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Romani Archaman (ロマニ・アーキマン, Romani Ākiman?), nicknamed Dr. Roman (Dr. ロマン?), is the head of the medical department and later acting director of Chaldea Security Organization during the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



Romani's real identity is actually Solomon, the King of Magecraft. He was summoned by Marisbury Animusphere, who used one of his rings as a catalyst and was the first successful summoning in Chaldea Security Organization.[1][2] He and Marisbury participated in the "Singularity X", otherwise known as Fuyuki's Holy Grail War in 2004.[1][3] After emerging victorious with Marisbury in the Holy Grail War, he wished for a life as a normal human.[2][4] The wish he entrusted to the Holy Grail was “to become human”. Through the power of the Holy Grail, he was not “incarnated as a Heroic Spirit”, but instead was reborn as a new human that had no relation to King Solomon.[1]

In the year 2005, Romani received a special invitation to join the staff of Chaldea. It was unheard of for someone to become the head of the medical facility in their 20s.[3] Lev Lainur and Romani has been school friends who had studied sorcery together.[5]

In 2010, Marisbury performed the Demi-Servant experiment, where they summoned Galahad into a subject. Romani wasn't aware of the existence until he became the physician of "Summoning Case #2", he gave the subject a name Mash Kyrielight. When Marisbury passed away and Olga Marie Animusphere took over as president, he wrangled permission from Marie to have Mash become part of the staff and encourage her to be a Master candidate.[6]


He describes his hair as fluffy.[7] On his left hand, he wore the tenth ring of King Solomon.[2]


After becoming human, Solomon finally acquired the human nature called romance. At his roots, he is a realist and a pessimist. Despite uttering wishful thinkings as a mood-maker, he seems somewhat shameless due to inwardly thinking of them as pipe dreams. While he likes humans, because of his chicken side that “does not want to see something sad”, he maintains a superficial socializing with anyone. In exchange, he can get along with anyone. An archetypal “everybody’s friend”. He has a bad habit of, when caught in a dilemma, ending up choosing to either “stick to observing without making any decisions” or “running away” so that “the status quo is preserved”. Since Roman himself is reflecting on such weakness of his, if someone in his surroundings were to just say a word - “Please, do your best” - he will somehow get a hold of himself and show a decisive judgment fitting of the king of magecraft.[1]

Incidentally, because the first impression that any Servant ends up getting about Roman is “I don’t get the reason, but he is at fault here”, they unconsciously complained at him. The only ones who did not find fault at him were those who were no Servants, crackpots and Berserkers that do not perceive evil as evil.[1]

His time spent as Romani has really been a dream-like time for him.[8]

He was yearning to know how it was like to experience "a human's freedom", even if it was as a Heroic Spirit.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Romani is responsible for making sure the Master candidates stay in good health. When Chaldea was starting it's Rayshift experiment, Olga Marie Animusphere drove him out of the control room because “When Roman is on-site, the entire atmosphere itself slacks off!”[7]


Dr. Roman first encounters Ritsuka Fujimaru, when Romani was resting in Ritsuka's room. Stating he has little actual work to do since most medical procedures were carried out by machinery, he chats with Fujimaru for a long time, inadvertently (or not) saving them from Lev's betrayal.[7]

Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in FlamesEdit

Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' WarEdit

Septem: The Eternal Madness EmpireEdit

Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the EndEdit

London: Death World in the City of Demonic FogEdit

Romani suspects the Grand Caster to be an imposter.

E Pluribus Unum: The Grand Battle of Legends in North AmericaEdit

Da Vinci ask if it was okay to hide information.[8]

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table RealmEdit

Sherlock Holmes suspects Romani is withholding information.[3]

Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic BeastsEdit

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

After Mash sacrifices herself to protect Fujimaru, Roman reveals himself to be the real Solomon, King of Magecraft. It is unknown whether he knew Goetia's plan and simply did nothing like how he always acted, but his newly gained sentimentality alerted him of the imminent destruction of humanity. Though he realized this disaster the moment he turned human, he was then powerless to stop it. Since then he used every minute he had to learn whatever was necessary to stop what he had started. Even so he considered himself to be free.[2]

Facing Goetia, he activates his first Noble Phantasm, Ars Nova, which would completely destroy him and any traces of his accomplishment including his presence on the Throne of Heroes. He says his goodbyes to Fujimaru and says the rest is up to them, disappearing shortly after.[2]


As a normal human, Romani has lost his Magic Circuits and his Clairvoyance power.[8] However he can abandon his wish to the Holy grail and revert back to his original self.[2] He also has the tenth ring of Solomon, which he can use to activate his Noble Phantasm Ars Nova.


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