Ruler (ルーラー, Rūrā?) is a Ruler-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.[2]



Ruler's True Name is Ying Zheng, also known as Qin Shi Huang (始皇帝, Shikōtei?),[1] and dubbed the "Son of Heaven". The First Emperor of the Qin dynasty, noted as the most celebrated figure in Chinese history.

Unifying mainland China by 221 BC, he took the name of First Emperor.[1] He was the target of a failed assassination attempt by Jing Ke.[3]

This version is from the Chinese Lostbelt, having gained immortality in 210 B.C. and lived until modern day 2018 A.D. in the Lostbelt.[2]


His true body is the form of Qin Shi Huang from the Chinese Lostbelt. This is the final conclusion of the Zhenren who freely used the authority gained from a system of centralized authoritarian rule and poured all of his energy into domestic affairs and technological development, and on top of that, also pursued the path of immortals to improve the limits of his lifespan as a living being.[1]

In the Lostbelt, Ying Zheng has recovered the remains of an artificial human body made by the Xian, Taiyi Zhenren from the historic ruins of the Yin dynasty and by analyzing it, he acquired the technology to mechanize the flesh. Thus, the Qin Shi Huang who obtained his dearest wish, immortality, avoided an era of wars with his iron wall-like rule and thanks to this, even before the Western Renaissance, China has accomplished an Industrial Revolution. Due to the overwhelming gap in technology, he managed to conquer the whole world.[1]



According to the Kuroka's, they would need to demonstrate a proper degree of respect if they were to summon Qin Shi Huang.[4]

Qin pretends to have trouble pronouncing Koyanskaya's name, because he believes it would cause her discomfort if someone of his status showed her such respect. Names include, Kominski, Tayunskapon, Koyawhatever, and Yayanski.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

During Jing Ke's interlude, Qin Shi Huang is represented by a shadow Gilgamesh in a simulation of his assassination in Jing Ke's interlude in Fate/Grand Order.

The full assassination attempt is detailed in a short story about Jing Ke.

SIN: Land of Unified KnowledgeEdit

  • Qin's true body.
  • Qin's humanoid form.

Qin Shi Huang is the King of the Chinese Lostbelt, having acquired immortality in 210 BC.[2]

Other appearancesEdit

In Fate/strange Fake, Mr. and Mrs. Kuruoka obtain the Godfelling Crossbow, a Noble Phantasm and catalyst, to summon Qin Shi Huang as a Servant for the False Holy Grail War. They believe that he will be a Heroic Spirit that requires deference even from the summoner. He is never summoned due to their daughter obtaining Command Spells and her own Servant.[4] Later, inside the dream world of Doomsday Come, a spirit related to the crossbow manifests. He helps Tsubaki and gives the crossbow to Sigma.[citation needed]


One of Qin Shi Huang Noble Phantasms has been recovered in modern times, and it is usable as a weapon even by normal magi as a Master's Noble Phantasm.[4]

According to Faldeus, he would excel in devising tactics and stratagems.[5]

Within the Chinese Lostbelt, Qin Shi Huang has become effectively "immortal" through mechanization, storing his consciousness in technology. He is capable of observing everything within his Empire through the "Great Wall", a planetary defense system that floats around the entire Earth. Using it, he can also communicate with anyone by projecting magnetic beams so as to directly vibrate human skulls to create voice. Other metallic objects can also be used as a vibration medium.[6]

His Noble Phantasm is The Domination Beginning: First Emperor (始皇帝
, Shikōtei
Za Dominēshon Biginingu

Class SkillsEdit

Magic Resistance (B+ Rank): In general, they are capable of countering magecraft from before the common era, but since magic devised in the Panhuman History that came after that is unknown to the Lostbelt version of Qin Shi Huang, they could breach their defenses.[7]

Personal SkillsEdit

All Books Must Be Burned (A Rank): It is capable of applying strong pressure to the Magic Circuits of others. The conclusion of Qin Shi Huang as the administrator who continued to rule over the whole world for more than 2000 years. By turning the people into uneducated masses and nipping the sprouting of their self-awareness in the bud, they are made to serve as the cornerstone of peace and tranquility.[7]
All Scholars Must Be Buried (A Rank): It imposes a strong physical pressure on the opponents and prevents them from moving. Burying refers to the execution method of burying someone alive. It was the most efficient way of mass murder in the China before the common era. Even now, it manifests as a skill of Qin Shi Huang with the intention to dominate overwhelmingly and control relentlessly.[7]
Eternal Emperor (A Rank): The ability to regenerate oneself as a Zhenren from the realm of immortals. The good health of the immortal administrator is the matter of the highest priority for Qin Shi Huang. A means of healing oneself is indispensable.[7]

Mechanical FormEdit

In his pursuit of improving his ability that was enough to rule the whole planet, he kept upgrading his mechanized emperor body, and as a result, Qin Shi Huang's body has become a castle that would swallow even the Epang Palace. That massive frame has reached a stage where it can float in the skies of Xianyang by utilizing anti-gravity. The inner structure of the mechanized emperor form is not that of a human body, but an imitation of the natural environment itself, assuming the aspect of an artificial garden that is a miniature mountain forest with rivers of mercury flowing through it. The body itself of the Epang Palace-type Qin Shi Huang is a microcosmos, and it operates based on the principles of fengshui sorcery which is in accordance with how nature truly moves.[1]

The majestic form of the Emperor's gargantuan frame that the dominion's masses have an audience with no regard for day or night, is surely an appropriate embodiment of observation and regulation. With the calculation ability that equals that of a god, the Emperor is the one who decides the life expectancy of his subjects.[1]

Humanoid FormEdit

Afterwards, he got the chance to analyze the sample of a living female immortal, but despite making it possible to maintain a humanoid vessel with the technique of a Shijie xian, Qin Shi Huang already had the form of a super dreadnought-class arithmetic unit that was fitting for the administrator who ruled the world. The only reason a man like that took on the humanoid form that he cultivated once again, was to settle the single decisive battle that he agreed to. One could call the body that was cultivated as the crystallization of the cyber immortal techniques that have evolved to their utmost limits of "Zhenren Qin Shi Huang", the ultimate lifeform with the ability to acquire the utmost balance a human body could reach. As the sole absolute is his eternal immortality, because reproduction is unnecessary, he's transcended gender as well. This form of an artificial Xian could be called the ultimate goal of the Qin Empire's technology that's been cultivated for more than 2000 years.[1]

According to Holmes, in his humanoid form, Qin Shi Huang's Saint Graph is on the level of a Grand Servant, not just "strong" but outright "superior".[8]

In combat, he manipulates mercury into various shapes (blades, projectiles, spheres, spikes, etc.) to attack his foes. He can also unleash a phoenix-shaped blast of fire. In his 1st and 2nd ascensions, it is colored like a standard flame that he launches forward. In his 3rd ascension, it is a blue flame that he summons from below.[9]


Creation and ConceptionEdit


Qin Shi Huang's concept art

« On a side note, when I first received the offer to draw Qin I had imagined he would be a man with an intelligent sharp eyed look as illustrated below based on his previous descriptions, however the design order was a "fully-naked androgynous fantastical beauty", so this was rejected within an hour. »

(Toh Azuma)

Before receiving the exact order of how Qin would appear, the artist, Toh Azuma, thought up a design based on previous descriptions, but that was declined after receiving the actual order. She posted an illustration of that design on Twitter.[10]

Qin was originally going to appear in the role of the spirit that appears from the Godfelling Crossbow in Fate/strange Fake, planned with the series' original release five years prior. Due to the character appearing in Fate/Grand Order, Narita developed a new character to appear, commenting that it worked out because the new character was fun to write.[11]


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