« This is a sword of negation and betrayal, that nullifies every kind of magecraft in the world. »

Rule Breaker: All Spells Must Be Broken (破戒すべき全ての符
, Hakaisubeki Subete no Fu
Rūru Bureikā
?, also translated as Destroyer of All Talismans) is a weapon that materializes and embodies the Divinity of the Witch of Betrayal. It is an iridescent and jagged dagger that is thin, brittle, and blunt. Its effectively nonexistent in its capacity as a weapon, comparable to that of a regular dagger at most, and it would not be suitable for even killing a single person. Caster is able to use it against normal humans, slaying her original Master and cleanly cutting off Shirou's arm without issue. Shown by the complex shape of the blade, its actual purpose is that of a key used for rituals that is described by Caster as an "indulgence from the Age of Gods that has forgiven anything for one purpose." Such ceremonial knives are designed as mere decoration, and like those, Rule Breaker was created under the school of thought that it was never to be used as a weapon. Shirou feels an ominous feeling every time he encounters it, realizing it is dangerous to Servants after inadvertently analyzing it, manifesting as a feeling of pain in the Command Spells on his hand.

Greatly differing from other Noble Phantasms, the conceptual ritual tool's unique ability is that it is the ultimate anti-magic Noble Phantasm capable of dispelling and destroying any kind of thaumaturgy, an effect suitable to the Noble Phantasm that is a manifestation of Caster’s nature as the “Witch of Betrayal”.[3] It "transgresses" on all the magecraft of the targets it pierces, contracts made from magical energy, and life born from magical energy. Once it comes into contact with the ensorcelled item or person, enchantments, connections bounded through contracts, and creatures created and maintained by magical energy, they will all be returned to their original components in a state "before they were made." Contracts will be wiped clean and those with life will immediately cease to exist. There is a limit to what it is able to dispel, meaning artifacts on the rank of Noble Phantasms will never be returned to their original state no matter how low their rank.

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« I don't really want to use it that often."
"Magic's principles, divine providence, the principles of the world... All creation... I will send back everything to their origins."
"Rule Breaker! »



Caster nullifying the contract between Saber and Shirou.

While its uses are limited under normal means, it has high effectiveness in the Holy Grail War due to being able to manipulate the Servant System.[1] It is a blade of betrayal that will sever all connections between a Master and Servant by destroying every single rule that controls them, giving full control of the Master's Command Spells to Caster. She uses this on both Saber and Archer, causing Shirou and Rin's Command Spells to instantly disappear and transfer to Caster after their contracts are nullified.[4] She can also turn the dagger on herself, severing her contract with her Master without establishing a new one in its place. This does not seem to do anything to the Command Spells as Atrum Galliasta did not lose his after Caster severed their contract this way; however, without a contract, they become vestigial and useless in Galliasta's attempts to force Caster to commit suicide.[5] The Servants themselves must be the target as it has no effect on Shirou's contract with Saber from simply stabbing his flesh. It is also capable of severing Angra Mainyu's hold on Sakura Matou after it is projected by Shirou.


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