The Russian Lostbelt (ロシア異聞帯, Roshia Ibun-tai?), alternatively Lostbelt No. 1 (ロストベルト No. 1?), is the first of the seven known Lostbelts. Originating in Russia, 1570 A.D., it's Lost Depth is D and it's associated Crypter is Kadoc Zemlupus.[1][2]

The events of Chaldea's visit to this Lostbelt are covered in the first chapter of Cosmos in the Lostbelt; Anastasia: Permafrost Empire (永久凍土帝国?), alternatively Princess of the Land of Beasts (獣国の皇女, Jūkoku no Kōjo?, localized as "The Grand Duchess of the Beast Nation").[1]


Anastasia map

The Lostbelt diverged from the Greater History of Man in 1570 AD when an asteroid struck and plunged the world into an ice age. Most humans died, and while Russians were used to the cold and prepared for such weather, 90% of their population perished and they were on the cusp of extinction. Ivan the Terrible and his mages were able to save the country by combining humans with magical beasts, creating the Yaga, with Ivan himself becoming the first. The D Rank Lost Depth resulted from the Eternal Winter that rendered humanity all but extinct (still alive but as Yaga).[3]

Three months prior to Chaldea's arrival, Atalanta Alter, Billy the Kid, and Beowulf were summoned into the Lostbelt by the remnants of the Counter Force. Miyamoto Musashi also wandered into the Lostbelt from another world.[4][5] Atalanta Alter became the leader of a rebellion against Ivan.[4] The rebellion started as a result of Yaga Moscow's refusal to provide food to the weaker villages, and their claiming of any hunted Demonic Beast.[6] Billy and Beowulf wandered around without any knowledge of their situation. They eventually became the protectors of a villager, and the leaders of a band of male Yaga. However, a number of them rejected human leadership, and turned to banditry.[5] Musashi wandered Russia killing bandits and the Oprichnik while claiming to be from Chaldea, becoming something of a rumor.[7]

The Fantasy Tree Orochi also manifested in Yaga Moscow three months ago.[3][8] However, Ivan used his power as the Lostbelt King, Emergency Prerogative, to prevent Orochi from taking root. He then went asleep, activating Chulnei Oprichnik to calling forth the Oprochnik from his dreams. Kadoc Zemlupus thus conducted a plan to overthrow Ivan and replace him with his Servant, Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova.[9] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was brought to the royal palace to keep Ivan asleep by continously playing Requiem for Death. After playing endlessly for two months, he had Antonio Salieri take over for him.[10] Anastasia pretended to be Ivan's first wife, Anastasia Romanovna Zakharyina-Yurieva, to keep him relatively complacent. Grigori Rasputin also pretended to be his mentor, Metropolitan Macarius, all the while keeping his true identity a secret from Anastasia.[11][9]


Using their connection to the Oprichnik, Chaldea emerge out of Imaginary Number Space into Russia. However, the Shadow Border's armor was damaged in the process, rendering any future Zero Sails impossible. Leonardo da Vinci reveals Russia is surrounded a massive storm wall. It blocks all electromagnetic waves, and is extremely destructive. She gives Ritsuka and Mash Mystic Codes designed for polar regions before they go out to investigate. Jingle Abel Meuniere also gives Ritsuka the Spirit Origin Trunk, a device that'll allow for Servant summoning once they establish a leyline and a suitable power source.[3]

Ritsuka and Mash exit the Border in search of a leyline. They see an enormous tree in the distance when they're attacked by Demonic Beasts. They struggle until they're saved by an alleged werewolf. They follow him back to his house, where he introduces himself as Patxi. He assumes the pair are rebels given they're being pursued by the Oprichnik. He reveals it is 2018 when Sherlock asks, and the Oprichnik are Ivan the Terrible's personal guard. Ivan has lived for 500 years, and he is the oldest of Patxi's kind, the Yaga. 450 years a meteor struck the planet that triggered a new Ice Age. Most of humanity perished, and while the Russians were prepared for the cold weather, they lost 90% of their population. To prevent extinction, Ivan and a mage fused the remaining population with Demonic Beasts to create the Yaga. While Patxi goes hunting, Da Vinci reports she detected a possible leyline while Ritsuka and Mash were escaping with him. Given its distant location, Mash decides they should convince Patxi to take them. Upon his return, Sherlock asks him about the tree. Patxi only knows it appeared three months ago. Sherlock then sends him out to gather materials for a kite. He wants to conduct Benjamin Franklin's experiment to power the Trunk. Paxti returns with the materials before leaving for another hunt. After building the kite, Ritsuka and Mash leave to use it.[3]

The pair see Koyanskaya convince the Yaga into killing their weak so they can purchase her expensive meat. Da Vinci and Sherlock both realize she and Kirei Kotomine are Servants. However according to Church records, Kirei's body was incinerated when he died in Japan 2004, at least in their world. Koyanskaya then finds Ritsuka and Mash, but she decides not to kill them. After she leaves, the pair find the Yaga selling Patxi out to the Oprichnik. He shoots the Oprochnik trying to detain him. He isn't immediately executed though, as Koyanskaya's approval is needed. Ritsuka and Mash rescue him before he's mutilated.[12]

After escaping, Patxi agrees to escort Ritsuka and Mash to the leyline. He reveals the rebels are now led by a female Archer. Upon reaching their destination, Mash readies the kite and the Trunk for the coming storm. Sherlock explains Ritsuka will need to immediately form a contract with the summoned Heroic Spirit since they won't last long with a Spirit Origin formed from magical energy converted from lightning. With the Trunk charged, Ritsuka uses it to summon Avicebron inside a cave. Sherlock deduces he was summoned because of the World's final plea, instead of a previous bond with Ritsuka. Avicebron agrees to repair the Border's armor if provided with magical ore to create new plating. Sherlock then tells the group to rendezvous with the rebels. Patxi admits he knows of a few villages rumored to have rebel ties.[12]

The group pass through a village, but a guard demands a toll for using it as a shortcut. Avicebron persuades him to let them pass by offering a golem for labor purposes. After passing through, Patxi declares his intent to join the rebels. Then, as per Avicebron's suggestion, he enters the rebel village alone. While waiting though, the others are attacked by rebels based on rumors Ivan is working with a human Master and Servant. They fight until the rebel leader intervenes. She rejects the others' request to join though since they're human. She then tests their strength their to prove they're not Ivan's allies. With that she is convinced the group isn't with Ivan. She then introduces herself as Atalanta Alter. She was summoned three months ago by the Counter Force's remnants. She then takes the group to the rebel stronghold.[4]

On the way to the stronghold, Atalanta Alter considers giving Avicebron any materials he requests if the group works hard. After passing through a tunnel, the group reach the stronghold.[13] Later that night, Atalanta Alter makes the group the rebels' reserve corp. She assigns them missions requiring a small elite team to test their utility. Da Vinci then asks about the tree, to which Atalanta Alter recalls her spy in Yaga Moscow reported it's called Fantasy Tree. After Ritsuka accepts her missions, Atalanta Alter orders Patxi to escort them. Their first mission is to pass out the rebel's manifesto at nearby villages. She then gives the group some Demonic Beasts fangs and golem cores in advance. She agrees to give the rest if they help capture cities allied with Ivan. The next day, the group leave for their mission.[8]

The group arrive at the first village on their list. They're granted entry after Patxi gives the manifesto to a guard. He asks the village chief to lend some supplies, but the chief refuses to aid the rebels out of gratitude to Ivan. However, he recognizes the Oprichnik has become increasingly violent. He then tests the group's strength to prove they can defeat them. After they prove themselves, the chief offers the village's full support. He also gives a letter of recommendation to help the group with the neighboring villages. However he fears they're gone since there's been a lack of contact from them.[14]

The group find the second village destroyed. A survivor reveals bandits were responsible, and warns they're at the next village. The group rush to save it, only to find it already safe. The village chief recognizes them as Chaldeans. He reveals a human from Chaldea killed the bandits and treated the wounded before heading to the mountains. He then gives his support to the rebels as thanks. Avicebron has Paxti return to the rebels alone, while the rest proceed elsewhere.[14]

Returning to the Border, Mash is given an immediate medical examination by Da Vinci. Meanwhile, Sherlock tells Ritsuka and Goredolf Musik that Russia isn't a hypothetical history like a Singularity, but a history onto itself. He suspects the human mage with Ivan is one of the Crypters, possibly Kadoc Zemlupus based on Koyanskaya's word. The next morning, Avicebron's golem repair the Border's armor.[15] Ritsuka and Avicebron then leave for the rebel stronghold.[16]

At the stronghold, Atalanta Alter reveals there is another Servant led faction. She wishes to meet him herself, so she has Avicebron watch the stronghold while she, Ritsuka, and Patxi are gone. On their way, the group chance upon some dead Yaga with signs indicating they were killed by a blade wielding human. After resting in a cave for the night, the group continue amidst a fiercer blizzard when they're attacked by Billy the Kid. Beowulf then arrives in response to Billy's call for him. He immediately suspects Ritsuka of being the human mage with Ivan, so he and Billy fight the group to test their strength. After proving themselves, the group are accepted by the duo and their men.[5]

Inside his cabin, Beowulf explains he and Billy were summoned three months ago with no knowledge of the situation. They wandered around before becoming the village's protectors. Atlanta Alter then proposes they join forces against Ivan. Beowulf and Billy have no issue, but their men won't accept it out of male chauvinism. Denying he was responsible for the dead Yaga found earlier, Beowulf and Billy recall rumors of a human killing Oprichnik and Yaga alike. Beowulf then proposes they form an alliance out of his and Atlanta Alter's concern for the potential discord between their factions. Billy suggests using Shanshan, a domesticated Demonic Beast which detects magical energy through scent, as a messenger. It cannot learn the others' scents for differing reasons though, so Billy joins the rebels instead. Beowulf then warns the Oprichnik in Yaga Moscow have strength on par with a Servant, and proposes his men attack the capital to draw their attention to give the rebels an opening. However, Ritsuka, Mash, and Da Vinci are concerned about Kirei, Koyanskaya, and the Grand Duchess that attacked Chaldea.[5]

Joined by Billy, the group return to the rebel stronghold. Avicebron however warns they're nearly out of food.[17] Atlanta Alter reveals the rebellion began as result of Yaga Moscow's refusal to share their food with the weaker villages and monopolization of hunting grounds. The rebels hunted with the other villages to get by before their population outgrew their food supply. They had a hidden storehouse before the Oprichnik burned it downed. Atlalanta Alter reluctantly proposes they steal from the pro-Ivan city of Yaga Smolensk, Patxi's hometown. Ritsuka orders to keep damage to a minimum when Avicebron warns the situation could turn into a massacre. Avicebron also suggests they gather materials to build a wall of golems while the rebels prepare. Afterwards, Billy has Shanshan learn Avicebron's scent. The group then return to the stronghold where the rebels are now ready.[6]

The group quickly kill the Oprichnik before negotiating with the mayor. Atlanta Alter demands 60% of the town's food supply before taking it down to 50%. However more Oprochnik suddenly arrive and start killing rebel and civilian alike. The rebels and civilians nearly get into a skirmish when a rebel shot a civilian after mistaking his broom for a weapon. Atalanta Alter stops them, and orders her rebels to aim only for the Oprichnik. Avicebron then arrives, and his golems collect the weapons and kill the Oprichnik. The group retreat after the rebels get about a third of their intended target. Patxi deserts however after killing a civilian for saying his mother was stoned to death when he joined the rebels.[18]

Back at the stronghold, Atalanta Alter warns Yaga Tula is under attack by the Oprichnik and a Servant. Avicebron alters the golems at the stronghold so they can follow simple orders from Atalanta Alter while he and the others are gone. Before the others leave, she reveals the Servant is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Meanwhile, Patxi is captured by the Oprichnik and Kirei.[19]

After resting in a cave for the night, the group see a village that was destroyed by Ivan. They reach Yaga Tula by nightfall, and Avicebron eavesdrop on the civilians to learn there is a Servant in the church. The group find it empty though, but the Servant only left recently. Eventually the Servant believed to be Mozart, Amadeus Alter, arrives in front of the church waiting. Once the group exits the church, he attacks them knowing they're Chaldeans. Billy shoots off his mask to reveal he isn't Mozart, which is confirmed by a Spirit Origin analysis. Kadoc then arrives, and reveals Amadeus Alter is Antonio Salieri.[19] He reveals the Cypters' goal is to grow their Lostbelts and end the Proper History. He then orders his Oprochnik to kill the group. After they're killed, he calls for his Servant, Caster, the Grand Duchess. She reveals her True Name is Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, and proceeds to attack the group. During the fight, she uses Viy Viy Viy to destroy Avicebron's golems. Salieri then wakes up, and unleashes Dio Santissimo Misericordia de mi on her. She blocks it with Viy, and Salieri accuses her and Kadoc of brainwashing him. Kadoc denies this and orders Anastasia to crush Salieri's legs. He protects her however when Avicebron's snow golems attack her. He orders the Oprichnik to follow the group when they escape with Salieri.[20]

The group set camp at a village recently destroyed by the Oprichnik. Sherlock explains Lostbelts differ from Singularities because their history continues past the point of divergence. They're similiar to culled parallel worlds, but they're currently encroaching on the Proper History. Salieri reveals he is a Rogue Servant summoned by the remnants of the Counter Force. His memories of the Proper History were corrupted though by those of the Lostbelt. He was Yaga Moscow's court musician, whose only interaction was with Metropolitan Macarius. The group realize he is Kirei based on Salieri's description. Salieri recalls overhearing Kirei calling the Fantasy Tree the cornerstone of the Lostbelt, warning Ivan and his Oprochnik protect it. He agrees to join the group on the condition he's allowed to kill Mozart.[21]

The group return to the rebel stronghold. Atalanta Alter has tracked down magical ore and a jewel able to control golems. She agrees to share the information if the group helps construct a new stronghold. She wants it built at a ravine between the current stronghold and Yaga Moscow. It is protected by a large forest inhabited by vicious Demonic Beasts. She previously didn't considering moving there because its natural defense would make attacking the capital difficult. However this changed when her scouts discovered an incomplete tunnel that cuts through the forest. It can allow the rebels to reach the capital in a day once it's complete.[21]

Arriving at the construction site, Atalanta Alter divides her Yaga into lumberjacks and tunnel excavators. With the new stronghold complete, Atalanta Alter readies to contact Beowulf in preparation for the attack on Yaga Moscow. While Salieri stays behind, the group return to the Border.[22]

While the Border is being repaired, Kirei and the Oprpchnik launch a surprise attack on the rebel stronghold. They learned of it from Patxi, bypassing its natural defenses with a Noble Phantasm. The group eventually learn of the attack from a message from Salieri sent via Shanshan. They soon arrive at the stronghold to find half of the rebels missing. Kirei confronts them and confirms the Oprichnik are Ivan's Noble Phantsm, Chyornyj Oprichniki. He also confirms he is a Psuedo-Servant, claiming his True Name is Macarius, Ivan's mentor. After confirming he captured the rebels, Kirei reveals Patxi betrayed the others when faced with Ivan. He then calls for Minotauros, who had eaten the rebels with the exception of the 1/5 captured. Mintotauros then separates the group with his Noble Phantasm, Chaos Labyrinthos. While the others struggle to escape, Avicebron was isolated from the labyrinth by Kadoc so they can speak without interference.[11]

Meanwhile in the labyrinth, Ritsuka and Billy encounter Patxi.[11] Admitting to his betrayal, Patxi reveals Kirei tossed him into the labyrinth once he gave the new stronghold's location. The others then reveal to him that they're from the Proper History, where the events of the Lostbelt never occurred. While trying to escape, the group become surrounded by the Oprichnik when they're saved by Miyamoto Musashi. She explains she had multiple hostile encounters with the Yaga since wandering into the Lostbelt. Billy realizes she is the rumored human killer.[7] He then figures they can use the sounds of his bullets to find their way around. Thanks to Patxi's hearing, the group eventually find their way out.[23]

Outside, the group learn Musashi's existence is unstable, even while contracted to Ritsuka. Beowulf then arrives, having learned of the attack from his men watching the stronghold. Billy proposes they wake up Ivan since he can only summon the Oprichnik while sleeping. Beowulf then orders his men to attack Yaga Moscow, but Billy suggests he serve as a decoy also. After his men leave, Beowulf joins the group. He then reveals Atalanta Alter and Salieri were captured. Atalanta Alter gave herself up when some children were taken hostage, with Salieri following her lead. Beowulf's men learned they're being held in prison fortress beyond the capital. Sherlock warns the slighest disturbance in the capital could awaken Ivan after deducing others are trying to keep him asleep. The group drive the the Border to the prison, only to find it empty. Instead they find a note from Kadoc saying Atalanta Alter and Salieri are to be executed in Yaga Moscow in five days. The group then proceed to Yaga Moscow to stop the execution.[23]

As Billy fights the Oprochnik alone with his gun upgraded by Da Vinci beforehand, the other infiltrate Yaga Moscow. They stop Minotauros from executing Atalanta Alter, but he traps them all in his labyrinth. However that was in the rescue plan, and they use this opportunity to kill Minotauros. Avicebron then appear, and confesses he wants to use the labyrinth to build Golem Keter Malkuth. However he lacks a core sufficiently strong enough to fight Ivan, so he chooses himself to be the core.[24] He then gives Ritsuka control of Adam before becoming its core. The labyrinth then proceeds to reconstruct into Adam.[10]

Ivan begins to awaken from Adam's construction. His awakening will allow the Tree to start absorbing the land's mana. Anastasia then starts killing the Oprichnik when she announces her intent to kill Ivan. It is revealed Mozart played Requiem for Death for the past two months to keep Ivan asleep. Before he disappeared, he had Salieri take over for him. The Oprichnik then all disappear with Ivan's awakening. He temerges infused with a mountain-sized mammoth-like creature. Kadoc proposes to the group that they work together to defeat Ivan, suggesting they target his true body at the mammoth's head. While the others leave to hold off Ivan, Ritsuka commands Adam to attack him. None of them can even scratch him however. He then attacks the palace when Salieri starts playing Dies Irae from there in an effort to kill him. He then prepares to destroy the palace and Ritsuka both when they order Adam to block him. Fortunately Mash, now using the Ortenaus system, arrives to block the blast. She then blocks another blast with Mold Camelot, the light of which distracts Ivan enough to lower his trunk. Musashi uses this chance to cut his trunk off with Six Realms Five Planes - The Divine Figure of Kurikara, disappearing immediately afterwards. Ritsuka then uses this opportunity to have Adam rip Ivan out of the mammoth. The mammoth is rendered inert, and Adam falls apart.[10]

Anastasia declares herself the new ruler. Ivan briefly fights her to prove she has the strength to rule. He loses and leaves to speak with Ritsuka. Kadoc then reveals the Servant possessing Kirei is Grigori Rasputin. Kirei however reveals Rasputin left after Anastasia took the throne. With his connection with Russia gone, Kirei leaves after agreeing to Anastasia's request. She and Kadoc then leave to usher in her rule. Atalanta Alter and Beowulf leave to meet with the others.[9]

Despite his wounds, Ivan fights the group when Ristuka isn't able to answer his question if they're truly willing to destroy his world to save their own. After he disappears, Kadoc arrives and orders Atlanta Alter to kill the others. She agreed to kill them once Ivan was dead. She confesses her betrayal is due to her refusal to abandon the Yaga. As the group fight Atlanta Alter, her rebels fire at Ritsuka. Patxi shields them however, telling them to save their world become succumbing to his wounds. Billy then arrives and challenges Atalanta Alter to a duel, which she loses. She confesses she knew the Lostbelt would have to disappear, but the rebels knew this already and accepted it. Atalanta Alter disappears agreeing with Patxi's last request. Kadoc then declares the Fantasy Tree Orochi has finally connected, so now he can finally expand the Lostbelt. Ivan refused to let Orochi take root through his power to control the Lostbelt, the Emergency Prerogative, opting to sleep instead. Kadoc thus conducted a plan to have Anastasia assume the throne and gain that power herself. He and Anastasia then proceed to fight the group. After they're defeated, Kadoc tries to use the Sirius Light to rewrite the Lostbelt. Billy shoots at him, only for Anastasia to shield him. After she disappears, Billy knocks Kadoc unconscious. The group prepare to bring him to the Border when Orochi begins releasing True Ether. Da Vinci sends the Border's extra magical energy to the group so they can ascend and stop Orochi.[9]

The group stop Orochi, but they lack to means to destroy it. The Priestess of the Alien God then appears at its roots, and freezes and shatters it with a touch. Mash retrieves an imitation Holy Grail from its remains. With Orochi gone, the Lostbelt begins to disappear. After Patxi is buried, Beowulf and Billy disappear, and Salieri leaves for Yaga Moscow. The Storm Wall vanishes with Orochi's destruction; Sherlock concluding the Walls and Trees are connected. Ritsuka and Mash then return to the Border with Kadoc in their custody. Meanwhile in Yaga Moscow, Salieri plays Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star for the Yaga in honor of Mozart's request. He promises to continue playing until the Lostbelt disappears.[9] In the meantime, Chaldea crosses Russia's border to find the world is now completely blank. They then receive a coded transmission from a mage named Baldanders currently waiting for more survivors at the Wandering Sea.[25]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Caster Avicebron Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Atalanta (Alter) Rebels
Archer Billy the Kid N/A
Berserker Beowulf N/A
Avenger Antonio Salieri N/A
Saber Miyamoto Musashi Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova Kadoc Zemlupus
N/A Koyanskaya Crypters
N/A Grigori Rasputin Crypters
Berserker Minotaur N/A
Rider (Living Hero) Ivan the Terrible Russia


Designation Identity Affiliation
Crypter Kadoc Zemlupus Crypters
Yaga Patxi Ritsuka Fujimaru
Fantasy Tree Fantasy Tree Orochi Alien God


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