Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), Knight of the Sword (剣の騎士?) and Heroic Spirit of the Sword (剣士の英霊?), is one of the Three Knight Classes among the seven standard Servant classes summoned for the Holy Grail War.


Servants placed within this class are agile and powerful melee warriors adept at swordsmanship, boasting high ratings in all categories, and they are often heroes from the Age of Gods when magecraft was still commonplace. The qualifying conditions require the Heroic Spirits to have legends as knights of the sword, and it is the class that requires the highest levels of attributes in all but the Magic attribute.[1] It is possible for the status qualifications to be bypassed in special circumstances, such as through Nero Claudius Caesar's Imperial Privilege.[2] Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Noble Phantasm Sword Hunt qualifies him as an extremely rare Saber without qualities distinctive of the class.[3] Compatible Heroic Spirits usually excel in delivering powerful burst attacks.[1]

Skills and characteristicsEdit

The standard opinion is that the Saber Class is the best of the seven classes and the strongest of the Servants, said to have made it to the final battle in the first four Fuyuki wars.[4][5] They will generally have an overwhelming advantage over Caster-class Servants who uses magecraft as their main offensive ability due to their Magic Resistance Skill.[6] The weakness of the class is its straightforwardness in battle, only able to attack the enemy with their sword while unable to resort to other tactics like the Presence Concealment of the Assassin Class.[7]

The Class Skills of the Saber class are Magic Resistance and Riding.[1]

Known SabersEdit

  • Servants marked with are also able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders.
  • Servants marked with are also contracted to Hakuno Kishinami in the world of Fate/EXTELLA.
  • Servants marked with are those who change class mid-story but do not display characteristics substantially different from the original class.
True Name War Master
UnknownFirst Fuyuki Holy Grail WarUnknown
UnknownSecond Fuyuki Holy Grail WarUnknown
UnknownThird Fuyuki Holy Grail WarEdelfelt sisters
Artoria Pendragon‡†Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail WarKiritsugu Emiya
Artoria Pendragon‡†Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail WarShirou Emiya
Artoria Pendragon (Alter)Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War - Heaven's FeelSakura Matou
Altera (Moon)Moon Cell Holy Grail WarHakuno Kishinami
Altera LarvaMoon Cell Holy Grail WarHakuno Kishinami
CharlemagneMoon Cell Holy Grail WarHakuno Kishinami
Gawain‡†Moon Cell Holy Grail WarLeonardo B. Harwey
Nero Claudius CaesarMoon Cell Holy Grail WarHakuno Kishinami
Suzuka GozenMoon Cell Holy Grail WarKazuhito Sakagami
SiegfriedGreat Holy Grail WarGordes Musik Yggdmillennia
MordredGreat Holy Grail WarKairi Sisigou
Altera (Attila the Hun)Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Artoria Pendragon (Lily)Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
AstolfoGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
BedivereGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Diarmuid Ua DuibhneGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Gaius Julius CaesarGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Gilles de RaisGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Fergus mac RóichGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
JasonGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
LakshmibaiGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
LancelotGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Le Chevalier d'EonGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Miyamoto Musashi Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Nero Claudius Caesar (Bride)Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
RamaGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Shiki Ryougi 「 」Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Shita-kiri no Suzume Benienma Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Yagyu Tajima-no-Kami MunenoriGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Castor and PolluxGrand OrderKirschtaria Wodime
SigurdGrand OrderOphelia Phamrsolone
SurtrGrand OrderOphelia Phamrsolone
Prince of LanlingGrand OrderHinako Akuta
Sasaki KojiroGrand OrderNone
Senji Muramasa (Emiya Shirou)Grand OrderNone
Arthur PendragonFirst Holy Grail War (Prototype)Manaka Sajyou
Arthur Pendragon (Male)‡Second Holy Grail War (Prototype)Ayaka Sajyou
Artoria Pendragon‡†Labyrinth Holy Grail WarNorma Goodfellow
Richard the LionheartTrue and False Holy Grail WarsCashura
Ayaka Sajyou
Galahad Alter"After" the Holy Grail WarKoharu
Artoria PendragonFifth Ainsworth Holy Grail WarZachary Ainsworth
Toyotomi HideyoshiImperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story MemoirsRin Tohsaka/Sakura Matou
Okita SoujiImperial Capital Holy Grail Strange StoryKohaku
Okita Souji (Alter)None (Koha-Ace)None
Tokugawa IeyasuNone (Koha-Ace)None
UnknownNone (Learn with Manga! FGO)Mash Kyrielight
Lê LợiMost Powerful Great Figures ChapterKane Himuro
Saber LionTiger Holy Grail WarTaiga Fujimura
Galactica SaberNone (Capsule Servant)Gilgamesh


Two variations of the class has been shown with names and abilities based on the Roman gods.

Class Name True Name War Master
Saber MarsAttilaight CellMoon Holy Grail WarHakuno Kishinami
Saber VenusNero Claudius CaesarMoon Holy Grail WarHakuno Kishinami

Nonstandard SabersEdit

Servants possessing the Class of Saber for special reasons unrelated to a proper summoning.

True Name War Master
Alexander (Fake)Grand OrderJoan of Arc (Alter)
Elizabeth Bathory (Brave)Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Fergus mac Róich (Child)Grand OrderNone
Frankenstein (Swimsuit)Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Katsushika Hokusai (Swimsuit)Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Medb (Swimsuit)Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Water IriGrand OrderNone

Other qualifying heroesEdit

True Name Current Class Notes
Abraham LincolnNone[8]
Captain KiddNone[9]
Cú ChulainnLancer[10]
Edward, the Black PrinceNone[11]
Jeanne D'arcRuler[14]
Minamoto no YorimitsuBerserker[15]
Nagao KagetoraLancer[16]
Queen VictoriaNone[9]
Sherlock HolmesRuler[9]
Watanabe no TsunaNone[8]


« Since Saber is trained in traditional swordsmanship, I decided to go with the image of a knight dressed in a full set of European plate armor. The pose is also an archetypical knight's salute. I didn't want the armor model to get too clunky, so I didn't stay true to Saber's origins as stated in the official character profile. Instead, I took my inspiration from the simpler Gothic style armor of 15th-century Germany. »

(Chihiro Aikura - Tarot Card Saber, Fate/complete material II)


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