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SHIKI Tohno[Note 1] (遠野 四季(シキ)[Note 2], Tōno Shiki?) is the true eldest son of the Tohno family and the eighteenth reincarnation of Michael Roa Valdamjong in Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-.



The Inversion incident 8 years ago.

The eldest child of the Tohno family, who was feared by his sister Akiha due to his unstable demon blood and good friends with Shiki Nanaya, his adopted brother from the Nanaya clan. The three would often play with together, and they especially enjoyed playing a game where they would mark territory inside the mansion by carving their names walls, floors, and pillars. He eventually fell to his Inversion Impulse, resulting in him attacking his sister. She was protected by Shiki Nanaya, who suffered from a nearly fatal wound and having part of his "life" stolen by SHIKI.[2][3][4]


SHIKI looks similar to his design in the original Tsukihime, being an emaciated-looking young man wearing a loose kimono. His hair is longer than in his original design, being much closer to Roa’s original design. When Roa is under the influence of his lingering consciousness in Arcueid’s route, he appears similarly to his original design due to this difference. After taking complete control of the body, Roa changes his appearance to suit his tastes and distance himself from his host.


In Arcueid's route, Roa retains SHIKI's consciousness until the moment his knife stabbed Shiki. After SHIKI's greatest wish, revenge against Shiki, was fulfilled, Roa completely took over the body.[1][2]



Arcueid route[]

Roa-SHIKI first appears as a shadowy figure on the road as Shiki Tohno is walking home. He walks up to Shiki, and with his approaching the street lights go out. In complete darkness, with only the lines visible, he feels the shadow attack him with a knife. The two start to spar, though Shiki still cannot make out who or what the shadow is. He gets the upper-hand, but still cannot cut his opponent's lines. He realizes that the shadow can see them too. Suddenly, a thin blade from Noel impales the shadow, sending him flying into a wall. She throws a few more knives at the shadow, finishing it off, as they curse Shiki.[5]

Roa-SHIKI on the school's corridor.

As Shiki heads out in the corridor of the school, that's when he once again sees it. The shadowy figure. It gets closer. He knows it from somewhere. But it's too close, he has to strike. Shiki pulls out his knife and attacks, but it's too late. The figure flashes with lightning and in an instant, has moved to Shiki's back and disarmed him. The figure strikes, declaring Shiki is not the only one who can see the lines, and hits him in the chest. His face is revealed and so Shiki remembers. He thinks back to the scene of Akiha crying, the dead boy. It's him; SHIKI Tohno. The other person they would always play with.[2]

Roa-SHIKI stabbing Shiki.

The figure declares SHIKI's revenge settled, and so Roa takes over, his reincarnation complete. He's about to deal the killing blow, when Ciel bursts through the window. After Shiki "kills" this part of SHIKI, Roa is able to fully take over SHIKI's body, changing his appearance to distance himself from his host.[2]

Ciel route[]

In Ciel's route, Roa (in SHIKI's body) gets killed shortly after the battle against Vlov by Arcueid who rips his heart out and crushes it.[6] Just as in the original Tsukihime, Roa survives by possessing Shiki due to the spiritual link between him and SHIKI.[6]


SHIKI is skilled with using a knife in close-quarters combat much like Shiki.[5][2] Roa claims that he can use SHIKI’s regenerative powers to restore his legs after Shiki "kills" them using his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.[3]



  1. The names of Tsukihime Remake series protagonist Shiki Tohno (志貴) and this SHIKI Tohno (四季) are pronounced the same but spelled utilizing different kanji. Due to the inability to replicate this in English, the name of SHIKI is either capitalized or italicized at times to indicate the difference.
  2. In the japanese text, SHIKI's name is written as usual but when pronounced it is usually represented with the kanji in ruby (シキ), such as in Shiki and Roa's conversation when the latter fully takes control.


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    Comment from the illustrator: Arc’s and Ciel’s nemesis. A character always close to the core of Tsukihime. In Arc’s story, he retained SHIKI’s consciousness until the moment his knife stabbed Shiki. After SHIKI’s greatest wish was fulfilled, Roa completely took over the body. PFALZ designed the Serpent of Akasha crest that appears when Roa has full control of the body.


    • 性別:男性
    • 年齢:12〜60歳(転生先の肉体は18歳)
    • 血液型:A
    • 身長:178cm
    • 体重:65kg
    • 生日: 9月29日
    • 属性:秩序・悪
    • 好きな物: 技術革新、朗読、食事、悲劇
    • 嫌いな物: 突発的なイベント、無教養、不完全、喜劇
    • 天敵: 直死の魔眼、第七聖典


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