。赤い外套のアーチャーと の混同を避けるため、緑茶、と呼ばれる事も。

    ただしロビンフッドといっても伝説にある本物では なく、ロビンフッドのモデルになった義賊の一人。
    もともとは村の厄介者……村はずれに住む天涯孤独の青年だったが、ひょんな事から村の徴税にやってき た領主の軍隊どかかわってしまった。
    ロビンは村の人間ではなく、あくまで“森を犯す人間に罰を与える”という名目で領主の軍隊を撃退して しまう。その後、正体を隠して戦うこどで村人たちか らは『緑の人』として扱われる事になった。
    獲物を森に誘い込んだ時こそ、このサーヴァントの 本領となる。
    実は毒使いとしてキャス狐と通じ合うところもあっ たりする。

    ロビンフッドは『ロビン・フッド物語』に登場する、シャーウッドの森に潜む義賊で、時の暴君ジョン失地 王に抵抗した正義の人として描かれている。
    (そういった視点で見ると、赤と緑、二人のアーチャー は似通ったパーソナリティを持っている)

    正義にこだわる青臭い自分を隠すため、不真面目な 素振りをしている。死より生を尊重する信条。


    といった、生き抜いた末に温かいものが残ればいい、という小市民的な願望の象徴。……もっとも、彼自身 はそれを手に入れる事はなかったのだが。
    基本、世をすねた視点、物言いをする。なんであれ 「そんなもんですか」と流す事なかれ主義。
    嫌われ者だった彼の処世術は『他人の深いところに は立ち入らない』というものだった。
    そのクセ人間好きなので、楽しそうな団らんがあればそのはじっこにひょっこり仲間入りし、最終的には友人ではないが他人でもない、というポジションに収 まっている。

    生前から奇襲、暗殺、破壊工作といった、“卑劣な戦 法”でのみ生き延びてきたアーチャーにとって、ダンの騎上道精神は足かせのようなものだからだ。
    それが聖杯戦争、引いては彼の深層にくすぶってい る“願い”にどう影響するかは、ゲーム本編を参照のこと。

    「へ? あ、そうっスね。こりゃ一本とられたわ」


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    Servant Designed by Takeuchi Takashi
    Creator's comment - Character Design & Supervisor: Takeuchi Takashi
    He’s a bit of like a comic actor or maybe an army man who has a injured face so, but I don’t have to explain to much because of the number of characters in the game.
    That’s why it’s this character. At first sight, looks delicate but in case of emergency, he can actually be pretty strong. that style is very common from “Hokuto no Ken” (Fist of the North Star). He’s a disparage but he is not base. That balance is important.

    First plan is like a ranger. Basic color is green. I have another idea.

    A bow soldier for distance battle. wearing bared shoulder the clothes because function is important.

    Face pattern
    The character explains directly various disposition. For example honestly eyes, cunning smile and saying.

    2nd idea is like a soldier. On a beginner level, there were 2 types. 1st is like a wood keeper, and 2nd is sexy.

    Another [uncloak]
    The design is a orthodox with strongly fantasy.

    Shoulder and chest show chivalrousness.

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