Saber (セイバー, Seibā?) is a Saber-class Servant contracted to Hakuno Kishinami in the post-Moon Holy Grail War world of Fate/EXTELLA.



Saber's True Name is Altera (アルテラ, Arutera?), or Attila (アッティラ, Attira?), but she is different from the Altera of Earth.

Hero AlteraEdit

An avatar the “Titan Altera” created to act as a separate, more mobile agent. Creating the avatar drained the titan’s resources greatly, so much that she actually shrank as a result. (Her body dropped down one-rank, from thirty-four meters, her size when she was sealed away, to sixteen meters.)[1]

As a pseudo-Servant created by the titan, she is able to freely move around SE.RA.PH (within the restrictions of her limited mana supply). When the titan is in sleep mode, she sees through Hero Altera’s eyes in an experience similar to a dream.[1]

A pseudo-Servant, “Hero Altera” requires a Master (in her case, Hakuno) in order to exist in a tangible form. Without Hakuno at her side, she would have no mana source, and would be unable to move or act.[1]

She wields the Sword of Mars, a tricolored blade of light. As a Servant of the Umbral Star, she feeds on the data inside the SE.RA.PH. She leads the warped “Forces of Destruction.”[1]


She has white hair and red eyes.

  • Street Vacances (ストリート・ヴァカンス, Sutorīto Vakansu?) - Altera's swimsuit costume.
  • Neighbor Altera (となりのアルテラさん, Tonari no Arutera-san?) - Altera's casual costume.


Hero AlteraEdit

Her personality is exactly the same as the version of Altera who walked the fields of the Earth, better known as Attila the Hun. Attila, for reasons she only half remembered, revered the God of War, and of Altera’s three present incarnations, her Hero self most clearly shows that god’s influence.[1]

Cold-hearted and cruel, she seems like a killing machine without a shred of emotion, but is there more behind her stoic facade?[1]

Titan AlteraEdit

Despite being known as the King of Destruction, her main persona is introverted, strong-willed, and soft-spoken. The three tenets of her core self are neatness (humility, purity), generosity (gentleness, patience), and innocence (she is demure, yet can be cruel in spite of herself).[1]

Although her personality is gentle and intelligent, her sheer size makes first impressions terrifying. As well, her modest, reticent nature and her calculating gaze can both come across as cold cruelty. Accordingly, humans ruled out the possibility of negotiating with her from the beginning, and so she was scorned as a fearsome monstrosity. Altera herself doesn’t mean to scare people, but her history and purpose of destroying all humans makes it difficult to converse with them. As a result, she has given up trying to correct their mistaken assumptions, and is at peace with being feared.[1]

She is the exact image of the stereotypical well-bred young lady who does not understand she is tremendously beautiful. She is also a maternal type cool-dere who watches over Hakuno even while she is intimate, affectionate, and dependant on them. She possesses the latitude and infinite patience of an older woman. On top of all this is the fragility and sadness she feels as a result of the solitary position she’s placed in, as well as her calculating nature as an invader and destroyer.[1]

Everything up until now has been a description of her “core personality”.[1]

Altera’s sense of self is made of three viewpoints, but they are not mixed together, and are instead treated as their own independent facets. To describe it in human terms, it is akin to multiple personality disorder. Altera switches between them to suit her needs when she deals with other people; in essence, she changes the OS of her personality.[1]

Those three personalities pertain to the three primary colors of the prism that is Altera’s symbol.[1]

Green: The facet of the maiden. Weak-willed and cute.[1]
Red: The facet of the warrior. Cold and fearsome. This is the most visible aspect of the Hero Altera.[1]
Blue: The facet of the goddess. Kind and merciful.[1]

The blue facet is her main personality. She switches to green when she stirs from “sleep” or when something makes her happy, and red when she’s in battle or when she becomes angry.[1]

The three colors of light that reflect Altera’s personality are actually kind of like a spotlight. Also, even though she has multiple persona OSes, her tastes and predilections do not change.[1]

Her likes include small, fragile things, gentle times, hair accessories, and physical affection. She dislikes weaklings, stereotypes, lies, and sickness.[1]

In this context, “weaklings” does not describe beings who lack power, but rather refers to those who lack mental fortitude. “Fragile things,” in contrast, actually means “cute things.” This is why Altera’s My Room slowly fills up with more and more lovely objects.[1]

It’s a complex matter, to be sure, but her way of approaching any situation is different for each of her facets. For instance, if she encountered a “fragile thing”, her maiden personality would interact with it lovingly, her warrior personality would toy with it, and her goddess personality would cherish it.[1]

Basically, Altera is hungry for communication with others. She has always wished to talk to people, to truly interact with them, but she had never been able to do so before.[1]


From the perspective of the Altera sleeping on the Moon, the life of Attila was but a fanciful dream. This is similar to the circumstances of Saber and “The Forests of Camlann and the Holy Grail War” in Fate/stay night.[1]
But Attila’s memories left their mark on Titan Altera, sparking a glimmer of humanity within her. As a result, she began to question her programmed mission.[1]
Nero and Tamamo no Mae
When it comes to Nero and Tamamo no Mae, Altera recognizes both of them as obstacles who stand in her way of conquering the Moon Cell. On the outside, she says only that the other Regalia wielder are in her way and works to get rid of them. She would never say it out loud, but she is full of jealousy, admiration, and even fear for the both of them. She respects them as proper Servants of her Master.[1]
Altera realizes that her existence inspires fear, so she is preoccupied with worry that Hakuno will make a hasty bid for escape and return to his or her two previous Servants. She also believes that the only way to truly make Hakuno her Prisoner, both physically and mentally, is to defeat Nero and Tamamo without mercy. Titan Altera’s sentiment is much the same. “There is no meaning in conversing with them,” she might say. “The two of them must be removed.” Although her words are gentle, she has no intention of holding back.[1]
For both Alteras, Nero is an obstruction as both a conqueror and a Servant. She is someone Altera cannot co-exist with. She both hates and envies Nero’s tendency to act with wild abandon. (If Hakuno was not in the picture, there is a good possibility that Nero, who tends to lavish attention on one person, and Altera, who gets lonely easily, would be good friends.)[1]
Meanwhile, Tamamo no Mae is still someone Altera needs to get rid of, since she is also contracted to Hakuno Kishinami, but she does not irritate Altera as much as Nero does. In fact, she feels like there are many parallels between them, from the fact that Tamamo is “not human” and their respective positions as Divine Spirits (of a sort) to the shared frustration that Nero holds the “main” contract with Hakuno. But in some ways, it’s precisely because of these similarities that the two are incompatible. Altera cannot understand whatsoever how Tamamo can act so fecklessly, even though she, too, is a monster.[1]
If Nero is her rival in conquering the Moon, Tamamo-no-Mae is her rival in having the greatest stats in the world of Extella.[1]
Hakuno Kishinami
Hakuno is the first person Altera has ever interacted with who does not stereotype her. Because everything in the world has been scared of Altera up until that point, she is just happy that Hakuno will touch her kindly. She begins to find joy in gentle physical contact.[1]
She frequently tries to touch Hakuno, but she usually pulls back her hand because she’s afraid of being scary… and she’s constantly fighting an internal battle between those two lines of thought. She’s actually quite shy, as it turns out. However, since she has good reason to do so, she seizes the opportunity with surprising boldness.[1]
An example scenario. Her Master is tired from fighting, lies down on her stomach in order to recover, and starts an event.[1]
The interaction between a human and a giant, both heart-warming and passionate, are described in the story. In the story, Altera goes from being surprised and happy about physical contact to fully enjoying herself. In other words, she finds a certain pleasure in have Hakuno play on her body.[1]



Saber is a playable character and her faction consists of herself, her adjutant Gilgamesh, Jeanne d'Arc, and Iskandar.

Before the events of the game, Altera is found, as her titan self, sleeping in her cave in the Zero Dark by Hakuno Kishinami and Archimedes. After Hakuno strikes her with a Code Cast with the power of an A-rank Noble Phantasm to no effect, she wakes up, and gently asks for their identity. She keeps her movements as slight as possible in order not to scare Hakuno and Archimedes, as she waits for their next move. When Archimedes mentions the Regalia, Altera calls the Moon Cell's choice to seal her away to be obvious, but much too simple. She realizes Hakuno, as the bearer of the Regalia, has come to destroy her. Now filled with hostility, she grabs Hakuno, when Archimedes reveals his true intent to kill Hakuno and destroy the Regalia using Altera. Altera realizes Archimedes isn't a Servant of the Moon Cell, and asks for his identity and reasoning for betraying Hakuno, to which he reveals himself to be Velber's Servant.

Complying with Archimedes, Altera prepares to kill Hakuno, destroying the Regalia with them, to fulfill her mission to destroy the Moon Cell. She is stopped however when Hakuno uses the Regalia to separate their mind, body, and soul. Calling Hakuno's act reckless, Altera tells Archimedes she had no interest in killing Hakuno. She admits Hakuno doesn't need to be kept alive, but she doesn't need to kill them either, as they weren't hostile towards her. She decides to take Hakuno's Body as her prisoner, and forbids Archimedes from touching Hakuno without her permission.

As Archimedes angrily reminds her of duty as an Anti-Cell of Velber, she says she'll destroy the Moon Cell after conquering it. She then attacks him, and warns him not to show himself to her again, otherwise she'll kill him for sure. After Archimedes leaves, Altera watches as the newly awakened Body tries to escape. She picks them up, and announces that they're her prisoner from now on. After Body confirms they're uninjured, Altera introduces herself to them, and again asks for their name.

Flame PoemEdit

Altera appears in a vision of Hakuno's Mind, where she speaks to them. She tells them to keep looking at her, as it makes her happy, and sad when they don't. She however warns that she can't let either Hakuno or herself get closer, as her feelings usually lead to violence. Yet Altera feels she can't move when Hakuno looks at her. She warns them that any sort of betrayal will result in their death without remorse. She says how it would better for her if Hakuno weren't around. She wonders when she will finally awaken from her dream.

Following the destruction of Tamamo no Mae's Regalia, Altera emerges from the Zero Dark before Hakuno, Nero Claudius, and Archimedes. She immediately attacks Archimedes with Void Cells, which seemingly destroy him after his defense breaks Commanding the Void Cells to stop, she introduces herself as destruction itself, and destroys Tamamo's palace with a single swing of her sword. Hakuno's Body suddenly appears and tells her to control her destructive impulses for a bit. Altera scolds Body for showing themselves without her permission. When Nero tries to talk to Body, Altera forces her and Mind to retreat for daring to speak to them.

Afterwards, Altera and her forces conquered eighty percent of SE.RA.PH in half a day. She is eventually confronted by Nero in her palace in Mare Origio. She admits to Nero that Body is confined to the Regalia as her prisoner when Nero deduces such. She calls Hakuno the key to the Regalia, and thus keeps them together with no chance of escape. She dismisses Nero's criticism of her treatment of Body as naive. Altera is surprised though that Nero was able to drive off Iskandar, and asks how it happened since he had the statistical advantage. Nero answers her love for Hakuno led her to numerous victories, but Altera misinterprets love as a hidden feature or secret skill. Only aware of the concept of love, she had no need to know more of such things, and briefly fights Nero to test her. When Nero asks of her connection to Rome, given her Sword of Mars, Altera answers she is a destroyer of the world, and that she may destroyed Rome once. She asks Nero not to misjudge her since destruction is her duty, not her passion. She tells Nero that she'll spare her and Hakuno if she hands them and Regalia over, otherwise she'll kill them both. Nero refuses and attacks Altera, but Altera defends herself. She decides to leave as a show of mercy, but warns that she won't show mercy next time. Elizabeth Báthory suddenly appears though, and wonders why Altera is showing mercy to anything. Altera tells her to shut up, but leaves when Elizabeth reminds her that Velber will destroy Moon Cell regardless of any mercy she shows.

Altera later appears in Nero's Room, where she briefly fights Nero. She warns Nero that she'll die like all the other that tried to fight her. She continues that if Nero had any sense, she'd try a fighting retreat at least. Nonetheless, she's intrigued by Nero's style, believing it tries to avoid extinction while courting it. Believing Nero recognizes the beauty of extinction, Altera compares her to flower in the wind and an unceasing flame. Nero agrees and attacks her, but Altera easily deflects it. She smiles when Nero proclaims she'll defeat her, but doesn't notice she was smiling. She wonders why she hasn't destroyed Nero yet, despite having every chance to. Unable to understand why she's smiling, Altera states she never once smiled. She decides to look in a mirror in her own room to confirm if she's smiling, though believes she won't see one since she believes she doesn't have any human qualities.

Encountering Nero in her palace in Mare Carcer, Altera is confused as to why she's so obsessed with her. She then reveals herself to be Atilla, which was the name the Xiongu elders had once given her, but her True Name is Altera. She and Nero then fight, but, to her surprise, she is driven back. She then launches Teardrop Photon Ray at her Nero, but Nero however uses the Regalia to boost her defense despite the risk of breaking the Regalia. Altera is then placed in Aestus Domus Aurea, and becomes enamored by its beauty. After Nero defeats her, she states she saw the light of the human spirit in the theater, which she consider true beauty. When Body leaves the Regalia, Altera tells them it's too dangerous to leave the ring, as she can't protect them now. She denies Nero that she truly cares for her Master, only needing one to continue existing as a Servant. Nero tries to invite Altera and Body as her guests, but Archimedes interrupts and reveals himself as a servant of Velber to Nero. Overpowering Nero, he proceeds to force to transform into her original self, Sefar. After Nero defeats her, Sefar apologizes to and thanks Body for staying with her until the end. She reaches out to her Master before her body crumbles away.

Orchid WordsEdit

Altera appears in Hakuno's dream, and states they won't avert their gaze from her. She calls herself a walking calamity, having came to Earth to destroy it. She continues she'll conquer all of SE.RA.PH, and then stop Moon Cell and destroy its data. She states she was born to be an alien invader, but says she has her reasons. She comments that the Hakunos have the same appearance yet have different natures, and their questions are the same yet have different meanings. Repeating what Hakuno said about her seeking a different path while living as she is, Altera says she can only destroy despite not wanting to kill anyone. She claims her existence is to destroy, which she finds to be futile to try and change. She calls Hakuno's questioning of her to be wasteful, and tells them to surrender her as her prisoner. Asking them how long they'll continue resisting her, Altera begins feels heavy, and asks when she'll awaken from the dream. She then leaves after Tamamo appears and calls her the threat to SE.RA.PH.

After Elizabeth transformed herself from consuming Nero's Regalia, Altera emerges from the Zero Dark before her, Hakuno, Tamamo, and Archimedes. She easily deflects Elizabeth's attack, and seemingly destroys her with Void Cells. Commanding the Void Cells to halt, she introduces herself as destruction itself, and destroy the palace with a single sword swing. Tamamo remembers her from Amaterasu's memories, but Altera dismisses the past as irrelevant. She attacks Tamamo, but the latter is used the Regalia to escape.

Within a short period, Altera and her forces succeeded in destroy many of Tamamo's territories. Later, she appears in Hakuno's dream again, calling everyone fragile mortal for trying to fight. She call their fight pointless since none will remember it, as Velber will only erase the records as always does. Calling their fight the very definition of futility, she claims the outcome is written in stone. Seeing Hakuno remains determined to fight her, Altera says humans never learn, and that they're too weak to survive in her presence. She then states her goal is the Regalia, as it is the key to the Moon Cell. Feeling that her head hurts from this type of communication, she asks Hakuno when she'll wake from her dream. Deciding she said enough, Altera claims she'll let Hakuno live as her slave if they prove themselves in battle. Following that she'll destroy both them and Tamamo with her sword.

Eventually, Altera is confronted by Tamamo in her palace in Mare Carcer. She tells her to stand down, wishing to not use her sword to destroy her and Hakuno both. She agrees with Tamamo's mockery of her hesistation despite her immense destructive power. Calling Tamamo weaker than her, Altera demands her Regalia, and promises she'll use it to protect her and Hakuno. However, Tamamo rejects her proposal out of greed and jealously, and then the two fight each other. She is eventually driven back by Tamamo, and launches Teardrop Photon Ray at her. Believing she killed her, Altera asks for forgiveness, as she didn't wish to kill her. In truth however, she only destroyed a decoy, and she is then defeated by Tamamo's ambush. As she lies on the floor defeated, she is shocked that she was easily tricked. When Body leaves her Regalia, Altera tell them it's too dangerous to leave, as she can't protect them. Suddenly, Elizabeth appears and forces her to transform innto Sefar as Altera screams she doesn't want to kill anybody. After being defeated by Tamamo, Sefar repeats the line she said to Body in the previous arc, and crumbles away reaching out to them.


After learning Hakuno's name, Altera sees they're unwounded, but senses they also lost their memories. Seeing Hakuno's confusion, she states she doesn't know much about herself, and knows Hakuno doesn't what kind of being she is. Then, to her surprise, Hakuno jumps down from her hand and tries to escape the cavern. Altera tells them it's pointless for any human to escape from her. Stating she can just effortlessly grab them again, she asks them why they'd try to run. She becomes disappointed that Hakuno said they have to oppose her since they're the only one who tried talking to her. When Hakuno asks her what she is, Altera introduces herself as humanity's enemy. She states her goal is to invade SE.RA.PH, take control Moon Cell, and to destroy and consume all civilizations on Earth. Stating Velber invades every 14,000 years, She calls herself its vanguard, the enemy of all life, and the destroyer of all civilizations. The records of Sefar the White Titan refer to her at her most terrifying. Altera then commends Hakuno's bravery, which she'd expect from Moon Cell's chosen defender. However, she says Hakuno can't resist at all, as they're now her prisoner. Creating a cage for Hakuno, Altera explains she's different from Heroic Spirits, but she can still form a Servant contract with Hakuno. She then explains that she borrowed a bit of the Holy Grail's architecture to redefine the Master Servant relationship. She declares Hakuno is her prisoner, and states their existence is tied to hers without any escape. She tells Hakuno that she needed Master since she can't leave the cavern, and she needs someone to roam SE.RA.PH in her place. She asks Hakuno to grant her wish, but she would have to treat them less kindly if they refuse. Suddenly, Altera's alarm system sounds off, as an enemy is advancing into the Zero Dark. She deduces that the enemy is likely a Top Servant summoned by Moon Cell to kill her to maintain order. Sensing that they don't much time before the enemy arrives, Altera asks Hakuno to fight the Servant for her, which she'll consider as a short break from their cage. Hakuno eventually agrees to fight, so Altera creates a portal out of the cavern for them.

Outside the cavern, Altera appears before Hakuno albeit in human size. She explains the main body can't leave the cavern, so the form before Hakuno is akin to a manifestation of the main body's dreams. Before fighting off the invaders though, Altera demand Hakuno to give her the Regalia. After Hakuno puts the Regalia on her, Altera goes out to defeat the invaders. She eventually makes her way to Mare Melum, as she wonders when she'll awake from her dream. Fighting through the enemy forces, she tells Hakuno that slaughtering her enemies is all she can do, and all that she's good for. The enemy general, Iskandar, then appears, impressed by Altera's swordsmanship. After she deduces his True Name, he ask for her name, which she gives. He doesn't the name though, and wonders at first if she has a skill to hide her identity. Ignoring the issue of her name, Iskandar tells Altera that he's come to kill her to restore SE.RA.PH. He tells her to stay out his way, but she refuses to do so. He nearly scolds Altera for having no control, but he's able to understand she has her reasons. He then decides to fight her to make her understand since she can't be reasoned with. Disarming him, Altera tells him that his philosophy doesn't apply to her, as he lost to her anyways. Repeating Iskandar's last words "Leave everything to the strongest." to him, she announces herself to the strongest of all. He accepts the loss, and decides to join Altera, which she accepts. She tells him though that the battles ahead will likely be ahead, as she heralds the end of civilization.

Returning to Mare Carcer, Altera ejects Hakuno from the Regalia, and thanks them for peforming their duty as a Master by supplying her with mana. Understand they must be exhausted, she tells Hakuno to get some rest inside the cavern. She tells them that she won't call Iskandar to the throne room without good reason, only calling him when it comes time for him to battle. Back in the cavern, Altera welcomes Hakuno back. Relieved to see them safe, she apologizes for using so much of their mana when she fights. Since she doesn't hold back when fighting, Hakuno will become physically stressed, but she says she'll leave enough mana so they may live. She assures that while her Servant self is intimidating, she herself will be sure to treat them gently. As Hakuno contemplates their options regarded her, Altera misinterprets it as exhaustion, and realizes she shouldn't overuse her Noble Phantasm. After putting Hakuno back in their cage, she tells them that she send them out to fight again with her Servant self. She then warns that she'll tear their digital body apart if they ever betray her. She tells Hakuno to follow their survival instinct, as she reminds them that they're her prisoner.

A week later, Altera realizes Hakuno must be hungry, for which she apologizes for not noticing. She then creates a roasted chicken for them, but she becomes concerned when they hesitate. After Hakuno finishes eating, Altera apologizes for not noticing their hunger, not understanding they can't live on drinks alone. She tells them that she lacks experience with humans, only having relevant information about them. When Hakuno asks about her past experience, Altera states she didn't have time to study human behavior while bringing destruction on Earth in the name of Velber 14,000 years. She explains she'll remain imprisoned and safe until Velber makes its return. She further explains that being in the cavern not only keeps herself but also keeps other safe from her. However, her awakening is sign of Velber's return, as she feels her time until now was like a dream. When Hakuno asks about her defeat on earth, Altera explains Sefar will appear on Earth at the appointed time as long as she exists since she is Sefar's true form. As long as the necessary requirements are met, she can obtain a real body, which Hakuno considers giving her so they may be released. However, Altera tells them that they would never help bring Sefar to Earth, understanding they'll betray to save Moon Cell. She hesitates to answer Hakuno's confusion on what she truly wants when she states she has no choice but to destroy Moon Cell. Suddenly, Elizabeth flies into the cavern; Altera recognizes her presence as being Archimedes' minion. She tells her that the cavern is her domain, which isn't a place for a corrupted Servant like Elizabeth. After Elizabeth leaves detecting an incoming enemy, Altera sends Hakuno out to defeat the enemy with her Servant self.

When Hakuno arrives outside of the cavern, Altera explains that Moon Cell sent two Top Servant this time following Iskandar's defeat. She reminds Hakuno that they're still her prisoner as long as she owns the Regalia, unwilling to give them to any Heroic Spirit. After warning Hakuno about Top Servants, she calls herself destruction personified, which she believes will never change. When Hakuno wonders if Altera can gain Mana without a Master since she has the Regalia, Altera threateningly reminds them that they're her prisoner. After absorbing them into the Regalia, She tells them that their support is unneeded, and that they only need to watch her fight as she departs for the battlefield.

Outside her palace, Altera encounters Jeanne d'Arc, who she tells to stop before she gets killed. Believing none can stop her, she tells Jeanne to surrender and join her, but Jeanne rejects her. When Jeanne announces she'll use her power as Ruler to seal Altera away forever, Altera admires Jeanne's strength to survive many battles despite her naivety, so she decides to fight to break her faith. However, their fight is interrupted by Gilgamesh's unleashing of Gate of Babylon, which incapacitates Jeanne. Ignoring his boasts, Altera fights Gilgamesh, but she struggles against him. Gilgamesh tells her to stop holding back by turning into the Sefar, calling her a mock Heroic Spirit. She responds that her current form is from the memory of when she walked on Earth as a human. She feels she fought to leave something behind rather than destroy, a memory she doesn't want to lose. While agreeing with Gilgamesh's earlier assesment, she also declares she'll fight in her current form as long as there's someone who calls her Altera. She continues that he should destroy her current body and resolve with it if he wishes to fight Sefar. Gilgamesh fires a poisoned weapon at Altera to force her transformation. She refuses to transform while struggling against the poison until Hakuno uses Code Cast to suppress the poison. Accepting their help, Altera fights Gilgamesh, but their fights ends in a draw. In response to her confusion, Gilgamesh tells her business is with Sefar, so he'll have to deal with her first if she refuses to transform. He then reveals that before he was born, Altera as Sefar spared his father once, which made him and the gods feel indebted to her. Thus, he decides to join Altera in order to repay that debt, as her second-in-command despite refusing to follow her orders.

Returning to her palace, Altera ejects Hakuno from the Regalia. She thanks them for their help, as she won against Gilgamesh while holding back her destructive urges thanks to them. When Hakuno says they'll continue supporting with their Code Casts, she tells them not to get carried away. She then tells them to return to the cavern and get some rest. After Hakuno returns to the cavern, Altera is found whimpering by them. Caught by surprise, she welcomes them back, and stretches her hand out for them to ride to their cage. Refusing to go back into the cage, Hakuno shocks Altera when they declare they trust her, even though her prisoner. Answering their trust, Altera promises Hakuno that she'll never put in the cage again. She also states she'll destroy the cage and prepare more suitable lodgings for Hakuno. Realizing she'll have to do that tomorrow, she tells them to bear the cage for one more night, and tells them to eat up and rest.

The next morning, Altera greets Hakuno when they wake up, but she gets worried when they keep staring at her.  She wonders if her mixing enemy programs' guts in their meal last night is the cause of their lack of sleep. However, she reveals that only she was teasing Hakuno, for which she apologizes. After Hakuno greets her, Altera asks for their opinion on her redecorating. She goes on to explain she has some experience in decorating, as the cavern was previously empty space before she created its current state from the dream she had. She then explains she tried to create rugs and decoration adhering to Hakuno's size, and asks for their opinion on it. She is elated when Hakuno likes the redecorating, and calls the cavern a special for both of them. Stating the cavern is all she has, Altera is grateful to Hakuno for giving her some semblance of freedom. Hearing Hakuno will fight to free her, she tells them they shouldn't, as she'll conquer and destroy Moon Cell once freed from the cavern. Elizabeth then appears in the cavern, and tells Altera to hurry and start conquering SE.RA.PH since Nero and Tamamo both have pieces of the Regalia. She also reveals to Hakuno that they're the original's body split off their mind and soul, which went to Nero and Tamamo respectively. After Elizabeth leaves saying Tamamo is invading, Altera tell Hakuno to go repel the invasion.

Outside the cavern, Altera is overheard by Hakuno trying to deny Elizabeth's previous words about her using Hakuno as a tool. She tells them that they aren't a tool, the Regalia is, and calls them her Master. After Hakuno states they know so already, Altera admits her forcing them to give her the Regalia was more of ploy when they mention it. Then, before going out to fight, she tells Hakuno that they need to fuse with their Mind and Soul in order to stabilize, which also means assembling the Regalia. After telling Hakuno to continue being her prisoner to survive, she goes to repel the invasion.

Fighting through the enemy forces, she defeats Karna, and eventually encounters Tamamo along with Hakuno's Soul. She reluctantly complies with Hakuno's request to let them out the Regalia so they can try to negotiate. However, Altera decides to end negotations by absorbing Hakuno into the Regalia when they consider joining Tamamo.  She becomes flustered by Hakuno's declaration that they're her master through thick and thin. While denying she's fallen for them, Altera claims Hakuno does give her power, and fights and forces Tamamo to retreat. 

Returning to her palace, Altera ejects Hakuno from the Regalia, and struggles to clarify her feelings for them. She instead thanks them for assistance, and tells them to rest and heal in the cavern. Inside the cavern, Altera admits  to Hakuno that she didn't want to worry them about their fading existence that resulted when they split themselves. She becomes flustered when Hakuno points out she's shyer than her Servant self. In response, she holds them to her chest under the prentense of punishing them, but she ends up embarrassingly letting them rest on her body. Later, she shows Hakuno their new more comfortable cage. Stating it heals more than the old cage, she wishes them good night and sweet dreams.

The next day, Altera tells Hakuno they can move roam the cavern, and that she won't lock them in their cage anymore.  She reveals she made the cage in the first place because she was afraid of hurting them. Slowly understanding her own limitations, she tells Hakuno that she'll never treat them carelessly. When Hakuno asks for her opinion on Tamamo, Altera denyingly admits she's jealous of Tamamo for being a proper Servant of Hakuno. After serving breakfast, she tells them that Tamamo has invaded, though she's concerned about them fighting their own Servant. She tells Hakuno again of her mission when they asks her what she wants. After Hakuno leaves the cavern though, Altera contemplates on she truly wants. Elizabeth then appears in the cavern, telling her to stop being friendly with Hakuno. Altera repeats Velber's orders to fuse the three Regalia, then take over the Moon Cell core; something Archimedes also wants. When Elizabeth accuses her of attempting to have a romance with Hakuno, Altera claims Hakuno is nothing more than a disposable tool. Elizabeth senses Altera isn't be honest with herself, and asks her if she's conquering Moon Cell for Velber, or for herself and Hakuno. Altera realizes she can't have the latter outcome as Elizabeth points out she was created to destroy. After Elizabeth leaves, Altera says she doesn't ever want to become Sefar.

In the palace, Altera appears before Hakuno and announces the enemy has arrived sooner than expected. Claiming other Regalia wielders are her enemies, she tells Hakuno that killing them is her first priority, even if they're important to Hakuno. Stating she won't make Hakuno comfortable like her titan self, Altera tells them that she'll restore them. After absorbing Hakuno into the Regalia, she leaves the palace.

Later, Arriving in Mare Luxuria, Altera fights through Tamamo's forces. She eventually confronts Tamamo in her palace, and confirms to her that she's an enemy of the world. After defeating Tamamo, Altera prepares to finish her off when she's stopped by Hakuno's Soul. Admiring their resolution to alway stay themselves, she asks for their forgiveness, and slays Tamamo. Claiming the second Regalia with Soul resting inside, she tells Hakuno that their condition is stable. She then states she's already conquered 70% of SE.RA.PH, with the rest being hers when she claims the third Regalia. Wondering if a few things will survive in the wake of her destruction, she tells Hakuno that she won't able to stay their Servant for much longer. She continues that when the fused Regalia is completely destroyed, the Ark of the Stars will pierce the Moon Cell core, and take full control of Moon Cell. Once that happens, she'll no longer be Hakuno's Servant, as her titan self will disappear with the Zero Dark.

Back at the palace, Altera tells Hakuno she has no choice but to follow her mission. She tells them that she wouldn't know what to do with the freedom they believe she desires. Believing herself to empty and unlike humans, she tells Hakuno that she'll protect them, even if she disappears or turns to stone. Later, inside the cavern, Altera is asked by Hakuno to tell them how she truly feels about her circumstances. Finding herself overwhelmed by their resolve, she tell them of the feelings she learned from dreaming of Atilla's life. She also reveals to Hakuno that her core is based on an amalgamation of data from other worlds Velber previously harvested. She continues that when Velber discovers a civilization of sentient beings like on Earth, it sends a fragment of itself, the Ark of the Stars, looking like a comet to Earth's people. With Altera inside, the Ark penetrated into the Far Side of the Moon to infiltrate the Moon Cell. From there, Altera, in digital form, connected to the Moon Cell's photon network and carved a section of SE.RA.PH for Velber. Repeating what transpired on the Moon and Earth 14,000 years, she says Velber left for another galaxy following her defeat on the Moon and Earth. Velber ordered her to wait for its return, so she waited for many millennia for its return. During that time, she dreamed of the life of Atilla the Hun, her other self who lived as a human. Although they're both destroyers, Altera understands Atilla had the goal of bringing prosperity to her clan, unlike her. She also understands Atilla's actions would be considered evil by modern standards, but she believes her own actions aren't evil as they're without self-interest. Although accepting herself as just a destroyer, Altera doesn't want that, instead wanting to leave behind something meaningful like Atilla tried to do. She then explains her sword originally belonged to the Mars, the God of War. She fought him 14,000 years, and took his sword when she defeated him. This act was recorded by SE.RA.PH, which assigned Altera the Saber class accordingly, and allowed her to manifest the Sword of Mars at will. Stating Atilla also possessed the same power, she considers the sword to be a important memento because she is who she is today after claiming it.

Later, Altera reveals the perfect Regalia allows its wielder full authorization to the Moon Cell, so for that reason Velber wants it destroyed. She then explains how Velber consumed the Moon Cell's data through the Ark, but it was quarantined when the Moon Cell created the Zero Dark. After that, the Moon Cell deployed a galaxy-wide jammer to mask the Sol System's coordinates to prevent Velber's return. However, if the Moon Cell ceases to function with the perfect Regalia's destruction, then Velber will return. Altera tells Hakuno that she'll continue her original mission, which means the destruction of humanity and its history. Thus, she tells Hakuno to be angry at her, but they refuse to do so. Altera is surprised by their compassion, and she's asked what she'd do if Velber didn't exist. She answers that it's useless to think about that since Velber will never stop searching for the Sol System. She continue that even if Velber didn't exist, she would still continue to destroy and dominate as per her nature. Yet despite that, she doesn't want to become Sefar, and wishes to leave something meaningful behind. Then, letting Hakuno down from her hand, Altera apologizes for her somber tone. Hakuno however smiles at her having her own personal goal, which makes her smile in turn. After serving Hakuno a special meal, Altera tells them that Velber is ordering to now obtain the last Regalia. She continues that their opponent will be Nero, Hakuno's main Servant back in the Holy Grail War. As Hakuno leaves the cavern, Altera pleads for them to return safely.

In the palace, Altera tells Hakuno that she doesn't think like her titan self nor do her memories could never transfer to her. Understanding how Hakuno feels, she states how being their Servant makes her feel warm for as long as it lasts. She absorbs Hakuno into the Regalia, and she's asked to let them negotiate with Nero if she wishes to. She agrees to do so if Nero does as well, otherwise she'll destroy her and take her Regalia.

Arriving in Mare Mellum, Altera fights through the enemy forces, defeating Li Shuwen and Cú Chulainn. However, Altera realizes her fight with Cú Chulainn was a ploy by Nero to wear her down. Nero confirms such and appears as she proclaims herself the true king of Moon Cell. Nero thought Altera of being a monster after hearing she killed Tamamo, but now thinks differently upon seeing her beauty. Thus, she decides to talk, but Altera attack her with her sword, erasing the space it struck from existence. She prepares to attack again, but Hakuno stops her and leaves the Regalia. Altera yells at them for defying her, to which they remind her of their promise to talk with Nero. When Nero tries to talk with Hakuno, Altera yells at her that Hakuno speaks to her alone. She then unleashes a second attack, but Nero is able to evade it and retreat with the Regalia.

Returning to the palace, Altera apologizes to Hakuno breaking their promise. She then tells them that the destructive power they saw comes from Sefar. Moving on from that subject, she states Nero retreated to her base. Saying they'll invade Nero's territory next, she tells Hakuno to rest and leaves.

Inside the cavern, Altera is found immobile by Hakuno, unresponsive to their calls. They get her attention by blowing into ear, and asks her if something happened. She denies that something happened, saying she was only surprised by her Servant self's actions with Nero. Appreciating their boldness for scolding her, Altera apologizes to Hakuno for ignoring their commands and for not hearing them enter the cavern. After Hakuno goes to sleep, Altera reveals to Elizabeth that her Servant self is autonomous, and threats to crush her for entering the cavern. Elizabeth ignores the threat, saying she already seen the real Altera, but Altera tries to deny her affection for Hakuno. She then confirms with Elizabeth that Hakuno's current condition is unstable, stating the Body alone will eventually lost cognizance and intelligence. Thus, she needs to obtain the Mind and Soul, then fuse them with Body with Regalia to stabilize Hakuno before it's too late. Elizabeth however reveals that returning Hakuno to normal would erase their memories with Altera since the Body doesn't store its own consciousness. After Elizabeth leaves, Altera laments over how Hakuno will forget her, and that her wish will never be granted. Knowing she was completely different from the start, she resigns herself to her duty.

The next day, Altera explains to Hakuno that she doesn't sleep nor dream as humans would know it. She calls her Servant self a form of wish fulfillment and herself a waking reality for her Servant self. She continue that they're the same person in most respects, only having different functions in certain cases. They're also aware of each other yet that connection is limited as they don't sense everything they sense or think; Altera attributes to a design flaw of hers. Afterwards, she asks Hakuno their opinion on Nero, to which they answer they don't know. Later that night, she decides to play games with Hakuno when their exploration of her body wakes her up from her sleep mode.

When Hakuno wakes up the next day, Altera threatens them. Telling them their use as at an end, she claims her previous gentle demeanor was false, having also removed the cavern's decorum. previous gentle demeanor was an illusion. She then locks Hakuno in a cage, as she prepares to fight Nero without them. Then, inside the palace, Altera states she'll restore Hakuno to their original condition as a show of her thanks.

Arriving in Mare Aurum, Altera receives emergency signal that someone is indirectly hacking into her cavern. She deduces Archimedes to be the culprit, and wonders if he's betrayed Velber and sided with Nero. Gilgamesh tells her the Zero Dark's core is getting interference, and tells her to stop Gawain before he can infiltrate their base. After defeating Gawain, Altera declares she's conquered all Roman territories on SE.RA.PH. However, she senses neither Nero nor Archimedes, and realizes they launched a surprise attack on her throne room, having used Gawain as bait. Summoning Iskandar and Jeanne both, she orders them to eliminate every Attack Program invading the Zero Dark. While they're doing that, she'll return to the cavern to fight Nero.

Arriving in Mare Carcer, Altera is impressed by Nero's actions, seeing her as worthy to be Sovereign of SE.RA.PH. Sensing Nero is nearing the Zero Dark's core thanks to Archimedes, she is told by Gilgamesh that they've arrived in the throne room, and that they're planning to steal Hakuno. She asks him how long until they breach the cavern, to which he answer not long since Nero has the Regalia and Archimedes is the systems engineer. Then, fighting through the enemy forces, Altera returns to her cavern to find her the Titan Altera in isolation mode. She senses her connection with the main body isn't working though, and deduces Archimedes disable her while she went into isolation mode. Finding Hakuno still in their cage, she senses Nero's presence and demands she show herself. Nero appears and tells Altera that Iskandar, Jeanne, and Gilgamesh joined her because they believed in the strength and conviction of her heart. Altera says they serve her because they lost to her, but Nero claims it's because they felt something in her as Heroic Spirits. Nero then prepares to Altera, as she proclaims they've both been blessed by the same Master. Altera is confused by her kindness, but concludes her to be a tyrant since she fights to avoid destruction yet doesn't deny it, though Nero claims she fights against ugliness. After Nero admits her admiration of her beauty, Altera fights Nero. Defeating her, Altera destroys Nero with Teardrop Photon Ray, even though she didn't wish to take her life. She claims Nero's Regalia with Hakuno's Mind inside, telling them to wait for the time of fusion. Archimedes suddenly appears and congratulates her on obtain all three pieces of the Regalia. He orders her to complete her mission, and summons Hakuno, who he paralyzed beforehand, at his side. Altera is angered by Archimedes harming Hakuno, which responds by ordering her to fuse and destroy the Regalia to disable the Moon Cell's jammer. She refuses however nor will she let Archimedes do so, declaring the Regalia belongs to Hakuno. She further declares she doesn't need the Regalia and she'll rule Moon Cell by her own will and ideals. Her declaration of him being her enemy, prompts Archimedes to torture Hakuno to coerce Altera into handing the Regalia over. She seemingly gives into Archimedes' demands when Gilgamesh ambushes him. Considering Gilgamesh's appearance to be a stroke of luck after he leaves, Altera apologizes to Hakuno, saying she'll never let anyone hurt them again.

After defeating Archimedes, she tells Hakuno to save the world, saying they could use the Moon Cell's resources to permanently isolate the cavern. Breaking their contract, she tells them to seal her away. She warns them that while they search for a way to save her, she may receive order to kill them. While an order from Archimedes could be refused, she would have no choice but to follow a direct order from Velber itself. Tells Hakuno to restore the Regalia and themselves with it, she thanks them for all they did for her. She asks them to leave her, even though they don't want to. Unfortunately, Archimedes forces the Titan Altera to transform into Sefar causing the Hero Altera to disappear. However, just as Sefar is about to crush them, Hakuno summons Altera, who protects them. Although their contract has been technically revoked, Altera says she'll remain Hakuno's Servant as long as they call her. She states Sefar has lost all her memories and experiences with her transformation; now those memories only exist in Altera. She tells Hakuno there is no way to disconnect her from Sefar, so they have no choice but to destroy Sefar even though it means Altera's demise. She also reveals the Titan Altera before her change had sent her wish to not let Sefar destroy anything. After Hakuno puts the Regalia on her finger, Altera absorbs them into it, and fights Sefar.

As Sefar dies, she thanks Hakuno for staying with her until the end and for giving her happiness. With Sefar's death, Altera begins to disappears, having stated Sefar said the words she wanted to say herself. She thanks Hakuno for the beloved days they spent together, knowing they'd stay by her through everything. She reveals she was afraid that Hakuno would hate her, but even more so she was afraid of waking from her dream. She tells Hakuno not to be sad, as she calls the time they had together to be like a dream. She admits she fell in love with Hakuno at first sight because they treated her like her own person. Thanking Hakuno for accepting her for who she is, Altera bids farewell to them and disappears.

Golden PoemEdit

Altera emerges from the Zero Dark before Hakuno, Nero, and Tamamo following the fusion of Hakuno's Mind and Soul. She immediately surrounds the group with Void Cells, then attacks them with her sword after declaring herself to be destruction itself. She is confused that Nero knows her True Name, finding it impossible for her to know that name even if she retained memories from the Age of the Gods. Nero introduces herself, but ends up angering Altera for speaking Hakuno's name. She attacks her and Tamamo with her sword again, but they manage to block it to her shock. After fighting them, she allows Hakuno five minutes to negotiate with her. She tries to cease negotiations though since she finds their plan to restore the Regalia to be ridiculous, but Hakuno convinces her to let them continue. Altera however resigns herself to be being an Anti-Cell, ignoring Hakuno's words they'll free her from Velber. She tries to leave, but stops when Hakuno's Body leaves her Regalia. After Body telepathically speaks with Hakuno, Altera absorbs them back into her Regalia and leaves.

Altera later encounters Nero again in her palace when the latter invades Mare Carcer. She tells Nero to retreat, but she is perplexed by her fighting against destruction while not denying it. She rejects Nero's notion that her soul is eternal, claiming no such thing exists. She tells her to accept the truth that her actions and existence are both meaningless. If she denies the truth, then Altera will force it on her, and take the Regalia from her. Nero rejects Altera's words though, claiming they are the words of Velber, which she calls not worth hearing as they're ugly. Her statement causes Altera to be intrigued by her, which prompts Nero to call her a reasonable person. Altera is surprised by called a person since she believes she is only exists to destroy. She goes to talk about the dream of her human life as Atilla, though she calls that life to be but an ephemeral dream. She states she'll always be a monster, but she accepts it because Body accepted her. Believing she and Nero will never come to an understanding, Altera fights her. She overwhelms Nero and fire Teardrop Photon Ray at her. But, Nero used a copy created by Tamamo to trick Altera and entrap her in Aestus Domus Aurea. Altera is overwhelmed by the theater's beauty, unable to understand why Nero would show her such beauty. She is confused why Nero hasn't killed her since she can still fight, to which Nero answers so they can talk. She is also confused by Nero's acceptance of her since she doesn't know her. Nero reveals she learned of Altera's story from Hakuno, who received the memories of Body of a parallel world. Altera is surprised that Nero and Hakuno knew everything about her since the beginning. She reveals she doesn't want to be a servant of Velber anymore, instead wanting to be with Hakuno, and to live as a human. Glad there are others who understand, Altera thanks Nero for wanting to grant her wish. Then, as per Nero's request, Altera gives her sword to Nero. However, Body begins to disappear, as Altera pleads with Nero to save them. Body reveals they've destined to disappear since they've reached the fixed point in time of when they died after their memories to Hakuno. Altera is distraught that they would enjoy their time together despite knowing this would happen, and grieves about them disappearing. After Body gives their Regalia to Hakuno, Altera agrees with their jealously of Nero, as she persuaded them with her sword and her words. She then thanks Body for the joyous time they had together, though she wishes to say much more, she understand there's no time. She tells them she's happy that they met, and decides she'll continue to live to honor them. She vows to never forget them, even if she forgets herself, and she'll always thank them, even if she dies before her dream comes true. She thanks them one last time, and bids them before they disappear after thanking her in turn. After Body disappears, Altera contemplates how thanking someone was once unfamiliar to her, but now considers it to not be a bad thing to do so. She also shares the same sentiment about disappearing with someone at your side, as she too begins to disappear. She reveals to Nero that her avatar cannot be maintained without a Master. When Nero believes she failed her, she corrects her that she saved both her and Hakuno, and says she's returning to the main body. Saying remember this day and find a way out of the cavern, she thanks Hakuno and Nero for staying by her side at the end. She tells that Nero she was able to feel hope when Nero said she said she'd save her. She then gives Nero her sword, which Nero will need to destroy the Ark of the Stars. She continues that the completed Regalia alone can't destroy the Ark, but it can with the Sword of Mars since it holds both the power of Mars and Velber. Confident Nero can destroy Velber's remaining forces, she says she'll lend her power as the Titan. Wishing for Hakuno and Nero's live and civilization to continue unbroken, Altera disappears contently.

Inside the cavern, Titan Altera is completely imprisoned there by Archimedes' Anti-Fortress binding Noble Phantasm. She is mistakenly freed by Elizabeth however, for which she thanks her. Deciding to let Elizabeth live, she leaves the cavern, and arrives just in time to stop the Ark's descent. Then, after Nero successfully destroys the Ark, Altera begins to disappears as a result of the Ark's destruction. However, only her body is disappearing, as Nero had severed Altera's connection to Velber before destroying the Ark. As the Titan Altera continues to disappear, her core descends containing a sleeping child version of herself to the ground. Upon awakening, Altera is explained to by Nero that she is no longer a destroyer, and is joyfully welcomed to her new life by Nero.

Later in Mare Aurum, Altera interrupts Nero and Tamamo's argument over their respective cooking for Hakuno when she asks if cooking is good or bad civilization. They try to make her leave, but Altera is too enamored by the food to leave. She is confused which food is good or bad civilization as it all looks delicious. Nero answers her that there are no bad civilizations as they're all the culmination of human care and effort, therefore all the food before her is delicious. Altera then joins Hakuno, Nero, and Tamamo in partaking the feast.


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Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Main article: Saber (Fate/Grand Order - Attila) The Altera of Earth is summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru. She is the remnant of Sefar after being expelled by the holy sword during the Age of Gods. She re-emerges thousands of years later as Attila the Hun, the "Scourge of God".

All The Statesmen: Learn with Manga Records of the American Frontier Edit

She appeared as recurring character who claims to be Wyatt Earp, Bufallo Bill, Davy Crockett and later Goddess Columbia, denying that she is Altera. She finally reveals herself as White Titan to save Paul Bunyan from the singularity she created. How White Titan get into the singularity remained a mystery.


Her Noble Phantasm is Teardrop Photon Ray.

Titan AlteraEdit

The "Titan" Anti-Cell that absorbs mana from the civilization she destroys and uses it to grow bigger, designed to destroy itself once the task is done.[2][3]

In the Early Dawn Territory/Zone, she is 16 meters in size, but that's only because her default height is set to be "10x the size of the people native to that civilization". In this environment, she consumes spiritons to accelerate the rate of her growth.[2]

There was a limit to how large the alter ego of the Titan Altera could grow on Earth in relation to its gravity, but there exists no such limit in cyberspace. That being said, her movements slow down if she becomes too massive, and since it takes time for her thoughts to be communicated to her peripheries, it’s thought that she manually optimizes her size to facilitate easier movement.[1]

She is a standard type of Anti-Cell, built to physically destroy civilizations with raw power.[1]

Magic Energy Absorption (魔力吸収, Maryoku Kyūshū?) is an exclusive skill of Attilaight Cell. The body of the Titan, composed of spiritron collectors, will unconditionally absorb "magical energy processed into techniques" and covert it into HP and Armor values. Techniques equate to skills, knowledge, and civilization. To an Anti Cell, there is no better form of nourishment. Any form of attack (interference) designed by intellect - however undeveloped the theory behind it may be - will only grant more power to Altera. The large firepower of greater magecraft and strategic weapons of science and technology will fuel the fire further. On the other hand, while pure magical energy - what can be called life-force itself - will also be mostly absorbed, it can still exert its regular effect. Facing against an Anti Cell, it comes down to simply "bludgeoning" it. Although this is a troublesome skill that can absorb even physical attacks boosted with Mana Burst, one thing can deal an effective blow. The energy discharge of the holy sword. The White Titan that had once appeared upon the surface was repulsed by the holy sword tempered in the inner sea of the Earth.[4]

Crest of the Wandering Star (遊星の紋章, Yuusei no Monshuu ?) is another exclusive skill of hers. It is the ability to turn into a giant god in order to destroy civilization, her fundamental design. With this passive skill, the lives, structures, and concepts she destroys are absorbed as spiritron information and she increases in size. Altera cannot by her own will remove this skill. By absorbing an amount of mana equal to her current HP amount, her maximum HP doubles. Further, due to her modifier as the Titan, whenever her structure reaches a size double to the previous (16M, 32M, 64M, 128M, 256M, 512M, 1024M) she will advance to the next stage, and all of her parameters are increased by 1 digit. For example, if STR A is equal to a value of 150, and a + doubles that to 300, then with the Titan modifier, what is 300 at first stage, becomes 3,000 at second stage; 30,000 at third stage; and so on, becoming 300,000,000 at her seventh stage. This approaches Gold-Fur White-Face in her nine-tailed form (387,420,489) - an amount of energy on the level of a sun.[5]

Forms and Alternate VersionsEdit


Saber MarsEdit

Saber Mars (セイバー・マルス, Seibā Marusu?) is a form taken in Fate/EXTELLA. Titan Altera (巨神アルテラ, Kyoshin Arutera?, Attilaight cell) is the Anti Cell that fell to the Moon as the Vanguard of the predatory Umbral Star.[1]

In her “true” form, she is the enormous White Titan, who laid waste to the civilizations of Earth during the Paleolithic era, which was also the dawn of the Age of Gods. As part of her rampage, she damaged the Moon Cell.[1]

In the world of Fate/EX, it is she who created her human-sized avatar, known as Hero Altera.[1]

Velber sealed away her sense of self during her rampage, but her time on Earth as Attila awakened her awareness. She began to have doubts and eventually question her existence and purpose.[1]

Titan Altera longed for the dream she saw while she was sealed away, the dream of the human Attila racing over onward through the rolling plains. She fostered the hope without ever realizing that her dream could never coexist with her mission as an Anti-Cell.[1]

She was not designed by the Umbral Star, but instead modeled after an individual from a civilization it once consumed. The intelligent life form that served as the base for the Titan was likely filled with the spirit of maternal love and mercy.[1]


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Altera Larva (Child)Edit

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Arco Wada is the character illustrator for her in Fate/EXTELLA.

If Nero is the trademark heroine with universal allure, and Tamamo no Mae fills the role of “eccentric curveball heroine” then Altera is a niche type of heroine who stands out with her striking personality, despite the lack of mainstream appeal.[1]


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