Rulfurus Nuada-Re Eulyphis (ルフレウス・ヌァザレ・ユリフィス, Rufureusu Nwazare Yurifisu?) is the head of the Faculty of Spiritual Evocation of the Clock Tower branch of the Mage's Association in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.



He is the Lord of the Faculty of Spiritual Evocation, the Grand Order of his family being to measure the first and the last Spirit. Bram and Sola's father, as well as Kayneth's intended father-in-law and also his teacher.

He goes exorcise the Tower of London of its wraiths every month and possesses the diary of Makiri Zolgen in his personal library.




Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

case. Grand ResolutionEdit

As a Lord, he is summoned to participate in the Grand Resolution concerning the Spiritual Tomb of Albion.

Fate/strange FakeEdit

During the Snowfield Holy Grail War, him and Bram are away from the Clock Tower on a special assignment, and so Rocco Belfeban has to act as the stand-in Lord for the Faculty of Spiritual Evocation.[1]



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