Rounds of Lionheart: Play the Lion's Melody on the Round Cross (円き十字に獅子を奏でよ
, Maruki Jūji ni Shishi o Kanadeyo
Raunzu obu Reonhāto
?) is a Noble Phantasm possessed by Richard the Lionheart, one of his two trump cards along with Excalibur. It is an ability to materialize those with whom he had a bond in life by utilizing his own Saint Graph as a catalyst. Those summoned can be his attendants, retinue, or even mentors, and those recorded in the Throne of Heroes as Heroic Spirits like himself are no exception. The number he can bring forth changes depending on his Master's quantity of magical energy and the land of summoning's foundation. Within the True and False Holy Grail Wars, the number summoned is seven. Upon Saber's summoning, Enkidu senses the presence of seven souls serving one powerful soul. All are present when he is first summoned, some kneeling before Saber and others appearing inhuman. They are only visible for a moment before coalescing into Saber.

Those who respond to his summons do so voluntarily, bringing them directly from the Throne of Heroes if they are Heroic Spirits. Those that are Heroic Spirits are manifested in a condition weaker than a normal summoning. They interact with the world from within Richard's shadow, able to launch attacks from the shadow and provide him tools to utilize. He can communicate with them directly for input, and only he can hear them. They can also act without his input to respond to attacks in Richard's blind spots or protect him, but they cannot manifest in a practical sense. They would require a vast quantity of energy for continuous manifestation, so it is not possible to operate within the norm of Heroic Spirits. Each has their own mental world in which they reside, which is able to be shown to Richard's Master. Richard takes care to hide this Noble Phantasm, even telling Ayaka to pretend that he is talking to himself when she overhears him muttering to someone not informing him of something sooner.

  • Assassin: Loxley - Loxley is skilled at concealing his presence once manifested, and was able to fire an arrow laced with powerful paralysis poison from Richard's shadow to knock away False Assassin's hand.
  • Archer: Pierre Basile - A master archer who appears as a man heavily bandaged from head to toe, with a crossbow in his hand. Despite having been the one to kill Richard, he has agreed to manifest, and his eyes between the bandages appears as piercing as the eyes of a hawk that has sighted prey while also showing kindness.
  • Rider: William - Possesses the ability to manifest with a horse and lance, and to manifest just the horse for Richard to use. Possibly William Marshal or William Longchamp.
  • Caster: Unknown - Unnamed magus able to provide a sphere or droplets of water appearing with light emanating. He is also able to enhance Richard's considerable speed further with magecraft, and to allow him to jump in the air without a foothold, and to heal him at the cost of using a large amount of magical energy. He smiles faintly upon Richard choosing to engage False Archer in combat.
  • Saber: Indifferent-seeming Swordsman - Shown faintly smiling upon Richard choosing to engage False Archer in combat. Also lends Richard one of his many swords upon encountering False Rider.


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