Saber (セイバー, Seibā?) is a Saber-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Saber's True Name is Chevalier d'Eon (シュヴァリエ・デオン, Shuvarie Deon?), the Knight of the White Lily (白百合の騎士, Shirayuri no kishi?). Said to be a woman who was a man, or a man who was a woman. A figure of legend from 18-19th century France. Both a soldier and a writer. The Chevalier D'Eon had a prolific career as a spy working for a secret agency that was hunted by great world powers, and was also a minister pluripotentiary and dragoon captain.[2]

When infiltrating the Russian Empire for a secret mission, they socialized with the Empress of Russia as Mademoiselle Lea de Beaumont, leaving behind anecdotes of having their beauty praised by the Empress and her retainers.[2]


It has been said that, regardless of dressing formally as a man, of behaving as a man, they were endowed with such a good looks that they could pass up for a lovely young girl. In fact, before coming to age, they were introduced to the high society while wearing a dress and earned themselves a reputation as a "beautiful woman".[2]

The weight is not from personal statement, but a conjecture based on the appearance.[2]

  • Gift of the Queen (王妃の贈り物, Ōhi no Okurimono?)

Chevalier d'Eon's clothes were gifted by the Queen of White Lilies.


Whether they are alive or exist as a Heroic Spirit, whether their body is that of a man or a woman, there is only one path for them to take. To remain as a knight of the white lily. D'Eon shall continue to offer their loyalty to the Master, and to the French royal family.[2]


Marie Antoinette


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years WarEdit

Chevalier d'Eon is summoned by Jeanne Alter to serve her, as a Berserker-Saber. Their mind is not, however, clouded by the madness of other Berserkers. When Ritsuka, Mash, and Jeanne come to La Charite to gather information about Orlèans, D'Eon is present along with Jeanne Alter's other Servants, though they do not fight the group. After the group escapes with the help of Marie and Mozart, D'Eon insults Carmilla for having an inferiority complex towards Marie after she said that she would kill her. They then ask if the woman with the Chaldea group was the real Jeanne d'Arc, to which Vlad III answers that their Jeanne is real as well. D'Eon replies that as Jeanne Alter's Servant, they will destroy the world as she desires, then departs.

A few days later, they report to Jeanne Alter that the Chaldea group is heading for Orlèans for their assault; Jeanne Alter then orders them to prepare for battle. D'Eon later fights the group along with Vlad III during the final battle between Ritsuka's party and Jeanne Alter's army, but both are defeated by the group. Before disappearing, they thank the group for freeing them from their madness, and then asks Marie for forgiveness.

Do Moon Goddesses Dream of Dango?Edit

Together with Marie and Sanson, d'Eon had stolen a load of dumplings that were originally transported to the Singularity by Artemis. However, they had to give most of the dumplings to Saint Martha, Georgios, and Sasaki as a sign of friendship.

Later while camping out in a forest, d'Eon is being fed dumplings by Marie. They then reprimand Sanson when he questioned about them taking three tons worth of dumplings despite Marie's orders. d'Eon then tells Sanson that Marie has one of finest bodies when he gets excited after Marie said all fat goes to her breasts, though they quietly say that Marie is alone in that uniqueness despite her claims otherwise. But, both d'Eon and Sanson suddenly sense the presence of Ritsuka, Mash, and Orion, with Mash depending that they surrender. However, d'Eon and Sanson both believing the Chaldea group to be mere criminals after hearing Mash's demand go to fight the group along with Marie. After the group defeats them, Mozart appears to help the French Servants, but d'Eon tells him to go to Vienna. Mozart then fights the group with the help of d'Eon and Sanson, though they dislike Mozart loping them with him and Sanson as perverts. However, they are once again defeated by the group, which causes d'Eon reprimand Mozart for being worthless in a fight. Then, when Marie returns the dumplings they had stolen, d'Eon. Then, when Marie states that her group couldn't eat three tons worth of dumplings after revealing to Mash that they gave most of them to another group, d'Eon states that they wished she thought about that sooner. They then become shocked when Marie gives Ritsuka a kiss goodbye.

Miss Almost Weekly Santa AlterEdit

Selling their old possessions to Julius Caesar, mistaking him as Santa Claus, d'Eon accidentally sells a treasure of the French Royal family to him. Caesar sells it back to them for three times its original price, but they are reprimanded by Marie Antoinette for their error.

Later, after Marie shoots down Santa Alter with her cannon, d'Eon fights her with Marie. After they're defeated by her, Marie reveals to d'Eon that she knew before the fight that Santa Alter wasn't the same Santa Claus from before, though she kept that fact from them due to wanting to keep the momentum of the fight. Santa Alter then tells them along with Marie and Astolfo to line up for their presents, which makes them ponders aloud if Santa Alter is actually a nice person despite her appearance. She is slightly insulted by d'Eon's comment, but then asks them to tell her more about French men fashion. They respond that they're not cross-dressing, and wonders if the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne are filled with nothing but perverts due Astolfo and Roland. They are then, much to their confusion, given a maid outfit as their present, and then laments that they'll be single forever even as Servant when Santa Alter stated that the present was a message to make better food than Tamamo Cat if anyone marry them. Agreeing with Santa Alter when she refuses to give a present to Astolfo due to him not helping at Orleans, they tell him that even Atalanta appeared as an enemy. d'Eon then states their belief that Santa Alter is calling Astolfo an idiot who was late for the party by throwing a Halloween pumpkin at him, disagreeing with his belief that she was calling him cute.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Chevalier d'Eon is amongst the "Orleans" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillars.[3]

Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean SocietyEdit

With Jingle Abel Meuniere's help, D'Eon and Astolfo secretly rayshift with Ritsuka to the Agartha Singularity. After the two reveal themselves, D'Eon thanks Mueniere for his help, saying they wouldn't be in Agartha if not for his courage. They then decide to be part of Ritsuka's escort along with Astolfo, declaring they protect them like they're French royalty. Mash then warns the group of approaching wild beasts. After the beasts are slain, D'Eon describes how they kept Ritsuka safe while Astolfo disrupted the enemy's formation. They realize however their group lacks firepower since Astolfo's Noble Phantasm is rather weak. They decide they need someone with more power at the vanguard in that case. They ponder about making Sanson, Marie, or Mozart the vanguard, but they realize none of them fit. After Ritsuka gives their observational analysis of the environment to Leonardo da Vinci, D'eon says they should search the Demon God, but Mash says its signal became muddled after Ritsuka arrived. Da Vinci states the overall readings of Agartha are oddly blurred and unexplained like the result of the topographical scans. She explains all the data they've been collecting on Agartha will sometimes change to different values with no continuity. She says the continuity are stable where Ritsuka is, and explains the closer they are to the observation target, the more accurate the results are. She then mentions she is picking up scans of artificial structure areas. Mash tells the group to investigate the structures under the assumption there are people there. Astolfo however ends up attracting a herd of Demonic Boars are wandering off over a hill. D'Eon notes though they seemed to running from something else. After the boars are slain, the group follow the boars' tracks, and find a boy lying on the ground. After the boars are slain, the group follow the boars' tracks, and find a boy lying on the ground. Astolfo wakes him up, and Mash reveals he is a Servant. The boy asks who the group is, and thanks Ritsuka for their concern. D'Eon asks if they know about Agartha, but he answers he only knows he was summoned there. He then joins the group, and reveals his True Name is Fergus mac Róich. Everyone is confused why he manifested as a child, with even his memories being those of his childhood.

The group discover a nearby campsite, where they're beset by Amazons when they notice Fergus. After they're defeated, D'Eon surmises the campsite was a hunting outpost, and the beasts from earlier were fleeing from the hunters. They also assume the hunters take their game somewhere else, as they notice wagon tracks leading away from the camp and down the road. The group decide to follow the road to see where it leads since they may get information on Agartha, the Demon God, and the missing Servants where people are. D'Eon call Astolfo and Fou the advance reconnaissance party when they rush on ahead.

The group arrive in a town where they see the Amazons are keeping men as slaves. This makes everyone realize why the Amazons attacked them at the hunting outpost when they saw Fergus. D'Eon recognizes they won't be able to blend in due to the overwhelming number of Amazons. They suggest they leave before anyone notices when they're discovered by Amazons. They call the current situation to be worst kind a spy could be. They also recall how they told their subordinates to shout "Vive la France!" at the top of their lungs before swallowing their cyanide pill if they're caught in a similar situation.  After the group defeat the Amazons, Penthesilea appears to see what the commotion is. After learning Ritsuka's name, she asks them who they sent them and where they're from. She then wonders if they're from the decadent water city, the dazzling city of trash, or if they're with a group of men who've been vocally protesting lately. Ritsuka's confusion at the question is mistaken by her as a refusal to answer her. D'Eon contrasts her imposing and commanding nature to that of Marie. Penthesilea then attacks the group joined by her Amazons. She commends them for their bravery and prowess with exception of Fergus who refused to defend himself. D'Eon tells Fergus that he made the right choice, saying he wouldn't be able to stand against her in his current state. They then asks Penthesilea if she intends to compliment or insult them, declaring they've always been a proud Heroic Spirit. Da Vinci suggests the group retreat when Penthesilea decides to take them as slaves, but they're outnumbered with more Amazons arriving. However, half of the Amazons go with Penthesilea when she leaves for a nearby town after hearing a certain man is there. The group fight off the other half attempt to capture them until Christopher Columbus and his Resistance arrive to help. After the Amazons are defeated, the Resistance free the enslave men. Columbus reveals all of Agartha is discriminatory towards men, and claims the Resistance fighting against that. He agrees to answer any questions after they've escaped to the Resistance's hideout. He confirms he is a Rider class Servant, but also reveals he cannot use his Noble Phantasm due to his amnesia.

The group arrive in the Resistance's hideout, Shangri-La. D'Eon finds it to be evocative of spring, noting the scent of peaches. In relation, they recall the utopia told in old eastern legends; Da Vinci realizes they speak of the 5th century poem "The Record of the Peach Blossom" by Tao Yuanming. The group then go into Columbus' shack where they tell him of Chaldea, Rayshift, Heroic Spirits, and the Restoration of Humanity. He confirms there are absolutely no exits out of Agartha when Da Vinci reveals thus. The group also learn the Resistance members were taken from different eras after a hole acting as a teleportation spell to Agartha appeared beneatth them. After learning the Amazons also appeared mysteriously, a boy alerts them to a monster attack. D'Eon agrees they should help repel to put the Resistance into their debt. After the monsters are slain, Columbus reveals there are three warring cities each ruled by a Servant. El Dorado in the jungle is ruled by Penthesilea; Nightless City is a perpetually lit fortress city ruled by a empress; The City of Water is on the lake's west bank ruled by a female Servant. After Columbus declares Resistance exists to fight the oppressive matriarchy, D'Eon insults Astolfo that anyone seems elegant compared to him when he gets jealous of Ritsuka's admiration for Columbus. The group decide to search for the Demon God, guessing its host is one of the ruling Servants. This aligns with the Resistance's goal to defeat the rulers, so the group agree to join forces with them. They then help slay monsters attacking the peach trees, which serve as the Resistances' food supply. Afterwards, they try to rest while Mash and da Vinci are analyzing the new information. They observe Rider training the Resistance members, and teaching them about sensible battle tactics like when to retreat. D'Eon and Astolfo also witness the body lose another sparring match, seeing he is too tenacious to surrender against his much larger and stronger opponent. D'Eon guesses Columbus was a military general or the like in life, seeing how well he direct his men in combat train. They also notice he has knows about things outside of combat. When Astolfo imagines the regular Fergus flexing for female Servant in Chaldea, D'Eon guesses he is trying to initiate sex with them in that scenario. Moving on from that subject, they call Columbus a master of positive thinking. After Astolfo says he doesn't follow the blood, sweat, and tears rhetoric followed by the Resistance, D'Eon tells him that's difference a free spirit like him and those fighting for their freedom like the Resistance. They find Columbus' postitive thinking to be encouraging in the current situation, saying he has that drive every leader needs. They continue that is why the Amazons weren't able to destroy the Resistance. The group then help slay monsters accidentally woken up by men quarrying stone. Afterwards, Columbus decides they're first attacking the City of Water, Ys, especially given that there is Resistance camp on the edge of the city's territory for resupplying purposes.

On their way to the Resistance camp, the group learn from Columbus that luminous moss, which glows according to time, on Agartha's ceiling serves as a replacement for the normal day-night cycle. They also learn Ys is connected all of Agartha's rivers through its lake, and its people sail these rivers for plundering and pillaging. Thus, Ys is the Resistance's first target in order stop this and to take control of the rivers for themselves. The group eventually reach the camp, but they find it under attack by pirates. After killing the pirates, they head for Ys while the survivors and Resistance relief group mend the camp.

After sneaking into Ys, the group find it to be both filthy and violent. D'Eon notices a number of items were thrown out after a single use, not because they no longer functioned. They compare it to the wasteful indulgence they saw during their time spent with the French nobility, admitting they were once accustomed to it. Columbus says the canals are the quickest way to the leader, so they should steal a gondola. D'Eon disagrees since that would draw too much attention, so it should be used as a last resort. They continue they should try to first stealthily move through the city on foot. Deciding to lead the group in this case, they tell them to keep their wits sharp and step lightly since they're in enemy territory, particular Astolfo. The group eventually notice pirates mutilating and humiliating men at a tavern. D'Eon wishes to sneak past it while the pirates are distracted, but Ritsuka decides they'll save the men. They defeat the pirates, but a previously absent pirate calls for help upon seeing the scene. Columbus knocks her out, but the city is already in an uproar. D'Eon says they should be sure to clear every room next time. The group escape the tavern, and find somewhere to hide while the whole city is searching for them. Columbus suggests they reach retreat and try again, knowing it'll be difficult. D'Eon notices they're near the largest mansion in the city, and guess the leader is in there. They doubt they can get in though given the circumstances when they notice someone. Wu Zetian offers to show them a secret path into the mansion. D'Eon warns Ritsuka to be more wary and not so trusting of strangers.The group accept Wu Zeitan's offer when they're found by pirates. After defeating the pirates, they then follow Wu Zeitan through her secret path. D'Eon asks her if her family was among the pirates they fighting, to which she answers they weren't. D'Eon also scolds Fergus for apologizing to Astolfo for not understanding the innuendos his adult self knows. They're embarrassed however when Astolfo points out they were thinking of the same thing. The group eventually the mansion's rear garden when they notice Wu Zetian is gone. Her sudden absence makes D'Eon wary that they're walking into a trap. The group agree to be cautious, and enter the mansion.

Inside the mansion, the group head towards its central room. There they're met by Francis Drake, one of the Servants missing from Chaldea, albeit with different clothes and mannerisms. Da Vinci confirms her Spirit Origin is that of Drake's. "Drake" denies it however, and introduces herself as the Pirate Princess Dahut. D'Eon realizes between Ys and her name upon hearing it. They explain Ys comes from a legend of Brittany region that describes a city called Ys that was built on the coast. This city was filled with vice and immorality, but one day it was swallowed up by the sea. The city remains a hotbed of sin and malice despite being under the sea according the sea. Da Vinci says the legend also states the daughter of the ruler of Ys was named Dahut, who became the example of her people's wickedness through her piracy. D'Eon states neither Dahut nor Ys can be real since there are no record of either existing. Dahut refutes this, and describes the immoral nature of her city. She explains Ys' only rule is to take what you want but never get attached to it, which explains all the trash in the city. D'Eon believes such a rule would only lead to chaos while Dahut believes it leads to happy. Columbus points out though that only the pirates were happy, and calls Dahut's concept of happiness flawed. She is apathetic to the men's suffering though, believing it's right as a princess to take from those beneath her. She believes anyone used by her and a citizen of Ys should be grateful, as the city is her proxy. Understanding Dahut isn't the Drake they knew, The group fight her and the pirates she called in. However, after they killed a few pirates, Dahut orders the pregnant pirates to give birth. Unlike regular childbirth though, the pirates split themselves apart to make clone of themselves; Columbus realizes it is how they reproduce. He criticizes Dahut for taking and discarding to gain momentary happiness, pointing out the world's resources are finite. Dahut doesn't care about the world thoigh, only caring if her people can indulge in happiness and pleasure eternally. After more pirates are produced, the group fight once again. Dahut is defeated, but she tries to escape. Pirates are produced to stop the group from giving chase when everything starts shaking. A pirate reports to Dahut that the city's floodgates have been opened, and the city is now being flooded. Dahut realizes her floodgate key was stolen from her person while she was fighting. Wu Zeitan then appears, and Dahut identifies her as the Empress of the Nightless City. Wu Zetian reveal she was the one who opened the city's floodgates, knowing the key's location Dahut's previous confidant. Dahut is then washed away by the floodwater; D'Eon believes she will perish with her injuries. Wu Zeitan invites the group to her city if they manage to escape before escaping herself. After escaping the flooding mansion, the group see Ys is almost completely flooded; D'Eon says it almost matches the legend completely. Mash and Da Vinci confirm Dahut wasn't the Demon God host since she didn't follow the previous patterns of becoming a Demon God when on the brink of defeat. Still needing to find the Demon God, the group decide to go to the Nightless City.

While on their way to the Nightless City, the group discuss what Ys could be if it wasn't flooded. D'Eon says it could of served as a marine headquarters to take full advantage of its connection to Agartha's rivers. Columbus responds that he ordered the Resistance to explore the city's flooded ruins to find any seaworthy vessels. He also states the pirates no longer control the waterways, so they and the Resistance are now on equal grounds. Outside of the threat of the ruling Servants and monsters, he warns the others of another threat comparable to a sudden natural disaster. After killing some beasts, he gives his description of women from the Nightless City. He describes them as more reserved and defensive than the Amazons and pirates, which is why he was shocked by Wu Zeitan suddenly flooded Ys in a single stroke. D'Eon believes she was keeping low profile until opportune moment arrived for to execute her plan. Columbus agrees but warns there will be changes to the Nightless City with Ys gone, so he suggest they do recon first. He also recalls a man saved from the city by the Resistance said the city is home to the monsters the group recently slew, referring to them as dogs.

As the group near the Nightless City, Rider returns to the Resistance's hideout, so he can return with a proper force ready to take city after Wu Zeitan is defeated. After the group infiltrate the city, Da Vinci explains the city comes from Chinese myth, briefly described in the Book of Han as being very bright, even at night. Unlike Ys though, neither the identity nor the existence of the Nightless City's ruler was ever verified. Based on this information, it can be assumed Wu Zeitain assumes Assassin has no relation to the city, and she is only using it as a base like Columbus is using Shangri-La. D'Eon decides to take measures to ensure the operation remains covert by first gathering information with a small group. Once they gain information on the city, its threats, and Assassin's location, the group will move in together. D'Eon then decides they and Astolfo will gather the info since they can pass as citizens. Understanding Da Vinci's concern of hem being recognized by Wu Zeitan, D'Eon stole two outfits from a nearby house to use as disguises. They tell Astolfo not to complain about the outfit's appearance since they only had time to ascertain if they would fit. They then scold him for trying to change clothes out in the open, and drags him into the shadows to change. However to their embarrassment, D'Eon is surprised by how strange and effeminate the outfits actually look. They tell Astolfo that they grabbed from a bedroom, and becomes embarrassed upon realizing the purpose of the outfits that Astolfo is implying. They agree with Fergus that the women in the city are dressed in a manner of ways, having noticed fashion from various cultures ranging from medieval to modern. They then remind the others to keep a low profile before leaving with Astolfo to gather info.

While doing reconnaissance with Astolfo, D'Eon describes the overly extravagant amounts of lights in the city as the opposite of those in Versailles. The pair then notice a platform in the plaza's center. D'Eon disagrees with Astolfo that it's a DJ booth, though the sight of it makes them uncomfortable. They agree with Astolfo the city is more orderly compared to Ys. The pair find it strange that no none has noticed them, especially given their outfits. They also notice the men aren't physically restrained; D'Eon guesses they're bound a spell instead. Therefore they decide to ask a man about it once he's alone. They then notice a woman accompanied by two men, so they follow them with Astolfo. While the woman leaves the men to go to the bathroom, one of the men tells the other about how he wants to flee the city and join the Resistance. D'Eon tries to go talk to the men when the other man loudly reports the other is disturbing the peace by trying to flee the city.

At the center of the plaza, D'Eon and Astolfo witness a Torturer (the city's police force) carryout the public execution of the man who tried flee by Langchi. D'Eon immediately realizes the platform in the plaza's center is an scaffold meant for executions. They recall their regret of not being in France to prevent Marie's execution by Sanson. After some encouragement from Astolfo, they decide to stop the execution with him. The Torturer is tougher than looks suggest though with more incoming. The Torturer demands to know the pair's identities before she executes them following the man. D'Eon embrassingly introduces themselves as Maid Knight following Astolfo's introduction as Sailor Paladin. Ritsuka and Fergus then arrive to help the pair in their fight. After defeating the Torturers, the group flee while Mash searches for a hiding place. D'Eon assumes the Torturers are actually women who've been chosen to become one. The group eventually escape their pursuers, and D'Eon and Astolfo return to their regular outfits. 

The man, who Ritsuka and Fergus met earlier, thanks the group for saving the man who was about be executed, even though he won't last the night with a severed hand. Considering the city's tight security, and not want to keep the Resistance waiting, the group decided they need to take down Wu Zeitan today. D'Eon asks the man where Assassin is, but he cannot answers since the men are only slaves to the women. He continues that as long as men strictly follow the law, men and women are equal. However the truth is that only women have basic human rights. Ritsuka asks the man if he heard rumors that may lead to Assassin. He answers he heard about an underground facility in the city that only Torturers or higher are permitted to enter. D'Eon asks for its location, but the man says he doesn't know since it's only a rumor. He then recalls another man telling him about how a Torturer appeared out of nowhere before him. He assumes the facility's entrance is near where that occurred, revealing it behind the executioner's scaffold in the plaza. The group return to the plaza to search for the facility's entrance. Unfortunately they accidentally activate a trap, and they become surrounded by Torturers. The man reveals he reported the group's location for sake of his own survival. D'Eon realizes what Columbus met earlier when he said the city was full of dogs. The disembodied voice of Wu Zeitan agrees to reward him, but not before torturing him. She then invites the group to her palace, revealing it and the underground facility are the same when she raises an extremely bright castle from beneath the scaffold, calling it Yaoguang Hall. The Torturers then emerge from the castle's entrance while more appear behind the group to prevent their escape. After fighting their way through, the group enter the castle.

Inside the castle, the group enter Wu Zeitan's throne room to find her and her tactician, Scheherazade. Wu Zetian reveals it was Scheherazade's plan to flood Ys. Scheherazade confirming she was once Dahut's confidant, but fled to serve Wu Zeitain when she feared for her life. Ritsuka realizes Caster is the same one Dahut mention, which she confirms. She reveals she once served Ys, but left to serve Assassin when she began to fear her life. Wu Zeitan then asks the group's opinion on her city, believing it to be better than Ys. After Ritsuka calls both cities horrible, Wu Zetian proclaims hers is overwhelming just because it's overwhelming bright. D'Eon calls that notion absurd, pointing out how men are publicly tortured, sell out each other just to survive, and lack basic human rights. Wu Zetain responds she strongly encourages her subject to report all transgressions they witness so her Torturers can quickly punish the perpetrator, ignoring the possibility of false reports. She then explains her ideal of a nation where even the smallest evil is snuffed out without tolerance thanks to the vigilance of its citizens. The group criticize her again, so she decides to punish them personally with her Torturers and Scheherazade's assistance. During the fight, Wu Zetian again defends her system while also asserting that suppression of one's desires (even non-criminal ones) allows for a true and just nation. Da Vinci also reveals her True Name. Wu Zetian tries to convince the group to be her subjects, but they refuse since Nightless City is equally as rotten as Ys. She calls upon more Tortures, but the group are still able to defeat her. She refuses to give up when Megalos crashes through the ceiling and crushes her. D'Eon warns against fighting him, but they will try to stall him for a few minutes if Ritsuka orders it. Scheherazade warns against it though since a single strike from Megalos will kill them. D'Eeon is suspicious of her when she surrenders to the group, but she insists she only wishes to live. With Scherezade, the group leave the castle to find the city under siege by the Amazons. Columbus and the Resistance then arrive to help them escape the city through the front gate. Waiting there though is Penthesilea while Megalos is exiting the castle. However to the group's confusion, she rushes past them and goes into the castle while in a rage. Using this opportunity, the group escape the city while Penthesilea and Megalos fight.

Returning to Shangri-La, the group learn from Columbus that the Amazons now control what's left of the Nightless City following Megalos' rampage. Ritsuka and D'Eon explain Scheherazade accompanied them during their escape when Columbus asks why she is with them. D'Eon compliments Scheherazade's dogeza as beautiful, feeling as if they're witnessing a work of art. Scheherazade offers her services, and explains her betrayal and abandonment of Dahut and Wu Zetian were for her survival. Despite her being the enemy thus far, D'Eon discerns there is no falsehood in her words. Scheherazade reveals her True Name, and the group accept her into their fold. She then warns them of Lamia attacking the peach trees, and helps slay them. Afterwards, the group begin to ponder the possibility of Megalos of being the Demon God host. They're convinced however by Columbus that Penthesilea is a better candidate since she is the remaining ruler in Agartha and completely adherent to its oppressive matriarchy. It is then decided that the Resistance will invade El Dorado next.

Following Scheherazade's advice, the group and the Resistance travel to the jungle to infiltrate El Dorado since its forces should be split between it and the Nightless City. D'Eon says they should defeat Penthesilea before backup arrives if she is there, but if she isn't, they should thin the Amazon's numbers before she returns. After killing an Amazon scouting party, D'Eon find it unsurprising since they're in the heart of Amazonian territory. They find fortunate that they're encountering them in small numbers, and that none are very strong. However, the group soon find themselves surrounded by Amazons and Penthesilea. They attempt fight them, but they're forced to retreated when the Amazons empower themselves with their synchronized warcry; D'Eon compares it to Mad Enhancement.

Back at Shangri-La, everyone sees they half of their forces. Seeing how terrified the men are, Columbus tells everyone to rest. D'Eon entertains everyone with their sword dancing for a while. However the next morning, they find the entire grove to be on fire, supposedly set by the Amazons. The group help the Resistance to try to save their remaining supplies and tend to the injured. After the fire dies out, D'Eon is amazed that Columbus is able to rally the Resistance to continue fighting despite how hopeless situation is. Schererazade suggests they sail a single ship into the heart of the jungle to launch a sneak attack on El Dorado.

The group sail onward through the jungle toward El Dorado when they come across a bridge acting as a barrier. Columbus orders Astolfo to sail on through while the others deal with the Amazons. D'Eon finds Scheherazade's pessimism about dying as potent and enduring as Columbus' optimism. They encourage her to keep going, warning that it will be over if the ship sinks. After they breaking through the barrier, D'Eon is concerned about the Amazons who escaped raising the Alarm. Columbus says not to worry about it since they likely did it already. After breaking through another barrier, the group spot the central temple of El Dorado. Columbus orders them to set anchor on the shore nearest to the temple when the ship begins to shake. Astolfo it's something in the river, so D'Eon orders him to stop the ship immediately. However it is too late, as Megalos emerges from the river, and boards the ship. D'Eon wonders if the Amazons placed him in the river as a last line of defense, though Astolfo finds it unlikely since he and Pentheselia fought days earlier. The group try to fight him, but they're unable to even scratch him. But having regained his memories, Columbus activates his Noble Phantasm, Santa Maria - Drop Anchor to summon another ship to hold Megalos, thereby revealing his True Name. Taking advantage of him being chained up, the group fight Megalos again. They prepare to finish him off when Berserker and her Amazons board the ship. They prepare to finish him off when Penthelesia and her Amazons board the ship. She charges at Megalos calling him Achilles to the group's confusion, thus Da Vinci is able to deduce her True Name. Penthesilea decides to kill the group, believing they're keeping her from killing Megalos. At the same time Megalos breaks free of Columbus's chains, so the group are forced to fight both Berserkers. The ship is destroyed in the aftermath, sending everyone overboard.

The group arrive in an unknown location. D'Eon claims their prayers are more likely to heal than Astolfo's lap when Ritsuka wakes up. They tell Fergus not to rush Ritsuka since they're not as durable as him, and to give them time to grasp the current situation. They then explain what happened to the ship and everyone. Astolfo explains they tried to Ritsuka pull from the river, but the current was strangely strong, even for a Servant. Unable to fight against it, the current eventually lead them to their current location. Scheherazade surmises they're somewhere in the eastern lake, but the exact location is unknown to her. Columbus is surprised to see a castle existing in the middle of the lake. D'Eon sees there is a dome surrounding the area, providing it with air, and believes it to be a form of magecraft. As D'Eon ponder on what to call it, Ritsuka realizes it is the Dragon Palace. It is also revealed Megalos is them, but in deactivated state. D'Eon finds it strange he ceased functioning instead of disappearing. They suggests then lop his head off just in case, even though he poses no danger at the moment. Fergus rejects that suggestion as it's impermissible to his warrior's pride, which D'Eon understands. They also explains they left Megalos left out as a temporarily chair for Ritsuka. Astolfo suggests exploring while Ritsuka suggests contacting Mash for a way out. D'Eon however reveals communications with Chaldea were cut when they arrived at the Dragon Palace. They convince Rtisuka to explore for the time being when a still living Dahut appears. Astolfo assumes she drifted to the Dragon Palace, but she reveals it is her last bastion in the case Ys was ever destroyed. She proceeds to attack the group to take them for herself. As she disappears with her defeat, Dahut's memories and mannerisms revert to that of Drake's. She gives the group a treasure box she found earlier and used in the battle. She tells them to explore the Dragon Palace to find out more before finally disappearing. Scheherazade surmises the treasure box to be the Tamatebako from the tale of Urashima Tarou, which she explains grant single wishes more akin to a Command Spell. D'Eon realizes Dahut used it to enhance her strength. They believe that was her only option in her case, but they imagine they can find a number of alternative uses for Tamatebako. Astolfo wonders if they can use it power the Noble Phantasm they usually can't use, which D'Eon belieives it is worth a try. If it works they could use Noble Phantasms they avoid using so as to drain Ritsuka's magical energy. At Columbus's suggestion, Scheherazade prepares to use the Tamatebako to give Ritsuka command of Megalos. Columbus however suggests he be the contract, so Ritsuka will not be drain of their magical energy. Afterwards, Astolfo finds a lifeboat in a bubble; D'Eon assumes Dahut had more as means of escape.The group decide to find and collect more Tamatebako before returning to the surface.

Once the group return to the surface, communications with Chaldea are restored. Once the group return to the surface, communications with Chaldea are restored. After explaining what happened to Mash, Da Vinci, and Sherlock Holmes, they enter Penthesilea's palace in El Dorado. In her madness, Penthesilea sees everyone as Achilles, and uses the synchronized war cry. D'Eon and Astolfo then leave to hold back the Amazons while the others stay behind. Observing the Amazons, D'Eon explains to Astolfo that they need hold off the Amazons, or the others will not be able to defeat Penthesilea. They also say that the others would be overwhelmed by sheer numbers even with Megalos on their side. Astolfo asks them if they're fine with this since they're more about protecting Ritsuka with their sword. D'Eon admits it, but at the current moment, they're the right person in the right place. Realizing they may not have another chance to say it, D'Eon tells Astolfo how tales of his exploits lulled them to sleep as a child. They continue that the Kingdom of France may have not existed if it were not for the Twelve Paladins, and none of them would have been born. The Twelve Paladins paved the way for the other knights of France who followed in their footsteps. In a way, Astolfo was the exemplar for all they wished to be. D'Eon feels as if they're now part of the stories of the Twelve Paladins, fighting alongside Astolfo against hundreds of Amazons. They feel overwhelmingly excited, even though they feel that feeling is immodest, but Astolfo says it's fine in the moment. The pair use the Tamatebako to allow the use of their secret Noble Phantasm. Astolfo uses La Black Luna to neutralize the war cry, and d'Eon used Fleur de Lys: Profuse Blooming of Fluttering Lilies in preparation for they and Astolfo to fight the Amazons. Their defeat of the Amazons allows the others to defeat Penthelesia. It is also revealed that they were convinced by Da Vinci to not trust Columbus after learning his True Name.

The pair return just in time to save Ritsuka, Fergus, and Scheherazade from Megalos under Columbus' command. D'Eon admits they didn't defeat all of the Amazons, which they deem unnecessary since the Amazons became vacant following Penthelesia's demise. Seeing Columbus has betrayed them, they realize Mash and Da Vinci's misgivings about him were well-founded. They then asks him if he was the one who set fire to the hideout. Columbus admits he did it in order to spur the men into continue fighting, revealing they're his pawns to conquer Agartha. D'Eon says there is no reason one cannot be both a positive thinker and an evil person; it merely makes them a more despicable villain. They've seen many like Columbus, but none were so unabashed as him. The group then fight and defeat Columbus and Megalos. D'Eon tells Columbus to give up, especially since he can barely stand. Columbus tries to use a Tamatebako to heal Megalos, but a Resistance member shoots it out his hand. Fergus then deals a fatal blow to him, expecting a Demon God to emerge. However, both he and Megalos disappear without a Demon God emerging. As to answer the group's confusion, Sherlock asks them who was the one surviving Servant they met in Agartha that has absolutely no connection to Chaldea. Everyone then realizes that it is Scheherazade, who declares the story is complete. She reveals Agartha is a story brought into reality by her Noble Phantasm, Alf Layla wa-Layla. Heroic Spirits from Chaldea and elsewhere were summoned to Agartha as twisted and inauthentic versions of themselves as part of Scheherazade and the Demon God who summoned her's plan to destroy the world to end her existence as a Heroic Spirit. Scheherazade reveals the Demon God her Noble Phantasm, so her stories would be made real. After she declares the story of Agartha will soon become its true form, Agartha raises in the sky.

As Agartha continues raising, Scheherazade declares it is its final form, the floating city of Laputa. She announces to Laputa to continue raising, and then plummet towards the earth. She also declares it to be the last of the mythical cities, and the destroyer of the world's natural laws. D'Eon sees the men, who they forget were still with them, are starting to panic. They are impressed when Astolfo orders the men to rescue the men still enslaved in El Dorado so they wouldn't panic. They also consider it a good idea for them not to be around since the immediate area will likely become too dangerous for ordinary humans soon. Scheherazade reveals she will have Laputa to destroy a heavily populated city, but the damage wouldn't be limited to the physical world since the world hasn't stabilized yet from the Incineration of Humanity. Once people witness a fictional city destroy a real one, they will force to accept it as reality. Eventually Mystery would become mundane, thus rendering all things related to it, such as the Servant Summoning System, obsolete. The group disagrees with Scheherazade's plan to bring an end to Mystery just so she can avoid death. D'Eon says they're proud to be a Servant since they continue protecting France, albeit indirectly, even after death. They declare Scheherazade as an enemy of France and them for trying to remove their only means to fulfill their duty. The group then fight her to stop her plan, but only D'Eon is effective since Scheherazade's Counter King skill renders Astolfo and Fergus's efforts worthless. Scheherazade then reveals the Demon God ordered her to urge the Servants summoned into Agartha into fighting each other, so she summoned Columbus as a base for said conflict. D'Eon recalls Columbus saying Agartha was the world he longed for, but he never knew his patron had more deplorable motives. Scheherazade continues explaining the conflict between Servants would result in a vortex of magical energy, and the enclosed nature of Agartha allowed it to trap the souls of vanquished Servants. Agartha would then continuously exploit the energy generated from the souls trying to return to the Throne, and use said energy to make its story into reality. She then releases the Demon God Phenex from her body. It is revealed Phenex couldn't be detected because he already dead thanks to his unique ability as the Demon God of death and rebirth. Phenex confesses he sympathizes with Scheherazade's desire of not wanting to die. The group fight and kill him, though at the cost of Fergus being severily injured. However even with his death, and Scheherazade near death, Laputa continues to exist. As Fergus confronts Scheherazade about her making Agartha's population solely female in response to her androphobia, the group are shocked when he tells her that men and women are needed to make children. Eventually Phenex resurrects himself through the corpse of a Resistance member. He declares Laputa will continue its descent even if he's killed, and that he'll accomplish the will of the Demon Gods to destroy humanity. He reveals his true ambition of having Laputa destroy a real city is to damage human understanding in the hopes of it would eventually result in humanity's destruction. The group him again, but they're unable to kill him. Wu Zetian suddenly appears, revealing her survival and that she was biding her time until Phenex seperated from Scheherazade. She then proceeds to torture him with her Noble Phantasm, Gàomì Luózhī Jīng, but he severely wounds her in retaliation. She pleads with the group to kill Phenex while he's in a state of life and death. However to the others' surprise, Fergus walks into Wu Zetian's Noble Phantasm to use its concept of mixing life and death together to essentially resummon himself through the use of Columbus's Tamatebako. He soon achieves his goal when his short sword turns into Caladbolg, and proceeds to unleash Caledfwlch Caladbolg on both Phenex and Laputa. With Phenex being constantly damaged by both Fergus and Wu Zetian's Noble Phantasm, the group fight him once more. Afterwards, Phenex extends tiny tentacles himself, and tries to convince Scheherazade to him her magical energy. She however refuses to die by him, and Fergus finishes him off. After Wu Zetian disappears from overexerting herself, D'Eon agrees with Ritsuka that they may see her again someday. After Fergus and Scheherazade disappear, D'Eon agrees with Astolfo's frustration at Fergus leaving since he was responsible for destroying Laputa. Though they also recognize there were no other options at the time. They remind Astolfo that the surviving Resistance members and men on Laputa still need to be rescued. They the remember that Astolfo ordered the men to gather at the ship, and asks Da Vinci if there's why to rescue them. Fortunately, Helena Blavatsky arrives in UFO, and rescues the men while Ritsuka and D'Eon ride on Hippogriff with Astolfo.


In their interlude, In the Name of Lily, D'Eon travels to Paris with Ritsuka and Mash after sensing was going to happen in the era. Mash suspects Ritsuka's restless may be linked to what is troubling D'Eon. D'Eon then recalls how they were summoned as Berserk Saber to destroy the era. They confess they are now acting as defender of royal family, instead of a Servant, to atone for his actions toward Marie. Many ghosts then appear, justifying D'Eon's worries.  After destroying the ghosts, the group are confronted by the ghost of Maximilien Robespierre, who is consumed by his hatred for the french monarchy. After defeating Robespirre, D'Eon assures him that France will continue to exist before he disappears. They then thank Ritsuka for letting them bring peace to Robespirre. 


  • Saber's sword

Saber's Noble Phantasm is Fleur de Lys. Saber's personal skills are Self-Suggestion (自己暗示, Jikoanji?) and Beautiful Appearance (麗しの風貌, Uruwashi no Fūbō?). Self-Suggestion is a powerful suggestion that has oneself as target. Possesses a high defensive effect against the effects of MagecraftsSkillsNoble Phantasms that influence the mind. At times a man, at times a woman. Even the body is made to change. Looks of Loveliness; Coupled with the attire, one is endowed with a beauty that makes difficult to discern the gender by means of an aura (not appearance). Plus modifiers are applied to checks when negotiating with both men and women. Also, effects that target a specific gender are disregarded.[2]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for Chevalier d'Eon in Fate/Grand Order.[1] Daisuke Moriyama is the character illustrator for Chevalier d'Eon.[1][2]


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