Roland (ローラン, Rōran?), also known as Orlando (オルランド, Orurando?), is a Servant appearing in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Roland is the paladin leader of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne.[1][2] Recognized as one of the more popular and renowned of the Paladins, he is famed for being the wielder of Durandal that he received from Charlemagne.[1][3] Roland was said to have fallen in love with the beautiful queen Angelica, but she rejected the idea of falling in love and eloping with a "mere soldier" out of her pride. This caused Roland to go mad, throwing off all his clothes and rampaging around while nude.[3] During his rampage, Astolfo and the other Paladins worked hard to capture him.[3] Astolfo notably dressed as a woman during the episode, wearing such clothing to calm and appease Roland.[4] He says the hair ornaments worn during that period are an "irresistible proof of friendship" between the two.[2] Astolfo eventually brought him a bottle of reason from the moon and restored his sanity.[3]

When Roland was eventually on the verge of death in battle, he made an attempt to break Durandal to keep it from falling into enemy hands, but its indestructible nature did not allow for that. The sword appeared in various other legends revolving around Charlemagne, and it eventually became a symbol of Roland's bravery.[5]


Roland is thought by others to be a pervert along with Astolfo, but Astolfo describes him as being "into kinky stuff like handcuffs" in comparison to himself who enjoys being part of a scandal.[6]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Astolfo InterludeEdit


He wields the sword Durandal.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Mineji Sakamoto is the character designer for Roland.


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