Rohngall (ランガル, Rangaru?) is a character who appears in Fate/strange fake. He was sent by the Mage's Association to investigate the Snowfield's Grail War.



At some point in the past, Rohngall took Faldeus Dioland as his student, unaware that the younger man was a spy for the American organisation.


Rohngall is an elderly man with short, white hair, a short white beard and rather prominent eyebrows. He wears a dark robe and a rounded beige cap with a silver band around its hem.


Unlike how most magi of long lineages do not find convenience in using modern technology, Rohngall seems to be one of the few exceptions where he is fascinated with items such as binoculars, noting that in how it saves him the trouble of using a familiar, which causes him to begrudgingly comment in the advances of modern science.

Rohngall is apparently a very harsh and strict man towards his disciple, Faldeus, especially in regards to important matters such as the Holy Grail. After learning of Faldeus's true nature, Rohngall did not hesitate to prepare himself to kill his former apprentice.


Fate/strange fakeEdit

Rohngall enters Snowfield with Faldeus with the intent of investigating the progress of the False Holy Grail war, however, he is quickly sniped. Faldeus then reveals himself as a spy for the American organisation, and shows his associates that the Rohngall that accompanied him was little more than a puppet. Using Rohngall's connection to the puppet to his advantage, Faldeus announces that the Grail War is ready to being, sending the staff at the Clock Tower into an uproar.


As a Magus, Rohngall seems to be specialised in the use of puppets, creating ones indistinguishable from human to the untrained eye. Such is his dedication it seems that said puppets even possess artificial muscles and can bleed when damaged.


Creation and ConceptEdit


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