The Round Table (円卓, Entaku?) is the table around which the Knights of the Round Table congregated, all regarded as equals.[1]


King Arthur was said to have proposed the Round Table as a "way to remove the distinction between lord and subject."[2] It served as the foundation stone for the entirety of Camelot.[3] The shield of Galahad, Lord Camelot, employs the Round Table and holds the foundation of being a "place where heroes assemble", allowing Chaldea Security Organization to use it to summon Servants.[4]

Shards of the table can be used as catalysts for summoning Servants, summoning one among eleven of the knights based on compatibility with the Master.[1] While it is believed all thirteen can be summoned, Arthur and Galahad are excluded.[2][1] They are especially prized as catalysts during the Subcategory Holy Grail Wars of the Fate/Apocrypha world due to providing a high-quality Servant no matter who is summoned.[1] Each shard is a holy relic, unique items that are likely never to appear again if destroyed. One such shard possessed by Kairi Sisigou is destroyed by Mordred, who has a certain disgust for the Round Table. Though they look like regular pieces of worked wood, "heat" can be felt emitting from them upon touch.[2] As of the time of the Great Holy Grail War, the shards sell for very high prices on the market, but there are also many fakes sold as well.[1]


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