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Karl der Große (Ruler)

Ruler (ルーラー, Rūrā?) is a Ruler-class Servant appearing in the post-Moon Holy Grail War world of Fate/Extella Link. He is the primary antagonist of Fate/Extella Link.



Ruler's True Name is Karl der Große (Charles the Great) (カール大帝, Kāru Taitei?), the model of the legend of Charlemagne who achieved the unity of Western Europe. Karl and Charlemagne are both the same Heroic Spirit with the same Saint Graph, but Charlemagne will never normally be summoned because he embodies the fantasy aspect of the legend. Karl's real life exploits outweigh the other aspects of his legend. They are registered as two unique Saint Graphs by the Moon Cell at the end of the story, so they can each be summoned.[1]


A figure of tall and muscular bearing, Karl der Große has a handsome, aged appearance, with a cross-shaped beard, long, curled hair, crimson eyes, and a tall crown upon his head. He adorns golden armor and a white and black body suit, with gold line details. A golden cross is also placed at the center of his chest, and black cloth drapes from his pauldrons. He bears a resemblance to the historical Charlemagne/Charles The Great during his later years, only having blond hair instead of white.


Karl is described as a "majestic man", "holy king", and "supreme ruler." He is said to never distress or lose his way, regardless of being faced with victory or defeat, and he will push forward with calm judgement. Regardless of the era, he boasts of a strong love only second to that of God. He is extremely relentless in battle, only showing kindness to those who show their allegiance to "God" as well.[2]


Fate/Extella LinkEdit

Karl acts as the primary antagonist of Fate/Extella Link, seeking to assimilate and bring SE.RA.PH under his rule,[3] in the name of God.[1]


Karl's main weapon is Joyeuse, a serrated black and gold greatsword, much like Charlemagne's own. He is also shown to manifest segments of Auctoritas, such as castle-themed Gauntlets and it's artillary, as well as emit large explosive flame attacks from his sword, Joyeuse, and dark assimilation blasts from his hands, through the power of his Noble Phantasm, Carolus Patricius.[4]

He possesses a power known as Oracle (天声同化オラクル, Tensei DōkaOrakuru?) which allows him to enslave and assimilate.[3] Connected to Karl's encounter with the Monolith (異星鍵モノリス, Isei KagiMonorisu?), the power automatically acts on those who see that Karl's goals are noble or righteous, and compels them to serve under him.[1] The assimilation can also be applied through force.[1]


Karl's Class Skills are Magic Resistance EX, True Name Discernment C and God's Resolution B. His Personal Skills are Charisma B, Great Emperor Privilege A+, Ceremonial Reformation A and Holy King A.[5]

Ceremonial Reformation (典礼改革, Tenrei Kaikaku?) is a Skill which improves the functionality of the peoples and lands under Karl's control. In life, having been crowned the Western Roman Emperor by Leo III, Karl expanded his theocratical empire, developing its culture and economy, with parishes as its bones, monasteries as its meat and Roman liturgy as its blood.[5]

Great Emperor Privilege (大帝特権, Taitei Tokken?) is a Skill which allows Karl to acquire Skills which he doesn't possess for a short time. Its effect is the same as Imperial Privilege, but the skill name has been changed through self-declaration.[5]

Holy King (聖王, Seiō?) is a Skill which gives Karl advantages against demonic enemies and non-Saint divinities.[5]

Noble PhantasmsEdit

Karl's Noble Phantasms are Joyeuse, Carolus Patricius, Carolus Patricius Auctoritas, and Carolus Patricius Dimitte.

His first Noble Phantasm, Joyeuse (聖剣ジュワユーズ, Seiken Juwayūzu?), is also possessed by Charlemagne. Unlike Charlemagne, Karl, having lived and being rooted in history rather than fantasy, is unable to use it to its full potential.[1]

His second Noble Phantasm, ​Carolus Patricius (カロルス・パトリキウス, Karorusu Patorikiusu?), is an automatically expanding giant fortress, encompassing both the armor covering the body of Karl der Große and the domain of the mobile holy city itself.[1] Patricius was originally a title given to guardians of Rome and Italy.[1]

His third Noble Phantasm, Carolus Patricius Auctoritas: Sanctus, Now the Authority is Replenishing the Earth (聖なるかな、今こそ威光が地に満ちるカロルス・パトリキウス・アウクトリタス, Seinaru ka na , ima koso ikō ga chi ni michiruKarorusu・Patorikiusu・Aukutoritasu?) is the trump card of Carolus Patricius which changes the giant fortress into attack form in order to sweep enemies away.[1] It manifests the form of a giant robot, with a vaguely humanoid design incorporating elements of a cathedral and the cross, which can fire missiles from launchers on its shoulders and a powerful beam from its mouth.[1]

His fourth Noble Phantasm, Carolus Patricius Dimitte (カロルス・パトリキウス・ディミッテ, Karorusu Patorikiusu Dimitte?) is connected to Karl's power of assimilation, Oracle. Having obtained the power of the Monolith, it is possible to not only assimilate Servants but all cyber bodies of SE.RA.PH at once. However, in this case the assimilation covers only around 60% of the total.[1]



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